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Prostate Massage Online Course:
Locate and Stimulate the P-Spot

Mariah Freya
Founder of Beducated
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About This Course

Give your partner an orgasm they’ll never forget with a breathtaking prostate massage! Learn how to show the p-spot some love with this Beducated Original, complete with a step-by-step video tutorial.

What You Will Learn

  1. P-spot basics: what it is, and where to find it
  2. Warm-up rituals – including a full body massage
  3. Tips on preparing the anus and entering mindfully
  4. Prostate massage techniques for next-level orgasms

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Your Instructor

Mariah Freya

Founder of Beducated

Mariah Freya, Beducated's founder, Sex Coach and TEDx speaker, empowers individuals through transformative techniques to unlock their full pleasure potential. Through Beducated, she is making a global impact on making sex education accessible.

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Lessons and Classes

Total length:
60-90 min
  1. 1. Welcome to This Course
  2. 2. How to Overcome Prostate Massage Blockages
  3. 3. What Do You Need
  4. 4. Get Started
  5. 5. Full-Body Massage
  6. 6. Lingam-Heart Ritual
  7. 7. Prostate Massage Giver Positions
  8. 8. Warming Up the Anus
  9. 9. Entering Mindfully
  10. 10. Stroking the Prostate Internally
  11. 11. Prostate Massage in Action
  12. 12. What’s Next
  13. 13. Prostate Massage

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I’m thankful for all I’ve learned. Beducated respectfully shares valuable information in a comfortable format. I say it in “our” or ”us” too because I’ve shared what I’ve learned with others. From exploring new things and ideas, helping to build our self confidence, to loving ourselves, and letting go of beliefs ingrained from our childhood/adulthood that just don’t work for us. Thank you!

