The 10 Most Outstanding Examples of Vagina Art (NSFW)

vagina art
Written by Mariah Freya

Vagina as a subject in art is something very exciting. I collected for you the 10 most contemporary and also slightly provoking pieces of vagina art. Spreading vagina-love and awareness all around the world. YAY, screams my feminist side in me.

10. 101 Vagina


I wrote about this book a few months back. A coffee-table book of a special kind. It also wants to break through the taboos around the vagina, plainly showing 101 Vaginas. What I love about it is that each vagina carries a personal and intimate story or poem written by the woman concerned. Women who were brave enough to show their most vulnerable parts. So, how about some coffee?

Philipp Werner,

9. Pussy Wagon


The Finnish artist Mimosa Pale invited 2007 citizens to climb into her “pussy wagon”. She was protesting against the fascination with the phallic object and wanted to draw attention to the Cunt instead. Entering the sculpture, there was enough space to lie down and meditate in the soft, silky womb for a while. You could pull the strings that were tensioned from one wall to the other. And the whole wagon could softly swing from side to side, for special pussy experience. I wish I could drive around with such a pussy bike.

Mimosa Pale,

8. Interior Scroll


The “Interior Scroll” Performance is a classic one – and was very deep at the same time. In 1975  Carolee Schneemann stood on a stage, wearing her mud painted birthday suit and slowly extracting a paper scroll from her vagina while reading from it. It’s like Schneemann’s vagina itself was reporting about sexism.

Carolee Schneemann,

7.   The great wall of vagina


This one changed everything. One of the most astonishing, overwhelmingly beautiful vagina art projects humanity has ever seen. Jamie McCartne, worked over 5 years on 400 vagina. Casting them forever into “the great wall of vagina”. Collectively creating a feel of awe. United forever. Raw Vaginaness – showing diversity and beauty.

Jamie McCartney,

6.   Cunt coloring book

Corinne Tee is a true flower power femme artist from the Sixties. Her work as a sex educator brought her the awareness of the need for accessible images of female genitalia. The cunt coloring book is for educational purposes only. No fun included ;-).

Get Corinne’s book on amazon:

[amazon box=”0867193719″]

5.   Cliteracy


100 laws in scale. Worthy to post on Facebook.  Full of awareness raising. Truth speaking. Cliteracy explores the paradox of a sexualized world that has little knowledge of sexuality. Even though science has made breathtaking discoveries in the last years, no one seems to listen. Sophia Wallace pays homage to the illiterate humankind on female sexuality. Breaking through the taboos.

Sophia Wallace,

4.   Screaming, walk-in vagina at a former women’s prison

Imagine yourself squeezing through a thick, black acrylic wool opening. Being greeted by screams and laughter. You continue to walk through the 12 meter silky and tight vaginal canal. And in the end, Kali is cut through with a fierce scream. Welcome to Reshma Chhibas, walk-in vagina. Hosted by a formerly apartheid-era women’s jail in Johannesburg. The installation was attacked and drew lots of controversy. But it fulfilled its purpose. It encouraged the public to think about specific social and political issues. Issues which are hidden, just like the vagina.

Reshma Chhiba

3. Vaginal Knitting

I love this one, being a crafter myself. “Vaginal Knitting” born from a true “craftivist”, Casey Jenskins. She uses knitting, bold embroidery, sewing and other craft activities as a tool for political statements. Casey wants to raise the question about the negative stigma surrounding vaginas. Inserting the wool into her vagina sends a strong message of how people see the vagina: warm, fuzzy, benign and even a bit boring.

Casey Jenkins,

2.   I’m better friends with my cunt now

When I discovered this video, I felt a little bit embarrassed. But then I remembered how I used to play as a child with my vagina. Without shame, guilt or fear. This is exactly the message I am getting here. Play, be creative and become friends with your cunt.

Max Göran, more here:

1.   DIY Vagina Art


The last one I dedicate to all the other great vagina artists out there. It’s hard to cover them all. There are many beautiful projects from around the world. Raising awareness on Vagina-love. You’ll find hundreds of vaginacraftists on Etsy. But there are many more. Hidden in dark corners of the internet.

If you discover similar projects, please post them below and let the world know they exist. Give them water to let them grow because sharing is caring.

Love’n Vagina,

Mariah xx

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Mariah Freya

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