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Mariah Freya

Your Coach For Inside The Bedroom And Beyond

Sex & Orgasm Coach and Co-founder of Beducated.com.


It is my deepest desire to open the discourse on sexuality in all it’s diversity. I desire to build a culture of mindful lovers. A sexy shift in our inner and outer worlds that is safe, inclusive and open for everyone.

Together we’re acknowledging trauma, repression and other sexual blockages by embracing Conscious Sexuality. I’m here to help you explore your unfulfilled desires and realize your deepest desires.


“I faked my orgasms until 2010.”

How wrong was I about orgasm?! I was totally clueless when it came to sex for way too long. I used to throw away my sexual potency like blasé blasé. If I only knew then what I know now.

Sex? Yes, I was curious. I tried my hand in love-making, but let’s just say it all fell a bit flat. I was on the wrong track, starved for passion, having sex just to please my partners.

I was left wondering, “there must be more!?!”

I expected my sex life to stay like this until I’d stop having sex one day. Probably due to some old age symptoms like a flabby vagina and gray landing strip.

Oh boy, was I wrong.

I’m thrilled to say yes there is definitely more! My sex life has expanded beyond measure as a result of my quest to find the more. My quest opened me to pleasure beyond my wildest dreams, profound intimacy with my partner and more full-power living. I now work to empower people just like you to realize their sexual potential.

My transformation has allowed me to overcome crippling negativity attached to sex. My shame, fear and guilt have melted into passion and love.

So what happened?

Mariah Freya

From frigidity to ecstasy

Like a lot of good stories, mine begins with a ticket to India…

In the most unexpected place, working at a women’s empowerment NGO, I stumbled onto a full-fledged Tantrika. This sex-goddess initiated me into the world of tantra and conscious sexuality. At this moment I made the shift, merging my experience with social work and conscious sexuality together. My intention was set to reveal to others the liberating power of their own sexual potential for both personal and societal healing.

I dove headfirst down the rabbit-hole and retrieved so many jewels to share with you.

My partner Philipp and I rekindled our relationship of ten years following this deep dive into the expansive world of sexuality. The tools of Tantra and Conscious Sexuality transformed our love, life, and career. We now embrace sex as a tool for our personal development. Our shared passion is to beducate the world.

With new eyes, we explore sex upside down and inside out. Together, we shed light on hidden potentials and pleasures we never knew existed.

Me and my partner in love and business, Philipp, in 2009 in Rishikesh visiting our first Tantra workshop where our journey into Conscious Sexuality begun.

Once we discovered Tantra it was as if we saw each other for the first time. We became more vulnerable, open and connected. We worship each other intimately by applying the knowledge we share on this platform.

It all began with acknowledging our potential, creativity and desires as lovers. Our new passion for conscious sexuality healed our blockages to deep love-making.

No witchcraft involved

And the fascinating thing for us was that there isn’t any witchcraft involved at all. Anyone can experience this.

After Philipp and I were living in a Tantra community for a couple of years, we saw the same transformation happening to women (as well as men) over and over again. Those transformations were incredibly beautiful.

That’s when I, with the support of Philipp, decided to share what we’ve learned and experienced with the world. As a social worker, I have studied helping people after all. And now I have studied how to become amazing at sex too.

I created in November 2012 the Orgasmic Discourses blog and quickly after my podcast. In this space, I shared my experiences and interviewed sexperts from around the world in talks about the deeper experience of sex. The articles and episodes quickly reached thousands of readers and listeners. You can check out my previous work in podcasting, exploring the world of sexuality, here.

Then, in 2016 Philipp and I decided to launch Beducated – The Academy for Extraordinary Lovers. We kicked it off with the successful Conscious Sexuality Summit: 24 experts sharing their #1 practice for enlightening your bedroom. This summit reached thousands of individuals which proved how essential it is to spread conscious sexuality online.

We use the tools and practices we teach on Beducated in our bedroom to connect and be fulfilled in our relationship. We feel in synch both within and beyond the bedroom. This is why we have so much faith in Beducated. We have experienced first hand the impact of conscious sexuality.

We believe that anyone can experience this potent transformation. There is so much potential for healing and pleasure. We are all ripe for it. 

We know the approach and techniques we share on Beducated will take you to the next level in the bedroom and beyond. We love to see the Beducated community exploring their sexual potential because it has a huge impact not only on the individual but on society at large.

Every day I see new realizations, deeper connections and big transformations happening with my private clients and with our Beducated community.

We believe that sexuality is the last frontier of personal development.

We are 100% committed to our vision to transform your bedroom. We are empowering individuals to become extraordinary lovers every, single day. Beducated is making Conscious Sexuality an accessible tool for everyone.

The demand is high. We get dozens of emails every day from all over the world asking us questions, joining our Masterclasses and online courses. With Beducated we are publishing contemporary, reputable online sex education without the sleaze factor typically associated with anything sexual online.

Mariah Freya

Are you ready to join me on this quest to heal your sexuality and realize your full-sexual potential?

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