Editorial Guidelines

Hey there, and welcome to the Beducated magazine! You’ve just discovered the ultimate resource for sex-ed for grown-ups. We’re the largest resource in the field, and we’re excited to have you join our journey of exploration and discovery. Want to learn more about Beducated and our online courses? Click here and get ready to dive in.

Our magazine covers a wide array of topics, including sexual health, gender equality, sexual psychology, sex life, and sex toys. And who’s behind all this fabulous content? Our incredible team of authors, of course! We’re talking professionals, doctors, sex educators, therapists, and sex workers who are eager to share their expertise with you.

At Beducated, we aim to be your trustworthy friend who’s always there to chat about everything from the serious stuff to the fun and flirty. We’ll answer your questions, offer advice, share the latest studies, and test products to the max. We understand that every individual is unique, with different needs, preferences, and curiosities. That’s why we’re committed to treating you with respect, empathy, and a judgment-free attitude.

So, get ready to explore our carefully crafted content that adheres to editorial guidelines, provides honest product recommendations, and informs you about our advertising policies and terms of use. We’re delighted to have you here, and we can’t wait to help you enhance your understanding of the wonderful world of sexuality.

Putting You First

At Beducated, our primary focus is you, our reader. We’re here to provide reliable, empathetic content on sexual health, prevention, gender equality, sexual psychology, and relationships, tailored to your needs and concerns.

“Our goal is to empower you with accurate and accessible information.”

Unraveling Complex Ideas

Scientific research and studies can be complicated, but we break down complex concepts into easily digestible and understandable language. Visual aids, like illustrations, further clarify and enhance your learning experience.

Upholding High Standards

Our Authors

To ensure top-quality content, we meticulously select our authors and put them through a rigorous evaluation process. They receive continuous training, feedback, and support to maintain our high journalistic standards.

Our authors aren’t just talented writers, but professionals, doctors, sex educators, therapists, and sex workers themselves, with diverse expertise covering everything from sexual psychology to relationships, BDSM, and beyond.

These skilled experts craft content that’s not only trustworthy and easy to understand, but also immensely valuable to you. By delving into research studies, examining findings, and breaking down complex topics, they ensure that the information we provide is both accurate and insightful.

It’s the dedication and know-how of our authors that form the bedrock of Beducated, enabling us to maintain the high caliber of our articles and offer you an unparalleled reading experience in our magazine.

The Importance of Reliable Sources

Our authors follow strict guidelines on sourcing, using primary and credible secondary sources to construct well-researched and accurate content. This allows readers to verify and understand the facts for themselves.

Collaborating with Professionals

Our content creation process often involves collaborating with certified professionals such as therapists, doctors, psychologists, and neuroscientists. Their expertise lends credibility and depth to our articles.

Keeping Content Fresh and Relevant

The world of science is always evolving, and we make it a priority to keep our content current and valuable. We frequently update and revise our articles to ensure they remain relevant and accurate.

“We value your feedback and use it to improve and refine our content.”

Disclaimer and Language Choices

Medical Advice Disclaimer

Beducated is a digital information platform and does not provide health or medical advice. Our content is for general information purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Inclusive and Empathetic Language

We carefully choose our words to promote inclusion, empathy, and sincerity, aiming to combat stigmatization, break stereotypes, and eliminate prejudice. We strive to create a supportive and respectful environment for our readers.

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