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Now I would like to introduce you to a physically deeper way to worship the male body, the prostate massage. This Royal pleasure may be enjoyed by anyone with a prostate, sorry, ladies. It makes no difference if you're black or white, gay or straight, old or young, any guy can learn it and love it. It's great for single guys who want to take masturbation to a next level and also for couples, it's a fantastic way to spice things up. I'm very excited to see more and more conscious sexuality writers and professionals exploring the potential for anal orgasms. Also, sex toy manufacturers are releasing dozens of innovative new design toys with prostate pleasure for men in mind. Nevertheless, you might still feel a little bit skeptical and insecure. Okay, take a moment and consider the possibility. I encourage you to keep an open mind here and take some time to consider whether this is for you or not. And like everything in this course, the practice is entirely optional and must be offered of course, with consent. Let's first highlight the basics. The prostate is a walnut sized gland that is found exclusively in the male body. This gland is located roughly around three to four inches or seven to 10 centimeters from the beginning of the anal canal. So it's located below the bladder and embedded in the pelvic floor. It actually secretes a fluid that feeds and protects the sperm and prostate plays a central role in every single male ejaculation. So prostate health is actually essential for lifelong sexual pleasure and also function. Okay, so what is exactly the prostate massage? Quite simply, prostate massage is stimulating the prostate with a finger or a massage tool. So with the intention of relaxing and also for pleasure of course. You can never actually touch the prostate directly because it is deep within the pelvis. Instead, you stimulate the prostate indirectly, either through the rectal wall or via the external perineal massage. The first main benefit is that the prostate massage is healthy, it brings in fresh blood flow. And that's really great because when the glands are more stagnant, the prostate is prone to infection. And sadly also cancer. Stimulating the prostate glands flushes the entire pelvic floor with fresh blood flow. It enhances erection and also arousal. And it's a super healthy, preventative practice for the male body in general. Another amazing benefit is that prostate massage is highly pleasurable. Yes, you guessed it, men are discovering their prostate for the first time, do regret that they haven't started earlier. There's a reason why the prostate is called the male G-spot. It's actually possible to have multiple implosive organisms with a prostate massage and men can experience orgasms through prostate stimulation without ejaculation. So there is no mid-love making downtime. You can keep making love for hours and hours, and your ejaculatory orgasms may feel way more intense if you're open to the prostate massage. There's definitely something yummy waiting for you here. Some men find that prostate orgasms make them feel more receptive, whereas the lingam orgasm connects them with their more dynamic side. Another amazing benefit is that the prostate massage is healing for male sexuality. Receiving a prostate massage is a very vulnerable experience. It means that the receiver needs to fully, fully relax and let go physically, and especially mentally. If men have suffered sexual abuse, prostate massage can help to release these traumas and emotions, my hope is that through this massage, your lover can feel more free as it is a vulnerable place. It a tentative space holding and lots of compassion and integration. - There are potential blockages that stand in a way to prostate pleasure. Here's how you actually overcome them. So the first blockage may be hygiene. Many people are freaking out by the hygiene of anal play. Of course, understandably, given the other function of the area, it isn't very erotic for most people. Whatever you want to call it, poop, feces, shit. You don't want it as a part of your sex life, right? So here is the good news, you can explore prostate massage and other kinds of anal play without encountering poop. I recommend to do an enema bulb to rinse internally. So simply fill some clean, warm water into the bulb enema and rinse, your anus clean. I recommend to repeating this two or three times until the water runs clean. If you don't have an bulb enema with you, you can simply go under the shower with a little bit of Vaseline. So you squat down and apply some Vaseline on your anus and gently, slowly circling your fingers into your anus. Then stretch the opening a little bit to the side and add the shower hose to let the water penetrate your anus. Hold that for a bit and then release. Now do this for another two or three times until it's clean. Finger condoms are a great option. So you can simply apply that over your finger, and you can feel just a little bit more relaxed using those. Also vinyl or nitrile gloves are great for prostate massage too. Worshiping the prostate actually challenges us to look at our inner taboos and shame. So use this opportunity you for your own growth. The second blockage is that prostate massage might hurt. Well, lubrication is essential here. So use plenty of Lube and reapply whenever needed. External and internal anal play can be highly arousing due to the plenty of nerve endings, without a moment of discomfort, but one bad anal experience can turn someone off completely and that's not a surprise when done without skill and patience, anal penetration can be excruciating and even cause injuries that cause long-lasting