It's not that our sex life is naturally awesome...

We just do what we do because we’re curious to learn more.

Hi, we're Beducated

(And yes, the bed stands for sex and all things intimate.)

We are lovers since 2007. We know that incredible, mind-blowing sex doesn’t always come easy.

Phil Steinweber and Mariah Freya Beducated Founders
Beducated Founders Phil Steinweber & Mariah Freya

Our sex life turned “meh” after the rose-colored glasses of infatuation had faded away. But instead of giving up on sex we decided to do something about it. We went on a journey of self-development – with sex as the top priority on our list.

Until only a few years back, sex knowledge was quite hard to access. There weren’t any online platforms we could turn to. We had to travel to different places and attend workshops and events all around the world. However, it was worth it. What we found was eye-opening.

We’ve discovered that there are many ways and tools to improve your skillset as a lover.

When we started actively working on ourselves we transformed into more confident individuals. We felt more connected with ourselves and, most importantly, with each other.

We found that sexual happiness is trainable.

Best of all, there isn’t any witchcraft involved at all. Anyone can experience this incredible transformation with the right guidance.

On this journey, we learned that the sexual problems we suffered are all-too-common.

We’ve spoken to:
  • singletons who are ashamed of their bodies
  • couples who have lost their spark
  • lovers who feel inappropriate and dirty for sharing their deepest desires
  • and many other individuals wondering how to find their *WOW* between the sheets
About Beducated
That *WOW* we think is supposed to come naturally, but doesn’t always surface. 
Turns out that most sexual education on the internet is…dodgy… to say the least. On our journey to learn about sex and relationships, we had to filter out a lot of garbage: pills that make your penis bigger (they don’t!), scammy dating advice, and embarrassing teachers putting condoms on bananas.

The world deserves better – and that’s where Beducated comes in!

We already helped thousands of students discover their inner sex gods and goddesses.

"I had a recent massage session with a woman who had never had an orgasm in her life before. Her libido almost completely disappeared ten years ago after a full hysterectomy. After warming her up with a 30-minute sensual massage, she easily slipped into 45 minutes of multiple whole-body G-spot orgasms."
Avatar Male
Beducated Student
"I am so happy, I found you guys! It's like I finally found something that really represents what is missing from my life so far... Hoorayyyyyyyyy! I practice and feed myself with all this beautiful wisdom you offer - and I realize that I benefit more and more. Thank you for that!!!"
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Beducated Student

We have revolutionized online sexual education

About Beducated

Since 2018, our mission has been to offer a tasteful, contemporary learning experience that lights up bedrooms across the globe.

We are professional. Non-sleazy. Beautiful and definitely soul-touching. We want to be the friendly wise heads that awaken the incredible lover inside you.

For us, sexuality is more than mechanics. More than pleasure.

“Sexuality is the last frontier of personal development.”

It’s a super charger for our live. An opportunity to grow as an individual. To connect deeply. With ourselves. And others.

We believe: All lovers deserve their best possible sex life.

More honest relationships. And fulfillment of their desires. Moving towards their soul. This creates nothing less than a better planet.

That’s why we

  • offer first-class online courses about mindful sex and relationships and deliver them straight into bedrooms all around the world.
  • create educational content for soulful lovers, open-minded individuals and seekers of a joyful sex life. 
  • empower individuals to become extraordinary lovers every single day.

This is more than clit bait. We go much deeper than that. We’re committed to proving the best after sex faces – and have done so in over 110 countries!

Who We Are: Your Hosts

Philipp Steinweber

Phil Steinweber​

Founder, CEO

Before starting Beducated and building an online platform for a better future, Phil worked as a Dipl. MultiMediaArt Designer with companies such as Mercedes Benz, Siemens, and BMWi.

Mariah Freya Beducated

Mariah Freya

Founder, Head of Product/Sex Coach

Before starting Beducated and delivering online courses to all corners of the world, Mariah was a dedicated BA Social Worker in Women’s Empowerment NGOs.

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"It's like you lifted a veil off of me that's been there way too long. Your words resonate with me in so many everyday situations and I'm feeling like I'm so much more ready to live and love to my full potential! I feel empowered after working together with you. You motivated me to reconsider the way I touch myself, and how I communicate with others. Becoming less rigid and rough... You rock, girl!"
theresa lachner
Theresa Lachner
Sex Blogger & Writer

Your Editorial Team

This is our Beducated Magazine team. We love all things sex & relationships and aim to offer the best answers and resources out there.

Isabella Kecht Beducated

Isabella Kecht​

COO/Head of Magazine

She got a BA in Educational Science and worked as a Marketer & Education Specialist.

Emma Hewitt

Emma Hewitt

Writer, Sex Toy Specialist

She holds a B.A. in Communications and worked as a Content Executive for New Zealand’s largest online retailer of adult toys.

Jenna Hall

Jenna Hall

Writer, Sex Wellness Specialist

She's a columnist, got a B.A in Communications and wrote for publishers such as the Elle magazine.

Molly Lazarus

Molly Lazarus

Writer, BDSM Specialist

She's a kink & sexuality writer, BDSM community organizer, and newbie erotic fiction author.