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Sensual Seduction Online Course:
Expressing Your Erotic Femininity

Chen Lizra
Somatic Intelligence Coach
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About This Course

Craving to unleash your inner seductress? Chen Lizra's video course guides you in embodying divine feminine energy, aligning body and mind, and confidently exploring your erotic side.

What You Will Learn

  1. The 5 Symbiotic Elements
  2. How to discover your true nature
  3. Techniques to align your body and mind
  4. New ways to improve your confidence

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Your Instructor

Chen Lizra

Somatic Intelligence Coach

Chen Lizra, a Somatic Intelligence Coach, teaches how to embody divine feminine energy. Using transformative techniques and ancient wisdom, she empowers people to reach their fullest potential and helps them realign with their truest selves.

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Lessons and Classes

Total length:
90-180 min
  1. 1. Welcome to Sensual Seduction
  2. 2. Attunement
  3. 3. Elegance
  4. 4. How to Embody Elegance
  5. 5. Intention
  6. 6. How to Embody Intention
  7. 7. Tempo
  8. 8. How to Embody Tempo
  9. 9. Sabrosura
  10. 10. How to Embody Sabrosura
  11. 11. Mystery
  12. 12. How to Embody Mystery
  13. 13. Closing Words

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My name is Chen Lizra, and I'm the founder and the creator of The Five Elements of Somatic Intelligence Method. My method allows you to come back home to your true self and your body through body work in an embodied authentic way. If you are a woman wishing to embody your femininity, you are in the right place. My dream has been for a very long time for women like yourself to have access to this kind of program. To pass on you this wisdom that I've been collecting over a few decades from around the world, from wise people and cultures. Wisdom that's getting lost in the world today. As we see an increase in trauma everywhere, personal, family, and collective, disembodied wisdom is not common sense anymore. It's slipping further away from us. It's getting buried under a lot of layers. So, I'm thrilled you're taking this beautiful embodied program. So, let me explain to you a bit about the process. The embodiment and how we come across are extremely important. What we want is to align the somatic, the body, with the cognitive, the mind. I see a lot of women, for example, that say, I wanna lead, but the body is disembodied, and their word and energy don't align, versus someone who says, I want to lead. You can feel a difference right now, right? I can also say, I want to lead. This is a complete different embodied quality. It's more seductive. We can learn to control these somatic elements and activate each one as needed. This embodied wisdom allows us to come back home to ourselves and to our bodies, our primary home, where we learn to love, trust, and act in the most profound way, so that we can live to our fullest potential and show up as our authentic and gorgeous true self. Each lesson is going to focus on one of the somatic elements, elegance, intention, tempo, sabrosura, and mystery. I'll explain in each lesson why they're important and show you how to embody them. Each somatic element is linked to an important benefit. Elegance impacts your self-confidence, self-worth and presence. Intention impacts your drive and why you do what you do. Your ability to go after what you want. Elegance is our being, while intention is our doing. Tempo impacts your sense of pleasure, vitality and joy. They sabrosura, our sensuality, impacts our sense of love, compassion and belonging. And mystery is where your playfulness, flirting, charm and seduction live. It impacts your ability to attract you both sexually, and attracting opportunities into your life. It's your magnetism. Together, all of these elements form our true nature. I recommend doing the lessons in in this exact order because they build on top of each other. I also invite you to do some journaling along the way so you can capture your beautiful insights as they come up. And that's because we tend to forget over time, our aha moments. We each have a different personality, and because of this you'll meet each element differently based on your personality. Don't let this stop you if something doesn't feel comfortable. Just because something doesn't feel authentic right away doesn't mean that it isn't right for you. I invite you to dare go where you haven't gone before and to explore parts of yourself that you haven't experienced before. If something feels like it's not who you are, don't reject it right away. Growth requires leaving your comfort zone and trying new and unfamiliar things. Try it on for a month and see how it feels for you. If it lands authentically, accept it. If it doesn't, reject it. When we don't know parts of ourselves, at first they might seem foreign to us and even feel fake. But with time, they might just land perfectly and authentically and open us up to new and incredible opportunities. I'm so excited for you to learn this wisdom by taking this beautiful embodied program. So let's get started. - We are going to start with an attunement exercise to get present to our feelings, sensations, present in the body before we're gonna start doing all the work so we come back very profoundly to ourselves and to our body. So I invite you to set up your space for meditation in a way that feels comfortable for you. Sit in a position that works for you. Get your body upright best you can and completely center yourself before you get started. We're gonna do this with eyes closed. So take a big breath in through the nose very slowly, (instructor inhaling) and out through the mouth. (instructor exhaling) You're bringing down the energy to the base to ground our thoughts. Another breath in, (inhales) and out. (exhales) In final one, (inhales) and out. (exhales) We're now going to pay attention to the sensations in the body. (soothing ambient music) Pay attention to what you're sensing in your body. (soothing ambient music) Are you feeling heat, cold, tingling, pain, expansion, contraction? Just pay attention. (soothing ambient music) Don't make it mean anything, just pay attention to the sensations, and as you do, notice if you're feeling the sensations in one specific place in the body, or in different places, or is it moving from one place to the other? Just pay attention. (soothing ambient music) We're gonna take another breath in, (inhales) and out. (exhales) (soothing ambient music) And this time, we're gonna pay attention to our feelings and notice if you're feeling sadness, pain, anger, shame, numbness, calmness, joy. (soothing ambient music) Just pay attention to what is arising in you. (soothing ambient music) Don't tag it as negative or positive. (soothing ambient music) Just allow your emotions to move through you. (soothing ambient music) And notice if the feelings are coming up in one place, they're shifting from one emotion to the other, just pay attention. (soothing ambient music) We're going to take another breath in, (inhales) and then out. (exhales) (soothing ambient music) And this time, we're gonna pay attention to our mind. We're gonna try and separate ourselves and watch it from the outside, the thoughts, without being sucked into them. (soothing ambient music) And notice the quantity of thoughts that you have, the speed, the intensity. (soothing ambient music) Try not to get sucked into them and just to observe them and watch them like a movie from the outside. (soothing ambient music) As you do that, notice the difference in speed between the body and the mind, how we have to slow down to really feel and sense while the mind runs so fast. (soothing ambient music) We're gonna take another breath, (inhales) and then out. (exhales) And I invite you to pay attention to the sounds around you. Are there any sounds in the room that you're in and outside the room? Whether you're in an apartment, a house, what can you hear around you? (soothing ambient music) And just pay attention, get present. (soothing ambient music) While you're being present, what goes on around you, what you're hearing, also feel the energy. Feel the energy with me right now, feel the energy in the room. (soothing ambient music) And if you can, expand to the energy in your building or house or even in the neighborhood, see if you can feel that. (soothing ambient music) And let's add one more thing to this. As I'm paying attention to the energy and to the sounds around me, I'm gonna notice what I'm feeling and sensing inside my body so that I'm 100% outside present and I'm 100% inside present. (soothing ambient music) And just notice if you could do that, (soothing ambient music) there is this spaciousness that opens up when you're doing that. (soothing ambient music) In a minute, we're gonna open our eyes and come back to the now. But before we do that, really pay attention to what goes on inside and outside and try to sustain this 100% present inside and 100% present outside at the same time while you open your eyes. (soothing ambient music) In your own pace, in your own time, when you feel ready, I invite you to come back very gently and softly to the now. (soothing ambient music) (instructor exhaling) (soothing ambient music) - Elegance embodied is the possession of ourselves. It's the quietness of being ourselves, our sense of boundary and protection, and also our mindfulness and stillness. It is our being, our receptive energy, which is considered feminine energy. In the busy life of today, we get stressed out and overwhelmed. We're running so fast that we lose the present moment. We see this in the body when it locks up and stiffens up. The jaw locks up. The muscles tense. We suddenly hold our breath and forget to breathe. We don't even notice it. (inhales and exhales). We sit all the time in front of computers typing and reading. As we sit like this, the chest drops in and we curve in. We don't even think of the impact that this has on our presence, confidence, and connection to others. It actually changes the chemistry in our bodies, changing our behavior and our results. In