anal pain. That's not what we want. If pain is a concern for you, spend heaps of time focusing exclusively on external anal touch. Make sure to cut your fingernails as well. Otherwise, any sharp edges might be scratching. You will find that if you can relax and stay present to the sensation you're experiencing, anal play can be 100% pleasurable, 100% of the time. So go slow and I mean way slower than you would usually go. You can enter the anus without a single moment of resistance and no pain or discomfort whatsoever. So let your partner set the rhythm with clear communication and as the body relaxes, the sphincter will naturally open up and welcomes the exploration. This process should feel good and if any pain comes up during any stage of anal play, simply have a pass. Do not pull back in a hurry, this could cause further pain. So simply stop what you're doing and invite the person being penetrated to relax and take deep breaths. Add a little bit of lube if it feels dry and slowly begin pulling out. Gently return to external and anal touch or simply stop. Our blockages carry the weight of shame here. So they are having obstacles that can be transcended. We can all overcome shame, guilt, embarrassment, and fears around anal play and for that, we have to reverse the negative emotions into the positive, good ones. So for example, if you're experiencing any negative emotions that is stopping you from something that you actually would like to try out, tell yourself, this is normal, this is acceptable. This is something millions of people do each day for their pleasure, I can do this too and stop any thoughts or feelings you have about it being wrong or bad or immoral and shift them to an it's all okay mode. Also remind yourself that your body belongs to you. So never force or pressure anyone into anal play. This should be fun, exciting, and adventurous. So make sure that you both really want it and that you start with simply baby steps. There are actually two ways to practice a prostate massage. The first one includes touching the lingam and the second one is without touching the lingam. There're actually individuals sharing that for them, it's important not to touch the lingam during a prostate massage because these individuals are looking for the raw and pure sensation from the prostate alone. Even though it's of course extremely tempting to go there, they say it helps them to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating. So when you include the lingam in the prostate massage, the receiver is more likely to experience an ejaculatory orgasm, but one that is course highly intensified. So note, if you're giving a prostate massage directly after a Lingam massage, the chances are actually a little bit higher that the receiver will experience an ejaculatory orgasm. I mean both ways of fine. I recommend to try them out both and see what works best for you. So again, prostate massage can be an amazing add on to a Lingam massage, or it can be a practice in itself. Both ways are incredibly healthy, pleasurable and healing. - Welcome back. This video answers all of your questions about what you need to be completely confident. You will feel absolutely ready in every way to offer or receive this life changing experience. In the beginning, it may seem a little bit awkward, like when we're learning anything in life, but soon you will find it all comes very naturally. In this video, I will give you the tools and toys to create a safe and central space for you and your partner. Creating a beautiful atmosphere is part of the experience. So slow down and enjoy this part of the process. If the mood is right then letting go will be so much sweeter and easier. Okay, let's look at how to set yourself up for the sensual experience. The first step is to initiate the empowering and delicious experience. Set up an appointment. You may not normally schedule your intimate moments, but trust me, things will go a lot smoother if you reserve time for this all to unfold. I would like to talk a little bit about overcoming resistance and how scheduling the massage will help you. It may be surprising, although completely normal, that either of you may try and put off this intimate moment. You may find some inner resistance, simply because it's not your ordinary routine. Like, I mean, we're definitely thinking outside the box here. So moving outside our comfort zone, but on the other side of resistance is so much bliss, practically speaking, setting a time and getting an affirmative yes will help you to be ready to receive your lover. A little commitment, never hurts anyone in my opinion. Setting aside a specific time is especially helpful if it's your first time. So my suggestion is to embrace any nervousness, awkwardness, or excitement, it's all part of the experience. And it's natural to either of you feel nervous, try embracing the excitement rather than pushing it away. Actually nervous tension can lead to an epic orgasm if channeled in the right way. Sometimes, okay, actually a lot of the time, when new experiences come up, our mind plays a little funny game with us, Like that naughty lover your mother always warned about, your mind may come up with excuses like I don't have time, or, you know, you shut down in some way, try and remember, you've been waiting for this. So suddenly you may feel that urge to, you know, suddenly clean the house or declutter your garage just to avoid your original desire, why you're here. Let's just move past the serious irony of all that right now and get this one on the books. You absolutely don't have to perform for anyone, that is not what this is all about. This is about connecting deeply to your sexual potential