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Penetration Online Course:
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Kenneth Play
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About This Course

Whether you're a penis-owner or use a strap-on, there is an art to penetrating vulvas. Become a skillful lover by learning to maximize both your partner’s and your own pleasure during penetration.

What You Will Learn

  1. Classic sex positions like Cowgirl, Missionary, and Doggie 
  2. How to adjust sex positions with care and consideration for your partner  
  3. Which angles work best for the most pleasure during penetration 
  4. What authentic penetration looks like in real life through a live demonstration

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Kenneth Play

Sex Empowerment Hacker

Meet Kenneth Play, a Sexual Empowerment Educator, known as the "World's Greatest Sex Hacker". Having developed sex techniques for reconnecting and overcoming challenges in the bedroom, he empowers couples to experience the best sex of their lives.

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Lessons and Classes

Total length:
30-60 min
  1. 1. Meeting Kenneth Play & Sorcery
  2. 2. The Missionary Position
  3. 3. The Doggie Position
  4. 4. The Cowgirl Position
  5. 5. The Side Angle Position
  6. 6. The Authentic Flow
  7. 7. The Sensual Flow

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A lot of you have been asking about missionary sex and sex positions. So I kind of want to show you some variation on how we calibrate. I have my trusty Topper here, and we going to show you how to move the hips and to make some adjustments. But before you do anything, or putting anything into the vagina. You always want to make sure it's warmed up. We hate premature penetration. So one of my favorite things is just warm her up and we went over some oral sex techniques yesterday. So I'm just going to touch her and lick her a little bit. Get her in the mood and connect with her and squeeze her body and just connect with her. And I'm going to smack her a little bit, to wake her up. And I want you to tell me when things feels good. Do you understand? Yes, sir. So you, I want you to hold. Yeah, you could, just like that. So the first part is you really want to warm up the vulva and usually a tease with my cock externally and just get her excited. And again, same thing with the finger technique. I'm still pressing down. So I'm using my thumb on my head pressing down to her vaginal opening. At the very bottom, and then I slide all the way in. And I want you to look at the biomechanics. So that's me moving my hip back and forth like this. And there is her vaginal tunnel sitting like this. So if I tilt her up a little bit like this, it tilts this way. And if I tilt her down a little bit like this it goes that way. So since my, my penis is, this is almost a replica of mine. So if I'm I'm straight, I could tilt her too. It hits a spot. This flavorable that is pleasurable for you. So I'm going to give that a try I'm going to lube it up a little bit right here, And it's a really good fun way because some lube on too. And I want to make sure I get a nice amount of lubrication. So now she's in this position where I am penetrating this way, and I want you to let go of your hands and I'm going to rotate you back forward. Right? And then you can tell me which angle feels best for you like this. I liked, I think more up. (Man) More up? Mmm hmm And then if she's more up I could also lower myself a little bit. Yeah that hits my g-spot pretty well. Mm hmm, so always calibrate, so some people, loves it this way. Some people like it this way, and then I could also hold her hip. Like that. And most people, many, I mean actually 75% of vagina owner or women prefer having their clit external clit stimulated while getting penetrated. So what I want you to do is I'm going to put some lube here, and I want you to rub your clit for me in a way that feels good to you, while I fuck you. See that smile immediately, that feels good. And I'm just moving my hip back and forth, work on your hip flexibility mobility. So that's one version, another version that does not require her touching is that I'm using my palm, pressing down and I'm rubbing not hard. But I could rotate quite a bit. (woman moans) And I could also do this, technique where I am, could rub her clit quite hard. With my thumb while I am penetrating her. [Woman Moans] Just like that, I could also fan it. But this is a little bit more awkward with my fingers. So I like when my elbows, this is right on my side and I'm just rubbing my thumb or I could rotate my hand this way. Another way to do this is to add a vibrator. I call this kind of a labor saving device. (woman laughs) Like this I have to rotate my arm this way. So I turned this on. I could have her hold it first and then I could be here. [Woman Moans] While I'm penetrating her. Or this is an easy trick, you have her wrap her hands inside. This holds her up, right? Oh nice. Yeah. And then I just hold onto her feet and I could concentrate on fucking her. Now I want to just turn this up a little bit and get you more sensation, this is on three. And I want you to press quite hard on your vulva. [vibrator Vibrating] Now look at me. [Woman Moans] And if you want to add a little pressure here's another