this lesson, I want to show you how to breathe differently, how to connect your breathing to your movements, how to hold a power pose in your body that can change your confidence level in just two minutes and teach you how to use pride as an emotional anchor that can give you more resilience and confidence. Connecting your breathing to your movements will get you back in alignment with your core and back into flow. Holding a power pose, the posture of elegance, if done right, will shift your confidence level completely. It will impact how you show up in the world, and how others perceive you. That's huge. As you'll be doing the exercises, you might find that your muscles are too weak to hold the posture as first. Like going to the gym, creating a habit takes repetition and patience with resistance to see powerful results. So based on your body's ability, you'll need to decide how much work to put into it. What I can say, is that the more you practice, the better you get in embodying and living this wisdom. What is also important to know, is that your self worth will meet the embodiment of the elegance, and anything that is incomplete will come to the surface and will need to be met. One of two things can happen. If you're in a really great place in your life, you will feel wonderful, and you you'll be able to take this wisdom to the next level. If you have an issue with self worth, you might feel a conflict between what's holding you back, your limiting beliefs, your fears, and a powerful shift of your embodiment to elegance. If this happens, what I recommend doing, is holding your posture strong and not letting go no matter what you're feeling. Just let your body work through it. Process it. Keep breathing to help your emotions move through you, and to help calm down your nervous system. If you are a powerful female change maker guiding others and nothing is jumping at you, I invite you to use this beautiful opportunity to not just learn more about yourself, but to embody this wisdom fully and then use it to elevate the women around you paying it forward. We're going to do all of this in this lesson and more. So are you ready to get started? - To get started, we need the breathing and to learn how to connect it to our movements. It is the foundation. So, let's get started. Alright, we're going to take a big breath in. (deep inhales) All the way, all the way, all the way, full, full, full, and then we're going to do some toning. Haaaaa! Notice that I'm bouncing from the knees and I'm really letting go of all that is in my body. All that is held. We're going to take another breath. (deep inhales) And then again, ahhhhh. And at the end a sigh. (sighing) One last one, we're going to take a big breath (deep inhales) and toning, ahhhhh. (deeply exhales) Okay, now that we let go a bit, we're going to go into pleasure. We want that for the feminine divine so I'm going to take a breath in, a softer breath in, all the way to full. (deep inhales) And this time, I'm going into pleasure. Ahhhhh. Notice I'm letting go of my head, the arms, I'm moving a bit with my body. It's almost like curling into someone's arms and kind of mm yummy. Yeah, so we're taking a breath in (deep inhales) and surrender ahhhhh. And allow yourself to make the noise, really Let go. Yeah, one last time (deep inhales). Ahhhhh mmm. All right, now we're going to take a breath in, in a count of four. You don't need to move your arm. I'm just going to signal for you the speed. And then we're going to take it out in four very soft breathing. We're coming in soft and we're letting go soft. So I'm breathing in (deep inhales) and releasing really soft. (ahhhhh) We're going to do that again (deep inhales). Release really tender, ahhhhh. One last time (deep inhales) and soft, ahhhhh. Really notice the softness and how I'm letting that come in into the feminine, divine energy. Okay, so I'm going to demonstrate something from the side when we're breathing, we want to make sure that we're breathing in a circular motion backward so that the energy is coming from out and then lending in. When we are overwhelmed or if we're stressed, we tend to leave ourselves. (deep inhales) It's kind of an energy like chasing something. We want the opposite energy. We want the energy when we're breathing to come in (deep inhales) and then softly come down, ahhhhh. Come in (deep inhales). And then softly come down (soft exhales). One more (deep inhales) and down (soft exhales). This should really ground you right now. When we move the energy to that base area, we feel very grounded and a trust in life. When the energy is shot up, we feel anxiety and stress. So we're connecting this also to this very centered feeling in our bodies. Now, the final thing I want to add right now is bringing the energy to the base in order to do that we're going to use a sound that's very base, ahhhhh. When we're shooting up it's, ahhhhh. When we come down it's ahhhhh, and that echos if we do it right in harmony. In the nervous system this humming calms down one, our nerves, and second also brings us into our center, really lending into a place where we feel whole and connected. So we're going to take a breath in (deep inhales) and then we're going to make the sound, ahhhhh, and you should be feeling the energy moving around so that it moves with your spine all the way down. We breathe again (deep inhales) and make the sound, ahhhhh. You notice that this time I closed my eyes on purpose to kind of find that harmony place for me. So it echoes and hums, and then I'm going to do that one more time (deep inhales). Ahhhhh. And now I'm going to do the exact same thing but without making the sound loud. I'm just going to make that feel like great, that feeling in the body So I'm going to breathe in (deep inhales). (soft exhales) So it's soft, but I'm doing the exact same thing. And again (deep inhales) ahhhhh. And now I'm going to add the femininity into that pleasure. So I'm going to go (deep inhales). Ahhhhh. So I'm going to make that with sound. I stopped moving the hand because you already know what we're doing. I'm taking breath in (inhales) and then it's like I'm going, haaaaa! So I did a little bit of that pleasure and then the haaaaa coming down. I'm going to do it one more time with the sound. I'm going, breathing in (deep inhales) and then haaaaa it comes down. Notice them always breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, in these exercises. So now I'm going to do it exactly without moving and signaling and making this sound, just doing it. So I'm breathing in (deep inhales) ahhhhh. (deep inhales) Ahhhhh. (deep inhales) Mmmmmm. And I can even do that without sound at all. Next we'll connect the breathing to the body. This will get us into better alignment in our alignment. Here's what we're going to do. I'm going to demonstrate this first from this side because there's really important details. So, we're going to bend the knees in. We're going to tuck into hips like, boom in we're going to suck the stomach in and we're going to drop the chest. You want this to be totally curved. And then we're going to look 45 degrees. Don't look far, don't look down right here, look 45 degrees. What is really important with this position is that you have to be in your center. You're not doing this you're not doing this right? Right in the center. I'm curving all of this in. So now I'm going to use the floor to get that feeling. So I'm pulling from the center up, up, up, up, up and you see how I'm still in my center. So my chest is curled in my stomach is curled in. My hips are curled in. My knees are bent and then I can come down again. So we can use that exercise to kind of learn where that is. And then we're going to do that standing up again. So we are right here in the center, everything is tucked in and now I'm going to straighten the legs plus the hips come back to a natural state. I'm going to come up to the stomach. Then the chest opens up and the last one, the head and then I'm going to basically bend the knees and tuck the hips in. I'm going to bring the stomach in. Then the chest noticed that I let the head kind of that sensuality kind of surrender. And then as the end, bring it to 45. So I'm going one, two, three and four. And then one, two, three and four. (gentle music) (gentle music) (gentle music) (gentle music) (gentle music) Adding to this, we want to make sure that we bring in the breathing. So you remember how we were breathing before (deep inhales) in four and then out in four, ahhhhh you're breathing in really soft. So I'm going to do the same thing with the breathing. So I'm starting down (soft inhale) and I'm going and then breathing out, ahhhhh (gentle music) (soft inhale) (gentle music) (gentle music) (gentle music) (gentle music) (gentle music) (gentle music) And the final time that we're going to do this we're going to do it in a faster count. So one thing to watch out when we do it faster is the breathing. We don't want to hyperventilate. So if I'm breathing, for example I'm going now one and two and one and two. First of all, I'm still doing the one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four. I'm just counting it as a one and two to get up and one and two to get down. And that takes a bit of practice to do a lot of the first step before you can do it like that. The other thing, as I mentioned about the breathing, I don't want to go for example (sharp and fast inhales), haaaaa because I'm going to hyperventilate. so what we do is we breathe a little bit more shallow. So I'm breathing, haaaaa. (shallow inhales) haaaaa. A lot softer and a lot smaller, not taking so much in and out. And that allows me to move faster. So let me show you how I do it. So I go. (gentle music) (shallow inhales) (gentle music) (gentle music) (gentle music) (gentle music) (gentle music) (gentle music) This should get you feeling a lot more aligned before we move into how to add elegance to the body. - Now one little tip before we jump into how to add elegance in the body. When we use our body language, the way we come across to people is really important. So I want you to for a minute just do that with me, so you can get a sense of in your body, what that feels like. And we're gonna stand