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G-Spot Bliss Online Course:
Pleasure Practices for Orgasms and Squirting

Aida Lucie
Pleasure Expert
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About This Course

It’s time to demystify the G-spot! In G-Spot Bliss, you’ll learn how to expand vulva pleasure to a whole new level with educational video tutorials, guided audio meditation, and a live demonstration.

What You Will Learn

  1. Understand the anatomy of the vulva 
  2. Identify the key principles of pleasure  
  3. Learn techniques to stimulate the G-Spot 
  4. Explore additional tools to increase pleasure

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Your Instructor

Aida Lucie

Pleasure Expert

Aida Lucie is a Holistic Sex and Intimacy Expert with a liberating approach to sensuality and pleasure. Blending history and science, she provides practical tools and techniques to foster deeper connections.

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Lessons and Classes

Total length:
90-180 min
  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Visualise Your Full Sexual Potential
  3. 3. History
  4. 4. Anatomy
  5. 5. Pleasure Principles
  6. 6. Techniques
  7. 7. Orgasmic Formula
  8. 8. Toys & Positions
  9. 9. Positions Live Demo
  10. 10. Troubleshooting
  11. 11. Pleasure Your Partner
  12. 12. Self-pleasuring Practice
  13. 13. Self-Pleasuring Live Demo

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I’m thankful for all I’ve learned. Beducated respectfully shares valuable information in a comfortable format. I say it in “our” or ”us” too because I’ve shared what I’ve learned with others. From exploring new things and ideas, helping to build our self confidence, to loving ourselves, and letting go of beliefs ingrained from our childhood/adulthood that just don’t work for us. Thank you!

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Hi, and welcome to this online course. My name is Aida Lucie and I am a holistic sexuality educator specializing in the field of female pleasure and orgasms, and I work both one-on-one with men, women, and couples and I'm also the founder of Bliss School, which is a holistic sexuality school that teaches workshops about female pleasure, intimate wellness, yoni eggs and all things holistic sexuality in a taboo and judgment free space. And I have to say I'm really excited to be finally doing this specific online course because it is by far, by far, by far, by far my most requested online course. This is always the topic I get asked the most questions about in workshops and it's also the one topic that women always seem to be very curious about and seem to be missing a lot of information on. So this online course is gonna be focusing specifically on the G-spot orgasm and squirting. And I just wanna share a little bit more about my own journey with this topic because by no means was I born magically super orgasmic and just figuring out how to ejaculate all over the place, this was a skill, an art that I learned, that I practiced to open up into. So the first time I experienced a G-spot orgasm with squirting was with a partner of mine. And I remember being completely like blown away and a little bit embarrassed not sure what had just happened, but luckily enough this partner was a very beautiful, conscious man and he actually knew about this way more than what I knew about this phenomena so he really helped me to let go of any shame that was associated with squirting and with this beautiful gushing phenomena. And he kind of taught me what he had learned and then I started experimenting on myself and I did a lot of different research, and the different practices and eventually I learned how to make myself squirt. And now I'm in a place in my journey where basically I can have these orgasms whenever I want if I decide that I wanna self pleasure and experience a G-spot orgasm with or without squirting, now that's available to me. And the same tools that worked for me is also what I share in my workshops and one-on-one sessions with women. And I've had so many women who actually thought that they could never experience these kinds of orgasms, who felt something was broken, who felt numb inside, who felt like they were probably the one woman who can not experience that, start to have these kind of deeper internal orgasms. So all the practices and tools that I share in this online course are tried and tested and backed by personal experience in many, many, many different women. So I really hope that you fully dive into this online course and that you give yourself permission to really explore your body in this way and trusting that you have the capacity to open up into this deeper bliss. So in this online course I will cover the history, the science, the anatomy of the G-spot and everything you need to kind of mentally know to start to explore this part of your body. And then there will also be a lot of different practical tools to help you experience this kind of orgasm. And as I said before, these orgasms is something that every single woman can learn to open up into. So if you haven't experienced this kind of orgasm yet, it doesn't mean that you're doomed, it doesn't mean that you're broken, it probably just means that you didn't get the proper knowledge and tools to actually know how to play this instrument of your body and open yourself up into G-spot orgasms or into squirting orgasms. So I just wanna start by saying that, yes, you can, (laughs) you can most definitely experience it. But with that, I also want to invite you not to take this online course with a very goal oriented approach. And of course, this is a bit of a paradox because obviously you enrolled in this course because you wanna know more about this and probably because you want to experience it for yourself. So that intention is definitely there and it's very healthy to have, however be aware not to approach it with this idea of by the end of today, after watching all these videos I'm gonna have this G-spot orgasm. Because as we'll explore a little bit more later on, G-spot orgasms are a lot about surrender, about letting go and about relaxation. So when we approach it with this very masculine goal oriented approach it can actually be counterproductive to what we actually want to experience. So as much as you have the intention to learn more about your body and to open up into this, also approach this course and specifically the practices you will be doing by yourself with an element of curiosity and with surrender, really opening up to whatever the experience may be without wanting it to go a specific way on that specific day. Now how to approach this course? It's really up to you. Some women like to slowly digest the information watching one video a day and just kind of sitting with that, other women really like to watch everything all in one so they have the whole picture and then they can start exploring. It's fully up to you, the only really important thing is, that as much as I'm giving you information and tools, we can see it as kind of like, I'm opening the door of orgasm, open for you, but you actually have to jump, you actually have to do the practices, you have to engage, you need to be willing to show up for yourself because if you just watch all the videos and then you just forget about this online course and move on with your life, probably nothing is gonna change. So I really encourage you to commit to yourself, to do the practices, knowing that that's where the real transformation lies. And by no means does this need to be a long journey, I also wanna start off by saying, don't put in your head that it's gonna take you forever to learn how to have these kinds of orgasms. From my personal experience and from seeing all the women that I've had in my workshops and one-on-one sessions, these things tend to happen pretty quickly. And I find that as women were quite receptive, and once everything becomes clear to us and we start to understand kind of the anatomy of our arousal and we start to explore our body, orgasms, G-spot orgasms, squirting orgasms are not far away. So also just a little encouragement that if you do the practices you will start to experience more and more pleasure very soon. So definitely commit to yourself and commit to this online course. (upbeat music) - In this video, I'm gonna share a little bit more about the history of female ejaculation. Because as much as right now, this is such a buzzword and we see it on the covers of magazines, and we see it in TV shows, and we see it all over social media. This is by no means a new phenomenon. This is something which has been talked about for centuries, and which has been mystified in many ways. So many of the ancient traditions saw this phenomena as a very sacred experience. And it was not something that was just oh, yeah, that's something cool that women can do in the bedroom. But it was really revered as a very special potent and mystical act. First of all, a really interesting place where it has been documented was by the fathers of medicine. Which is interesting because a lot of doctors today, gynecologists try to ignore this phenomenon, or they say it's just pee or this is not something that's happening, and they kind of tried to shush it down. The fathers of modern medicine actually already observed this phenomenon and wrote about it. So Aristotle, Galen, and DeGraff. they all