trick that I like you're holding onto the ankle, and then I apply pressure. [Woman Moans] So she's holding the right spot. I'm just adding a little bit of pressure, for her because of physics and I could turn it up even more. [vibrator Vibrating] Uh huh. [woman Moans] A little bit louder for me. [woman Moans] Look at me good, good. You like your good little toy? [Woman moans] [Man Moans] That feels good? Woman: Mm hmm. Say yes sir. Yes sir. [woman Moans] I like to slow it down a little bit. Press a little harder. Then recover, and go fast again. [woman Moans] Or I could put my hands here. Yeah, hi. [woman laughs] And press, yeah? Ooh. [woman Moans] On my bench press, my best friend always showed me. You can also do one leg up, one leg back press, this is more like a solider move. Then I could hold and look. Hits at different angles slightly, right? Mm hmm. But again, you could apply a little pressure. She likes the pressure. Another way to do this Beautiful. Lets review missionary penetration play by play. Both of you should be fully warm-up. Her vulva should be fully engorged with blood and getting her full arousal. We want to avoid premature penetration at all costs. Remember there's genital diversity. So the angle you penetrate her depends on the individual. So make sure you calibrate the angle you are entering her and make sure it feels good for her. Many women require external stimulation for them to fully enjoy penetration. So either she could do with her hand or a vibrator or a toy on her clitoris. Encourage her to do that. It's definitely a sex myth that man has to do all the work. And she should only orgasm from penetration alone. Most women don't. Also, if she's using a vibrator help her show you where she likes it on location. Let her locate the perfect placement of the vibrator because she know exactly what feels good to her. And once she find that location just apply a little bit pressure and hold in it to make it secure. And consistency is key when it comes to penetration. So if the external stimulation and your penetration is working perfectly in sync. this is more likely to lead her to orgasm. Once everything is very consistent. Both external and internal stimulation is perfect. Remember you could always move your body in the right position. Make sure you could thrust consistently sometime it's easier if you move into all four keeping a consistent movement, and you definitely don't want to burn out when it starts to feel really good. So make sure it's comfortable for your body to continue thrusting. [cheerful Music] Hi, my name is Kenneth Play and I'm so excited to introduce Sorcery to our new educational content. And we've been shooting for the last two days and we've got lots of shots. So I wanna share a little bit of mine own experience shooting and a little bit of your experience. And we really hope to educate you so you can see some of our really explicit content in a way that is also very educational. And we wanna teach you all the different position, moves, and things that feels good. So I learned something really interesting about you. Yes. Out of all the people that I have played with you're probably in the top five when it comes to amount of pressure that you like. So what does the pressure feels like for you? So my personal way that I really like to masturbate is having a lot of pressure on my clit over my hood, not direct clit stimulation. So it's kind of interesting because I know a lot of other women, it varies what they like, but it's, for me personally, I really liked that extra push and that weight on me. It feels really good. Yeah, and that pressure kind of works bowl from vaginal, G-spot play to anal play all of it and combining them? Yes. And I never liked someone so hard and push like that- Yeah (laughs) It felt so hard, but that was really hard- Yeah, I like that too. And when you find that grove and calibrate and also sharing some of the sex position and have you kind of find the angle that feels good to you. Do you find that useful because we practice quite a bit of the feedback? Yes, the calibrating and the clit clocking and stuff like that is, I think, really key to finding out like with you and your partner like what specifically works for them. Because like I mentioned before it varies a lot between different people. And so what works for me is not necessarily going to work for someone else. So taking that extra time and exploring each other in that way is really hot and it's really good foreplay but it also helps you find out what exactly is gonna take your partner over the edge. And I find that personally really useful to make feedback a little bit more structure. So it's more constructive too, because we know intentionally when we're trying to calibrate in the pledger loop game. So I know exactly like what it feels like for you. And I don't take it as something that I need to protect my ego. Right. Because I don't think a lot of men struggle if that they don't do it right immediately, they feel like they fail and they shut down and go through that whole cycle. And also some of the directional feedback is so helpful that you could tell me just a little higher. So I know how to interpret that. If you game-ify it kind of turns it into, it kind of takes that intimidation fear of failure away. I feel like because you're playing a game in order to find out