like this, where we're kind of tucking that in and kind of leaning more on my heel and the chest is dropped in and I'm kind of leaning back a little bit. And when you're looking at me, and also if you're doing it with me, kind of get a sense of what that communicates. What is it saying right now? What does that feel like in the body where you're doing it? I'm already feeling weak, right? So it feels like someone who's resigned, someone who's closed off, like stay away from me. Maybe shy, not a lot of confidence, right? And now if I add the elegance to the body, I'm gonna straighten up, I'm gonna move the weight a little forward, I'm gonna open up. What does this communicate? What does it say? So, first of all, I'm feeling in my body a lot more power, feeling good, I'm feeling, let's go, right? So feeling in your body where that feels like and also knows what that communicates. That can be with arms closed. That can be with arms on the side but notice what that communicates, and this is why elegance is so important. So now how do we add elegance to the body? Elegance is a power pose that changes our chemistry in the body, which changes our behavior, and changes the results in our confidence level in just two minutes. So before we get started, I wanna invite you to check between one and 10, your confidence level, give it a number between one and 10. Great, so now how do we add it? The first thing that we're going to do is that we're gonna pull up every vertebra in the back so that we pull it up, up, up, up, making our back as long as it can be almost imagine like someone's pulling your head up, and every vertebra just stretches, stretches, stretches, so that you feel very, very long. We're also going to move the weight to the toes, instead of being on our heals. So we wanna make sure that we are on our toes forward, and we're leaning with, we got our hips right here, the hips are a little back, not too much, They're not back, they're not in, they're just a tiny little bit back, and we wanna make sure that the weight is forward, and that the back is leaning a little forward. The whole back forward. A lot of people, when you see them standing, you'll see them, for example, hips are coming in, the weight is on the heels, and they're dropping in. And we wanna make sure that we're up and that we're leaning in like this, exactly. So we're going to take the arms behind our back, we're going to stretch it back like this, getting both of the shoulder blades connected and holding it right here in the front, really high like this. After I find that place where I can hold it, from the shoulder blades, I'm letting go of the arms, letting them go. And I'm really holding it right here. And that takes a bit of practice because at the beginning, your muscles might not be strong enough depending what the level of work that you do with your body is. So now every vertebra is pulled up, up, up, up, up, up, up. The chest is open. I'm holding right here, you can even take your thumb and kind of bounce right here, right below the rib cage right here, and then kind of bounce so that you can feel yourself holding this. Adding to this, some breathing. So we don't wanna breathe down an up. We wanna breathe sideways, we wanna expand to here. So I keep my elegaince, and then breathe in. I'm gonna do it from the side so you can see it as well. I'm gonna breathe in and out. Breathe in, and out. So I'm holding every vertebra up, I'm making my back really long. I'm making sure that nothing is tense here and that it's all kind of sliding very gently down. I'm on my toes forward, my shoulder blades are held, I'm kind of holding it in. My stomach is in, I'm not... Yeah, I'm right here, setting up. And then the final thing you wanna make sure is that your head is not stuck. So when people start to learn how to hold this, they start to go, okay, I'm holding it. But everything is really tight. But my head has nothing to do with holding elegance in my body. My head can move freely while I'm holding all of this elegance here. And the next thing is that I wanna walk around. So an exercise that I love doing with clients is as you walk around you're gonna walk and you're gonna bounce here and you're gonna count one. Two. Three. Four. Five. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. And you can even take more space and walk further away. What is really important to notice, the reason you're counting out loud is to make sure you're breathing 'cause you don't wanna go, and hold it so tied that you're not breathing. And when we're walking, I wanna look where I'm turning, so that forces me to move the head, so it's a great exercise. Is that as I'm doing this, I'm making sure that I'm holding it. And if you have a hard time, you can even pull the arms out and walk like this at the beginning, to get a sense of what it's like to hold your center, move around, hold the elegance till you get used to doing it without holding it. Now notice what this does to your presence, to your confidence, and also to your sense of protection. And let's do a little quick check in the middle here, if done right, this should have already impacted your confidence. So between one and 10, check your confidence level again. We can also add elegance to sitting. So a lot of people, when they sit, and you'll see it constantly, they sit and they lean back. You see it in restaurants, you see it in offices, you're sitting like this, you're leaning back, and a lot of times sitting in front of computers and kind of typing in and the chest drops. And this, as I explained before, impacts our conference level because it changes how we feel, it changes the chemistry and the behavior. So to add elegance, as I'm sitting, what I'm doing is that I'm straightening myself up from the core and really holding myself from the muscles rather than leaning on a chair and counting on it, or moving myself if I had something to lean on, so that I'm really tucking this in and making sure that the top is really supporting me in my elegance. So as I'm doing this, exactly as we did in the standing, I can take my two arms, in this case, I don't have a back so I can't show you exactly. And I pull back and I hold it from here. When I do this with clients, when we start practicing this, a lot of the times, what they complain about is that they say, man, that's a lot of work. Well at the beginning it's gonna be, because your muscles are not strong enough to hold it. For me, it's not effort anymore, the body is strong enough. And usually when I'm sitting and working, I'm actually sitting like this, really getting used to the fact that I'm holding myself, I'm making sure that the hips are not tucked in and they're not hyperextended out, I'm sitting right in my core, and then learning how to hold from the muscles. And then if I need to lean in for something, instead of going like this and using the back, I'm actually leaning from here, from my core, and getting it, that's also very feminine. It's kind of like ooh, yes, okay, yeah. So right up here. So we can embody elegance, both sitting and standing. So let's do a final check, check your confidence level between one and 10. Now, if you haven't had any change, that means that you're not doing it right or that something else is kicking in. And that's for a completely different lesson and course. Okay, but if you've done this right you'll see a shift coming in. The more you'll practice this posture, the more you will feel your boundaries, protection, strength and your confidence. If your confidence did not go up, and it was low to begin with, you're not doing this right. Posture is how we hold the body. Pride is what we used to tap into something deeper inside us. A lot of people confuse pride with arrogance. Pride is just a good feeling that we have about who we are, a value we hold, or something that we achieved in life. Arrogance is when we think that we are better than somebody else. So many people shut down pride in the body as a result of this confusion between the two. Pride is super important because when we embody it we connect to our emotional anchors, something to hold onto at times of uncertainty and turbulence. Pride gives me more presence and assurance in myself. The way to embody pride is to connect to something that I feel really proud of. For example, the method that I created and the difference that it's making in people's lives. I let myself feel it fully. I let it fill my chest. I let it express outwards, adding it to the posture of elegance. So the first one is just presence and the posture of elegance. (upbeat music) Now I'm gonna add pride. (upbeat music) Many people feel pride inside but fear expressing it on the outside. When we add it to the elegance, our confidence takes a whole other form. Pride really allows us to tap into something powerful inside us, that gives us a bigger than life presence, access to joy, and a deeper connection to others. - Intention embodied is our drive, it is our doing, our power going after what we truly want in life. Intention and elegance balance each other and give us our full power. So be sure to complete the elegance lesson before taking this one. When we want to achieve and go after our biggest dreams, we need to embody our fearlessness. Without a strong intention, we don't have the perseverance to stick with it through the highs and lows till we make it happen. Intention comes from in to out. It is our why, our meaning, why we do what we do. When we align our inner and outer worlds, we become like a powerful arrow towards what we want. We become unstoppable and we also become more sexy and attractive. Yet, intention is not just about power and intention can be to be softer, to wake up and show up softer in your life. Then holding softness and living it daily means remaining intentional. One of the hardest things for most people to do is to hold an intention over a long period of time. So being intentional isn't just about I want to achieve this. It's also about being able to hold this powerful intention with perseverance till you get there, even if it's really hard, which is where a lot of people give up too soon. Some people, when they try to become intentional, their energy becomes too aggressive. To balance