in their own way somehow in their writings wrote about female ejaculation. So it was just kind of a fact of life, they knew that women could have these liquids coming out at the moment of orgasm, and it was very much accepted in the medical world. So that's very interesting to see how that has shifted, and how now there's a lot more shame and taboo associated with it than there used to be. In ancient Rome, they had a beautiful name to refer to female ejaculation or squirting, and they referred to this liquid as liquor vitae, or the vital nectar or the vital fluid, which is a beautiful way to see this as a beautiful sacred fluid that a woman can generate rather than something which is dirty or shameful. And in ancient China, there is actually quite a few mentions of female ejaculation. They called it the white moon flower medicine. So again when you start to hear all these names, like the nectar of vitality, a sacred medicine, we can start to see that all of these different ancient cultures seem to have pointed to a similar sense of sacredness. In India, this nectar was called amrita or kalas, meaning the nectar of the gods or the nectar of immortality. And in ancient or called tantric lineages, they would do a lot of different rituals with, with this offering that a woman could gift in the moment of lovemaking in the moment of orgasm. So they would do different rituals like drinking this liquid or putting it on your face or on your body. And it was seen as something that you should never just discard, because in those tantric lineages in particular, they said that this liquid was a physical manifestation of the sexual energy of that seed life creating energy. So by drinking it or by putting it on our skin, we were somehow, we could sustain life and vitality and vibrancy. So I'm just letting you know all these different the history of it just so you can start to attune yourself to the sacredness of this and to the mysticism of this female power, that in the moment of orgasm in a way we can offer this beautiful liquid to ourself or to our partner. Because as we start to dive into learning the different techniques, one of the common blockages women experiences, Oh but I'm gonna make the sheets dirty or wet, or I'm gonna pee or it's kinda disgusting, what if my partner gets really disgusted by it? And there's a sense of aversion. So I really invite you to tap into this sacredness and really honor this beautiful gift that your body can give you. And if you feel inclined to I really encourage you to do some rituals with this liquid because it can be a beautiful way also to reprogram your subconscious mind, from all the shame and all the guilt and all the inhibitions we've been fed, especially as women when it comes to our bodies and our sexuality, and to start to connect to our sexual energy and to our sexual power from a place of deep respect, reverence and devotion. So I encourage you if you feel inspired, you can drink the liquid it actually barely has any flavor it does not smell or taste like pee, it's odorless doesn't have a very strong taste, It's a little bit sweet or you could put it on your face. If all that feels a little bit too much for you and you're like, this woman is crazy telling me to drink my ejaculate. Then at least offering it to your plants or offering it back to the earth and doing some kind of internal ritual to honor this beautiful liquid that your body has generated. (gentle music) - In this video I'm gonna be sharing a little bit around the anatomy of the G-spot orgasm and where female ejaculation comes from and which areas of your body to stimulate to induce these kind of orgasms because this is something that most of us haven't been taught. If we think about sex education, if we're lucky maybe we got the how to put a condom on a banana lecture, but for most of us our sexual education didn't really go further than that. So in this video I'm gonna share a little bit more about the female anatomy of arousal just so you can start to find your way around your body a little bit better and understand how everything works in a physiological and physical level. So, in order to understand where this orgasm comes from, first of all it's important to know that we as women can have erections too, and this is something that is not known to most people, but women actually have as much erectile tissue as men do. And in men it's very visually obvious because it's all in their penis, so when the erectile tissue gets filled with blood the penis becomes erect and it's very visually obvious. It's quite hard to miss. Whereas for women we have as much erectile tissue but half of it is outside on our vulva and half of it is inside of our vagina, which is why sometimes it gets overlooked, because it's not as visually obvious as it is for men. The two parts on the outside, on our vulva, are the clitoris and the vestibules. And the clitoris most of you are probably familiar with, you've probably heard about it, you may have explored that area of your body already a little bit and even experienced orgasm from there. So the clitoris is much more than what meets the eye. At the top we have the head of the clitoris, then right above it we have the shaft, and then we have the two legs that run along the side. And all of this tissue is filled with erectile tissue, meaning that as you get aroused this tissue fills up with blood and swells, and as it swells it becomes more sensitive. And the second part of your erectile network is your vestibules, and they kind of look like two upside-down comas with the thin part attaching to the head of the clitoris and the thicker part going around the entrance. And same thing, this tissue is made up of erectile tissue, meaning that as you get aroused it fills up with blood and it literally pushes out your inner and outer lips to create this beautiful cushion for penetration to feel pleasurable. And having this part of your erectile network activated is really, really important before penetration because this is what will make the difference between putting in a dry tampon or menstrual cup when we're not aroused versus waiting until we have this outer erection and penetration alone feeling extremely pleasurable and orgasmic. So if you also have issues with painful penetration or feeling irritating, it may be because you need to give your body more time to become aroused and for all of this tissue to become engorged with blood. Now the next two parts are inside. There's the perineal sponge, which lies between the bottom wall of your vaginal canal and the upper wall of your anal passage, and this tissue also is filled with erectile tissue, meaning it will swell up and sometimes you can feel it on the bottom of your vagina closest to your back, and it becomes like this spongy tissue that comes up a little bit. And the last part, which is the part which is most important for this orgasm, is the urethral sponge. And if you would imagine yourself laying on your back and here's your urethral opening, here is your vaginal opening, and here is your anal opening, the urethral sponge is this cylinder-like tissue that runs all across the urethra. And because we can't possibly go inside of our urethra to arouse this tissue, the best way for us to start to awaken this part of our body is through the upper wall of our vaginal canal, meaning the wall closest to your belly button. And this tissue is very, very interesting because not only is it filled with erectile tissue, meaning that it will become more sensitive as you get more aroused and will puff up, but it's also filled with different glands, and these glands are sometimes referred to as the paraurethral glands or sometimes referred to as the Skene's glands. And these glands, what they do as you start to get aroused is they start to produce a kind of secretion, a lubrication, and these glands secrete this lubrication both into your urethral canal and into your vagina as you start to get more aroused and as you start to stimulate this sponge more and more. And this is where the famous female ejaculation liquid is coming from. So as you start to arouse this sponge and you start to activate the glands and they start to secrete all this lubrication into your urethral canal, at the moment of orgasm or in a moment of deep relaxation, if the pelvic floor muscles contract and release, it can expel that liquid outward in the moment of orgasm, which is what's referred to as female ejaculation. So sometimes some women are a bit confused because this liquid is coming from their urethra, so the basic assumption is it must be pee. But it's actually not pee, it's liquid which is generated from the paraurethral glands in your urethral sponge that are generating this liquid. And different studies have been made to examine this liquid, and what these studies have shown is that there is a substance called PSA in this liquid, which is the most substance which is found in the male prostrate fluid. So some researchers and scientists are now referring to this part of the female body as the female prostrate. And when you hear the word G-spot, sometimes it can be confusing because the G-spot is not necessarily a spot, but basically the G-spot is the first part of the urethral sponge. So if you're laying on your back, the G-spot, if you have your fingers in towards your belly, would be just behind the public bone, very close to the entrance. You'll feel a very