Behind the scenes: We are lovers too…

…and we know that sometimes you simply need a lovely kick in the ass to spice things up. We know exactly how it feels when you struggle sexually or in your relationship. At those moments you might wish that a wise finger would point you towards a way out (or in). So that you’d have a mind-blowing AHA-moment and transform your shit for good.

Omooni Founders Mariah Freya & Philipp Steinweber

Beducated Founders Mariah Freya & Philipp Steinweber

We created Beducated because sexual education on the internet was… dodgy… to say the least. If you wanted to learn something about sex and relationships, you had to filter out a lot of garbage: pills that make your penis bigger (they don’t!), scammy dating advice, or embarrassed teachers putting condoms on bananas.

Not anymore. Beducated revolutionizes sexual education online. We are professional. Non-sleazy. Beautiful and definitely soul-touching.

For us sexuality is more than mechanics. More than pleasure.

Sexuality is the last frontier of personal development

For us sexuality is the most precious inspirational playground of all. It’s sacred to us. It’s the moment of fully embracing one another. It’s where we glimpse a divine essence. Feel ourselves more. In unity. It’s the core of creation. For us sexuality is something we consciously want to have in our relationship and in our lives.

We believe: All lovers deserve a better sex life. Better, more honest relationships. And fulfillment of their desires. Moving towards their soul.

This creates nothing less than a better planet.

That’s why we have gathered together the world’s most renowned experts on sexuality and relationships. For bringing these life changing teachings into your bedroom.

Souls and Bodies Behind Beducated

Beducated is a project by Metamonks. Metamonks was originally started by Philipp and Mariah in 2013. Over the years the team has grown, and various positions and accountability charts have been created. Meet our key players:


Philipp Steinweber

Founder, CMO, and guy that constantly comes up with (too many) new things.


Mariah Freya

Founder, COO, and responsible for liberating orgasms around the world (not kidding!).

Isabella Kecht

Content Marketing and Social Media Queen. Plus changing the world by connecting humans with nature.

Vanessa Guerrero

Customer Support Angel. Making and keeping our clients happy. A wholehearted Possibilitarian – living her life from heart to world.

Yep, we (Philipp & Mariah) have been a couple for 8 years. And on an important mission to make teachings on sex & conscious sexuality more accessible. Frankly we’re doing this because we love conscious sex and once in a while it takes new tools & methods to spice things up. So we decided to invite experts we love from around the world and create the (soon) biggest sexual education platform on the globe.

Since the beginning we have had great support from many friends and experts. Thank you all for your support ♥!

More expert collaborations will be announced soon.