what works for you. And what about some of the kinky play that we spice... I shared this kinky energy with you where we could do more like DS or more sensation because I have a say this in me that for you, I love- Right, and I am a messicus. You're messicus. Yeah. It's so sexy. So when we're doing some of those scenes where you're more in a bondage position that you feel a little bit more helpless what does that feel like for you? For me, I really like the idea of playing with a little bit of embarrassment, shame and humiliation, which is kind of like a double-edged sword because I like it. So I'm not really that ashamed but it's like this added sense of vulnerability. And adding that to playing with a partner turns me on because it feels like I'm sharing something special with them. It's so arousing for me. So it was so easy for me to hook into that energy and really feel your body and get into the sensation. I like your (laughs) The shower sex. Yeah. I love pampering you and washing caressing you. I mean, you've probably done shower sex in your life before. Do you like this, a very intentional volcanical thing? Yeah. So now I'm going to buy some of those arm holder, hand holder rail things. I need some of those in my life. So I've definitely had successful shower sex before but having that extra stability there really helps move things along. Yeah. And this particular package that we're putting together I'm gonna go over so many bowel mechanics like especially fucking on the swing where we can line things up. So it's easier for both of us. 'Cause we don't like spending a lot of energy doing sex move that doesn't feel very good. It's not a high payout. So you wanna like kind of have the least amount of effort and the highest amount of reward. At least for me, I don't like doing things that are just like, it's difficult. So you're focusing on like a lot to have (indistinct) Too much of the movement not the sensation. Yeah, not the sensation or some other, just like you feel the impact, but you don't feel it in your genital. Right. So we went over a lot of different position, a lot of different toys. I think you found one of your new favorite toys. Yeah. Tell me a little bit more about the zumio. How did it feel for you? The zumio is very powerful. It's like a miniaturized magic wand. It's got a lot of vibration and a very tiny point. So it's a very good for centering it on the focal point of your clit that you feel the best having that sensation there, that vibration throughout, it's like very high intensity. And I love it. Was it surprising to you when we did the clock game that like one side felt dramatically different than the other? Yeah, it was definitely interesting. I'd experienced that a little bit on my own just playing with myself, you know, throughout my life. So I kind of had an idea that I preferred like side through hood versus like top or bottom but definitely having all that punch right there all at once is fun to really see how much that matters to your own self. And then how much that it can vary for person to, it's kind of like shows you like how much different everyone is and how worthwhile it is exploring that. Yeah. So thank you so much for shooting this with me. Yes, thank you. I hope you guys find this useful and we'll be shooting a lot more stuff in the future. If you have any questions or any comment and things you'd like to see we want to give you a foundation of this cyber education. We did some advanced move. Some really like tricked out super sexy hock in the shower, on the sex swing. And we look forward to hearing from you and make a lot more new products. Yes. So thank you so much for watching. Thank you. (techno music) So a classic position is Doggie style from behind. This is a really beautiful, erotic experience. I love looking at the small of her back, beautiful butt, I can massage it a little bit, and spank it a little bit. and also always connect a little, and connect a little and just feel her, and have her look at you so know that you're there. (kissing) So that's more of a loving approach (spanking) and then same position. And this time I'm not pushing my cock down, I'm actually pushing my cock up towards her anus. Always towards the anus. and then slide my cock in so I can move in closer to her and I could hold onto her hip. And this is one position. (gentle music) So I'm fucking her. (Moaning) I'm just holding now. And then from this position I could lay her down and stretch her. Yeah, reach out and grab that bed. This is a very comfortable position. And if I want her to be a little bit higher or lower I just tell her to spread her legs a little. See now she's lower, at this height, its much more comfortable. (Spanking) And also I love looking at her butt hole. (Moaning) I can slow it down where I'm not banging into her. And I am barely hitting her. So her hips are not moving and I'm just sliding all the way inside her and slow pulling it back out. Glide. Yeah, she's getting so wet. Or, this is one of my favorite positions. Put your arms back, all the way back Now I'm just holding her arms. And I could pull back with some leverage. (moaning) Camera Guy: That's nice. This is a great finishing move with tension. (moaning) And then also I could turn this into a kinky, by holding her back. (moaning) And then just fucking her this way. So hard with the