rubbery, rigid-like texture. That is your G-spot. And if you go a little bit deeper, meaning you put your entire finger in towards your belly button, there is your A-spot, which stands for anterior fornix. Some people refer to the entire area as the G-spot, other people try to divide it, others say we should just call it the female prostrate. It really doesn't matter, the point is just that we use these names so we can help identify different parts of the body. So, for the sake of this online course, I will be referring to the first two knuckles in, right behind the pubic bone, as the G-spot, and a little bit deeper, when we have our entire finger in, as the A-spot, the anterior fornix, so the area right between the G-spot and the cervix. And both the G-spot and the A-spot are connected to the urethral sponge, so stimulating both of these areas can generate these beautiful vaginal orgasms as well as squirting or female ejaculation. Now first things first, when you try to explore and find this sponge, you need to be at least in a semi-aroused state, because if you're not aroused it will be very hard to locate the sponge because it will feel very similar to the rest of your vaginal membrane and tissue. As you start to get more aroused, you will feel this sponge filling up with blood and it will become more palpable with your finger. So your first homework assignment is to go and explore this part of your anatomy a little bit. So start to explore your clitoris, your vestibules, your perineal sponge and your urethral sponge, and try to see if you can locate these different sponges. And obviously it's very important for you to be aroused, so I encourage you to set the mood, give yourself a sensual massage, maybe give your breasts a massage. You can fantasize, you can listen to sensual music. Really take your time to get yourself in an aroused state, and then start to explore these different areas, your clitoris, the vestibules. As you start to feel more lubricated and more engorged, you can make your way inside and explore the wall closest to your back, so the perineal sponge, and then also explore the area closest to your belly, the urethral sponge, and try to see if you can locate this rigid-like texture right behind the pubic bone, that's the G-spot, and then when you put your fingers all the way in, if you can feel a texture which is a little bit more soft and mushy, which is the A-spot. - Now before we dive into all of the more practical techniques and all the tools you kind of need to get into your bedroom and start experimenting. I wanna go over a few notions which are good to know before you start exploring. So your self-pleasuring sessions can be as easy and as successful as possible. So first things first, before even starting to attempt to have this kind of orgasm, it's really important to believe that you can because our minds and our brains play a huge role in the arousal process. As we start to get aroused, there's a continuous feedback loop from our brain to our genitals. And if this feedback loop can keep on going uninterrupted, it will tip over into beautiful orgasms. But if for some reason there is a blockage either in the physical level or in the mental brain level then that feedback loop will get interrupted and as much as your conscious mind may say, oh yeah, but I wanna try this. If subconsciously, you don't really believe you can, those things will be contradicting each other. So really fake it until you make it would be my best advice. So even if you have some doubt, when you start your self-pleasuring tell yourself, repeat these affirmations, I can have a G-spot orgasm, I can squirt, I will squirt. Whatever you need to say just to really go into this full embodied, yes I can and I believe that this orgasm is available to me. We've been so brainwashed by magazines, by different influences in our life that somehow we're just stuck with the sexuality that we have so far and either we're born with this lucky gene of being super orgasmic or we got the bad drop which is like shitty sex life (laughs) but I've seen again and again, that we can learn to open up into these orgasms. So really anchor yourself in that knowing that your body has the capacity to experience these deep vaginal orgasms and is beautiful gushing phenomena. So that's my first tip, believe that you can because if you approach it and you're like, I'm just gonna do this but I already know that I can't, I already know this isn't gonna work for me, probably won't work for you. So mindset is very important. Secondly, relaxation, super key. It's really important that you set up a space where you feel safe, where you know, you're not gonna be interrupted, where you can be loud, express your pleasure without feeling like you need to restrict yourself because of whoever is around you because a big part of getting into orgasms is around surrender and relaxation. And if a part of you is tensing is not fully melting and into your parasympathetic nervous system, it's going to be very hard to open up and relax into these orgasms. So whatever you need to do to be in a relaxed state, also doing something to shift yourself from watching this video or from coming home from work or from the gym, do something, dance, touch your body, breathe deeply, massage your breasts, have some kind of transition practice that gets you from whatever you were doing into a state of deep relaxation and receptivity. Also quite obvious one but a lot of women have the fear of making the bed all wet or making a mess. So use whatever precautions you need to feel comfortable to let go. For some women, that's just putting an extra towel under the bed for other women, they like to put a plastic sheet under their bed cover to make sure their mattress stays protected. This is really up to you. And what will make you feel comfortable to let go? Because usually in the moment that the orgasm wants to come and when we have that full feeling and feeling of peeing or feeling of pressure and the urethra, our response usually is to hold it in because we've been so conditioned not to pee to bed and not to let your urine out unless you're on the toilet. So it can take that little bit of reprogramming to actually melt into that and let yourself release. So whatever you can do in your external world to help you feel like even if I pee, if I think I'm going to pee that that's okay, then do that before you start your practice. Also make sure you are hydrated because when we're not hydrated, all of the glands in our body produce less lubrication and secretions, meaning that it probably still will secrete some fluid but it might not be enough to have that squirting effect. So make sure that you're well-hydrated on the day that you're going to try to ejaculate because that will help the glands produce more of that liquid. With that I do recommend that before you do the practice, you go pee just because you don't need to have a full bladder to do this 'cause that's not where the liquid is coming from. So if you just pee before, it also helps women to recognize that it's not pee because they just released whatever it wasn't their bladder and 10 minutes later they ejaculate it. So it can help you mentally. And it's also good just not to be on a full bladder as you're exploring all these different types of stimulation. And another important thing is that every time you're gonna be approaching this practice and experimenting with the different techniques that I will teach you. Every time it will be different, many different things affect our body and our sexuality. Actually, I would say everything affects our body and our sexuality, our diet, our sleep, our mood, our hormones, our menstrual cycle. If we just had a fight with our partner, if we're stressed, all of these different things will affect our body which in turn will affect the way we experience pleasure. If it's easy to drop into that deep state of arousal which in turn makes it easier to access deeper orgasms or if it makes it really difficult to really feel a lot of pleasure in the body, maybe we feel numb, maybe we feel disconnected, agitated, frustrated. So also keep in mind that whatever's going on in your outer world will affect this practice. So bringing more awareness as to what you can do in your day to day life which will be more conducive to experiencing deeper sexual pleasure and trying to make those changes. Specifically around their menstrual cycle, it's known that at different times of our menstrual cycle, it will be easier or harder to ejaculate. So try to do this at different points in your cycle, the only time I would not recommend it is during your period but specifically around your ovulation, it's usually a little bit easier because we are usually a bit more horny as women. We're very much connected to the cycles of the moon and the full moon represents the full egg same thing as when we are ovulating the egg is full, we have that prime potential. Our body wants to procreate, mother nature wants us to have that baby. So especially around either ovulation or around the full moon for some women, those two can be synced. Those are usually very potent times. In Tantra when they were talking about amrita and colors they would calculate a woman's noticias which is the position the moon was in at the time of a birth and on each day of the month which is her nitias they would say that she has a greater potential to