The Beducated Guide to Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage
Written by Jenna Hall

Ever fantasized about giving or receiving a sensual tantric massage? Well, I have, like at least once a day. So, trust me when I say, you’re not alone. Over the years Tantra has become a trendy topic.

But did you know that Tantra Massage goes way beyond sex and supernatural breathwork?

And while yes, Tantra can indeed bring on a huge sexual release, awareness is key bringing it to the next level. Ultimately a tantra Massage should be a sensual and soul-merging experience.

So how do you transform an ordinary massage into a magical spiritual-connecting tantric massage?

tantric massage mood

Luckily we’ve got the rundown on how to tantra-lize your partner (or have them tantra-lize you). Read on for some hot tips and techniques to get you started in the sultry and restorative arena of tantric massage.

So What the Heck Is Tantra Massage All about Anyways?

Tantra Massage is a vast and complex subject making it difficult to define. With that said, it is loosely referred to as a massage that uses sensual touch to awaken or elicit a deeper sense of consciousness.

Huh? You ask? What does that mean exactly? Well, there is a lot of ambiguity as to what Tantra Massage is and isn’t so let’s go ahead and break it down:

What Tantra Is and Isn’t

Tantra doesn’t come wrapped up neatly in a “one-size-fits-all” definition. If it were up to us (and we think we are pretty educated in the area), Tantra is an ancient spiritual path, a system of self-development in which sexual energies and desires are not suppressed and used for spiritual unfoldment.

Contrary to popular belief the practices of Tantra Massage did not originate in India thousands of years ago. In fact, its origins can be traced mainly to the work of a German man named Andro Andreas Roath in 1977 with beliefs based in yoga, bioenergetics, and sexual energy. He is the founder of Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge and the first Tantra Institute in Germany.

As Tantra Massage has become more and more trendy, the Western world has reinterpreted its roots into what some refer to “Neo-Tantra”. In other words, many modern-day Tantra Massage practitioners apply ancient spiritual principles in a new age way to promote deep relaxation and connection to sexual vitality.

Tantric Massage Vitality

Sounds intriguing right? To be honest, when done right, Tantra Massage is without a doubt a powerful mind-blowing experience. Having said that, now that you know what Tantra Massage is and what it isn’t, let’s dive a bit deeper into the cosmos.

How-to-give a Tantra Massage in Five Steps

Step One: Do Your Research

No, you don’t need to be a devoted follower of an Indian guru to get started. And maybe you don’t want to be. That is to say, perhaps the idea of Tantra seems intimidating. That’s perfectly okay. If you or your partner are not totally convinced by the idea of Tantra but are still interested in learning more, a good place to start is How To Introduce Your Partner to Tantra

If you are looking for some tips on how to liberate you and your partner into pillow grasping ecstasy, see our Tantra Tassage online course.  If you are a lingam lover, you can also check out, how to give an out of this world Lingam Massage.

Either way, the key to giving a spectacular tantric massage is to begin reading and collecting tips from experts.

While you don’t need to visit or enroll in a Tantra Massage to institute to get started, having some knowledge before you jump into the realm of Tantra will be important.

Step Two: Creating the Atmosphere

The second most important step before performing a Tantra Massage is creating an ambience that goes with it.

Massaging under bright fluorescent lights? As you may have already guessed, not-so-sexy. We suggest creating a “Massage Temple”.

That is to say, making sure the room is warm and discreet.

Make sure you cut out a time where no-one from the outside will disturb you. That means cancelling a daily visit from your mom, or the house-cleaner. You can also try embellishing the room with floral scents or burn smooth burning incense.

If you want to go all-out, you can prepare a bubble-bath for your partner before the massage. Afterwards, have them slip into a sea of soft blankets on the massage table.

Step Three: Divine Foreplay

When we talk about foreplay in regards to Tantra Massage, we are mostly talking about awareness. With awareness comes breathing.

To put it simply, breathing and connecting to your partner will actually be your foreplay.

Why is this so important? Well, a lot of lovers jump head first into the physical play without truly “connecting” beforehand.

Tantric Massage Mood

Think of Tantra Massage like preparing a special dish for your lover. You have to gather all the ingredients, carefully add them in, tasting the dish periodically. In the end, the goal is to have a carefully crafted feast to spoon feed your lover with intention and love.

Similarly, during a tantric massage, it is important to remain in the present moment, check in and tune into of all bodily sensations. Encourage your partner to do the same. Oxygen is the “O” in orgasm, so make sure you give your partner and yourself the space to breathe deeply.

While it may feel intense or intimidating to practice eye-contact, the effect can be life-transforming.

Once you have created awareness through breath, and eye contact, you can begin to integrate the following physical techniques.

Step Four: Tantra-lizing Techniques

Remember that Tantra Massage is an energetic massage in which sexual energy is ignited and/or released. By practicing presence throughout the massage, you can begin to awaken the wisdom of both your partner’s body and your own.

Tantra Massage Techniques

Another thing to keep in mind is that Tantra Massage often activates chakras, especially if you are intentional with the activation.

You can begin by massaging down the meridians of the body using these techniques:

  • Whole Hand Effleurage: Warm massage oil in your hands and start with the back. Use the whole surface of both hands and stroke firmly upwards from the lower back all the way up to the neck. Circle around returning to the lower back. Spend at least thirty minutes warming up the back before moving onto more intimate parts.
  • Yoni Blossoming Ritual: This practice is performed on your female partner. You can begin by placing your left hand on her heart. Bring your right hand and place it over her yoni (vagina). Visualize connecting both her heart center with her yoni.
  • Massage the perineum area: This is a sensual practice appropriate for both men and woman. To begin massage around the perineum area, either under the vagina or the scrotum. You can try varying the pressure and do circles around the area.
  • Sexy Chakras: Focal points that can enhance Tantric-massage

As mentioned before, during a Tantra Massage, lovers can learn to bring awareness to the chakras and tune in and embody the element they represent. A great way to do this is to incorporate a “heart” orgasm which is related to the element of air and provokes angelic, soft and playful loving.

You can begin to “make love” on the heart chakra by imagining a white energy ball or stream rising up from the perineum through the spine and onto the chakra of your choice. Ask your partner to visualize the same. You can play around with this technique while tuning into other chakras.

You may want to massage their solar chakra (or navel chakra that can be associated with fire and is located just above the navel. When activated, the solar chakra can incite hot, intense and passionate play.

Step Five: A Soulful Check In

At the end of the massage, be receptive to the sensations your partner felt during the session. It is important to keep in mind when it comes to Tantric-massage remember that all sensations are welcome.

You should encourage your partner to talk to share if they felt new sensations if something didn’t feel right if something felt weird/hurt etc. Practice conscious listening, and be receptive to what worked well for your partner and what didn’t.

Ultimately the less you say (as the giver) to make room for your partner (the receiver) the more room you both have as lovers to make the best Tantric-massage even more sensual.

You don’t need a Guru to do it!

These basic Tantra techniques will get you started on the right track to tantra-lizing your partner into spiritual (even erotic) ecstasy!

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