strap-on and my cock pushing out. (spanking) And now she could reach back and play with her clit as well. With her hand, so she could rub it just like that. With her hands. And look at me, yeah. Good little toy. (gentle music) (vibrator buzzes) Wiggle your butt for me. Let's recap. Doggie style play by play. So doggie style's very versatile, you could become really central. It could be really kinky. It could be really fast. It could be really slow. or it determines what your partners prefer. So if you want to be a little bit more intimate, really sensual, make sure you look at her, Because sometimes it could feel very disconnected because you're looking at, the same direction. You don't see each other, so she could look back. You could connect with her, caress her, If you want to be a little rougher, You could pull her hip towards your hip, but that also shortens the stroke, and the impact from her butt cheeks to your hips cannot distract you from the sensation from your penis. So you can always slow it down. You could hold her in position where you just moving your cock, or if you want to be really rough, pull her hands back. When you hold onto both wrists, now your center of gravity has to change. So you have to hold onto her with your arms straight lean back far enough, so you stay stable. This way you could pound really fast and really hard, but remember that's more of a finishing move or just a rough move. So make sure you reserve enough energy to go that kinky, really rough style. And always caress her, spank her butt. But it's all about connection and preference. So make sure you know what your partner wants. (electronic music) So one of my other favorites is cowgirl front facing. And this is really comfortable for me just to lay here and let her work her way of putting my cock in her in a way that feels good to her. So, I'm just going to lay here. And then she will sit on it and sit on. And then, she could ride back and forth. My favorites. Yeah, so pretty. Such a good view for me and I could play with her beautiful breasts and look at her. Woman: I'm touching myself. You can touch yourself. That's really hot. Do that again. Touch yourself while you do that. That's beautiful. So, I can't usually do this one for long but I love it. And then from here, there's another. So, she could ride back and forth. So, I want you to put your hand on my chest. And then you just rock your hip on me, yeah. And you could get the clitoris kind of close. And rub it just like that. Okay, now another position is you laying on your chest and laying on me. I'm holding her and I am lifting my heels off. And then I'm just lifting her a little bit. And I grabbed my hand underneath her butt. So I could just pound her, yeah. (skin clapping) (woman moaning) (skin clapping) Another position that is really fun is that you stay upright. Yes, just like this. I get enough and then I can lift her. (skin clapping) (moaning) This one, you better work out your glutes, 'cause this is kind of a lot of work here. (woman moaning) So, it feels kinda like doggy style from the other side. You okay? This is one of my favorite Frenchmen technique. So I'm going to have her put her hand on my chest where she locks out her elbow, right? And then I am holding right here And then I can really just pound her from here and hold her hip. I have great leverage here and I can just pound all day and hold her. This is aesthetic. For reverse cowgirl it's much easier for her to hold on to your penis and she put it inside of her. So you basically just stay still. It's a beautiful visual for you to see. She's on her knees and her feet are on the ground. She's upright in the very beginning controlling the movement and you could also caress her leg as she rides you. You spread her butt and you could focus on her. If you want to see more of her vulva, she could move her hand to holding on your ankle and kind of odulating her body and riding. For some women this is really is so pleasurable. She could control the angle of the entry making sure it touches her G-spot or whatever angle that feels good to her. And she could also control the pace. And you basically just lay back and enjoy the ride. And this should be fun for both partners. Let's recap, cowgirl penetration play by play. This is a fabulous position, it's beautiful and visual. She could do it from the front and the back but it's also very hard to sustain this movement for her. If she's riding from a heel down doing a mini-squat movement she could only sustain it for a period of time. So this particular position is really important for you to take turns. So sometimes she could ride. Sometimes you could penetrate. So if she's riding, she's really, give her great access with her hands on her clitoris or a vibrator or she could rub her clitoris on your pubic bone, by odulating back and forth. And this is a great finishing move for many women to get themselves to climax. If you want to penetrate her just help her move her hip slightly above your penis. So you have the range of motion to thrust consistently and powerfully. This is really awesome. If she's also holding a vibrator and rubbing her clit at the same time is a great way to get to climax if you both desire that. Remember, take turns, move around and enjoy the visual, correct. Look at her in the eyes. Connect with her. It's a beautiful