Quarantine 101 for Lovers

Self-isolation is the name of the game right now. But this game doesn’t have to be lonely or boring. In fact, it’s time to make it sexy.

Long-distance couples, you’re the experienced ones here. Sexy chats might be your forte, but with no outside distractions, you have even more time to get frisky. So turn on that webcam!

Barely-any-distance couples, use this time to up your connection. Whether it’s through emotional or sexual explorations, try to look at this situation as a chance to go deeper. And dirtier.

Singles, the dating pools are closed for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get wet! Take this time to date yourself and get to know what you want and like. Once you can go back to mingling, you’ll know what floats your boat.

Everyone, let’s find a way to go wild while at home. Shed the shame, shed the clothes, and #stayhomestayfrisky!

Spread The Word (Not The Virus)


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Self-Isolation Watchlist

Single, long-distance, or no-distance – let’s get it on!

Free Trial? Yes, Please!

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Things to Try

Single, long-distance, or no-distance – let’s get it on!