this, we can add sabrosura, our sensuality to our intention. Without it, we lack warmth and we can come across as unapproachable. So take a look at this, if I'm adding a lot of intention and now there's no warmth, I might seem frightening or aggressive, but if into this intention and now add the warmth, now the same intention softens up. It's important to know that intention isn't just a decision held in your mind. It's also an embodiment held in your body. When you embody intention, it also changes how you feel when you go after what you want. You feel more powerful and with a higher drive. If you embody an intention of two out of 10, what are the chances you'll get what you want? To achieve what you want, you need to hold an intention in the body of at least eight out of 10. So let me show you how to embody intention and how to tap into your power and drive. Ready to get started? - Next, I want to show you how to add intention to the body. We've already learned how to embody elegance, now let's see how to add intention in a somatic embodied way. So to add intention, the first thing we have to remember is that we need to be on our toes forward with the weight. So instead of being on our heels, we wanna make sure that we're leaning forward, and not just leaning forward, but as I move the weight, I could be here and kind of still between the legs, but I'm really moving forward so that all of my weight is on the front leg. Then with that, I add the elegance to the body and it's like someone is pulling me from here forward. (tranquil ambient music) Now let's see how to add intention to walking. So as I walk, I'm gonna take one step forward. I'm gonna make sure that all the weight is on the front leg. I can actually release the back leg and I'm catching myself. I'm taking a step forward and I'm catching myself, step forward, catch, step forward, catch, step forward, catch, step forward, catch. What is really important is that as you do that, you don't wanna do it in a very soft way. What do I mean by that? Let me demonstrate it. I don't want to walk softly and stop, and softly, I wanna really embody this power, like an arrow towards something so that it's like someone pulls me and there's this force that comes out, (exhales sharply) and then I catch myself, and there is a force, almost like someone pushing me from behind, (exhales sharply) and I catch myself. This is really important because it creates this kind of a drive, it's like, you're going, (exhales sharply rhythmically) and this energy builds up inside you like this, hmm this fire inside. And this brings up drive, this power that you feel inside. So let me demonstrate again how we do it. (tranquil ambient music) If you've done this correctly, then you should be feeling a lot more power and drive. I also wanna emphasize, because this is really important, as you add intention, you have to also maintain your elegance. So if I'm just adding intention and there's no elegance, I'm gonna fall down. But if I've got a lot of intention and I'm pulling up at the same time, the elegance and the intention balance each other, our being and our doing, our quietness of being ourselves and then going after what we want. Now we're gonna pick up a little bit of speed. So before I walk slow, (tranquil ambient music) after I practice this a few times and once I feel more comfortable, that might be a few times, for some people that might be longer than that, I'm gonna walk it faster. Practicing, moving the weight to the front, with the elegance, with the intention. And ultimately what I really wanna do is to be able to just walk it without having to practice it slow, faster. (tranquil ambient music) So now I'm in my elegance, in my intention embodied, and I can just walk it, I can walk slow, I can walk fast. We've learned how to embody elegance and intention. We can use it while speaking or presenting while walking, we all walk, we want to bring this into our daily lives. Next, let's see how to bring this intention from in to out in a powerful way, expressing your desire somatically. We need it when we're going towards something that we really wish for. Take something that you really, really desire, we're working on bringing this from in to out. So this could be a promotion that you want. This could be something in love, this could be a vacation, whatever you want. And you wanna take something that you have a desire for you know, eight, nine, 10, not something like a two. So take something really strong for you. And then really feel it, like I'm, (exhales sharply) like I want it. Like really feeling and try to get to a tense so that you're going. (exhales sharply) (inhales sharply) Really pumping yourself up. So to have intention in the body and hold it just like with the elegance and the pride, there's the posture, there's the work with the body and then there's what comes from in to out. We have to also (tranquil ambient music) express this as a feeling from within, we have to connect to our why, so that, that drive comes out. So now as I'm gonna walk and I'm gonna exaggerate on purpose of the beginning, I'm gonna walk like, (exhales sharply) Like I want it, like, (inhales sharply) I desire it so much. Like. (exhales sharply) And really like, let yourself feel it. And now I'm gonna do the exact same thing, feeling it inside without the hand and all that. And then what I invite you to do is to kind of check in and check between one and 10, what intention was that? And let's be honest, like mine was about a six, seven right now. Right, so the same with you check, and then I'm gonna bring this, I'm gonna practice again and I'm gonna bring it higher, so I'm gonna now try and get to a higher number. So I'm gonna (tranquil ambient music) really focus on what it is that I want. Like for me, that was about an eight, nine, and I'm really telling myself I want this to happen, I want this to happen inside as I go into this. I'm gonna demonstrate one more time, and again, as we start with this, I'm taking the time and I'm really connecting inside with what it is that I want, and not just going back and forth. For me, that was a nine, 10 now. Yeah, so check in and see how much that was for you. When we're walking towards something, we want to make sure that we bring a high intention. Just think for yourself, if you are going into a meeting in your life, for example and you're going in with a meeting of two, two out of 10, what are the chances that you're gonna get what you want out of that meeting? Right, but if I'm going with a eight or a nine or a 10, what is that gonna give me? What kind of results am I gonna get? They send me home, they didn't say anything. Three days later, I get this message, "Congratulations. You're the first speaker that got chosen this year." I've never seen them choose that fast. It was a Saturday, can you send us in an hour a bio and a photo. Intention, nine months. 10 years I suffered suicidal thoughts, most people would've killed themselves, but there was only one option to find a way to stop it. Most people give up after like a month at most, three, a year, 10 years, you know. I wanna see your intention, I wanna see you go towards what you want and to fight for it. Not by becoming aggressive but like express it, express it like you're getting it. Like there's no other option that you left in your life because you're not gonna get to the finish line and go like, "Damn, I wasted my life and I wish I did that." - We don't realize how important our energy, enjoyment, and vitality are to everything that we do. When we deplete, when we are empty, we have nothing to give. In the collective field, there's a flow of energy when there's no trauma. There is a sharing happening. We give energy and we receive it back, or we receive it and give it back. Cubans, when they see people in their city, you know, someone walking around, feeling down, they bring them up emotionally because they're so connected as a collective that they don't want the collective field to get contaminated. That's a cycle of sharing that charges us with this beautiful, beautiful energy. We are connected to everything around us, even when we don't really notice it. Our energy and the energy of others affects one another. When we are happy, we smile to the world. We feel like, woo hoo! We want to share this goodness when we feel good. We suddenly help an old lady cross the street, and the world smiles back at us. And it all starts with feeling good about ourselves first. In our face to face retreats, I always lose control of the instructors in the enjoyment class. As soon as they start to feel the joy, they can't help themselves, and they burst into play and dance. It's contagious. In our body, there is a tumbao, a little spring. (Fingers snapping) The tumbao is our inner rhythm of joy and self expression in the body. A tumbao could be slow. (fingers snapping) Or it could be fast. (fingers snapping) Every part of your body has a tumbao. When every part is connected to tumbao, we are releasing endorphins in the body, getting to a natural high. We feel good about ourselves. When we're adding a tumbao, we're gonna, first of all, move the knees up. So we just learn very slowly just to go up. So to emphasize this, the differences between, I'm going down. So I'm hitting it with the music on the down versus up, so it's going up. I'm straightening the legs. So I'm coming up. (upbeat music) After I get used to it, doing it for a while. I'm gonna speed it up. So I'm gonna go (rythmically) up, up, up, up. First of all, just technical. So I just wanna make sure that I'm getting that groove in and I figure out technically what I'm doing. We should get a good rhythm of this, moving from the slow to the fast. Then I'm gonna give myself permission, and the permission: I really wanna get to that point where I'm expressing myself my way and having fun with it, letting go, right? So I'm kind of going into that rhythm and now I'm gonna... (upbeat music) Don't forget to breathe. And I'm constantly in that bounce with that tumbao, that little spring. (exhales) Big breath is right. You should be feeling really good right now. Now, here's the cool thing. We can learn how to add this tumbao into our walking. In essence, replenish all