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Lap Dance Online Course:
A Beginner’s Guide to Erotic Dancing

Kimberly Smith
Erotic Dance Teacher
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About This Course

Get ready to unleash your inner seductress with StripXpertease's Lap Dance. These video lessons offer lap dance essentials, from creating the perfect space to mastering the techniques.

What You Will Learn

  1. Understand how to set up for a lap dance
  2. Explore lap dance techniques
  3. Watch demonstrations each technique
  4. Learn how to practice techniques on your own

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Kimberly Smith

Erotic Dance Teacher

Step into your sensual power with Kimberly Smith, an Erotic Dance Teacher who crafts intimate choreography for solo or partnered performances. Her focus is on empowering you to embody a sexier, more confident self.

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Lessons and Classes

Total length:
30-60 min
  1. 1. Introduction to Lap Dance
  2. 2. Lap Dance Preparation
  3. 3. The Perfect Chair
  4. 4. Vocalizations
  5. 5. Duck Posture
  6. 6. Pole Position
  7. 7. Reverse Robert
  8. 8. One Handed Lotion
  9. 9. Slip N’ Slide Up & Down
  10. 10. Hip Turn
  11. 11. Grinding
  12. 12. Grinding Up & Down
  13. 13. The Subway Itch
  14. 14. Santa Sit
  15. 15. The Recliner
  16. 16. Reverse Body Slide
  17. 17. Slip N' Slide Solo Practice
  18. 18. Grinding Solo Practice
  19. 19. Santa Sit Solo Practice

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I know that you are going to practice all of the videos in this series, and you're going to be really prepared when it's time for your lap dance, but preparing your dance is not the only thing you need to prepare. You need to prepare your space. So, I wanna talk a little bit about what you should and shouldn't do when you're getting ready to do your lap dance, when you're really solid on your moves, but we don't really know what to do with everything else. Chair is number one. We have a whole video about the right kind of chairs, but you wanna make sure that you have the chair you're going to use and that you practice in it. You can always put the chair up against a wall and that can help as well too because you can put your hands on the wall when you're doing your lap dance. The other thing is lighting. You can't see, but there's a lot of light shining on me right now. It is very bright in here. That is not what you want when you're doing your lap dance. You want romantic lighting. You want dark lighting. You can use candles, you can use those disco lights you can get off Amazon, but you wanna make sure that the lights are dim, they are low, and there's no light shining from other rooms as well. Let's talk about music. I wanna make sure that you have found songs that are sexy songs that make you feel sexy, but there's a couple of rules when it comes to music. One, you want it to be slow. If it's slow, you're gonna move slow. You're not going to be nervous. Two, you don't lip sync. And three, you don't come out on the first song. You press play, you sit down your partner and then you leave the room, you come back in on song two so that we build up that anticipation. One last thing about music, if you're using Spotify or YouTube, please make sure you're using the ad-free version so that you don't have commercials playing in between your lap dance songs. (laughs) The last thing we wanna think about are distractions. The phone is a really good thing to talk about, because if you're using your phone to play Spotify, you don't want any text messages or calls coming in. So, make sure that you've silenced all of those things so they won't come in and disrupt your music. You also wanna make sure if have any landlines, those are unplugged. Your doorbells, if you can unplug those. All those distractions that could really set you in a panic in the middle of the lap dance, get rid of those. That includes children, they're off at grandma's house, and pets. (laughs) You don't want your cat jumping in your partner's lap right before you go into a grinding move. So, your lights are dim, your music is playing ad-free and very loud, dogs are away, kids are at auntie's house, and all of the distractions are gone. Just make sure you've set that and you've practiced. You've also practiced with your outfit on and you'll be good to go. So, enjoy learning the moves in this lap dance series and I will see you in the next video. (steady funk music) (sensual music) ♪ Well, excuse me, but I think you got my chair. ♪ Okay, that is a very bad rendition of an old country song and points if you know who sings it. But the chair is very important and it's very important in lap dance to have the right chair. And this is a very good chair to have. So if you are doing a lap dance at home, or a hotel, or wherever you're doing a lap dance, if you have an armchair with a little bit of a higher back, then your set. Because you need to have those arms, those arms are gonna support your weight and let your legs not do all of the work. So if you can put your hands into the chair, almost like you're doing a tricep dip, when you're dancing it's gonna be a lot easier on your legs, right, they don't have to do all the work. And if you have a nice deep chair like this, it will allow your partner to get all the way down in pole position so you have a lot of surface area here for your lap dance. So this is a great chair. Notice when I'm all the way down in pole position, which means my crotch is even with the edge of the chair, the back of the chair is higher than my shoulders, that's key. You want to be able to put your hand on the back of the chair and not on your partner's shoulder, you can, but this is always gonna be better. And then of course you have the arms of the chair here, which is gonna make everything easy-peasy for you. So this is the best kind of chair to have if you're doing a lap dance. Now, let's talk about some bad chairs. Some bad chairs, don't use these chairs, no bueno. The first one is this chair right here, so we're gonna talk about him next. So this is a folding chair and it will work if it's all that you have but I would try to avoid this kind of chair if you can. There's two main reasons. One is the depth and two is the lack of arms. So when you look at