generate this fluid. So play around with doing it at different times of your menstrual cycle before your menstruation, right after your menstruation, during ovulation and tried to see if you notice a pattern where sometimes it's quite challenging and other times it may be a lot easier. And lastly, a really simple yet sometimes like the simplest things can be the hardest is around surrender and a beautiful way to think about pleasure and orgasm is that each moment of pleasure, if we can fully surrender into this present moment and feel all the pleasure in our body, an orgasm is available to us. So when we go into self-pleasuring and arousing ourselves, it's common to get into this goal oriented state of like, I'm here and orgasm is here and I'm trying to get there quickly as possible. Instead, I really invite you to be fully present with all the sensations happening in every single moment because if you can fully surrender and melt into this present moment, there was an orgasm available for you in each and every single moment is a gateway into deeper bliss and orgasm. So reframing your mind that orgasm is far away in something to reach rather it's a deepening, it's a melting into this very present moment. (water splashing) (bright music) - In this video, I'm gonna share with you the actual techniques of how to stimulate our G-spot and our A-spot to experience G-spot orgasms with, or without squirting. I call them my three golden techniques, because (clapping) these techniques are, they're good, they're really good. And I've shared them with many women who (chuckles) have said the same thing, with our urethral sponge, there's only so many ways we can stimulate it. So we're quite lucky that it's not like an endless library of techniques that you have to try all of them and hope one of them works. For most women, these three techniques are the go-to ones that work very, very effectively. Now, these techniques are not to be, are not techniques that you start with, so it's not like if you're not aroused that right away you go to these three techniques, and boom in two minutes you have orgasms, We wish, but that's not how our bodies work. These three techniques are something to start exploring when you're already in an aroused state. So after you've simulated your breasts, and you've stimulated your clitoris, and you're already in this mood of being fully turned on and aroused, then you start exploring these three different techniques. For the sake of this video, I'm gonna be using my beloved dragon fruit as a representation of our vulva and our vagina. So just imagine that this can be your lush pubic hair, (chuckles) and your clitoris is here at the top, and then your urethra is underneath, and then here is your vaginal opening, and here is your anal opening. As you remember from the anatomy video, our G-spot and A-spot are located on the upper wall of our vagina, so closest to our belly button on the front side. And this area is filled with erectile tissue and glandular tissue, and the best way to start to awaken these glands to start to secrete some lubrication is by making gentle circles on the upper wall. So with your fingers inside, you just make little circular motions, like this. And you wanna do this for a few moments until you start to feel some lubrication building. So as you start to stimulate these glands, you'll start to feel more and more vaginal lubrication and everything will get a little bit more moist, so that's a good pointer to see if the glands are activated. After you started to generate some lubrication, you can move to the second technique, which is the come here motion. This is the more famous one which is vamped up a lot in magazines, although it is not my personal favorite, I prefer the third one. But this technique works for many women and it's this come here motion. So if you're inside, you're literally just caressing the upper wall in this motion. And what you're doing is you're stimulating the urethral sponge through the upper wall and you're kind of pressing into the sponge with your fingertips. And if you don't feel much, you can try to go a little bit deeper. This tissue is not super, super delicate, so you can press into this sponge a little bit, and you can play with different speeds and with different pressures. So if you don't feel much happening try to go a little bit faster, and maybe a little bit deeper into the sponge. And the third technique is the suction technique which is my all time favorite. My fingers are all dragon fruity and juicy right now, (chuckles) and that's the suction technique. So in this technique, you move up and down with your entire arm, and what you're looking for is a suction release. So you wanna make sure that your fingers are nicely lubricated, either with your own lubrication, or you can use some kind of aloe-based lubrication or coconut oil or whatever your preferred lubricant is. And you put your fingers on the upper wall, and then with your entire arm, you release the suction, (suction sound) and then you push it back up, (suction sound) and you push it back up. And you want to actually generate that suction sound because there will be a lot of different secretions on your upper wall because you activated the glands, and you'll have secretion on your fingertips from whatever lubricant you're using. So when you bring it down, the liquids will kind of, (suction sound) separate from each other and then you press it back in (suction sound) and then you press it back in (suction sound), and then you press it back in. And if you're doing it right, it's quite loud, so someone's sitting on the opposite side of the room, should technically be able to hear this sound. And it sounds like (suction sound) That's my best imitation of that sound. so try to listen if you hear it, because that's a good way to know if you're doing it right. And you just keep on repeating the suction again, playing with different speeds, and also with different pressures. So pressing more strongly into the upper walls, you come back or a little bit more loosely, so play around with what feels best. Now with both the second or third technique, what will happen quite early on is that you will probably feel like you may need to pee. This is really normal because you are applying pressure to your urethra and you are generating liquids that are going into your urethral canal from all of these pair of urethral glands which are also sometimes called the Skene's gland. So that feeling is, it makes sense, because probably your urethra is filling with liquid. Try to relax into that, and not tense as you start to feel the sensation, so just relax into it and relax all of your vaginal muscles. At some point, as you keep on doing it, you will get to the point of no return, meaning that you really feel like, "Oh my God, this is so intense. I really feel like I need to pee. I can't hold this anymore". That is a very important point. In that point, what you want to do, is you wanna speed up and intensify whatever you were doing a little bit. So if you were doing this motion you wanna go a little bit stronger, or if you were doing the suction, same thing, you wanna go a little bit faster and a little bit stronger. And at the same time, push your PC muscles outwards, so this is as if you were trying to forcefully pee. So you start to feel like it's really, really intense. You can't hold it anymore, there's no returning. You feel so full, you feel completely overwhelmed, with this sensation of fullness. And that moment you speed up a little bit and you push down, and this is the gateway that will take you from just intensity into beautiful luscious orgasm. Sometime that orgasm is accompanied with squirting, other times, it's not. This has to do with the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, and also if enough liquid has been generated through the simulation for it to squirt outwards. But something which is good to know is that, regardless of if the orgasm happens with or without squirting, it feels very similar. So I know for myself and I've talked with many women that say that squirting doesn't add a big change in the type of, in how the orgasm feels, except for the fact that there's liquid gushing down your legs. So just know that even if you have the orgasm without squirting, it is still going to feel very, very good. (water flowing) (calm music) - As much as technique and mindset are important components of learning how to open into deeper orgasms, there is another range of ingredients that come into play. And I like to think of it, like, just like if we're trying to bake a cake or a pie, there are certain ingredients that we know we should mix together in order to have the best result, the best tasting pie. The same thing applies to orgasm. We could probably maybe get to some type of orgasm if we ignore many of these ingredients, but if we want that ultimate, delicious, yummy orgasm, we need to include all of these different ingredients in our self-pleasuring practice. So the three ingredients I'm gonna be sharing with you in this video are breath, sound, and movement. So the first ingredient is our breath, and our breath is quite magical because it's the only way that we can consciously control our autonomic nervous system. So through our breath, we can actually consciously get ourself into a parasympathetic nervous system which is this rest, digest and deep, relaxed state, or