13 Juicy Sex Moves to Surprise Your Man

sex moves to surprise your man
Written by Emma Hewitt

When we are in a relationship it is really easy to fall into sexual patterns and it can start to feel like sex is a bit same after a while. But, it doesn’t have to be! It’s easy to keep things exciting, sometimes we just need a little help.

I’ve collated a list of thirteen of my personal favorite sex moves to surprise your man. Some of these are different sex positions guys like and some of these are just new things to try in bed. While these moves will surprise him, they will feel amazing for you, too, of course! I’ve got your back ladies.

#1 Talk Dirty to Me

sex moves to do on your boyfriend

Let’s start off with something that is easy for some people but kind of hard for others. Dirty talk!

The outcome of dirty talking is to stimulate the brain – it’s our biggest sex organ after all – and to keep things sexy during playtime. Now I won’t pretend that everyone will like it, it’s a bit of a love/ hate thing and a lot of that comes down to awkwardness. So I have a few tips to keep things really simple.

Stick to talking about what you are going to do to them, ask them if they like it while you are doing it (chuck in a “baby” or a “sexy” on the end of that sentence of course) and then tell them how much you like what they are doing to you.

See, it’s easy. You were probably doing some of this anyway right? So, next time, take it up a few notches and see how he responds.

#2 Add Something Tasty and Become the Treat

You don’t need constantly changing sex positions to make him happy. Sometimes it’s as easy as turning yourself into the treat. You guessed it, I’m talking about making your body into something delicious. He will love knowing that you are there just to please him, plus you get to have all the fun when he licks it from your body.

But please don’t dive straight for the most sugary treat you can find!

As tempting as that may be, your vagina will not thank you for it. Sugar near our vaginas means yeast, and often, yeast infections, so stick to a sugar-free flavored lube or a chocolate sauce created for this purpose. It will likely use Stevia instead so will still taste amazing. I promise!

#3 Put on a Show! Men Are Visual Creatures

sex moves to surprise your man

Now, don’t get scared!

Yes, I am talking about masturbating in front of your man here.

It may sound a bit intimidating but in my mind, it’s one of the best ways to surprise your boyfriend sexually as it is just so erotic.

This is a great way to get him stimulated and it won’t be long before he is gagging to jump in and help you anyway. It will feel like he is getting his very own live show, and you get to show him exactly how you like it. This is another one that can feel a bit strange at first but practice makes perfect right?!

#4 Ditch the Activewear

I know they are comfy but get out of your activewear or your work clothes and make an effort. As soon as your man sees you in some sexy lingerie he will know exactly what is coming! Plus, let’s be honest ladies, we buy lingerie for ourselves right?

So get sexy and enjoy yourself too!

For me, getting dressed up in my favorite lingerie is totally empowering and makes my self-esteem go through the roof. You should enjoy your body as much as he does.

#5 Porno and Chill

how to surprise your boyfriend sexually

Go on, log out of Netflix for the night and enjoy something slightly more erotic. This is one of the easiest ways to spice things up in the bedroom. It’s also a great opportunity to talk about your sexual interests and desires as you scroll the categories together.

And nowadays, we don’t have to watch male-dominated porn that only indulges in the male gaze. There is so much beautiful female-focused porn popping up online that you can enjoy together. The director Erika Lust is a personal favorite of mine making feminist porn that men love too!

#6 Stimulate Areas Other than the Penis

Don’t get me wrong, the penis is great, but there are lots of other nerve endings on the male body that would love a slice of your attention too. Make your sex all about exploration and let your hands and mouth stimulate his other erogenous zones too.

The ears, throat, nipples and inner thighs feel amazing when caressed.

And there is the perineum of course. This is the area between the testicles and the anus and it is full of nerve endings. Even a gentle caress here feels amazing and with a bit of applied pressure, his orgasm can be greatly intensified.

#7 “Do Not. I Repeat. Do Not Forget the Balls” – Boyfriend

new things to try in bed

This is a bit of a love it or hate it thing with guys, but when they love it, they seem to really love it. The balls are another area of the body that is full of nerve endings and there are multiple ways to stimulate them. Start out by adding in some ball play during oral sex.