the depth of this chair compared to this chair, it's obviously much shorter. So when your partner's in pole position and they're all the way down, you can see there's less surface area for you to work on. So there is more of an angle here, which means your legs have to work harder. And when your legs are working harder and you don't have arms to hold onto to relieve your legs, you are going to get tired a lot quicker and it's gonna be a lot more difficult to do some of the moves that we do in our lap dance series. So if a folding chair or something similar to this is all that you have, rock it out, but if you can get one of these chairs, I highly suggest it 'cause it's gonna make a big difference. There are are a couple of chairs we do not want to use. We're gonna talk about those next. So this is a bar stool and this is something we don't want to use, mainly because it doesn't have a back. The same concept goes if you're dancing on a bed. So whenever someone is sitting on this and you go to put your hands on their shoulders 'cause you don't have a back, right, and you start to lean, what's gonna happen to them? Whoa, right. They're gonna keep going back. Same concept on a bed. So if a bar stool is all you have, I suggest getting online and ordering a chair, bar stools are a no-go. The other thing that is a no-go is a high stool just like this, it's similar to a bar stool, but you're saying, oh, it has a back. No, I'll show you why. So this chair won't work because of the height. Yes, it has a back, but this is not going to help you when you're doing a move like slip and slide, or grinding, or pretty much anything, because the height of your partner's crotch. So imagine doing slip and slide here. You gotta come all the way up here, so you have to be super flexible. Try grinding, you better hope you're wearing some eight-inch heels because you're not gonna be able to get any height. So even though it has a back, this is still a no-no chair. The other kind of chairs that we want to avoid are rolling chairs, any kind of office chair. Also, I would hope you would figure this out, but no rocking chairs, okay If that chair moves, it is a no-go. But, even though most of us may not have have these kind of chairs like I have, a lot of us have couches. Couches have pros and cons, so let's talk about couches next. So we have the couch, which again most of us have in our home, but we got some problems here. One, if we have an arm on one side, the other arm is usually very far away. So that presents a problem, but you can at least use one arm for support. The other issue with couches is they tend to be very deep. So, if you put your partner in pole position, which means crotch is at the edge, here's what we get. This is a little too relaxed for your lap dance. Your partner might not go to sleep, 'cause it's very exciting, but this just isn't gonna work. So what you can do instead is have a little prop up in the back. You can take one of the cushions on your couch and move it over. And now, it's more like an armchair, so your partner has a better angle for you to work with, and you're a little bit more comfortable in your dance, as well. So whatever you choose, make the best of it, have fun. Try to get your armchair, work with your couch, maybe it's time to make a little purchase for some lap dance love. But either way, keep practicing, and I will always see you in the next video. Bye bye. I'm just gonna take a little nap here while you guys go practice. I'll see you guys later. (sensual music) (upbeat music) - Hello, ladies, welcome back. This video is very exciting because we're going to be doing vocalizations. And vocalizations are things that you can add during your lap dance to really increase the sexuality in your dance, because vocalizations are basically sex noises. And sex noises are good, we love sex noises. Have you ever been with someone and they're just dead quiet? No moaning, no breathing, no uh, no nothing. That makes you feel like you're doing something wrong, right? Sex noises, they're good to hear, they're sexy. Okay, think about this: Have you ever heard your neighbors having sex? Did you turn the TV up or down? Right, you probably turned it down 'cause it's interesting, it's fascinating. We like those noises. So we're going to do them during our lap dance to make our partner super excited. But I know it's hard to just do sex noises, and so we're gonna make it really easy and very clinical, so that you can do it in your lap dance and not feel weird or out of place. We're gonna do three different ones today. We're gonna do reverse hiss, deep, heavy breathing, and the Godiva moan. So the first one, reverse hiss, I want you to think that you perhaps burned your finger on a stove, a hot candle, something like that. And besides a lot of curse words, what do you do? Typically, we suck in air through our teeth. We go, (hisses), or, (hisses) ah, something like that. So we're gonna do that same thing, but very sexy, very slow, very relaxed in the face. So bite your back teeth down, but leave a little bit of space in between your lips, and slowly and gently just suck in air, inhale. (Kimberly inhales softly) That's it. Easy, right? So the reverse hiss is just teeth, slow, quiet inhale, because we don't want our partner to think that they've hurt us. That's the opposite of what we're going for here. So let's try it together again. (Kimberly inhales softly) That's it, just make sure you're not making any gurgling noises, or it's not too loud. Very quiet, mouth relaxed. (Kimberly inhales softly) Just like that. Number two: deep, heavy breathing. So now you've burned your finger, and now you gotta go to the hospital and see the doctor, get all patched up. So when you're at the doctor, they use a stethoscope, right? They put it on your chest, and what do you do? (Kimberly breathes deeply) Right? They do it again. (Kimberly breathes deeply) Same thing, that's all we're doing. And when we do this deep breathing, our chest heaves, so we've got some visualizations going on along with our vocalizations. So just imagine you're at the doctor's office, don't overthink it. (Kimberly breathes deeply) And when we do this, make sure, very important, you are not nasal breathing. (inhales nasally) That is not sexy. It is only through your mouth. (breathes deeply) And the last one is our Godiva