Female Orgasm Online Course

A hands-on online course revealing female pleasure zones and how to activate them solo or with a partner to experience those unforgettable OMG feelings.


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About This Course

Would you be interested in hands-on techniques to maximize pleasure so profound and ecstatic that you feel that after-sex bliss for days and days?

We’ve been creating online courses for many years now, improving thousands of sex lives around the world. But there’s one question we get asked over and over again:

What does it really need for a woman to experience mind-blowing orgasms?

We wanted to find a clear answer to that question and interviewed women from all over the world. What they told us about their orgasms and how many different kinds of orgasms they’ve experienced just blew our minds!

But we also discovered the Orgasm Gap. Ever heard of that? It’s a pretty big thing!

This concept refers to the fact that straight women only orgasm around 65% of the time during sex, while their male partner climaxes almost every time.

What? How can there be this huge orgasm gap and so many different pleasure sensations at the same time? What are these women who experience so much pleasure doing differently?

We discovered the most decisive factor: body awareness! It all comes down to how deep you can feel into your body. Once women reached a certain level of body awareness they were able to feel a whole new, wider spectrum of pleasure – and not just one orgasm. The best thing about this is that it’s true for every vulva-owner out there!

Based on our discoveries we created the Female Orgasm Online Course. We wanted to design a course that empowers women to tap into their full orgasmic potential and finally make single and even multiple orgasms possible for all of us.

The Female Orgasm Online Course is a High Definition video course on the art of female pleasure.

It shows you, as vulva owners and lover, how to warm-up your body & mind, where your key pleasure zones are and how to stimulate them.

We also introduce you to the pleasure mindset, the latest toys and also how to experience new orgasmic sensations together with a partner.

On top, we threw in Guided Sessions as a Bonus for your solo and partnered pleasure sessions to put all the things that you’ve learned straight into practice.

If you’re not a vulva-owner but a vulva-lover, this course is also for you!
You’ll learn about sex positions, massage techniques, and toys to use with your partner for more and more pleasure.

Get the Female Orgasm Online Course today. Try out the course for two weeks. If you aren’t blown away by the things you learn in the course or how much your sex life improves, simply shoot us an email. We’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

About Beducated
Founder Couple Mariah & Phil

We are a company dedicated to revolutionizing sexual education for grown-ups.

Let’s face it, when it comes to having a better sex life, there’s not a whole lot of useful information out there.

And we truly believe that sex is the final frontier of personal development. It’s a supercharger for our life. An opportunity to grow as an individual. To connect deeply. With ourselves. And others.

That’s why our mission is to make the world a more beducated place.

Course Details

8 Lectures

2 Guided Sessions

Community Access

Money Back Guarantee

We’ll start with detailed instructions on how you get the most out of this course. Spoiler-Alert: It’s not about orgasms only!

Join us on an expedition to discover the unknown inside parts, special toys, sex positions and techniques to plunge into a sea of pleasure. Oh, yum!

Explore this pleasure zone with us and learn how and when to stimulate it. We’ll also share what toys to use best and how to dearmour the vagina to feel more pleasure.

This mystical pleasure zone deserves some attention! In this module, we’ll talk about its anatomy, massage techniques and sex positions to

Ladies, it’s time for some butt love! In this module, we’ll dive into how you can make anal play feel fantastic – and much more!

You’ll learn more about different ways of stimulating these mini pointers and how to give them the attention they deserve during solo and couple sex.
We’ll take your pleasure one step further and introduce you to techniques and methods to keep the orgasms coming. This is a true game-changer!
We don’t leave you hanging after the course! Here you learn how to create new lasting habits in your sex life. Also make sure to join the community!
Enjoy two 45-minute long guided sessions solo or with your partner and put everything you’ve learned into practice.

After completing the Female Orgasm Online Course...

  • You will feel way more in your body.
  • You will know your individual pleasure anatomy and know exactly what turns you on.
  • You know what techniques and sex positions help you experience new orgasmic feelings all over your body.
  • Your solo and couple pleasure sessions will catapult you into new pleasure dimensions and leave you with a deep feeling of connection.

Sounds too good to be true?

To be honest, there’s one more thing that all women have in common who experience that wide spectrum of pleasure: They invested the work – simply because nothing changes if you don’t change.

So, if you’re done with boring sex, pain during intercourse and spending hours, days or even weeks figuring out how to pleasure yourself with no sensation worth mentioning so far …

Sign up today! Level up your love game with ease and create sex encounters that will leave you dizzy – in a good way!

  • Get Instant & Life-Long Access
  • Study in the Comfort of Your Bedroom
  • 2 Week Money Back Guarantee


(EU VAT charges will apply to EU billing addresses)