Is My Vagina Too Small? Probably Not, but Hey…

small vagina
Written by Jo Sunday

I have a long vagina. I know this because my doctor has short hands and pelvic exams require quite a bit of maneuvering! The doctor’s office was the first time I had thought about vaginal size and what it means for our experiences with our vaginas.

Many women feel like they have a small vagina while putting in a tampon or having penetrative sex. The discomfort can last a long time or come and go on a whim. I have felt my vagina is too small or too tight many times despite my long vagina “diagnosis.”

Small and Proud

small vagina

Size only matters if it’s affecting you.

If you are simply wondering if you’re normal or not, you are! All vaginas are different from one another and as long as you are having kickass pleasure, size doesn’t matter. But if you are experiencing unwanted pain or discomfort in your vagina, there are some exercises that can turn up the pleasure.

First, the Basics: Small Vagina Causes and Contributors

Painful Penetration

One cause of having a small vagina is vaginismus. Vaginismus is the involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor muscles. It can make you feel discomfort and difficulty during penetration. Despite how much it can suck, it’s very common!

Vaginismus can also be triggered by physical or sexual trauma.

While the research on this is still new and thin, it is completely normal for your body to have a physical response to trauma. Going to a therapist or talking to your current one about your vaginismus can be a huge help in addition to going to your primary doc.

Infections Can Cause Vaginal Tightness Pain Too

STIs, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast infections are more common than you think. All types of infections can cause pain and inflammation in the vagina. This can cause the vagina to feel tight and irritated, and give you symptoms similar to those with vaginismus.

You Can Be Comfortable with Vaginismus and after Infections

tiny vagina

Vaginismus or infections can last a long time, but never forever! With treatments and medications from your doc, and some at-home opening up exercises, you can start to feel more comfortable immediately. Be sure to make an appointment with your doctor either way so you can be sure of the cause of it.

Comfort is the most important thing when it comes to your vagina!

Other Conditions That Can Cause Your Vagina to Feel Tiny

Vaginal agenesis is a rare condition where the vagina and part of the uterus have not fully developed.

Another rare condition that causes the vagina to feel tight or impenetrable is having a thick or inelastic hymen (the membrane that covers the vaginal opening). Usually, the hymen is easily torn and healed, either from the use of tampons, masturbation, or penetrative sex.

Tiny but Mighty

Can you learn to love your very small vagina? Of course!

Many women love their vaginas and all their unique qualities.

But regardless of your size or symptoms, if you want to bring more pleasure to your vagina, here are a few exercises (literally) you can do.

More Squats, Less Kegels

small vagina exercises

Kegels are usually advertised as an important exercise to increase sexual pleasure.

Kegels are the act of literally tightening the pelvic floor muscles.

The same tightening of the pelvic floor muscles that can feel too tight. Too much of a good thing applies here. If you are experiencing vaginal tightness and discomfort and do kegels on the regular, cut back on them and do more squats instead.

Squats, typically known for strengthening the legs and glutes, can increase your ability to open up more. They can even help with pain during giving birth. If they can help with that, you can bet they’ll help with having penetrative sex!

Dial It up, Baby!

[amazon link=”B00EUZYON0″ title=”Vaginal dilators” /] are typically prescribed by a physician or sex therapist but can be purchased over-the-counter.

Dilators are dildos that start small and gradually increase in size.

If you’re unsure if dilators are right for your situation, check with your doc for guidance. If it sounds like something you want to try, Amazon has affordable options that can be delivered right to your door. You can be in charge of the size and pace of dilation, which can feel empowering.

Lube and a Little of External Stimulation

small vagina

Getting yourself warmed up with water-based lube or silicon-based one will open you up to more pleasure no matter what. Your clit runs all throughout your vulva, which offers a lot of opportunities for feeling good without the vagina!

Massage and Release

Connecting your vulva and clit does not have to be with a partner or even sexual.

Regularly massaging your vulva can help open you up to more pleasure and helps to release both physical and emotional trauma. Think about booking that beautiful self-pleasuring session, it will help.

All Sizes Welcome

It doesn’t matter what size your vagina is, as long as you are able to feel the pleasure you want to feel. If you are feeling discomfort or pain or wanting to increase your pleasure: do your squats or try some dilators. Find a good physician while you’re at it and make sure to keep them in the loop.

Most of all: be patient with your body and pleasure will come!

About the author

Jo Sunday

Jo Sunday is a new and upcoming writer on all things sex. She has a long history in sexual health care, with a focus on gender and sexuality. She has talked to thousands of people about their sex lives, and has heard it all! She believes everyone's desires deserve to be explored. All of her approaches are rooted in self-love and empowerment. She is queer and polyamorous and believes we need to embrace all identities in our journey to pleasure.

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