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Do you write on the topics of conscious sexuality and relationships? Are you looking for visibility on the vast world wide web?

We collaborate with a selected group of writers. Are you a good fit?

Why should you write for Beducated?

  • You’ll change lives. Beducated transforms lives, in a way that lets humanity shine. With our courses and blog we reach out to thousands of open-minded individuals, who are thriving to be the best version of themselves every day. We love giving them all the tools and providing the soulful community they need to get this done. Our writers therefore also have a deep impact on the reader’s journey to sexual self-improvement, as you might guess!
  • You’ll add substance to your professional repertoire. With Beducated you get to reach out to a global audience, different to the one you might usually address. Sharing what inspires you, and what is closest and dearest to your heart is a magnet for expansion and success – all you have to do is share what has meant the most to you.
  • You’ll dedicate your work with us to bring humanity forward, in a healthy and harmonious way, aligned with the highest principles.

Do you feel like we are totally on the same page?

Let’s give you some more information on working with us.

Beducated Style

Our style is “sexy, sassy and safe”; this is a given in every blog article. Our authors also bring their own authentic voice with them, which we highly encourage them to do. We want them to be real.

To give you some examples:

  1. My Yoni Massage Blackout: Right into Bliss or Wherever …
  2. Tantra Guide: Turn Your Sex Life Into a Magical Soul-Connecting Experience (with Infographic)
  3. Are You Dating a Spiritual Asshole?
  4. How To Raise Your Erotic Consciousness: Make Love On The 7 Chakras

Our articles bring value to the reader, are well-researched and ad-free. We focus on quality and authenticity.

Response time

We usually respond within 7 days. The articles usually take 2- 5 weeks to go live, depending on the queue.


We’re a bit picky. We have a mission and we stick by it. But if you don’t get to collaborate with us now, it doesn’t mean we don’t love your work or that it’s not good. So take your time with everything. We’ll be there to help you, and would appreciate it if you come back to us again after some time.

Questions that should be answered with a Yes before contacting us:

1. Are the topics you want to write about socially relevant? Do they add value to society?

We love personal stories but only when they can be recycled into more wisdom for our readers. So we do want your personal story but only as long as it stays relevant to all the interested readers out there.

2. Will they inspire?

You know all the information you can get through the internet is huge, and most if it is unnecessary, so please make your thoughts in the article count, and really consider your readers’ interest to give them new insights and a broader perspective on things.

3. Will you love them?

If you don’t love your own topic, why should our readers? But if you love it, believe in it and are willing to share it with us, then we are supercurious to hear about it!

4. Will your articles have yourself in them, your own personal touch?

Even though we have just said that the focus should be on adding value to our audience, we want to see You in your written words. Leave your personal traces in your writing, be authentic – because only you can be you.

Sounds good? Get in touch with us now!

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  • Please also insert direct links to articles or other pieces of writing that you have published previously