moan. So for this one, I want you to imagine that perhaps you've been clean-eating for a long time, or you've been on a diet for several weeks, but today, today is your cheat day. Today's the day it's going down, and you are having that piece of cake, that fried food, or perhaps that Godiva bonbon that is so delicious, and when you see it and you unwrap it, and then you put it into your mouth, and the chocolate's all melty, and then it finally bursts, and then the chocolate ganache runs all through your mouth, and it's just (gasps), what noises are you making? You're probably already doing it now, right? It's, (moans), so good. That's all you have to do, just a little Godiva moan. So just make that same noise you would make if you were eating chocolate or whatever just turns your mouth on. Mm, so good. That's it. You just burn your finger, go to the doctor, and then you get to eat cake afterwards. And those are your sex noises. So let's string them together to practice. But when you're doing this with your partner, you don't have to string them together, you can just pepper them in throughout. So we're gonna reverse hiss for the inhale, we're gonna exhale with a breath, inhale with a breath, and then exhale with the moan. Are you ready? Here we go. (Kimberly inhales deeply) (Kimberly sighs) (Kimberly inhales deeply) (Kimberly moans) Easy, right? And when you're doing these moves, you don't even have to look at your partner. These are moves that are best done when perhaps you're in Santa Sit and your head is here by your partner, you're doing Slip n' Slide, and again, you can lean in and put your mouth right next to your partner's ears. So try to pepper these throughout your dance, and just see what happens while you're doing them. Good luck, and as always, I will see you in the next video. Bye. (inhales sharply) See you later. Go get some chocolate. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) - Hello ladies, welcome back to Posture. This move is really just about how you're gonna hold your body while doing other moves. If you're doing a robot but your posture is like this, yeah, it doesn't work, right? So let's talk about posture from the feet to the head. First, I want your feet to be about shoulder with a part. Whatever feels natural and good to you. Then we're gonna move up and bend those knees. Bend your knees like you're on a surfboard or you're on the subway and you have nothing to hold onto. Like you're on a Bosu ball. The knee help with balance, helps balance in these six inch heels. It will also help your legs look a little bit more muscular because it's engaging the muscles in your legs. So knees are always slightly bent. Then from here you wanna take your point your finger and find your hip bone. Take your thumbs and wrap them around the back and then drop your wrists. I want you to feel as if there's a heavy bracelet pulling down your wrist. This is correct. This is not so correct. When you're in this posture it's gonna make you look taller and leaner because your elbow is creating an optical illusion. Your elbow is pulling away from the smallest part of your waist, making you look smaller and taller. So we're holding here and then we're keeping all of this area tight. So you're tightening your abs. You're tight your pelvic floor. Imagine if you were putting on a pair of jeans that are a little bit too small, tighten and suck in. From here, we move up. You're gonna take a deep breath like you're going underwater. Let's see what it does to the girls. You take a deep breath but breathe normally and hold your body in this position. So deep breath in, hold but continue to breathe. You're trying to get as much space between your breast plate and your pubic bone. So instead of being here, you are here. Then we wanna make sure that we don't have these crazy stressed out shoulders. Shoulders are down and back and looking nice and relaxed. The last bit of posture is about your boobs and your ass. You wanna imagine that you're a little duck, a little bird and you're pushing your boobs forward and your ass backwards. So you get a nice arch in your lower back. So chest is forward, ass is out, hands are on the hips and we're like a little baby cute duck. Here's a side version to see kind of what's going on. (soft music) So that's it. Feet shoulder with apart, knees bent, everything tight, ass out, hands on your hips, wrist dropped, shoulders backing down, chest up and out and of course don't forget you're working your predator face. Always come to this posture before you do any of your moves. As always keep practicing and I will see you in the next video. (upbeat music) (soft music) - This move is called Pole Position and this is the position you're gonna have to put your partner in so that you can give them the best lap dance. This is very important. Even if you're dancing for someone who's had a lap dance or two, by putting them in a position, shows that you're in control, this is your dance, and it puts you in a position of power. So, your partner is sitting in the chair. They're relaxed, they're chilling, right. You're gonna walk up, sexy stripper walk, and you're gonna stop about between the arches of their feet, between their toes. Honestly, it depends on how tall your partner is, how tall you are. Basically you wanna stop so that if you were to squat down, your knees would be at the edge of the chair that you're dancing on. So that's gonna be different for every person. So for Jillian, it's right between the arches of my feet. You're gonna stop there and you wanna make sure that your feet are fairly close together and maybe you could fit a fist in between your feet, but no more. Then you're gonna hinge from the hips, sticking your tits in one direction, ass in the other direction, and your hands are gonna go down until they reach about mid thigh. From here, we're gonna do what we call the Reverse Seal, backs the hands together. And then you can gently or violently, oh Jillian's violent. You could open up your partner's legs. At this point, you wanna make sure that your arms stays straight, no bent elbows. Again, chest is lifted, butts lifted. Then you reverse your grip, so Jillian was facing this way with her fingertips. She reverses her grip. She holds on tight. And then for a count of three, she's going to (indistinct) her hips down until they land