the time, as we're walking. Everybody walks all the time. Nowadays, when we're walking, we're so driven towards what we want, that the body doesn't work and we're walking really fast and stiff, like, okay I need to get there and do that. But if I can learn how to add tumbao, I can have some enjoyment as I walk. I'm actually right now releasing endorphins in the body. I'm already feeling high. (laughs) Every part of our body has a tumbao. My upper body, as I move, has a tumbao. My hips, as I walk, if I wanted to, I could move with a tumbao in the hips, and later on, learn how to do that in eight figure. Every part of our body used to have a tumbao and we can connect back to the tumbao, so let's learn how to add tumbao. So first of all, just remembering, we had the... bounce, the spring, take a little bounce. The other thing we've already learned is how to walk with intention. So I'm moving to my front leg forward, and this is really important in order to add the tumbao. Again, just repeating it for you. Now, how do we add the tumbao? I'm gonna take a step with intention, and then I'm gonna bend a little. I'm gonna step with intention, and I'm gonna bend a little. I'm gonna step with intention, and I'm gonna bend a little. Step, bend. Step, bend. A couple of tips that are really important: The first one is, as you take this step it's really important that you already be with the weight fully forward. Like this foot, I could release it if I wanted to. if I'm in the middle and I'm trying to do it right in the middle, it's not gonna work. The other thing that's really important, is you're taking the step and then you're bending. Don't go low. And then you're going, step low. Step, low. 'Cause you're not gonna be able to walk it. It's too big of a band. So we wanna make sure that we do step, small bend. Step, all the foot, all the weight is on the front, step, step, and then bend. The other thing is don't lose your elegance. Sometimes when people start doing that, they go step, and then bend, and you're bending also from the chest. I'm keeping my elegance here. It's this. So another good way to practice this, is to take a step, and then get used to having that balance. Step, and then step, step. (Rhythmic, upbeat music) Okay, so we did it slow. Let's do it a little bit faster. You have to basically practice this, over and over and over until you feel comfortable doing it slow. Then you can move to the fast. If you try to move too fast and you don't have enough control and you don't control in the body, the elegance; the intention, is gonna fall apart. So be sure to take the time put a good song that you're enjoying and repeat it again and again and again. Once you feel comfortable with it, move to a faster speed. (Rhythmic, upbeat music) And now let me show you what it looks like when we walk once we could get to even a faster speed. So again, this is still steps towards it. So I'm just gonna start with just getting that groove. (Upbeat music) And I don't know about you, but if you've been doing this lesson with me, I am feeling high! I'm feeling good. What is important to understand is that enjoyment is a permission we give ourselves to take pleasure. For women, that's harder to do. I have to give myself permission to feel this good and to take, will give yourself the permission. - Tempo embodied is super important. It's the enjoyment that generates energy and vitality force and prevents us from getting depleted. It's part of the balancing force to our doing and achieving. It's the antidote to stress, depression, and overwhelm. It is our joy of life and pleasure embodied in most delicious of ways. It is our taste of the life. Life cannot be just about getting to the end goal. It's about the journey itself and how pleasurable this journey is. It's about the simplest of things that make us happy and adding unique flavor to our lives. It's the richness that you wake up to each day, being grateful for what you have. Life is running way too fast these days. Everything is instant, all about immediate gratification. We think too much and we don't feel enough. We get into I'll finish this and this and this, and then I'll relax. But by the time we get there, we get addicted to the pace of doing. We forget how to surrender to pleasure. How to feel joy. How to enjoy cloud watching. We lose that spark of life inside us. That's where we have to learn how to tap back into our inner rhythm of self-expression, the very rhythm inside our bodies that releases endorphins and leads to a natural high. Our bodies are incredibly smart systems. When we know how to tap into the resources inside them, we can replenish our energy within less than five minutes. We can go from energy two out of 10, to 15 out of 10. And I'm, I'm not kidding. I do this with clients all the time. And not only that, but who doesn't like to be around joyful people? It's contagious, isn't it? So, ready to learn how? - Sabrosura embodied is our feminine, divine energy. It is our magical sensuality embodied. It connects us to feelings of self-love, bonding, and feeling uniquely gorgeous. It is our mesmerizing force inside of us that makes us feel Goddess-like. The sabrosura also has healing powers. It is typically passed down to us by our mothers and grandmothers if they were embodied in their feminine divine in a healthy way. It's passed through affection, love, kisses, and touch. When you don't love your body the way it is, with all of its flaws, you lose connection to the magical sabrosura. If I move my hand or any part of my body, and I look at it like it's the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen in my life, then it moves like this. (gentle music) But if I think now and look at my fingers and I think, "These ugly fat sausages. I hate these fingers," then you can see how it impacts how I move and feel about myself. When we don't fully love ourselves with all of our flaws, no matter what body type or shape we might have, we don't get to experience the magical sabrosura, because the sabrosura sits on physical self-love. Did you know that according to a study, only 4% of women worldwide today consider themselves beautiful? What about the other 96%? That's a massive distortion. It should be the other way around. And how does it impact our self-confidence, our ability to go after what we want, and our ability to love in intimate relationships? A lot of women today in the world have shifted from male energy, instead of living from their feminine divine energy, but it's uncomfortable and unnatural to us. It gets us exhausted. Some women even end up in a divorce as a result, with their men saying that they don't desire them anymore, that they have not seen the sensual woman that they once married. So I'm here to remind you of your beautiful, feminine, sensual energy, and to bring you back home to yourself and to your body, as a woman. You can operate from a whole other place, that feels powerful, yet soft, full of joy and vitality. For this lesson, you will need a few things. The breathing from lesson one, without it you won't be able to truly soften into the sensations of the sabrosura. When I breathe soft, (breath inhaling gently) (breath sighing) the movement is connected to my breathing. If I'm stiff and I'm holding my breath, it just doesn't work the same way. (breath exhaling gently) You will also need your elegance and intention embodied. To be able to open up, you need to feel a sense of protection coming from the first two somatic elements, a little bit almost like a case that you're inside. To access the sabrosura means getting into a more vulnerable and softer state. It requires opening up your heart and loving yourself. It means letting whatever emotion needs to be processed surface and release from the body. It's a deep journey of meeting yourself. So I invite you to experience for yourself the magical sabrosura. Ready to get started? - Sabrosura is the most mesmerizing of the elements. Every part of our body has sabrosura. My upper body has sabrosura. My hips have sabrosura. My knees have sabrosura. They don't lock up aggressively. They move softly. In this lesson, we're going to learn how to add sabrosura to different parts of the body. Let's start with arms and hand motion together with our breathing. Starting with our arm motion, I'm gonna bring up the arms, and then I'm gonna bring them down really softly and very sensual. And I'm gonna teach you in a minute how to do it, but just first so that we understand where we're going with this. And up, and down. So, first of all, we're gonna work a little bit on the elbows, and you can use a stool. You can put the hands on the wall, for example. That's also possible. I'm holding onto something, and I'm just moving my elbows out and then in, and then I'm gonna even open a little wider so it's comfortable for me, and just learning to very softly move my elbows rather than go fast and harsh, moving very soft. I'm gonna breathe with it and then down. So that's the first thing. I wanna be able to move just my elbows without my hands flipping. Just a little bit of elbow motion. I'm gonna bring my arms up on the count of four. One, two, three, four. And then I'm gonna bring them down two, three, four. Now, notice that as I'm going up, my elbows are coming out just a little bit. They're actually leading the way. I'm keeping the hands very soft and the fingers soft. And as I get to the top, they come in a little bit, that little motion, and then I come down. I'm keeping my elegance and intention. I'm not standing and doing these exercises here, yeah. Setting right here in my elegance and intention, the way this forward. And I'm coming up, and down. Make sure to not snap the hands out of stress and pressure. Coming down softly, almost like feeling like I'm giving my hand to someone as I'm coming down. And what helps really a lot is when you imagine that you're moving inside of water, right? So if we are moving in water, there's a bit of a resistance. As I'm coming down, everything's very soft, no tension, and I'm moving in water down. Going up. Now, what you're not noticing that I'm doing that's really important here is that I'm breathing. So if you remember, we had the breathing where we breathe and then we