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Unwinding Conditioning – Never Neglect Your Sexual Being Again

The world is suffering from a disease. It’s an illness that keeps us feel tiny, flat and powerless. It’s the negative conditioning of sex.

When we are born, we get influenced by a blueprint of society telling us that sex is dirty and ugly. This negative belief system is the reason why so many of us have almost forgotten our sexual being. Instead of looking into our roots and working with it more closely, we tend to deny our desires and don’t allow ourselves to enjoy the fullness of what our sexuality has to offer.

Ma Ananda Sarita, celebrated, world-renowned Tantra Teacher spreading her wisdom all over the world since 1990, says “Sexuality is the root of our life force, and we need to live sexuality in a conscious and celebrated way”.

She is right.

Sexuality is the root of life. We can’t argue about that.

Ignoring, abandoning and keeping our mouth shut will only weaken our life force within. Again, this mechanism builds on the belief that sexuality is evil.

Luckily, we can do something about this. There is another way which helps us to reframe our old beliefs, awaken our sexual and ecstatic being and spread a new message into the world.

Watch Sarita’s inspiring talk where she shares a beautiful analogy, motivating all of us to transform and unwind our conditioning.

We see it actually as our responsibility to detox from the old useless believe pattern and create a new positive blueprint for future generations.

You are powerful enough to make your bedroom and the world a better place. It starts with you in union with your sexual being.



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