on her heels. Nice and comfortable. And she wants to sit up nice and straight here. A lot of times we see girls hunch over, relax too far down in the squat, make sure that you're sitting up nice and tall. Then from here, she wants to make sure that her partner is all the way down in the chair. So she's gonna give him the universal sign to scoot forward and he knows what's up, so he does. Then she wants to reach around and find where the goods are. It's important to know where your partner's package is, because there are certain moves where you're gonna wanna mess around with it, and certain moves where you're gonna wanna avoid it. So she finds where the package is. You can talk to your partner, say how big it is, how hard it is. Hopefully, it'll be one or the other. And then you're gonna move your hands all the way down to position the feet. So the hand closest to your partner stays at the knee. The other hand will go all the way down, and adjust the ankle underneath the knee, comes back, same thing on the other side. Oh, it's getting bigger. Yes. (laughs) Hand goes down, adjust, comes back up. Then one hand goes to one knee. The other hand goes to the other knee, and it's very important as you roll it back up, you keep your chest lifted. Yes, good. So we like to say, imagine that you have a shot glass full of premium stuff right in between your boobs and you don't wanna spill it. So Jillian's gonna do that one more time and show you the wrong way to get up. No. So again, keep your chest lifted. One more time, making you work, nice and tall. Good. So now, he's in position. His legs are open. His hands are out the way. He's low in the chair. Now you need to get in position. So you're gonna walk all the way in until your shins touch his inner thighs. Then you're going to lean in. So a little hinge at the hips, leaning in, and your hands are gonna go over his shoulders. The top of the chair, whatever's higher, in this case it's my shoulders. You can also use the wall, and this is Pole Position. So she now has access to my pole, if I were to have one. Very good. Thank you. (upbeat music) (low-intensity techno music) - [Instructor] This is one of our basic moves called reverse Robert. Jillian is demonstrating here now. This is the reverse of regular Robert. So, for this move, you want to start with a little bit of, what we call, duck posture. It's like you're a duck, but you're a sexy duck. So she's gonna turn to the side to show you duck posture. You're gonna arch the back, big arch in the back, pull the shoulder blades back. You want to lift the butt. So, again, you've got that laser pointer in your butt. It's shining up on the wall. You have laser pointers in your boobs. They're shining towards that wall. Big arch here. This is the position you're gonna be in during the entire reverse Robert. She's gonna come back to the center here. Turn for me (shoes tapping). Beautiful. When you're doing this move, I want you to imagine that you're in a box. So, you're surrounded in a box, and you have paint brushes on either hip. And your paint brushes are gonna paint the entire sides of the box from corner to corner. So you're gonna start at the back left corner of your box, put your paint brush in the corner. Really push the paint brush, so you feel paint dripping down all over the box. Then you're gonna take your paint brush and paint all along the side of the box till you get to the front corner. So by doing this, you're turning your hips from the back to the front. Your chest goes from facing the front corner of the box to the side corner of the box. And you've got a nice hip stick out there on the left hand side. Then she does the other side. She's gonna stick it out, paint the box, and repeat. So it's a pretty simple figure eight from back to front, back to front, back to front. She wants to keep the chest lifted, the lower back arched, and the feet stay stationary. Not a lot of twisting going on. This is the move that you'll always do when you're in a lap dance. So I'm gonna go ahead and sit. When she's doing the reverse Robert, she's pressing her legs into my inner thighs, so keeping my legs open. And then, doing the same figure eight move, her hands are gonna be on my shoulders. And there she goes. So this is great. Because when you're doing this for your partner, he gets a nice view here of the butt. So it's like, "Ooh, look at that ass." And then, "Ooh, look at that ass. You're hypnotizing me with your booty." And the boobs are also moving here. This is an excellent move. You would add a lotion onto this move, which you can see in another video. But she's gonna demonstrate one-handed lotion here. Perfect. Nice, very good. (low-key techno music) (sultry music) - This move is called one-handed lotion. And this is the move you're gonna do when you're in reverse Robert at the beginning, or middle, or end, any part of your lap dance really. So basically you're doing a seven pattern on your body. The hands are going across the boobs and then into the crotch and you repeat. It's pretty simple, but when you combine it with a Robert it does feel a little bit like doing one of these guys. So it'll take some practice, but don't stress. Keep practicing, keep working on it, go slow. It will get easier. And now Jillian's gonna demonstrate the one-handed lotion with the reverse Robert in pole position. There's the reverse. And there's the one-handed lotion. The idea behind the lotion is when you're dancing for your partner, they're not allowed to touch you. If they touch you, you slap their hands away. So this move is great because you're teasing them. They're following your hand because they wanna touch you there. They most definitely wanna touch you there. So they're currently living vicariously through your hands. So make sure when you're doing this move that you're putting a little bit of extra oomph into it. It's not a boring I'm-touching-my-body kind of move. Very sexy, it makes you wanna touch you. (sultry music) (bright music) - This is the most basic of the slip and slides. We call it just up and down. And you're taking your shin over your partner's package and then to the other side. So you start in pull position, hands in position, legs in position, and your shin is gonna travel along your partner's bikini line. If they were wearing a bikini that's where the bikini line