let the air out. (instructor exhaling) It's kind of like a little surrender, that pleasure that we did at the beginning of the course. So as I'm gonna come up to the top, I'm gonna accentuate for you to see how I'm doing it. I'm going (exhaling). Surrendering into that. It's usually more internal, but as we start to practice, we want to learn how to do it together with the movement and the breathing. So I'm going (exhaling). Really kind of mm. So now I'm going to accentuate the breath with it so you can really get a sense of how I do it as I go into pleasure. So I'm gonna go up. (Instructor inhales) And now I'm gonna go into pleasure. (Instructor exhales) And one more time going up, I'm keeping the elegance and the intention in the body. And then with a soft, tender breath. (Instructor exhales). And notice that as I do that, it's like my arms are breathing with me. So if I was to do the same thing and I was to release the breath (exhales) and the arms are connected, we become more aggressive, right? So this allows me to tap into more feminine, divine feeling. So I'm going up (inhales). And then (exhales). Now, normally, it's more internal, so let's do that together. Let's do it more internal. I'm going up. And I can feel the pleasure in the body as I do that. So I go up. And I'm doing the exact same kind of release and surrender, just more internal inside. And it's really important to understand that the sabrosura doesn't have to be slow. Like, I can go really fast and even faster, but I can move fast and be this soft. But when we start to learn the sabrosura and we don't know yet how to access it or tap into it or to reconnect with it, we need to first start slow so that it gives us time to connect and feel that emotional connection to it. Once we get better at it, we can speed it up. So I highly recommend you start with these exercises, really slow, connecting your breath, finding that pleasure, that softness, the femininity inside you. For some of you, tapping into the sabrosura will be easy. Some of you will get flooded emotionally or feel stiff. This is your body signaling that something needs processing and releasing. The sabrosura is connected to motherly love, the feminine divine energy embodied. If you were deprived of it, or the feminine divine was wounded in your family, you might feel a lot of grief or anger. If this happens, breathe into it and allow as much as you can to be released. If your arms or hands feel hard, this stiffness is not really in them but in your heart. You're protecting and kind of shrinking from feeling what is this healing softness brings to the surface. As we soften, what comes to the surface is what we have repressed emotionally. If this is flowing for you beautifully, dare go into pleasure, your own pleasure. I'll show you in a minute how to take it to the next level. So let me give you a few important tips. Remember to keep holding your elegance and intention as you're doing these exercises. This will teach you how to connect with your full power while still being soft and feminine. I'm not just becoming soft with a whole body, but I'm actually holding my elegance and intention and then connecting to the energy of the sabrosura. Now let's learn how to add sabrosura to our hands. So first we're just gonna work with the wrist. The wrist motion going up and down, just the wrist, is very much linked to the breathing. So like I explained to you before, I wanna breathe in and then release really soft and tender. Yeah, so that transitions, I'm transitioning here really soft, and in the same in the down really, soft up. Rather than snapping it, I'm going really soft. That's the first thing, just the wrist. And I'm breathing (exhales). Again, like I said before, it can be very internal. It doesn't need to be so big on the outside. Now, to this motion, and again, like I mentioned before, if you're having a hard time and it's too stiff, it doesn't have to do with the hands. It has to do with opening up your heart and processing. So now I'm gonna take my fingers, and I'm gonna learn how to roll them. So I'm gonna start by rolling this in, curving it in, and then coming out knuckle, knuckle, knuckle. And then again, bring it down, and then rolling. And make sure you don't go boom, right. Coming out slow. You can do it with both hands. Just learning to soften my fingers and making sure that I'm still breathing. And now, at the end, I'm gonna curve it a little bit down. So I'm using it also this, and I'm creating a little bit of curvature like this, so as I'm going down. And then I'm also using this motion. Just that motion. And I don't have to roll all the way in. So I'm taking out the air and then breathing in and out. And down is when we do styling of fingers of how we hold them. So for example, I use a lot the three, one. So it's three fingers together and then one that comes up a little bit higher, but not like stiff, right, like just very gently. So you'll notice that, if you do this, becomes very feminine. It's not the same as doing this, right, because that extra bit of that pinky coming out is really beautiful touch. We just have to make sure that the fingers are very soft and not stiff, that we're soft. And again, the breath can really help. And then I can add a little bit more of the forearm with the motion of the wrist coming down, keeping my elegance and intention and with the breath. Really, (exhales), yeah, finding that pleasurable place, that soft, feminine divine. I'm still holding all the power in my body. So as we get used to moving in more feminine ways, we can start to use that in day to day action. So normally when we're taking things nowadays, we pick up something. We take it, right? But if I'm using it in a feminine way, I can just pick it up, right? So that becomes this. So it might be something that I'm kind of going, like, I need this, and then I can connect to my sabrosura at any time picking up a bag, a pen, if I want to. It doesn't mean that you have to move like this all the time for morning till night, but it's like, you can choose where you wanna add it, and it feels really nice when I'm a able to use that and things that I do and just connect with that for a moment for myself and and feel it. It's very mesmerizing when we use hands with sabrosura. And you might be looking at my hands and going, you have something extra that I don't have, and I don't know what that is, but I'm not getting the same kind of place that you are getting. I'll give you two tips. The first one is how we look at every part of our body. For us to embody the sabrosura, we have to look at each part like it is the most gorgeous that you've ever seen. When I'm looking at my hand, I'm going, ooh, this hand, it's so beautiful, and then it moves like this. So instead of judging what you don't like, like the flaws, which is what women do these days, we already talked about the fact that only 4% of women worldwide today consider themselves beautiful, look at yourself and love what you see. Learn to love what you have. Then the sabrosura comes out in a whole other way. The second tip that I'm going to give you is the best way to learn how to connect with the sabrosura and the energy of the feminine divine is through touch. So we can do this exercise by ourselves, or we can do it with someone, and I'm gonna take one hand, and I'm gonna take the other one, and we can practice it one and then the other. And I'm just gonna use the touch by putting my hand completely on the skin and then moving down. And then when I get to the end, I'm gonna flip, and I'm gonna use the back of the hand. And I'm gonna breathe with it. So as I come down, I take out the air (exhales). And then as I go up, I take air, and then down. And here's, what's really, really, really important. As I touch, if I'm touching let's say another person, I wanna make sure that I'm focusing on my own pleasure. It's about me getting to the point where I feel goosebumps. I'm not thinking of giving something to somebody else. I'm thinking about the taking, and I'm looking for a way to touch that would be so delicate and so good that it's like I feel the butterflies in my stomach right now as I do this. And breathe out. And it's gonna take some focus at the beginning, really focusing on self-pleasuring. Gonna remind you that you can do one side and then switch between arms. If you're doing it with yourself, then first the right on the left and the left on the right. If you're doing it with another person, which is really good, especially if you wanna warm up a relationship, then you do it with your right hand on their left arm and then the other way around. At the beginning, it really takes focusing, and we're thinking too much and not feeling enough these days. So it takes really focusing to not do this and then think I need to go through this and this, and then suddenly if you're touching someone, they're like, oh, that doesn't feel good 'cause you're not present. So you really wanna put a hundred percent of your present into the touch. And what this does when we practice the caricias, the caresses, is that, as I move afterwards, I can really tap into that feeling when I touched, and then I move like I'm touching someone. And I remember what that was also here when I moved here. So then the touch becomes a whole other meaning. We're giving it depth to the story And the breath. And really allow yourself to imagine whatever you want here so that this delicate touch, what are you touching here, that becomes all the way to the fingertips. And touch is also very healing. - Now let's add Sabrosura to another part of our body, the hips. So I'm gonna start like this and I'm bending the knee and then I'm straightening both legs and I'm bending the knee and I'm straighten both legs. Don't switch between knees. It's not what we're doing. I'm going straight, bend, remember we talked before about doing that with Sabrosura, I'm not snapping, so I'm going that soft, bend, straight, bend, straight, my hips are moving. I'm holding my elegance and intention. And notice also the sensuality. So I'm really feeling that I can also move the hands in the beginning to kind of get that feeling, the same as when I'm touching, I'm looking for that beautiful touch of