5 Taoist Sex Practices for Your Manliness

taoist sex practices
Written by Evan Porter

Could the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism and Taoist sex be the key to revitalizing your sex life?

If you’ve never heard of it, Taoism (or Daoism) is a more than 2500-year-old philosophy that teaches, in essence, how to follow the natural path of the universe — how to find balance, not through a higher power, but from the way we live our lives with addition of some ancient sex practices.

To define it any further would be… not very Taoist! It means something different to everyone who practices. One of the key elements of Taoism is how energy flows through the universe; in particular, for our purposes anyway, sexual energy.

Taoists believe sex can create new energy and nourish your soul!

Just probably not in the way you’re used to doing it. Here are 5 Tao sex practices men can borrow freely, no matter what religion they are, to get more in touch with their own sexual energy.

#1 Learn to Control Your Breathing

taoist sex

This seems super basic, but stay with me. Practicing coordinating your breath with your body’s movements will help teach you to be more mindful, present, and *ahem*… in control.

Slowing down, focusing, and breathing steadily are great ways to last longer and have stronger orgasms. Modern experts agree on this. It may surprise you, but most of us are pretty bad at breathing on our own, taking only shallow breaths and accidentally holding our breath when we’re tense or excited.

Taoism offers plenty of great ways to learn this Taoist sex practice. For starters, practice taking long, deep, controlled inhales and exhales as you focus on relaxing every last muscle in your body.

#2 Get Your Partner Off!

Remember how having sex can create positive energy that flows into you and, therefore, the universe? Sounds pretty good, right?

Guess what… Taoists believe that when the woman, or your partner, is turned on and properly satisfied, even more of this life essence, called “jing,” is created. Finding out what he or she likes and doing it well won’t just make your partner happier;

It’ll help you feel more fulfilled and at peace with your place in the world.

Pretty cool, right? Now get to work!

#3 Delay Ejaculation – It’ll Be worth It

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In old-school Taoist lovemaking, ejaculation was seen as a drain on your essential life energy, though some say that point has since been over-exaggerated. But since sexual union itself is so important in Taoism, what you can take from it is;

Learning to embrace the journey rather than racing to the finish.

Taoist sex can teach modern men a lot about controlling their orgasms. The philosophy is particularly big on withdrawing frequently during sex, practicing breath control, and using perineal massages to delay ejaculation or avoid it completely. Many Taoists believe very short sexual unions are bad for the energy and harmony between the couple.

You may not believe in all the energy stuff, but with practice, you can totally learn to keep yourself on the brink of coming for long, mind-blowing and even multiple orgasms. The two biggest things you can start right now are practicing slowing your breathing during sex for a more relaxed body and better control, along with strengthening your pelvic floor muscles with daily kegel exercises.

#4 Love Thyself Mindfully

If ejaculating during sex was a drain on life energy, then to old-school Taoists, masturbation was a gigantic waste. In other words, self-love was a bit of a no-no.

But today we understand that developing a healthy sexual relationship with yourself is important, and modern Taoist sex don’t forbid masturbation at all.

What you can do is take a hard look at your masturbation habits… Are you doing it too much? Watching too much porn? Using too tight of a grip?

In other words, is the way you’re masturbating draining you of energy or helping you feel more at peace with yourself? Start by noticing how you feel after you masturbate. If you feel guilty, drained, or full of shame — or if it’s keeping you from pursuing sex with other real live humans — your self-love habits could use some adjusting.

tao sex

#5 Never Skip Butt Day in the Gym

Did ancient Taoists even lift, bro?

Who knows, but many practicing Taoists today are big fans of having strong, well-developed glute muscles (your butt!). There are tons of great benefits to working your booty, from improved overall strength and athleticism, endurance, and often better control of your orgasm during sex.

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