penetration. (upbeat music) (Bass drops) So I've been using a strap-on as a teaching tool to show you the various positions in calibration, but I also think it is important for me to show you different positions executed with my actual cock, and see how I connect with her in a state of rouse, how to put the condom on and et cetera. So, first thing I want to do is get myself really turned on and my go-to arousal is king, and she's touching me and I'm just feeling her, once I connect with her and start kissing her and tasting her and feeling her. I asked if she gives me a blowjob to kind of get me into this full arousal period. Knowing what turns you on is really key when it comes to arousal. So I know what turns her on, what turns me on and I have her look at me and just connecting with my sensation. Paying attention to your sensation, to the experiences is what gets arousal going. Sorcery is amazing at giving blowjobs, and maybe in the future, we will make a video about blow jobs specifically once I'm fully aroused and we ready for penetration. And we did a lot of foreplay in the earlier shoots. So I know she wants a very strong vibration with the Zumiez. I lay her down in the right position, literally showing her how to use a toy and turning onto max. This girl loves pressure, loves sensation. I love watching her, touching her beautiful clit with the toy. While penetrate her, holding her ankle back and just getting her in the position, then listening to her sound And obviously it is really important to make sure it's well lubricated. I love putting on some lube on top of the condom condom usually makes it a little bit harder with lubrication. So adding loob is always a good choice. And here I give her the zumio which she really enjoy. and while I give her this position to play with herself, I line my body up, where is a great penetration motion for her I keep it steady while she's adjusting the toy and then kind of helping her a little bit and showing her how to use the toy. Now she loves high sensation, and so we turn it on to full and it paying attention to Her while I'm connecting with her and feeling my cock in and out of her. And just Enjoying the moment. If you notice, I have positioned her body to how we calibrated earlier to make sure her G-spot is lined up with the impact of my cock called the pressure then generating while I'm holding her heels. She could also very comfortably play with the Zumio So fucking upright sometimes can be challenging as I move into all fours to kind of have more control over my thrusting. The zumio require a high position. So this way I could thrust without bumping into her hip too much that she would lose her target. So here's another really key lesson on this moment. I could start hearing her sound and I'm paying attention to it. Unfortunately, I'm distracted by what I was trying to do to get all the multiple shot instead of listening to her. So you could hear her going through a couple of waves of pleasure, and she wasn't a mild orgasmic state before she actually have orgasm. And at the key critical moment I actually ended up switching position instead of letting her ride through all the potential orgasm waves. So remember to really just pay attention and connect with your partner when you are fucking. When you're done on, when you believe you should switch. So you remember consistency is absolutely key here. I switched to a different position for a reason using the Zumio requires a lot of position and the Hitachi doesn't. So on a side fucking position it's much easier for her to hold onto the hitachi have all the surface space to cover her clit while she could making sure she has enough pressure and a vibration that feel good for her. Here I move into position doggy style position. I always apply loob when I feel like I need it. She's applying pressure on the hitachi It feels good for her. I'm connecting with her right now. I'm starting off. My flight's really slow. I love looking at her butthole it's beautiful and I'm sliding my cock inside of her but without pushing or banging into her. And then once I get the rhythm going and she's more in flow I can hold on to her hip and pulling her close. So I can thrust in her a little bit harder, and this would give him more intense internal G-spot sensation or surgical experience. If I move into a more more explosive and rougher sex experience I'm pushing her hip towards me polling. Remember, I'm shifting a little bit on my center of gravity back towards her while I'm holding onto your hip to continue to intensify that you could grab her by the wrist, tilt your body back and just really go through as much thrusting power as you'd like, make sure you have enough loob as lubricated and positioning her correctly and just go relentless as fast as you can. As hard as you can. Now, I have moved back to missionary make sure. She is in the right position. I'm telling her to hold on to her and position her where her heels are on my shoulder. This is a very comfortable missionary when you have all four, and I could just thrust away here. I want to enjoy some more penetration experience without the vibration. It just really depends on what you lover likes and enjoy sometime. They liked the vibration the whole time. Sometime they like to take a break. It is a really good way for their clitoris kind of recover from the sensitivity, and