a goosebumps that adds a little bit to it. Into straight, bend, straight. And later on, I can also do it faster, so I could go. This takes a little bit more practice so make sure that you don't start switching and you have that middle line and also to remain in that softness. So be sure to start and do quite a lot of repetition at the beginning. Slow. This will build up your muscle controls and strengthen your ability to both feel and control what you're doing technically. Now let's take a look at how to add that to the walk. So I really have to keep my intention and elegance strong. I'm taking a step. And remember both legs are straight and then I'm bending. I'm keeping the elegance here, I'm not falling with a whole body. It's just this. We kind of practice a little bit something similar. It was more of the (indistinct) before but now we're using the knee. So I'm gonna take a step forward and bend. Keeping my elegance and intention. Make sure that your hips don't come in. It's not gonna work if the hips come in, they have to remain back the whole time. (tranquil ambient music) Okay, so I'm going step, and then relax. Intention and elegance and then Sabrosura, intention and elegance, Sabrosura. Really make sure that you feel this part when you are letting go, you feel that sensuality, you're keeping your knees with a lot of Sabrosura. And as you get better at it ultimately, you can do that much faster and still retain the same qualities that I've talked about. But it takes some repetition. Now let's add Sabrosura to our upper body. So again, I'm gonna stand with elegance and intention, and then I'm gonna move side, center, side, center. Some of you might not have even that basic control, if so, put your hands and then help yourself push and build that basic ability to control this. And I'm gonna take into consideration as if you already got that, and we're gonna start from there so that we really take it to the next level. So I'm starting with side, center. (tranquil ambient music) Make sure to keep breathing. And you wanna make sure that this is very soft, so I'm not going, boom and then center and then boom, right, which is too aggressive. I'm doing very softly. And another thing to learn how to control over time is that you don't move with the head. If you're moving with a head, you're not gonna get the same motion, that takes a bit of practice. If you're having a hard time, you can put hands on the wall and kind of use that to push a bit and hold your head. I'm gonna do it from the back for a second so you can see it as well. And once you get better at it, then you basically start to move side to side. And again, making sure that it's soft. I don't have an ending to it. I'm not getting stuck, right. I'm pulling up a lot of elegance and that makes the movement smaller, but also more feminine, essential and beautiful. I can also put my hands here, if that helps me, if I need that. if you have good control, do it on purpose with arms down and make sure this elegance is right here. Now let's learn how to add this body motion into our walk. So as we were standing, if you remember, we did the bend with the hips and then straight and then bend and then straight, and the same thing we had side, middle and side, middle, side, middle, side, middle. Now we're gonna combine them. So I'm bending, as I'm bending, my hips come out but I'm also moving my upper body to the side. And then I'm coming straight, both parts are in the center and then I'm going the other way around. I'm bending the other leg. The upper body is moving to the side and the hips are coming to the side and you can use the hands to kind of get that (tranquil ambient music) sensuality at the beginning. Remember with that touch, keep your elegance and intention really strong. That will add a lot more sensuality actually to what you're doing. If I'm doing it here, it's not the same as when I'm right here. And practice that for a while, making sure that the upper body and the lower body are working because everybody knows how to use their lower body, because as we walk, we typically move it. But not everybody knows how to move the upper body. For women to have a lot of elegance when I'm walking, it's the upper body that's moving that's really creating that unique feel to it, and what makes you feel and look really classy and even to like stop the lower body and I'll show you in a minute how in order to control more of the upper body. So make sure that you're using both. Don't forget to stop with both knees straight in the middle. Yeah, here you go. Now, when we wanna add that in and I'm gonna show you from the back because it's a lot easier to understand when we look from the back and we are doing it with a person, there's a lot going on here. So I'm taking a step forward and then my lower body and upper body are moving. I'm kind of sitting into that and the upper body goes the other way. I'm again, coming into my elegance and intention and then letting both parts sit into it. Step. Step. Some of you might struggle with the part of the upper body. So let me give you a little trick how you can practice this to master it. So you can take a step forward. Both of your knees are locked, you're not releasing your butt, you're not doing this, you're keeping it straight. And then you're gonna move your upper body. You're gonna step forward, no knee work, no butt, and then moving the upper body. Doing it towards you. Step, upper body, center, upper body, center, upper body, center, upper body. When you do it like this, what happens is that you learn how to control your upper body separate from your lower body and how to add it in, rather than just hoping that as you lean, maybe something else will move. The same as we did it here, and we're controlling the motion really from the muscles, moving it the same as when we walk. As you get better at it, you can add it with the hips as well, and then take a step, and then hips and upper body, hips and upper body, hips and upper body. (tranquil ambient music) Keeping my elegance and intention really strong. And then I can do it faster. So I'm gonna go. When you do it stronger. Make sure your arms don't fly. So it's easy to just let those arms suddenly go, and the arms are gonna fly all over the map. You wanna kind of keep them to the side of the body so that you're doing this. And what is also important is if you remember we talked about that, like in your step, you have to be right there with the elegance and intention. If you're not forward in that step and all the weight move forward, the body parts are not gonna be able to relax into Sabrosura. So it's like, you really have to think about it as like intentions, like elegance, ah, Sabrosura, intention and really in a split second, which takes some practice to get to in a fast pace. Ultimately you wanna get to the point as you practice that this just becomes something where. (tranquil ambient music) And let me demonstrate it right here. Now I want to give you a really important tip for your femininity, when we have so much power embodied with elegance and intention, we can come across as arrogant if there isn't enough warmth, playfulness and fun. So first we wanna add just presence. So as I'm walking towards you, you can do it with me. I'm just making sure that I'm here present. Just being with you, feeling you and you me. End each one of them giving you, feel free to practice a couple of times. So I'm gonna do it one more time with you. And make sure you don't lose it back as you walk back, sometimes when we go back, okay, nevermind and we not really present. Keep it both forward and backward as you're walking. The second one we're gonna add, now I'm gonna add to this presence, I'm gonna keep my presence and I'm gonna add the pride. I'm gonna connect again to something that makes me feel really proud. And as I'm gonna walk, I'm not gonna just be present, but also bring out the pride. And the same on the way back, I'm not gonna lose it, I'm gonna connect to my pride. I'm gonna do it one more time with you, presence and pride. And the last final thing that I'm gonna add to warm this whole thing up, I'm gonna add love. So when we wanna bring out the warmth, we have to connect with love in our heart. So I'm gonna pick something that really connects me to love. And I'm gonna add it to my presence and to my pride all at the same time, this takes a bit of practice to do. So, I'm feeling, I'm present, I'm feeling the pride. And then I'm feeling the love filling my whole body. I pick something that really fills me up and then I allow that to soften me and then as I come across with all the power, it softens it up, I'll show you again. And at the beginning you might not be able to connect all three of them together, you might need to do each one of them separate for a while because before you master and then try to connect two at a time and then ultimately do them, but feel what that's like. Again, I'm gonna tap into the love. I'm gonna connect myself to the pride at the same time in my chest, pride is in my heart and the presence. And remembering not to lose it as we walk back to practice both. So we really learn how to be present. Bringing out more of your Sabrosura and more of your warmth balances out your power so you don't come across as aggressive. On contrary, you feel feminine, powerful, confident, and approachable. This allows you to step into your divine femininity and full power. I hope that you've enjoyed this lesson and gained many beautiful insights. - Mystery embodiment gives us our attraction power. It is part of our life energy livelihood. It makes us feel magnetic, mysterious, and yummy. It keeps us young at heart, playful, and charming. It is part of our feminine, divine energy. Learning to embody your feminine seductive powers allows you to attract a desired partner to wake up the fire in an existing relationship or to attract opportunities into your life. Your attraction power also impacts your confidence. Because of sexual harassment, the #MeToo movement, and during over the years of pickup artists, we are afraid of this element, afraid of the fire. We're afraid of being manipulated or taken advantage of. Most women struggle with the somatic element unless it is