and your partner. There's no right or wrong here, just more and more opening into pleasure. So much awaits you on the other side of fear. So take a deep breath. (heavy breathing) You can do this. All feelings are allowed. Just schedule the time, anyway. At least two hours are essential for the full experience, and make sure you don't have anything stressful on your schedule right before or after. You're going to want to ease in and out of this one to saver every drop. And one last thing about time, ask your lover not to eat around four hours or so before the massage, pleasure will come more easily if their belly is not full. And in general, you want him to be as comfortable as possible. Now take your time and enjoy setting up the safe and sacred space. Give yourself enough time beforehand to create a supportive atmosphere. If you take time to arrange everything in advance, you'll more easily melt into the experience rather than feel rushed or hectic. Basically, you'll probably feel more into it if the space is set up in a thoughtful and loving way. In general, integrate a more meditative experience for both of you. If you're inspired to go all the way, you could even approach the experience as an act of worship, be creative and try transforming your bedroom into a temple of sorts, and attention to detail to things like some nice pillows and bed sheets and soft blankets will seriously do wonders to call in the magic. And if it's cold outside, you can even try fur, or a nice heating blanket. You want your love to be warm and considering they will be naked for a while, so heat the room up so it's comfortable for the both of you, perhaps light some candles and you can use your favorite natural aroma oils if you want. And just to be sure your partner is not turned off by the scent you choose, of course. And you can also use a massage table or a bed works both fine, but actually a soft mattress will make it more difficult for the giver. So a firmer mattress is usually better and if you have a water bed or a very, very soft mat, and I recommend to move on the floor with a mat, I also recommend a massage table. If you feel uncomfortable giving the massage, sitting with your legs crossed or sitting on your heels, a massage table for sure makes things a little easier, but it's definitely not required here. Massage oil, I personally like to use liquid organic coconut oil. Note, if it's cold outside, then make sure to warm up the oil by letting the jars sit in warm water so it turns back into liquid. You can also use silicon-based lube for the actual penis massage. It's not necessarily organic, but it does stay wet longer. Just know using too much oil makes the lingam less sensitive, a little goes a long way. You can actually try both and then ask your partner their preference. Either way, be sure to have towels and paper ready to soak up the excess of oil or lube. What's also nice is to have a feather or a piece of fur or even a silk cloth. It's great to have this on-hand for very playful touch. A sarong or a blanket to cover the body of the receiver also comes in handy. Of course, another important ingredient is music. You'll find a few of my favorite playlist just below this video. And also check out the shopping list below this video to get links to purchase everything that you may need. - I will show you now step-by-step how to have a healthy, pleasurable and healing prostate massage. To master this massage, your approach needs to be very slow. The slower you can be, the better, especially if this is your first time. First, I recommend having a radically honest conversation with your partner beforehand. Talk openly about your worries and needs. I recommend actually doing the same for the lingam massage. Ask, what am I worried about and what do I need to feel safe? If you're watching this with your partner, take turns listening to one another without interruption. Before you start, make sure you have everything prepared, double check the list that I provided. You may choose to flow right into the prostate massage following the lingam massage. Of course you could decide to focus on one or the other, but if you decide to give just a prostate massage, then follow the preliminary stages of the lingam massage, such as setting the space, giving a full body massage, as well as the lingam heart ritual. - Welcome back. At this stage in our journey, we're ready to introduce the full body massage. Warming your partner up with a full body massage is the best way to ease them into a relaxed and ecstatic experience. Implosive organisms are often full body experiences. So in this massage, we're waking up each part of the body to be fully alive and open to receive pleasure. Men's sexual energy begins at the genitals and spreads outwards to the extremities. In Tao's tantra, they say that the anatomy of the male arousal or male sexual energy begins at the lingam and opens outwards moving like a spiral. With this in mind, technically we could go for the gold and begin directly at the lingam. However, we don't want to heat them up too quickly. Rather, a full body massage gives your lover the opportunity to arrive fully in their body. The massage helps them to relax and connect that intuitive place where they can communicate their level of pleasure. So as a side note here, avoid rubbing bones directly, or body parts that are irritated, like a skin rash or bone fracture, of course. Okay, so once you have created the space and invited intimacy through your connection ritual, you can invite your lover to lie down on their belly into the cozy love nest of towels, pillows, and sheets. Cover them with a blanket or a sarong, and slowly take that blanket off to