Tantra Is the New Yoga

There is a great probability that you are one of the millions of people on our planet that practice Yoga and gain great benefits from it. 30 years ago Yoga was fringe, esoteric and alien, but nowadays nobody would say that anymore. Let us explain to you why tantra is the new yoga.

We’re certain: The Tantra is the New Yoga!

It will unleash its gifts of deeper and more satisfying connection between lovers, enhanced sexual energy and control, personal growth, as well as its one-of-a-kind effects on people’s daily lives. If you’re up for that, then this is made for you. Our free Masterclass with Sofia Sundari introduces you to ancient Tantra Rituals as a beautiful framework that spices up your sex life.

We are not born great lovers, but we can learn methods and techniques from well-known teachers out there like our dear friend Sofia Sundari. There are rituals in Tantra you can apply to your love life like methods you learn on the mat and bring to your daily life to improve it, too. To inspire you and the world, we created a trailer about Tantra. It turned out just wonderfully epic. Make sure to check it out above.

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