we can get ourself in sympathetic nervous system which is this more activated state. And there is no other way that we can consciously put ourselves in one of these two states except for working with our breath. So using our breath in self-pleasuring is a beautiful tool to help us play with these different energies in our bodies. As we start to self-pleasure and start to get aroused, we really wanna dance between our parasympathetic nervous system, this deep relaxation, and our sympathetic nervous system, which is more this fire-like activated state where you're full of energy. And you wanna learn to dance between those two. If you would only be in deep parasympathetic the whole time you might fall asleep, you'll be a little bit too relaxed. Whereas if you're in sympathetic the entire time you'll be very tense. So what we're looking for is relaxed arousal. So learning to dance between vamping your energy up and then melting into all that invigorating energy you created, and then kind of rubbing it up again and then melting into that and creating this deep wave of arousal, and using our breath is a way that we can play between these two states. So as a general rule of thumb, the deeper your breathing and specifically the longer your exhale is in comparison to your inhale, the more you will go into parasympathetic nervous system or this deep relaxed state. And this is something which is really good to call on if you start your self-pleasuring and you feel a bit stressed, or you feel a bit tense, you can start by doing a few deeper belly breaths where your exhale is longer than your inhale. This gives a message to your nervous system that you're not in danger, that there's no outer stress and that you can actually deeply relax. On the other hand, if you start to feel like you're very relaxed but you're starting to get a bit lethargic. You can start to amp up your breath and breathe a little bit quicker and in a bit more of a fiery way to start to vamp up a little bit more energy. So throughout your self-pleasuring you can check in with yourself where your body's feeling. If you feel tense, deepen your breath, if you feel a bit bored or a bit like a, blah, like a blob, (laughs) start to breathe a little bit more quickly to start to awaken sexual energy in your body. There's no magic sequence, it's not about breathing five breaths deeply and then two breaths quickly. It's really about coming into a deeper attunement with your body and just observing, noticing where your body is at and how you can use your breath to shift your state and to really go into this dance between relaxation and invigoration. Another thing I'd like to mention regarding breath is right in the moment of orgasm and right before it our body has a tendency to tense up a little bit and start to breathe more shallowly. So we go, (breathes rapidly) as we're about to go into orgasm. A really nice trick is to actually consciously deepen your breath in that moment where your body starts to breathe very quickly, slow down and start to breathe more deeply and more fully. And it might feel a bit counter-intuitive in the beginning especially, but what is does is it allows your orgasms to last longer and to feel stronger. So our breath is really this carrier of life force and in the moment of orgasm we have such a huge immense wave of life force of this creative energy moving through our body, and if we deepen our breath we can actually amplify that experience exponentially. So that's something else that you can play around with, right before orgasm and as the orgasm is happening, to deepen your breath. The second ingredient is around sound, and I can't stress this enough but as women it's so crucial that we allow ourself to voice and express our pleasure in the bedroom, whether it's with ourself or with a partner. We can think of all our body as having two extremities. We have the extremity of our throat and our mouth, and then we have the extremity of our urethral opening, vaginal opening, an anal opening. And we can kind of visualize it like this hollow bamboo at the center of our being, and if we constrict one end, the energy can't move freely through this hollow bamboo. So if we wanna have these deeper, expansive, yummy G-spot and squirting orgasms it's important that both of these extremities are fully open and relaxed. And making sound is not about sounding a specific way, you don't need to sound like a porn star or like the celebrities sound like in movies, it's really about attuning to each sensation that you're feeling, and giving that sensation of sound in the beginning I actually recommend you using more primal sounds because the deeper primal sounds are related with our pelvic area so it's a great way to wake up our sexual energy. And just like you may have done meditations and yoga classes where they ask you to give a color to a feeling or a sensation, the same thing applies to making sound in self-pleasuring, it's about giving each sensation a voice, a sound, and it's kind of like we're singing the song of our arousal. So throughout your self-pleasuring if you notice you're being really quiet make conscious effort to make sound. If in the beginning you feel awkward, just start to make any sound even if you feel really silly just to go over that mental block, and slowly allow yourself to spontaneously make more and more sounds. And the third ingredient is movement. Sexual energy moves in fluid ways it doesn't move in straight linear ways. So if you're just straight like a board and you're doing all the different techniques that I'm teaching you, most likely, the energy will stay stuck it won't really go anywhere. So allow yourself to move, to make circular motions with your hips, to undulate your spine, to make chest circles, do all of these fluid like movements. Even if they're very subtle just to allow the sexual energy to wake up. In Tantra, there is a lot of practices working with awakening Kundalini which is this serpent which lies at the base of our spine which is connected to the sexual energy, to the sexual force. And just like a serpent, moves in very fluid like ways, sexual energy has this exact same quality. So throughout your self-pleasuring make sure you're not stiff like a board but allow some movement in your neck, in your chest, in your hips. You can also make some rocking motions in the beginning, if you feel stuck just to start to awaken this more primal energy in your pelvis, and as you start to get more aroused going into more central movements. These are the three ingredients I wanna share with you and just keep those in mind as you go into your homework and into your self-pleasuring practice. It can be really easy to just focus on the technique that I'm teaching you because it may be a bit new, but make sure you're breathing, make sure you're making sound and make sure your body is moving and not constricted. And all of those things together, are what will create the most delicious, most yummy orgasms. (drum music) (water churning) - So if you've already explored in your own time the different techniques that I taught you and mix it with the orgasmic formula, there may have been some things that you came to notice. The most common one, usually that women will report is that reaching your G-spot and A spot can be quite uncomfortable depending on the length of your arm and fingers in comparison to your torso. So for a lot of women stimulating their G-spot and A spot in this way, leads them into very acrobatic positions. And on top of that, because you need rhythmic simulation of your G-spot and A spot for prolonged periods of time. What can also happen is that your arm gets tired before you get the orgasm. Meaning you feel like you need to take a break and then you lose the momentum. So I've been there. I know exactly what that's like, and that is why I am a big fan of using toys and props to help you. There are many different toys out in the market, which are made to stimulate your G-spot, A spot and to help you squirt. And all of them have some kind of curve to it. So these are toys that I personally sell. So this is one is made out of glass and is really, really great for the G-spot. And then I also have this crystal wand from Bliss Boutique which also has a beautiful curve to it. And basically any toy with a curve will do. So if you go to your local sex shop and you ask for G-spot toys, they will show you all kind of different toys that have this curve to it. And the reason you want a toy with a curve is because when you put it inside of your body it naturally puts more pressure on the upper wall of your vaginal canal which is where the urethral sponge is located. And these toys can really help you because they give you more length. So you can actually lay down and fully relax and the toy can reach all of these places that perhaps with your finger, were a bit challenging to reach. And with the toy, you can do the same three techniques. So with the non bally side you can just make small circular motions on the upper wall to start to awaken the glands. Then I usually like to switch to the side with the little ball because it gives that extra stimulation which is usually needed to get these kind of orgasms. And the come here motion simply by going in and out you are replicating this motion because you are caressing the upper wall with this little ball. And the third technique, the way to do it is to use the outside