caress them with it. This will feel like in heaven for them, you can also use a feather to stimulate their senses again. Now you'll begin with the full body oil massage. Learning massage comes, of course, with experience. So the more you practice and receive massage the better. Regardless of your level of experience, trust also your intuition and communicate with your partner. When your partner's comfortable, and you're ready to begin, close your eyes and connect with yourself first before you actually touch your lover. Then rub your hands together to warm them up and generate some healing energy. A technique I'd like to use is what I call presence touch. So simply place your hand one after the other on their back with all your awareness you've got. Stay there. Don't move. Just feel and connect. You can close your eyes again for that. And you tune into the receiver's body, listening to their body with your full awareness. Try also syncing your breathing with their breath to ground the connection even more. There are different ways how you can use your hands to relax the receiver. A professional masseuse would typically sync their massage grip with the breath of the receiver. So the grip starts with the inhale and ends with the exhale. You can wrap the oil in your hands until it becomes warm, or pre-heated with placing the bottle in a bowl of warm water. Let the oil run over your hands or through your fingers to make this a smooth process. Heating the oil is nice because then your hands are free to remain in contact with your partner. In general, it's nice to maintain a continuous touch from start to finish to not break the flow of energy. The more flowing the movements, the more relaxing it will be for the receiver. So start with gentle pressure in the beginning, and once the muscles are warmed up, you can apply a bit more pressure. The massage should be relaxing, so avoid any painful deep tissue massage. The more flowing the movement, the more relaxing it will be. There are various techniques how you can use your hands for a full body relaxation. So the first technique I would like to show you is the full hand slide. The fingers are together, and the hands are relaxed, with soft, continuous pressure, giving long gentle slides. You can massage up along the spine and down along the sides of the waist. Continue syncing your breath with the movement. You can alternate the full hand slide, gliding one up and the other down. Do a V-form with the full hand slide. Cross your hands and let them slide outwards, and then cross them again. I personally love to rub the lower part of the back, the sacrum, by gliding with the full hand slide back and forth really fast. It's stimulating important nerves and has an activating effect on the sexual energy. Another technique you can do is the thumb slide. Your palms are next to each other. The tip of the thumbs are moving in circular motion forward. This is great for the back or lower arms and chin. You can also alternate the sliding of the thumbs with single strokes. For that, stretch to skin with one hand and glide with the other hand, thumb forward with stronger pressure, There's also the heel of hand slide. Press your heels onto the area you want to massage, and your fingers are in the air. Use your whole body weight instead of just pressing with the arm. This way muscles are being pressed on the bone, and circulation starts. Use the fist slide four back, feet, and thighs. Simply slide your fist forward in an easy and relaxed manner. It works into the muscle tissue, and it is similar to the heel of hand slide. You can use the finger acupressure technique as well. It is especially used when there are harder spots or tensions in the body. You can also use the thumb acupressure technique for more stability and strength. Another way to apply acupressure is with the palms or with the knuckles. All acupressure techniques with the finger, thumb, palms or knuckles are great for de armoring numb areas or tension in the body. The hand squeeze technique is great for arms and legs. For that, squeeze the legs in opposite direction. If the area turns red, don't worry. Then you know that the strong plat circulation is activated. Another technique is the finger squeeze. For that, glide your thumbs outwards, using your finger to squeeze into the moving skin parts. This technique is great for muscle dense body parts like lower back, feet, and hand. Or as a variation, you can use your thumb, and index, and middle finger to squeeze skin together and pull it away from the body. I love to use the angel strokes to let energy flow through the body and make the receiver feel like in heaven. For that, use your fingertips. And also to give a nurturing head massage, this is an amazing practice. Of course, this only gives you a few ideas. Freestyle with those and remember to always communicate when in doubt. And this part better be too soft than too strong, especially if massage is new to you. - To begin the massage, you learn the lingam heart ritual. This ritual is the transitional moment just before you begin to massage the lingam. The ritual is designed to help your partner connect their lingam with their heart. It's also another moment for the giver to honor and adore the lingam like an act of worship. So when you sense your lover's fully relaxed after the warmup and full body massage, sit in between the legs with your legs crossed. Ask gently if they are ready for you to touch the lingam. Always ask for consent. Now, place your left hand on their heart and gently place your right hand on the perineum, the place between the anus and the root of the penis. Then gently apply pressure with your right palm. With your hands lovingly