While there are many oral sex positions to please your man, any that involve the balls will likely take him over the edge. You can gently tug them while you perform oral sex or use your mouth to stimulate them. Try to get them both in your mouth at once and start humming if you want to really impress.

#8 P Marks the Spot. Let’s Stimulate It!

Once your man experiences a p-spot orgasm he will never go back.

A p-spot orgasm is one of the most intense orgasms that a man can have. It’s not referred to as the male g-spot for nothing! The p-spot is another name for the prostate which is a gland located about two inches inside the anus.

The easiest way to massage it is with a very well lubricated finger. There is no such thing as too much lube when it comes to anal play. It is also a lot easier to find if he is aroused as it will swell in size. You can stimulate this during oral sex to take him seriously over the edge.

Just remember to keep communication going throughout so no one feels discomfort.

#9 Speaking of Anal…

sex moves to surprise your man

So, guys seem to really love anal sex right? I think that this in part comes down to the fact that no matter how often we talk about it, or how often we actually do it, it remains kind of taboo. But it shouldn’t be!

When done right then anal can feel amazing for both partners.

The opening of the anus is full of nerve endings which is why anal sex can feel so good for the person on the receiving end too. Plus, we all like being a little naughty sometimes right? Just don’t forget the lube. The booty isn’t going to lubricate itself!

#10 Take the Reigns with Restraints

This is another option that sounds intimidating but it honestly isn’t. Bondage play is all about different sensations. Once you remove his ability to touch by restraining him, then all of his other senses will become heightened.

Every touch that you give him will feel more arousing and pleasurable.

You can start with a silk scarf or a tie or of course grab some handcuffs to tie his hands together and take control. Chuck a blindfold on him too if you really want to up the ante.

#11 Introduce a Toy

sex moves to do on your boyfriend

This one is a personal favorite of mine because sex toys are so damn fun.

Toys are there to enhance sex, not replace anyone.

Pick out something simple like a cock ring to prolong his orgasm and make it super explosive. Or grab a bullet vibrator to stimulate those erogenous zones we talked about earlier. Or treat yourself with some clitoral stimulation… Just saying.

It’s important not to whip one out mid-session though. Talk about it first to get a gauge of his reaction and only use it with consent.

#12 Practice Penis Worship with a Lingam Massage

This isn’t your standard hand job!

A lingam massage is a tantric practice to worship the penis and allow sexual energy to move freely throughout the male, and with practice, it can even result in multiple orgasms down the track.

The outcome isn’t actual ejaculation (sorry guys) but it should feel amazing for him regardless and it can help to increase his sexual energy and make the two of you really connect!

#13 Literally surprise him with a quickie

how to surprise your boyfriend sexually

Quickies are fun, playful and often full of passion!

And of course, they can make for a great surprise for your guy. And just because it’s quick doesn’t mean that it can’t be amazing. You can still get in your favorite sex positions or even practice some Tantra during a quickie. Plus, apparently, they are even good for your health. Who knew?

Go on, surprise your man and make your sex life sparkle again! It’s so simple and all of these are fun for you too. So, which one are you trying first? And ladies, please don’t forget to share this with your friends. Men of the world will thank you for it.

About the author

Emma Hewitt

Emma is a writer from Wellington, New Zealand that writes about the good things in life. Be it sex, relationships, sex toys, cats or glitter. She considers herself a pleasure activist promoting sex positivity through her writing. She also talks about it in person every chance she gets.

She has a Bachelor of Communications with majors in Journalism and Expressive Arts. Following university, she fell into an internship at Adulttoymegastore – New Zealand’s largest online retailer of adult toys. Here she fell in love with sex toys and sex education and stayed with the company for four years. She took on the role of Marketing & Content Executive where she learnt about, talked about and wrote about all things pleasure.

Now, she lives in sunny Barcelona and shares her knowledge of all things pleasurable as a freelance writer. Emma has also written for Axotca, Condomania and Lovestop and is (slowly) building a website with her beautiful boyfriend Jay to talk all things sex.

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