part to kind of tap it down and up. So this part will start to create suction on your G spot and your A spot. So you can do that with any of the curve toys going in and out or doing the suction. And yeah, both of these are my personal favorites and they really help a lot, a lot, a lot especially with the feeling of comfort and with my arm not getting tired. So I definitely encourage you to buy a G-spot toy. As I said, in any local sex toy, if you look online, G-spot dildo you will have so many different options. And they range from many different price ranges. So try to find one that you feel attracted to. You can also check out Bliss Boutique for these two ones in particular and try to play around with using the wands and see how it feels different from your fingers. Some women actually really prefer their fingers and they say that their fingers, nothing can imitate the touch of a finger which I can relate to. While other women say that for them, toys are their best friend when it comes to this kind of orgasm. So I encourage you to get yourself a nice curved wand and experiment with that. Another little trick that I didn't talk about in the previous video, just because I didn't want to bombard you with all the techniques together so you get overwhelmed. So hopefully by now you've tried the three techniques so you kind of understand them. But you can actually put your body in different positions that will put more or less pressure on the urethral sponge which will change the feeling a little bit. One of them is to lay on your back and bring your knees in towards your chest, and then to wrap around with your finger or with your toy and do the same motions but with your knees towards your chest. Whenever you bring your knees towards your chest, you are shortening your vaginal canal a bit. And with your thighs, you're applying pressure on your belly and on your urethra. So you kind of get double stimulation of the urethral sponge, both from the pressure of your legs and from the internal pressure with your fingers or the toy. So that usually intensifies the sensation a little bit. And you can also play around with moving your chest closer or further away from your legs. So if you're laying down, let's say you have your knees bent with your feet on your bed, you can either lie down all the way which is perhaps what you did the first time. Or you can prop yourself up either with pillows or prop yourself up with your hand, halfway up. Again, that will create a little bit more kind of tension but good tension around the urethral sponge. Just so there is more stimulation from your body position. Or you can sit almost all the way up. So actually just sitting and doing the different techniques and experimenting how that feels. So these are the three ones that most women oscillate between, but any position really, you can try. Because whenever you shift your body position and you either lengthen or shorten your body, like leaning forward or leaning backwards, it will change the pressure on your urethra sponge which in turn will change the sensation. And when it comes to a partner, if you want to start to explore this more in the bedroom with another person, any kind of position where your partner's penis is mostly stimulating the front wall of your vagina, will be more likely to lead you to G-spot orgasms. If your partner's penis curves upwards, or if you have a female partner and she's using a strap on let's say if the penis is curving upwards, any position where you are laying on your back and he's on top of you, like missionary, will naturally create more simulation on the G spot. Whereas if your partner's penis is slightly curving down, then any position where you're on your belly will stimulate that area more. But my most recommended position for you as a woman if you want to experience a G-spot orgasm during penetration, is cowgirl. Where your partner is laying down and you are sitting on top of him or her, facing his or her face, and then making circular motions but even better making rocking motions with your pelvis back and forth. The reason this position is so great is because one you're in control, so you can really try to find that sweet spot and stay there. Two, you have all kinds of erogenous stones that are being stimulated. Your clitoris, whether you want it or not is rubbing on his pubic area. So that will start to create more arousal. His penis is pulsing on your G-spot and A spot. And usually it's also reaching your cervix, meaning that all of your erogenous zones of your vulva and vagina are being stimulated and activated. And if you want to add one more to that, you can massage or stimulate your breasts or have your partner stimulate your breasts while you're in that position. And that is just the most like the most activated position you can be in because all of your erogenous zones are being simulated. So that is a great position to try out. A general rule of thumb however, specifically for squirting, most women find it much easier to squirt from fingers or from a toy than during penetration and lovemaking. Because the kind of of simulation that usually leads to gushing orgasms is this come here motion, but more so the suction motion. And this motion is quite hard to imitate with a penis and anything which is a little bit smaller usually can get the suction motion a little bit better. So that's not to say it's not possible to squirt during penetration. I have friends and women who've told me they can, but from what I've witnessed, the majority of women report it's easier with their fingers or with a G-spot designed dildo. Another good thing to keep in mind, as you start to explore and practice is that in the beginning, it can take 20, 30 minutes for your body to become aroused and for all of your erectile tissue to start to become engorged. And then another 20 minutes or so of rhythmic stimulation to your G-spot and A spot before you experience an orgasm with, or without squirting. As you start to do it more you will strengthen that neural pathway in your body and you will be able to get there much quicker. So I know for me in the beginning, it took me quite some time and a lot of simulation to the sponge to get it to a place of feeling orgasmic and being able to squirt. Whereas now it happens really quickly for me, almost like whenever I want it to happen within five minutes I can have this orgasm. Because the more that we experience a certain neural pathway the more it gets strengthened and the easier and quicker it will be to get to those states again. But remember that rhythm and consistency are key with women with any kind of orgasm. If you've ever had a lover that would go from one place to the next place and switch between a bunch of different techniques and different speeds, probably wasn't really fun for you and probably didn't get you very aroused. And that's because as women, we need rhythm and consistency in order to build up into orgasmic states. So when you're exploring your G spot and A spot with these different techniques, once you find something that seems to be generating something, stick with it in a rhythmic and consistent way for at least 10, 15 minutes. Because a lot of women give up after two minutes and they're like , "Ha, it doesn't work for me, I'm doomed." But usually, you just didn't give your body enough time to start to really open up into those experiences. So keep all of these things in mind. And I just wanted to give you this after you've perhaps already explored just with the techniques to give you kind of 2.0. So now you have even more information and tools to take into yourself pleasuring classroom. (upbeat music) - In this video, I wanna talk and address something that a lot of women struggle with or go through as they start to try different self-pleasuring techniques and experiment with different ways of touching their body and specifically their vagina. And that's around numbness, discomfort or pain. This may apply to you or it may not, if it doesn't apply it to you, this video may not be so relevant for you. But if you, at any point felt some kind of pain or discomfort or if you just didn't feel anything the whole time you were feeling completely numb, around your urethral sponge, know that nothing is wrong with you. And this is super, super, super common. I think this is the number one thing I hear from women that come to my sessions and workshops is that they feel like their vagina is numb. And if you don't feel anything, then obviously it will be very difficult to reach an orgasm. So, the first step is to sensitize our vagina and this online course is not focused on that, because that's a whole topic of its own, but I actually created an entire free online course on that topic because I find it so important and so crucial for women to have access to that information and to practice this, to re-sensitize their vagina. So, if this applies to you, I am going to put a link to this free online course. It's just basically the homepage of my website. All you have to do is leave your email and it will take you to this free online course, all about making sure that our vagina is healthy, pain-free and slowly re-sensitizing it. And the practices that I share are mainly, internal yoni massage and the yoni egg practice and that free online course is a really great addition and a really great resource, additional resource to this online course, because one, a