holding his two energy centers and see if you can connect them together in your mind, try and unite the heart and the lingam through your loving touch. Engage your intention and the energy of your body to merge the energy of the heart and the lingam. Feel the heart's energy moving into your heart through a left-hand and give love out to the right hand. Try emitting this loving energy you have just received back into your body through your right hand. In this practice, we are creating a kind of energy circuit receiving love through our left hand and giving through our right hand in the continuous loop. Stay there for a while in this practice and also trust your inner voice. It will let you know when it's time to move on. I recommend to move intuitively. So when you're ready, very, very slowly release your right hand from the perineum first. Then move your left hand down from the heart to the lingam holding it firmly with two hands. - The best position actually for mindfully entering the anus is on all fours. The receiver relaxes the head and neck and they stretch their back, joyfully bending their ass in the air. They can, of course, also be on the back with their knees in the air, or the feet on the ground for easier access to the perineum and lingam. Lying face down with one leg up can also facilitate an easier penetration and better relaxation for the receiver. So experiment with what positions feel best and most pleasurable for you, of course. - I'm focusing here on just the prostate, but I encourage you to also stroke the lingam at the same time. So again, the receiver now is fully relaxed after their full body massage. And you've transitioned from the lingam heart ritual to the perineum massage, your partner lies on their back. For the perineum massage, you use your thumbs to massage the perineum in small circles. You can pulse in deeply. Actually can take quite some pressure. In this technique, you're actually indirectly massaging the prostate here. You can now use both of your thumbs from the center outwards to the root of the scrotum and keep them rolling. Use your index, middle and ring finger to massage the perineum with acupressure. You can do big circular motions or small, tiny motions. Use your index and ring finger to form a V and massage the perineum to the sides of the scrotum. You can also vibrate the perineum with your fist. For that, make a fist and place the front right at the perineum between the anus and the scrotum, pressing in. Communicate with your partner what amount of pressure they enjoy, then start to vibrate, but without moving the fist. Changing position, if you'd like. The next step is the external anal massage. Let your partner lie on their belly with one leg up towards their chest. Start with a general massage of the butt cheeks. You can use a full hand slide. You can shake them from left to right. You can use your fingers or palms to apply acupressure to massage any tensions out. The next technique is the endless hand slide. Stroke with the sides of your hand, along the inside of the butt cheeks, this will beautifully warm up the anus. Also make sure to add more lube here and glide hand over hand along the crevice to create a comforting sensation. The next technique is the circling buttocks. Apply circling massage motions with your fingertips around the butt cheeks, close to the anus, open it up gently, but not touching at this point. An important ingredient for a beautiful prostate massage is to stimulate the area around the sphincter first, before touching it directly. Another technique are the anal angel strokes, for that move closer and closer towards the sphincter. With angel strokes, you can actually activate the nerves that are on the outside of the anus. So check in with your partner, how re they feeling and ask what could make this even better? The next technique is the spider fingers, crawl with your finger, like a spider from the inside towards the outside of the glutes. Now let's continue with the thumb circling, for that, make tiny circles all around the sphincter. Now, the next technique is the star stroke, glide with the tip of your thumb from the sphincter towards the outside. At this point, you are touching the anus already. You can also use your index finger if this is more comfortable for you. The next technique is the thumb roll, for that, roll your thumbs over one another, creating a seamless massage on the anus and towards the scrotum and back down as well. If you're doing this very slowly, it can be very relaxing, moving it fast, it can be very arousing. The next technique is the anus vibration, place those three fingers on the anus and create a vibrating motion. You can also pulse in and out gently. The next technique is the anus circling, place your index and middle finger on the anus and move it in a circling motion around it. Vary it with speed and pressure and also change direction. Of course always communicate with your partner, what they like best. Another technique I'm going to show you is the anus pulsating, place your index and middle finger on the anus. Then move pulsating onto the sphincter in an out. - The best way to massage the prostate is by internal anal massage. Make sure that the sphincter is relaxed and the receiver is experiencing deep, full body relaxation. Never, ever penetrate the anus without warming up the outer area. So make sure you spend enough time on the perineum and the anus before penetrating. What's also really crucial is to keep a constant connection with the receiver as you are penetrating. Go very, very slowly and make sure that the anal sphincter is relaxed and opening in the receiver's pace. Anal penetration doesn't have to be