then you can ride the next wave of pleasure pretty effectively. So now I am helping her making sure she positioned the vibrator on her clitoris on the right spot. And once I get her into right position, I could help her out by applying some pressure on onto the vibrator, pushing in down and give her amount of pressure that she really enjoyed and just continued thrusting. Here we switched to a very beautiful position where I have her wiggle her, but just looking at it. It's so pretty. And just get me so aroused or sometime when you switch position, you'd be like, Aw I don't want to lose my erection. So make sure you arousal go to ask your partner to do that thing that arouses you. And right here, she's holding onto my ankle and kind of riding my body and make sure she get a little bit of contact. And this is a beautiful, beautiful position to watch tip four was that because of your penis is a wreck, this pumping up toss to chin and she sort of in the reverse position is really good to have two fingers and squeeze down on the shaft of your penis. So it's pointing towards the direction of her vagina. This would prevent it from popping out as you saw it earlier and kind of just popped out. And if you hold it and makes it much easier for her to bride backward. So you see me having this very consistent habit of putting loob on it's really never too much loob. Yeah, it feels good for both people. So make sure you always have enough enjoy lubricant. He's doing a front-facing cowgirl. I have her lay her chest on me so I can really hold onto it, but in to kind of limit the range of motion. So I could really thrust him pushing my heel down to the bed. And I have a very high impact once I lift her and getting good leverage and connecting with her and squeezing her. And that really turns me on. And then I'm switching to another position where we are doing my French press French special French bulldog position that he is famous for. So is that quite a bit to set it up and getting the right biomechanics but we certainly she's doing is pushing down on my chest and squatting at the same time. So she doesn't have to use just her legs to maintain that position. And I'm also aiding her position by holding her onto her hamstring. But this gives me a great bridge position to make sure that I could use all of my glute muscle to continue thrusting. And sometimes it's a very high impact fun. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Remember no one loves premature penetration to make sure that you go through all the foreplay and get both of you fully aroused, focusing on enjoying and finding the position that works for both of you. Many women love having external stimulation while they being penetrated. So vibrator or using the hand is a great way to do that. Then you have lovely toys like magic wand or the zumio to aid that and try various positions that you really like and find out some of this more for fun and some are more reliable for orgasm. Try them all. And thank you for watching. (energetic tech music) Narrator: In this video it's more of a very central making love kind of session where it's not a lot of toy involve and slow build up and just connecting. More typical of how most people have sex, I would say. You have more romantic, some of us kind of feel. I'm integrating some of the techniques that we went over in the earlier video on connecting pressure and just trying to relax our mind and body and bring mindfulness into their experience. So love eroticizing to get more arouse and love a butt which is ridiculous and squeezes and look at it and using my senses really just kind of smell and feel and use my eyes to love and appreciate it. And that's a really frightened mindfulness practice to be in the moment because your partner would notice when you are engaged versus disengaged completely. And some people use the word energetic guy time to move towards being more present. And taking my time to kind of slow it down not rushing with a goal in mind but rather just kind of connecting and smelling and tasting. And some of the body parts like your face and your chest and pressure really feels intimate. So I'm trying to create the experience of intimacy and also just appreciating her beautiful body. Now, remember this is the first time Michelle is shooting this type of adult content, and she's been very generous on one end shooting educational content to kind of spreading good sex for the world. So I'm trying to get both of us more in a calm, expressive state and just kind of kissing her slowly and feeling her. And slowly I use a different technique from the OMGs called broadening, which is basically a lot of surface space using my upper thigh to add some pressure to a vulva and just really feeling a little bit. And then slowly I was stopped rocking from side to side. Just generating some good, yummy sensation. And that's really nice when your partner is pressing your vibes, you feel a sense of connection and they're really live those touches. I love being touched so. So right now I'm grinding a little bit up and down. Now it depends if she's, you know already wet and how much like fiction you want to generate but in the beginning, it's more off pressure rather than causing fiction. And then I start to stimulate her vulva a little bit more with my right hand as I can continue to connect with