lot of the practices are focused on re-sensitizing your vagina and the more sensitive your vagina is, the more pleasure you can feel. And the easier it will be to have internal orgasms. And secondly, the second part of that free online course is around the yoni egg and how you can use that practice to reconnect deeply to your vagina and also to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. And this is really good if you perhaps did feel some pleasure and you may even experience an orgasm, but you struggle to squirt or ejaculate. Sometimes that can be due to the fact that there's not enough strength in your pelvic floor muscles, meaning there's not enough strength to the spell and gush and push that liquid outward. So, through doing the yoni egg practice, which is in my free online course, you will also build healthy, toned vaginal muscles, which make it easier to feel pleasure, and also to squirt out female ejaculate. So, I highly recommend that you check that out. And if throughout this course, you feel frustrated, because you just don't feel anything inside. I suggest you focus on that free online course first and do the practices a few times, until you start to feel changes and then come back to this course and try all of these different techniques again, after having done all of the sensitizing practices. Another thing I'd like to talk through is that perhaps you squirted either during this course or before in your life without having an orgasm, or you've only had G-spot orgasms without squirting and you just don't really understand, why the two don't come together. So, squirting and internal orgasms, are two separate phenomena that usually happen at the same time, but they can happen independently. So, as I mentioned, the squirting, the female ejaculate comes from stimulating that sponge and the glands start to secrete lubrication. And if you get really relaxed at some point during the arousal stage, without necessarily having had your orgasms, where your pelvic floor muscles in voluntarily contract and release, that liquid can get released outwards, before you had your orgasm. And that's what we refer to as squirting without ejaculating, which can feel nice and it can feel kind of juicy and yummy, but didn't necessarily feel orgasmic. Another common thing that happens is that women have G-spot or A-spot orgasms, without squirting. And sometimes they wonder why that is happening. And one study has shown that women, so they took a bunch of women and they stimulated their urethral sponge area. And some of them ejaculated and some of them didn't. And in the women that ejaculated, they had studied, made studies on that liquid and found that there is this prostate fluid inside of the liquid which is different than urine. And they decided to test the next urine sample, the women who didn't ejaculate. So, all the women who had simulation to their G-spot and A-spot, but didn't ejaculate. They had them pee afterwards. And then they tested that sample of urine and they found very high levels of this PSA, this prostate fluid. So, what those scientists concluded is that, for every woman generates ejaculate, when she has rhythmic consistent simulation of her urethral sponge, but some women expel it outwards, whereas in other women it retroacts back in the bladder and then in the next urine, the next time they pee, it comes out. So, one theory is that, the reason that some women don't ejaculate is because their pelvic floor muscles aren't strong enough to expel it outwards in the moment of orgasm. So again, looking at that free online course and doing both the releasing practices, but also the strengthening practice with the yoni egg will help you. If that's something you want to experience. - In this video, I'm gonna be talking about how to make your lover experience a G-spot orgasm and squirt. Most of this course was aimed more at self-pleasuring and in this video specifically, it's gonna be aimed more at how to pleasure your lover. So you can feel free to share this with your intimate partners, or if you would like to learn how to make your lover squirt then this video is for you. Now I do suggest that you check out all the other videos even though they're talking more from the point of view of self-pleasuring. There's a lot of really important information in there about the female anatomy of arousal and how squirting works, and how G-spot orgasms come to be. So that's definitely gonna help you to go even deeper into this video. Now, this video is gonna be very, very practical and I'm gonna be showing you the different techniques to take your lover from an unaroused state all the way to a G-spot orgasm and a squirting orgasm. But before I dive into the techniques I wanna talk a little bit about the preparation and then a little bit about the internal attitude. So first things first, the prep. The easiest way to have your lover experience a G-spot orgasm and or a squirting orgasm, is to use your fingers. So in this video, I'm gonna be specifically sharing how to properly finger your lover and open her up into these delicious orgasms. But before you start to enter your lover or penetrate your lover, you wanna make sure that your hands are clean. And you wanna pay special attention to the area underneath your fingernails because that's where we tend to harbor a lot of bacteria. Next, you wanna make sure to clip your fingernails and also to file them a little bit, because there's nothing more uncomfortable than having someone penetrate you and feeling a sharp edge on the inside walls of your vagina. So if you want your lover to be open and receptive to pleasure, it's really important that your hands are clean and that you don't have any sharp edges on your nails. The next thing I wanna talk about is a little bit about the general attitude. So in this video I'm gonna be focusing really on the hands-on technique but I see that as just one half of the equation. The other half of the equation is your inner attitude and how you approach this pleasuring practice. In order for your lover to open up into these G-spot orgasms and these gushing orgasms, it's very important that they feel really, really safe and comfortable. And even if you're doing all the right techniques but you're not really present with them you're not really fully there with them, more likely than not they will not actually feel safe enough to open up into orgasm. So the inner attitude is a very important ingredient if you want to learn how to make your lovers orgasm. So I already kind of touched on the first one and that's presence. When you pleasure your partner you wanna do so full of presence and awareness. So make sure that you're not thinking about what you wanna do after this or that you're completely checked out mentally but really be fully present in your own body and fully present with the experience of your partner. Being penetrated is a very vulnerable and intimate experience. If you just think for a moment that someone were to just poke around in your mouth. Like someone just goes inside of your mouth and starts to poke around, that feels quite sensitive right? Well, for most people being penetrated it feels exactly the same. We're literally going inside of another person's body. Now if someone was poking around in your mouth and you could notice that they were really not present. They're thinking about something and you can just tell that they're not really attuned to you, more likely than not you'll really tense up and you will not feel comfortable. And the same thing happens when we penetrate our lovers inside of their vagina. If we're not really present and aware, and mindful of how we are touching the inside of the vagina and how we're approaching this delicate part of the body, our partners won't necessarily feel very safe and relaxed to open. So step number one is to be fully present and mindful as you enter her vagina. The second attitude I wanna talk about is not to put pressure on yourself, to make your partner orgasm and also not to put pressure on your partner to have them orgasm. Whenever we set a certain expectation, or goal, or a pressure to achieve something usually that becomes the biggest obstacle for us to actually experience that. So if you want to experiment, opening up into G-spot and squirting orgasms with your partner do so from a very relaxed and playful attitude. So don't make your partner feel like they have to reach an orgasm and if they don't something is wrong with them. And also don't put that same pressure on yourself. I always like to say that sex is an art. It's a learnable skill. So approach it as a practice session, be curious, be playful and know that maybe there will be an orgasm maybe there will not be. And you just keep on exploring it on different days and see where it takes you. But definitely be aware to make your partner feel like whatever she will experience is welcome and that there's no expectation for her to cum all over the place or squirt all over you. Another really nice thing to communicate with your partner is that some of the techniques may induce squirting. So make them feel comfortable that if they feel that urge to release their liquids to feel free to do so. We've been so conditioned to you know not wanna wet the bed or to associate sexual fluids with something dirty or shameful. So before getting into it I really suggest making your partner feel really comfortable, that