would be. So the knee starts by making very gentle contact, the toe points, and the knee heads up to your same wrist until the toe hook underneath his inner thigh. And then just back down the way you came. We'll show you the other side. All the way up to the toe hooks, and then back down. One more time on this side. All the way up to the toe hooks and then back down. Now right now Jillian's doing a very good slip and slide but we say this is looking like the bored stripper. So we wanna have a little bit of (indistinct) into the routine. She's gonna add a little hip circle, a little body roll. If this is complicated for you, you can just imagine that you have a marker stuck in your hip. And when your knee reaches the top of the move, you're just kind of squiggling a little line on the wall but a very slow kind of drunk squiggle. So show the move with the squiggle, knee comes up. There's your drunk squiggle, and then back down. Good, very good. Just make sure when you're doing this move that you look down if you need to, because the balls are there and we don't wanna hurt the balls. Okay, be nice to the balls. And that is slip and slide. (electronic music) (upbeat music) - Hello and welcome to Behind Closed Doors. My name is Kimberly and this move is the hip turn. The simple move that takes you from facing forward to facing the opposite direction. Looks a little bit like this. Easy enough, right? We're gonna break this down into a few sections, going forward to start, going backwards to start, shifting your weight and what you're gonna do with your hands. Let's start with shifting your weight. Shifting your weight is the key to this move and this is something you do every day. Every day, you're waiting in a line somewhere, the line is long and you are tired of waiting in line. And what do you do? Ugh, you shift your weight. Come on, do it with me. Shift your weight. Exactly. So you shift your weight into one foot you lack that leg and you stick that hip out. This is the key to the hip turn, something you already do, who knew? So that's shifting weight. The next step is, are you gonna step forward or are you gonna step backwards? When you're in a lap dance your shins are already up against your partner. The first step is going to be backwards. You can choose to move your left foot back or your right foot back to start, it doesn't matter, but together we're gonna start with our right foot. So the right foot goes back just a little bit. We're gonna shift our weight, you just practiced this, you're very good at it. The next step is taking your left foot around and forward. So the left foot goes around and forward and then again, we repeat shifting our weight. When we shift our weight into our left foot the right heel is gonna come up a little bit and the right foot will pivot to help you move your body to this direction. So here we go together, shift, right heel comes up as the hip goes out, your body pivots, the foot pivots, and now you're facing this direction. So the right foot is gonna move backwards again, step, what do we do next? Right, we shift and the left foot comes around, we step, we shift and then that heel will lift, the right foot will pivot a little bit and we repeat one more time to make sure we're fully facing the other direction. Step, shift and we're done, easy enough, right? Let's try it with our left foot moving backwards first. Step, shift, hip, the right foot comes around. Step, shift, hip. A little pivot happens on the foot. Left foot goes backwards, hip, right goes forward, hip. The exact same thing when you're stepping forward, you're just changing the order of the feet. So the right foot goes forward, shift and hip, left foot goes back, shift and hip. Right foot goes forward, shift and hip, and you're done. Now, let's talk about what you do with your hands. This is a very hippy move so you don't want your hands to get in the way. We're gonna take our hands in what we call a Sexy W. Ta-dah. So just lift your hands up but keep them relaxed, no fists of concentration. Let your hands relax at shoulder level or maybe a little bit above your shoulder. Or if you wanna get crazy with it, your hands can go into your hair. Let's try it with relaxed hands and then we'll do it with hands and hair. I'm gonna start by bringing the right foot back. So back, shift and hip, forward, shift and hip. Right goes back, shift and hip, and we are done. Let's try it with W hands, left foot moving forward. Shift and hip, shift and hip, shift and hip. Easy enough, right? So go ahead, keep practicing, shifting your weight. Find something to do with your hands and keep on a turnin'. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) - So this move is called grinding. This is a move your partner's going to like a lot because it gives him a great view, or her, and also feels really good. So, if you're the dancer, you're starting out in pole position, with your rear end facing your partner, and you wanna make sure you're backed up all the way until your calves touch your partner's inner thighs. This is important because when you swivel your hips down, you don't wanna look behind you, you wanna look like you've been doing it for a bunch of years. Then your hands are gonna go in position, either on your partner's knees or on the arms of a chair if happen to have them. Whatever's more comfortable for you. So, you can all see me. Jillian's gonna use my legs. (both giggling) Then you wanna imagine, sit up for a second, big marker right in your butt, (thbbt noise) and you're gonna be drawing a circle, here on your partner's chest. So if it's a lady boobs to pubes, guy chest to nuts, big circles. So again, big circles, go for it Jillian. What's important here, is what your back looks like as well. This is a hard move on your legs so you wanna sag your legs out a little bit and you wanna make sure that you keep your chest lifted. A lot of times you find girls get tired, and they start to hunch over because it's hard work. This is a no-no. You wanna keep your chest lifted so it looks nice and pretty. And then you can always look back at your partner," Hey." And that is grinding big circles. (upbeat music) (bright music) - Hello, again. This is another grinding video. This is called Up and Down. So this is by far the best grinding. This is is the grinding that looks and feels the most