native to their personality. And part of the reason for this is that there is a sexual form which is our flirting and seduction and a non-sexual form which is our charming selves. In this lesson we will only experience the sexual seduction one. In reality when there is danger related to this element what is really missing is the embodiment of elegance, lack of respect, lack of respect for boundaries, and that classiness that used to exist even when there was seduction involved. Also, when we are truly seductive in a sexual way towards someone we like, we can turn a no into a yes. If there's a hidden maybe, we can wake up the desire in the other to want what we have. I call this keeping the maybe alive. This action process can be complicated for some because it's based on intuition. And if you end up reading the situation wrong, well, you can end up refusing to know that truly means a no. In this lesson I won't be going into this explosive subject, and I'll be focusing on how to seduce rather than how to read seductive signals right. So this element, the mystery element, is added right at the end, like a cherry on top, because it's only when we are truly comfortable in our, in our own skin and have enough rejection resilience being able to be with the no's that we can dare to open ourselves up to play in a sexy kind of way. So be sure to complete the other lessons first and then give yourself permission to let go. The final thing I want to point out is the difference between seduction and manipulation. In manipulation I'm taking something away from you. I'm leaving you feeling used or empty. In pure seduction I'm bettering you. I'm leaving you feeling full. Like I give you a beautiful, heartfelt gift. So don't forget to have tons of fun with this lesson. It's a special one. - With this somatic element of mystery, I want to teach you how to tap into your... seductive powers. So you can feel your own... attraction power, feeling even more confident. It would allow you to bring more fire into your relationship. If you're not in one, well, this will help you attract what you want. It's really about tapping into this power inside you that makes you feel capable of attracting what you wish for in life. Some of you might feel uncomfortable in this lesson. It's got energies that not everyone knows how to master or contain. You might feel vulnerable, out of your comfort zone, or you might feel like this is completely your element. So let's get started. So first, remember to hold your elegance and intention. They're actually really important because they also create a sense of protection, creating a bit of a boundary. Because we're going to a place that's a little bit more vulnerable in that sense, I wanna make sure that I'm feeling really strong and comfortable with myself and that I can explore that within myself, almost like a little protection layer around me. So... the first thing is the body and how I hold it. We call this (speaking in spanish), "To call for attention." So when I'm holding elegance, I'm just right in the center of my body. I've got, I taught you how to hold elegance up high, how to open your chest. The hips are in place. When I want to have a more sexy look, I wanna make sure that I turn my hips a little bit further out, but without losing my stomach. I'm not going, bleh! Yeah? I'm holding it and it's just my hips that are turning a bit more, and then I pop the chest a little bit more like I'm trying to bring it up. And that gives us a sexier look when we hold the body. We call this(speaks in Spanish) in Spanish, which means "Calling for attention." So as we hold the body, we wanna make sure that first of all, we're feeling kind of sexy. I'm not gonna feel sexy standing like this and doing the exercise. I can stand in the elegance if I prefer, but I can also go into (speaks in Spanish). Now, the first part that we're gonna add this, is I wanna make sure in order to teach the seductive stuff, I'm gonna add a very soft head motion with a lot of (speaks in Spanish). So I'm gonna go to the side. One, (gentle music) two, and one, two, and one, two, and one, two. Notice that I'm moving my head very softly and not abrupt. Nowadays, when people ask us for stuff and they're talking to us, someone calls you like, "What?" We move the head really fast. But when I'm moving the head soft, that already gets a very seductive feel to it. It's like, "Mm-hmm, okay, okay." Yeah, so we wanna learn how to move the head with this really... gentle motion. I'm in my elegance and my attention. I'm gonna add a little bit of(speaks in Spanish). If you're feeling comfortable with it and you just practice a bit that motion of... one, two, and one, two. (gentle music) (soft rousing music) I will now teach you a sentence that will help you at the beginning to express on the outside, what you wish to say with your body, without any words. The most powerful communication is nonverbal. Over time, this sentence can become second nature to you. It is almost like a mantra that you run inside over and over till you can just express it in a split of a second without thinking about it. So first, let me teach you a little thing to say; (speaks in Spanish) What does it mean? "Follow me if you want some more." And it's not in a disgusting kind of way, it's it kind of a flirty kind of way. (speaks in Spanish) practice this in front of a mirror (mumbles)enough times, till it kind of feels like second nature. (speaks in Spanish) Play with it and train in different ways. And then I'll show you what to do with it. We had our head motion, (gentle music) which was moving to the side with a lot of (speaks in Spanish) and then coming back. So now I'm gonna use this sentence to help me express on the outside what I wanna say. So I'm gonna go (speaks in Spanish) (gentle music) Last time. (speaks in Spanish) A couple of tips that are really important. The first one is make sure your jaw is relaxed, especially if you're saying it, you'll see afterwards as you do this. And if you get a tense because you're uncomfortable you might suddenly... lock up. You wanna breathe(breathes) and you wanna make sure your jaw is soft. So I'm gonna do that again. This time, I'm gonna do it without saying it. So I'm saying it inside, I'm expressing, it's like (whispers in Spanish) but internally, not externally. And I'm just expressing it with my looks. Yeah. So I'm going. (gentle music) So a couple of things: First of all, you have to kind of show what is great about you. So, if my jaw is locked and I'm kind of scared and I'm running fast, it might look like this, Right? It doesn't express the exact same thing, but if I'm now going, (gentle music) so I'm taking the time to come back I'm showing what is so great about what it is that I have. And if you want it, then maybe we should, we should come after me. Yeah. That's the whole vibe of it. And notice that I kept, the jaw relaxed... and breathing, feeling comfortable myself. I'm not scared. Right? So again, I'm gonna do it again. I'm seeing it inside (gentle music) (speaks in Spanish) (gentle music) Yeah. Giving just enough, not giving too much. And then the rest pulling kind of towards me. If we go, for example, when people start at beginning they sometimes go, (speaks in Spanish) and there are two things that happen here. One is (speaks in Spanish), I give it all. Versus(speaks in Spanish), I'm kind of keeping my shoulder land. I'm kind of in a little bit of a tease, not giving it all. And then I'm taking it away, but I'm, I'm taking it away while I'm still dragging it away. So there's a desire to come after me. If I just go like, "Nope!" That no is bye-bye. I left a maybe when I came back. Right. So we dragged a little bit. So I'm going. (gentle music) So there are two things that I(mumbles) I added here. The two things that I added are, One, there's enough of a pause to give enough but not too much to the point that I gave it all. And the second is that I'm dragging it back. I'm not going. And I left. I'm still kind of looking a little I'm kind of dragging towards me. Yeah. So again. (gentle music) It's kind of cheeky. Yeah. You can feel it in your energy. It's kind of cheeky, kind of being cheeky, right? (laughs) (gentle music) And you can practice this in front of the mirror, or you can practice it on someone. And that could be really delicious. But I, I suggest if you're not, if this is not your element, start first in the mirror, get comfortable cuz it's gonna be more vulnerable doing it in front of somebody else. If you're a superstar at this element, I go, go straight for it. So I'm gonna invite you (gentle music) to stand with your elegance and intention. Ready to go. And then you're gonna imagine. One, two you're gonna one, two, one, two keep two, one, two, look two, come back two. You go one, two look two, one, two. And then we walk it. Same thing. (gentle music) (shoes tapping) So you see that when we add this this can become a beautiful thing where you're walking and then you're looking with that look and coming back, it's very attractive. It is mesmerizing. This gives us a very seductive feel showing that I'm interested, but not giving it all making the other person desire... coming after me. When you don't rush back with the head, you are showing confidence in yourself and that's damn sexy. So I hope they truly, enjoyed this final... juicy session. - Congratulations, you did it! You finished a program and look at you go. You demonstrate to yourself your commitment to living this beautiful embodied wisdom, to living daily from your divine feminine energy where you show up as your true, beautiful, authentic self. If you are at the end of this program, you should be very proud of yourself. I'm proud of you. Your dedication is not a given. So, to help you grow even further, we have more ways for you to deepen and embody this feminine wisdom. So, be sure to check out our website. We can't wait to meet you in person. And don't forget. Practice makes perfect. To live it, to embody it, to breathe it, you need to practice it till it becomes second nature, till it flows naturally and becomes your skin and your self expression. So keep going. Sending you lots of love.

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