when that urge comes that they can really feel relaxed to melt into it and let go, and not try to tense up. Some ways that you can help them feel more comfortable is to set up the space with some extra towels. Just so mentally they're aware that they're not gonna destroy the mattress, that everything is set up for them to gush if they feel like it. And again, this is another little step that will help ease your partner's mind and make it mentally more easy to surrender into the pleasure. Okay so now let's jump into the actual how to. First things first, when you wanna open your lover up into G-spot and squirting orgasms, you don't wanna go straight for the vagina. Feminine sexuality works from the outside in. So it's always really beneficial to start to warm up the entire body before going inside of the vagina. A great way to do that is by starting with some full body sensual massage movements. So here you're not focusing specifically on the erogenous zones of, for example the breasts, their nipples, or the vulva but you're just giving sensual touch to the entirety of her body. This will help to slowly activate her senses and her sexual energy, which is gonna make it much easier later on to go into the internal fingering techniques. And here it's really important not to rush. Really take your time. Use enough oil, make the movements really sensual and make sure that you're touching every single part of her body. And don't try to rush right away to penetrate her but really take your time here. The more time that you can take to really warm her up and activate her senses and her sexual energy the more successful the next part will be. Now, after some time of just giving some general warmup you can start to move into more erogenous zones. So for example, touching the neck, specifically arousing the breasts and the nipples you can do so by using your fingers. You could also do so by using your tongue and then also finding your way to her vulva and starting to arouse her clitoris. For most women, the clitoris tends to be the fire starter of their sexuality. So it's a great place to start to really ignite erotic energy in her body. So make sure not to skip this step. So don't go straight to penetrate her but spend enough time around her clitoris, doing different movements with the palm of your hand. You can do the waterfall motion down. You can caress in between her inner and outer lips and doing any techniques that perhaps you've already discovered work very, very well for your lover. Now next you want to start to explore the inside part of her vagina and find your way to her G-spot. But you only wanna go there when she's really, really ready. Meaning not just when she's wet but when she's really engorged. When she really has her pussy hard-on. And when you can tell, that she's just dying to have you penetrate her. Once you have that cue and you have verbal consent you can slowly move your finger inside of her vagina. I suggest starting with one finger and then as she gets more warmed up, you can move on to two fingers. And again, when you penetrate your lover you wanna be very mindful as you do so. This is a very vulnerable experience. So go very slow, don't just go straight for it, but really take your time and let her vagina kind of welcome you in. Once you're inside, I always encourage you to just pause with your finger inside. So don't start right away, moving left and right and up and down, just pause. And with your other hand, keep on pleasuring her breasts, and her clitoris and activating her entire body. The key here is always to keep on activating her other erogenous zones while you're also starting to stimulate the inside of her vagina. Then you can slowly start to make small circles with your finger, and here the idea is just to create a little bit of space in the inside of the vagina. So kind of it's just saying hello to all of the different walls and just giving some general internal Yoni massage. Again while you do this, it's gonna be most beneficial if with your other hand, you're also arousing her clitoris or her nipples to keep her in an aroused state. Next you wanna find your way to her G-spot and A-spot which is located on the upper wall of her vagina. So at this point, if she's already relaxed and open enough you can insert the second finger. So you would be in with two different fingers and starting to make little circles on the upper wall of her vagina. So the wall closest to her belly button with your other hand again, you can be stimulating the rest of her body and here you're just starting to activate her urethral sponge. And you're just kind of starting to wake up the G-spot and the A-spot. And then after a few minutes of this you can start to experiment between two different techniques. The cum here technique, where you do this motion on the upper wall of her vagina. And the suction technique. So for the suction technique you wanna make sure your fingers are well lubricated. If she's very lubricated then you're good to go. If you feel like there could be more lubrication you can use some type of natural lubricant on your finger and you wanna place your finger on her upper wall. And then you wanna release the suction and press back up, and press back up. You can do this with these two fingers or you can also do it with these two fingers. Different people have different preferences and you'll notice what feels more comfortable for you. Here you wanna start slow, but as you'll notice especially with the suction technique, it tends to create a lot of intensity and quite a lot of sexual arousal. So with the suction technique you wanna start off kind of slow and gentle, and slowly start to speed it up with time. While with your other hand, you're still making sure that you're arousing the rest of her body. You can also play with different leg positions here. So you can put your lover in a normal position where their legs are just down. You could bring her legs towards her chest, or you could put her in kind of a twisting position. So you can play with those different positions because it will create a slightly different sensation for the receiver, because there's a little bit more pressure on different areas of her vagina, when she puts her body in different postures. And you wanna stay here and really build up the energy and the arousal and at some point it will become really clear that okay we're really getting more expansive and it's getting really, really intense. At this point you can start to speed up the movement a little bit. And once you feel like your partner is really, really close to orgasm, you can speed it up even a little bit more. And you can also encourage them to make sure to breathe deeply and not to tense her vaginal muscles because that sometimes can be a natural reaction. So encourage your partner to relax and to release the pelvic floor muscles down as if they're trying to pee. And speed up the movement a little bit, and this is the gateway into luscious G-spot orgasm that can happen with or without squirting. Now I do wanna mention here that in the beginning it's quite of an arm workout and depending on how long, it takes your partner to get into an orgasmic state what can happen sometimes is that our arm gives out because it's tired, but that is something that with time you literally build squirting muscles. (laughing) So that gets easier over time. But if that happens the first time, know that that's completely normal so then just slow down. You can again, just arouse the clitoris and the nipples, and then go there again once your arm feels ready. A good rule is to keep a rhythmic consistency with your movement. So don't go from slow to fast, to slow to fast. Usually that doesn't work very well but gradually build up the momentum. So keep a steady rhythm and a steady pressure and then as the arousal goes up, speed it up a little bit, but again keeping that same rhythm and at the end going quicker, but again staying in a specific rhythm. Rhythm and consistency, for most types of erogenous zones are what works best. So when we just kind of switch between all kinds of different techniques for a few seconds here a few seconds this technique, and then this technique, and then this technique, it usually doesn't work very well. So keep that in mind as you explore. And then after the experience whether she orgasms or not whether she squirted or not? You wanna take some time for aftercare. After any type of sexual intimate experience. It's really nice to take dedicated time for aftercare. So not just to go through the experience have your partner squirt and then just leave the room and move on with your day. For a woman to be in this orgasmic state and afterglow is a very deep and intimate, and vulnerable space to be in. So as her lover, it's really nice to take some time and lay next to her and maybe cuddle her or hold her or just cup her vulva for a few minutes. So just making sure that, between the moment that she orgasms and the end of the experience, that there's some kind of physical connection there to kind of integrate the experience and make her feel really safe. And that's it for the magical squirting and G-spot orgasm formula. I hope you have fun exploring it and I definitely encourage you to practice it as many times as possible because orgasms is a learnable art and the more you do it, the better it gets.

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