like sex. So thank high school dry humping. So basically Jillian, the dancer, is gonna come down. The guy or girl whoever's getting the dance is in pole position. And she's gonna be doing an up and down motion. So she'll demonstrate first and then we'll break it down. Yeah, that's nice work! Okay, take a little break. So for this move, it's a lot of hip action. So Julian's gonna stand up and show you how to, well, first she's gonna fix her panties. There you go. She's gonna show you how to tuck, and then how to arch. Very good. So when you're tucking, it's like doing a sit up in midair. And when you're arching, it's like sticking your booty out. So a lot of times we say imagine that you have a laser pointer in your butt, we put a lot of things in your butt here, and then you wanna shine that laser pointer up on the wall. So again, she's tucking and she's arching. She's gonna do that throughout the move. So she's gonna come back into a regular sit. Hands are in position. And she's gonna start low. So she's gonna go as low as she can in the move and start with a tuck. Then she's going to just basically straighten her legs. Don't think about moving your shoulders, think about straightening your legs until she gets to the very top. And then the arch happens right at my chest line. Then she continues to bend her knees, keeping the arch, going back to the starting position. So it's really a knee move, not so much moving here, moving the knees. So now she's gonna scoop, straighten up the legs, arch at the top, and bend the legs. You can also think when you're coming up, it's like butt hole up, but vagina down, butt hole up, and vagina down. This is excellent move to do during your lap dance. And again, just like all the other grindings four to five seconds and then move on to something else. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) - This move is called the subway itch. And this move is very important if you've been doing any up and down. So Jillian has been doing some up and down and I am getting very excited, but Jillian has plans for us afterwards so she doesn't want me to get too excited. So to calm me down just a little bit she's gonna sit directly on the penis. So it is butt bone, boner, butt bone. While she's sitting down, she can release her hands. She doesn't really need to hold herself up. She can do a little bit of lotion. She can do a hair move, whatever she chooses, and then her hips are doing just a little baby circle. So it's a small circle, not a lot of movement. She can look back at me. Hey, she can again do lots of other things with her hands and this move she would do for about four to six seconds and then move on to something else. Good job, I'm calm now, thank you. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) - This move is called Santa Sit. And this is your rest move. But don't tell anyone, it's your secret. When you're doing any kind of grinding, your legs are gonna start to hurt. And you wanna be able to take a break without looking like you're taking a break. So you end up in this position. Jillian's gonna go back to the beginning and show you how to get here, looking nice and sexy. So you're doing your grinding, and oh no, the legs starts to ache. So she's gonna move to one side, preferably not the penis side. We talked about that during pole position. She's gonna take the hand closest to me and wrap it around. Her free hand is gonna do a little bit of lotion. And then she's gonna do a little bit of subway itch here in the bottom. Again, subway itch, we've talked about earlier. And she just chills here, relax, rest. And the partner thinks, wow, I really like this part of the dance. This is my favorite part. But really she's just resting. Again with most of the moves, you wanna do four to six seconds and then move on. Feel rested? - Yep. - Okay. Let's move on then. (upbeat music) (bright music) - Wonderful! So Jillian just demonstrated the recliner and the advanced recliner. We're gonna show you how to do both. So when you're doing a recliner, basically it's just like what it sounds like, you're reclining back onto your partner. It gives him a great view of your boobs. You have a nice relaxed position for yourself. So she's gonna start by lowering her hips until we call "Free air". So that means your vagina, your booty, everything is in free air. It's not touching anything on your partner. Then she's gonna contract her abs round through her spine and lean back onto me. The key here to make the move look good is ear to ear contact. She's gonna show you the wrong way to do it by going too far to the side. Wrong. So she's nowhere near my ear. Then she's gonna show you being a little bit too low. Wrong, no ear to ear. So really if you're ear to ear, you'll be fine. So now she's gonna come back ear to ear. This is just regular recliner. So her back is up against my belly. From here she can do a little bit of lotion. The partner's like, wow, nice booby shot. And if she wants to get advanced, she wants to make sure that her feet are underneath her knees. And she's gonna push through her heels and lift her hips up so there there's space in between my belly and her butt. She can do a body roll here. She can work her hands for lotion. She can wrap one hand around my head. She can say dirty things in my ear. Woo, that's dirty! And then from here, she can either sit up. Or she can do a reverse body slide, which you can see in another video, but she'll demonstrate here. That's good. Excellent. And that is the recliner and the advance recliner. Good job. (upbeat music) - Very nice. That was a reverse body slide. And a nice little booty push up. So this is a move that you're going to add on to your recliner or elevator recliner. So she's gonna go ahead and go into that position. Miss Jillian is in her recliner now. For this move you wanna make sure it's very important to have your feet a little bit further out from your knees or directly underneath your knees. You can have a little bit of a stagger as well. And she's just going to slide down, her head's gonna maintain contact, her lower back is gonna maintain contact, her upper back, everything, she's gonna make eye contact with me. Hey, and her arms are just gonna follow the path of my legs. So she'll end up in this position from here. She can just press into her elbows, press her body up. If