painful, actually. Never push further if pain occurs, of course, and slow down and continue with external stimulation if need to be. I will share now with you the process how to mindfully enter. So first of all, get consent first. It's super important that the receiver feels fully ready before you penetrate. So ask lovingly something to the effect of, am I allowed to enter. Now, the next point is to put on the finger condom and apply lots of lube on your index finger. And pay attention to the anal sphincter, rest your index finger here and palm towards the bellybutton of the receiver. You can already start applying very, very gentle pressure. And as the outer sphincter opens, you can begin with the penetration, but never, ever push inwards with force. The sphincter will relax and open naturally so that you can mindfully enter. You can stretch the sphincter in all four directions. You can move with subtle strokes to begin penetrating. Now keep one fingertip at the sphincter and move the finger gently and slowly inside, mindfully but with confidence. Tentative penetration will feel uncomfortable for your partner. There's actually a second internal anal sphincter, this one is usually hard to relax, so it's not under voluntary control. Just stay patient and make sure that the receiver's relaxing with the help of breath. It should feel like your fingers being pulled in. To help the second anal sphincter to relax, you can do the four direction stretch again. Again, I cannot emphasize this enough, how important it is to move very slowly during the internal anal massage. Don't have any goals how deep your finger should go inside. And if for whatever reason, the receiver experiences pain, slow down and stop, never move out quickly. So you hold still and remind the receiver to breathe, breathe with your partner to support them. And if the receiver isn't feeling good, pull out very, very slowly and then simply return to the external anal massage, or the perineum massage, or whatever feels good in that moment. Once you are inside, just stay there for a moment and don't move, just feel The penetration process can take a long time, so stay patient and stick really with the rhythm and pace of the receiver. The next part of the prostate massage is to find the prostate and massage it. Once you are with your index finger inside, move between three to four inches, so that's around 7.5 to 10 centimeters, pointing your finger towards the bellybutton of the receiver. The prostate is about the size of a walnut and it feels like the tip of your nose. - If you are with your finger at the prostate, there are some amazing massage moves that you can do here. One technique you can do is the prostate stroke. Try doing a come-hither motion with your fingertip. Use the pad of the finger, not the tip, to avoid scratching. Stroke, but don't poke. And keep a slow, steady rhythm to use firm pressure. You might need to vary the tempo and pressure until you find the right combination for the receiver. So start off slower and lighter, and then add more, and if you're using two fingers, try the come-hither as well. Always communicate with your partner if they want more or less stimulation. Another technique is the prostate tap. The prostate tap is very simple. Start by tapping with the pad of the finger, like typing on a keyboard. Try to play with speed here as well. Everyone is a little different, so listen to the feedback and watch how the body responds. If you have two fingers on the prostate, you can tap them together or alternate as if you're playing the piano. The next technique is the inward star, glide from the outer parts of the prostate into the center of the prostate. With this motion, you are stimulating the fluids inside the gland, flowing into the urethra. This is called mocking the prostate. Another technique that I want to show you is the prostate circle. You can also make big circles across the entire prostate or little circles on just one spot. Or you do little circles and move them around. With circles it's easy to go too quickly, so try to keep a steady rhythm. Another amazing technique is the prostate pulsation. Don't forget that still as can be incredibly pleasurable too, keep a constant pressure without movement, or try gently pulsing the pressure while maintaining the contact. Sometimes this can be someone's favorite prostate massage move. The last technique I'm going to share with you is hold. Just as when you're giving someone a shoulder up, it's good to do one technique for a bit and then change it up. So hold is great when the person is very close to orgasm. Simply place your fingertip on the prostate and keep pressing and hold. The nerves get used to it if you stick with one thing, so keep his body paying attention by varying what you do every so often. The one exception to do that is when he's getting close to an orgasm. So when that happens, stick with whatever you're doing. When you're ready, slowly glide out and rest your finger on the outside for a moment. Then allow the receiver to move into silence. (tranquil music) (hands rasping) (tranquil music) (hands rasping) (tranquil music) (cheerful music) (butt cheeks squelching) (cheerful music) (forearms rasping) (cheerful music) (man snores) (cheerful music) (sheets rasping) (somber music) (birds chirping) (somber music) (scrotum squelching) (man inhales) (scrotum squelching) (somber music) (man snoring) (somber music) (hands squelching) (somber music) (man panting) (somber music) (hand rasps) (man inhales then exhales) (woman speaks indistinctly) (man inhales then exhales) (somber music) (woman's mouth squelches) (woman sighs) (somber music)

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