her. Now, sometimes my videographer just loves giving me random shots on my balls. But she's scratching me and just really connecting with her, feeling her. Now my fingers kind of inside her. Warming up Cause she loves her G-spot being play with. Now, it depends on really like your partner's preference. We already kind of warmed up a little bit from shooting earlier in the day but sometime it takes much longer to kind of get comfortable with penetration. So I, I could go a little bit back and forth. One way for me to stay engaged and connected with being aroused is receiving some of the same sensation. So she goes beautiful blowjobs. So I'm just connecting with her and getting her more aroused. Now remember sometime your partner will be not so used to just being in this passive receiving mode. So now on my video, I'm teaching more of a all the technique on giving but some time allowing a partner to really enjoy you and do things to give you this arousal technique by itself. So in the wheel of consent we talked about like taking and allowing. So I'm encouraging her to kind of both, you know being in service, which is hot for her and also for her to enjoy doing things to me, that arouses her. So she have many possibility when it comes to giving and receiving, taking allowing. I love giving instruction as well, so telling her what to do and exactly how to do it sometime it's really enjoyable for a partner and telling her it feels really good. I should do it the way that I love it. So you could find your own sexy. And now I'm just making sure there's enough lube. All the time is unnecessary to affection. She's quite wet herself, but I just loved her experiment of silicone lube and we are shooting porn. So it's more like making sure we preserve their least amount of friction in this case. So we could shoot a little bit longer, but in general using lube is always a great thing. And one of my favorite lube that I use in this video is a Swiss Navy, which is you can find that in my store as well, which stays kind of lubricated. It doesn't really get tacky. It lasts really long for each time you use it. And right here is, you can't really see from this perspective but she's holding my cock and kind of using it to rub on her clit. And I'm taking my time before I penetrate. So it's quite sexy to kind of like use my cock as you could see right now I'm like going up and down. her vaginal opening before I put it in. The teasing anticipation feels really good. She's so warm. It's good. So this is more of a going straight in and out. I'm trying to find an angle that is like good for her G-spot In internal sensation it takes a little time to get used to spending with your partner. So some people is internal sensation from penetration is like super good. And some is a combination of having a clitoris touch. Now, in this case, I'm just kind of trying various angle and to see her respond. And take your time with G-spot, it's not like seven pump and she has an orgasm. So it's not how it works. Let's take the time and really enjoy it both for your partner and for you to find your rhythm. And I added a little bit of external stimulation by holding her leg together and angle at her. So I could use my other my right hand really effectively on rubbing her clip. This isn't the type of training that is really you need to learn to have more complicated movement meaning you're focusing on your thumb and able to thrust and find balance. It's a skill that you will learn over time and be more practice with it. Now I'm kind of rubbing her clit rather quickly with my thumbs as I continue to fuck her in this angle you could really see my just moving my thumbs. I'm not using my entire hand and now to this where I'm grinding. So I'm applying pressure on my pubic bone to her clit as I continue to thrust which is a little different technique. Some people love it, some people orgasm from it, if you do it consistent enough. So really depends on your partner. Sometimes it feels really good. So I'm like not grinding as much into this into doing a trust that feels good to me. So it could be an up and thrill is not if you're hyper-focused on her pleasure the entire time, it might be hard for you to focus on your pleasure. So do a little bit of both, rotate a little bit. And right now I'm just slowing down as well which is a great technique on connection intimacy and just focus. And in this position, I could go kind of much deeper into pounding and, and reaching her cervix. So if so people who like cervical stimulation just getting more of a deeper thrust and see if they like it. See that quick little move where I move her legs to stabilize her, the angle of her hip. So this is angling. So right now I am transitioning to a position where she could access her clit really easily and she could rub it is much easier than me rubbing it and trying to fuck her up at the same time. It's a complete different sensation, but she has control and we definitely don't encourage women to generate sensation by touching or moving seen as much easier she's about to come and I'm just go from the intensity. So remember rest and digest para synthetic nervous system just sympathetic. So you want to kick out a flight or fight. just enjoy that orgasm, an intensity and don't stop. Just keep fucking her, until she's done.

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