you wanna get up from this position you're feeling a little wobbly, you can grab onto your partner's ankles. Hold tight, stick your booty up first and then followed by your chin. Very nice. Let's try that one more time. So again, shes in the recliner. She adjusts her feet, her hands follow the line of my legs. She looks up at me as she goes down. She presses into her elbows. She feels wobbly. She can grab a hold of my legs, butt first, chin second. And then ta-da, very good. Nice job. (upbeat music) (steady dance music) - More pillow practice. So, we are using our pillow again today to do some more practice with slip and slide. If you haven't watched slip and slide, you need to stop. Go watch that video and come on back. And what we're looking for is a king-size pillow, so make sure you have one of those as well. If you don't have a king-size pillow, you can use two standards or if you have a large stuffed animal, this is hump bear, this is Hazey's large hump bear, she likes to hump it, you can use that as well, but basically, we're looking for something to kinda recreate our person. So, before we do that, I want you to think about when you have your lap dance chair, again, how your person would be sitting so you can really visualize it in your head, and think about what we're using the pillow for is we need height. We need to be able to use pressure and it's gonna help us with all that so we don't have to use our imaginations. So, when a person's sitting in the chair, and in my particular chair, you can see, working on slip and slides, we're mainly working on this area, that it's really in the midway point of the chair here. So, we don't need a lot of height, and the slip and side is focused on here so we don't have to worry about this part right now. We're just worrying on this bottom part. So, we're gonna take our big king-size pillow here, and we're gonna make a crotch with it. So, I'm gonna take it just like this. Just kind of rearrange it, try to keep it low. We don't want a super fluffy pillow. So that we have this little V section here. And so that we can imagine a crotch. It's okay if hangs off a little bit, it doesn't have to be perfect, but we don't want it super high. So, you don't wanna do the V like this, right? That's too high. You wanna try to make it like a person. So we're gonna put it down low, we're gonna make a V. And the other thing we're gonna cheat with a little bit, I know when we talk about pole position that we don't wanna see any chair here, but we're gonna cheat, that's okay if you can see some chair, because we want the actual pillow to stay in the chair. So, you can cheat here, and if you don't know what I'm talking about with pole position, please make sure you watch that video as well. You got some homework to do. So, here we have our person, and again, we're using the pillow so we can try to recreate the person. We can have that right amount of pressure, so that when you get into your position, you're getting ready to do your move, you can feel what that triangle feels like. You don't have a lotta room here, and then you can do your lean, you can come up and you can let the top of your toe hook into the bottom of the pillow, right? You can start with just basic. You don't have to add the little swirl. You can just get the feel of that. And you wanna make sure that you're using the right amount of pressure. You shouldn't be pushing down into the pillow. This is bad. We just wanna be rubbing across the pillow, come up and do a little swirl, and you can just practice like that again and again and again. So, again, you kinda have that concept of what a real person feels like. We're looking for just a little bit of pressure. We don't wanna push the pillow in too much. And you wanna use that pillow right here so that your toe comes and hooks right there, just like it would on a real person. So, hopefully, this can help you practice. I know it's so hard to practice without a person, but you have some tools right in your bedroom that can help you practice. So, good luck practicing your slip and slide with your your pillow or your hump bear, whatever you may have, and I will see you in the next video. Bye-bye. Your hump bear's gonna say bye. Say bye, hump bear. (steady dance music) - Hey girl, hey! So we are here practicing lap dance. Now the thing about lap dance is really, you need another person, but I know that you can't always get that other person, right? Maybe you don't have a girlfriend that you can practice on or maybe you're trying to keep it a surprise from the person that you're practicing on. So you're gonna have to practice without a person. And I have come up with some ways that we can do that. So one is if you have a big stuffed animal that you can use that kinda looks like a person. This is actually Haysie's hump bear. So she likes to hump it and then take the stuffing out of it. It is much larger than her, but she has a good old time with that bear. So if you have something like that, you can use it. But most of us don't have something like that. So what we're gonna use instead is a pillow. Now, if you have a king size pillow, pause the video, go grab that. If you don't, you can use two standard pillows but the best is gonna be a king size pillow. So go ahead and get that and come on back. Okay. So there's a couple of options when we do different moves, but this particular video is working on grinding. So what I want you to do is take your pillow and just fold it in the middle of your chair. And we are hoping that you have your lap dance chair. Now, if you don't have a lap dance chair and you're using a folding chair, you can still work that out. Here. And I don't know if you noticed, but when the pillow is in this chair, it stands up. Imagine it's a person. It's sitting up much straighter, right? When the pillow is in this chair, he's kind of got his lean on, right? He's like chilling. And that's exactly how it's gonna be with the person. When you're sitting in a chair with a short base, right? Not a lot of length in the bottom. The person's gonna be standing up a lot straighter. When they're in a chair like this, they're gonna be leaning back more. So that's why it's easier to use a chair like this when you're dancing in general than a chair like this, because you're gonna be working a lot harder on this chair than you would if you were in this chair. But what you're gonna do with this pillow is put it in like a person. And I want you to think about how the person would sit and kind of imagine them as the pillow and the best way to do that is to actually sit yourself. So we're gonna do that. We're gonna sit in in our chair. So hopefully you have your chair nearby. And when you sit in the chair, you're gonna get in pole position, make sure you've watched the pole position video before you're doing this. You need to go back to the beginning, Get in pole position and just notice a few things. Notice how high, now remember this is our dance space, right? Your butt is coming up to boobs, right? Chest and up. Boobs to pubes. So your butt's coming up to here. And then the bottom of the circle is gonna be down here. So look at how that looks in your chair. Look at where that is, right. It's kind of in the mid part of the chair. And when I think about my boobs, they're right here even with the top part of the chair. So just put that in your mind and then get your person. You can give him a name. I'm always dancing for Robert Downey, Jr. Okay, this is my Robert. So now look when you're here and think about, Okay, so my boobs are here. So this is gonna be the high part and then crotch down here. So it looks very much like a person. So we have our pillow set up or a big stuffed animal or a hump bear. And when you practice, I want you to think about not putting too much pressure. So go ahead and get into your position, so imagine if you will that you are just doing some moves, you're gonna slowly come down. You're getting into your position here. And then I want you to start your circles and you should be able to feel the pillow underneath you. So when you're doing your circles, I want you to feel the pillow underneath you the entire time. And you really have to focus on what you're feeling in your butt, okay? So you should be able to feel the pillow and it should feel just like a light pressure. If you have to sit down during this move, that means you gotta strengthen up that body a little bit. Cause we're trying just to glide over the pillow, you wanna feel it, feel it the whole time. So really focus on what you're feeling and you wanna make sure you're getting up to that height. Now, sometimes you might think "What? I don't know. I can't look behind me. How do I know I'm getting up to that height?" Well, that's when you can use a second pillow and you put it up here like this. So this pillow's height is right about where my boobs were. So you kinda leave a little shelf. So your butt's gonna come up and kinda tap that, right? Little tap tap. And then you go back to what you were practicing before. So we're in our position and we do our circles until I feel oh, I'm tapping that pillow and come back down. If when you're doing this, you're like, "Look, I don't feel anything. I don't know, my butts numb, maybe." Then practice just in a thong, practice naked. You know how I feel about practicing naked, but make sure that you can feel because that's what we're working on here. Because if you notice when we take the pillows away, there's all that space there. And so it's hard to imagine how far you need to go down, how much pressure you're using, unless you actually have something there. So you get your pillows, rearrange it however you need, make sure you're wearing little clothing and just keep practicing. Remember light pressure here, get into position. Don't actually do that during your dance. That wasn't very sexy, but get into position. Do your circles, make sure you're feeling stuff. And that's the best way to practice grinding. Use your pillows. Use your hump bear, whatever works for you and happy practicing. I will see you in the next video. Bye-bye. (sultry music) - Another move that is difficult to get down without a person is Santa Sit. And this move is super important because when your lap dancing you need Santa Sit. When your legs are hurting, you're like I need Santa Sit. So what we're gonna do is to practice our Santa Sit with our pillows. And for this particular one I have a standard size pillow and a king size pillow. I've got the king size pillow set up just like we did for the slip and slide practice. So check out that video real quick to learn how to set up this part. And your standard pillow you're just putting on top of it behind it. So what we have here is we have our torso, our head, and our very, our very chunky legs down here. (chuckles) So we're gonna go back to imagining that we were doing grinding. So again, I talked about this in slip and slide. You can have a little bit of chair showing here, that's okay. We can cheat with that, but we are practicing our slip and slide and we're imagining, oh my legs are dying, I gotta do my Santa Sit. So you want to bring your entire body over to one side. And again, watch Santa Sit if you're curious as to what side that is. and then we're gonna sit our body down. And you should feel that you're really on the edge of the chair. So one butt cheek should kind of be hanging off the edge of the chair, and you're gonna feel that other part of the pillow kind of press into you. So you're really gonna see how much room you do, (clears throat) I mean, don't have, when you're doing this move. You can't just, you know, spread it out to the world here. So you're in Santa Sit and then from here you're gonna be able to figure out how you can maneuver to putting that hand back behind your person, taking the other hand doing some stuff, keeping moving, how all of that works. It's a lot different when you have someone underneath you and then also kind of how to get out of this move gracefully and go back into your dance. So again, you set up the pillows like you do for slip and slide. You have one back behind you and you can just use that to go through the move again and again. And try it on different sides because when you're working with a person you might have to switch sides. And if you get used to doing it on one side and you have to switch then your brain is gonna be like, I dunno what to do. So just use this to practice both sides and get really good at Santa Sit so that you don't pass out in the middle of your lap dance. Happy practicing, and I will see you in the next video. Bye. (sultry music)

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