8 Sex Massage Pressure Points You Need to Know

sex massage pressure points
Written by Jazz Meyer

If you’ve ever had sex without foreplay, you know there’s something vital missing from the mix when genitals are the only players. Don’t get me wrong – I love a swollen lingam or a moist yoni as much as the next person.

But sex that is focused only on the genitals is like dancing with only your feet – you’ll get the job done but you’ll miss 90% of the fun! If you want to move from the mediocre to the extraordinary, it’s time to start paying attention to the rest of the body and all its delicious sensations.

Remember that sensual massage book collecting dust on your shelf?

You were on the right track when you picked it up. A sensual massage is a perfect way to expand your focus to the whole body and tantalize your lover with some new moves, and nobody knows this better than Tantrics and acupressure practitioners.

Unbeknownst to the rest of us, they’ve always been the masters of holistic sexuality, and it’s high time that lovers the world over caught up with them! So for next-level massage skills, and to impress your sweetheart, here are eight little-known sex massage pressure points to up your game.

sex massage pressure points

#1 Dive Head First Into Relaxation

First things first! The brain is, of course, our most powerful sexual organ and stress, overthinking and day-to-day distractions can be a major buzzkill if you want to get busy. If you’ve ever caught yourself mentally writing a shopping list while your lover goes down on you, you know what I’m talking about.

Luckily, there’s an acupressure point that helps with exactly this. Imagine your lover’s crown chakra, floating directly above the center point of their head. This point on the head is the spot you’re looking for – it should be directly in line with their ears.

A gentle massage here can help to ease an overactive mind, according to reflexology.

If you want to spice things up a bit, and you know your lover is into it, add in some gently hair-pulling to turn up the heat! A little acupressure, peppered with some conscious BDSM, could be just the thing to get you both in the mood.

#2 And Tickle the Ears for Surprising Pleasure

Some people love to have their ears licked or nibbled and, being an erogenous zone in and of themselves, it’s no surprise they house a powerful sex massage pressure point too!

To find this point, called the Bosch point, look for the thin part of the ear, directly next to the side of the face where the ear folds into the ear canal. It’s said that gently massaging this little fold of skin can increase sexual desire and arousal. So throw in some gentle rubbing next time you’re nibbling your partner’s earlobe and let the good times roll.

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#3 Then Delight Your Lover with a Breast Massage

For both women and men, the nipples and areola contain incredibly sensitive nerve endings, so use this to your advantage! A breast massage is a perfect way to warm up the body and get that erotic energy flowing. Some women can even orgasm solely from nipple stimulation so the power of this erogenous zone is not to be underestimated!

Build up that pleasure by brushing gently across the nipples, slowly applying more pressure and eventually pinching the nipples slightly.

Tantrics use this to arouse the body and get that blood pumping.

#4 After That, Enter the Rushing Door

These two mirrored sex massage pressure points are called the Rushing Door. They rest at either side of the genitals, in that sexy spot where the crease of the thigh meets the belly. Applying gentle pressure here with the palms of the hands is said to increase a woman’s sexual response and fire up the sensitivity of her pussy.

For men it’s believed to encourage sexual energy to flow to the genitals so if there’s one thing to remember from this list, this is it!

Hold pressure on this spot for up to a minute, leaning the weight of your upper body onto your palms. Holding eye contact at the same time can enhance the intensity of this intimate pressure point.

#5 Move down to the Gate of Origin

sex massage pressure point

About four finger widths below the belly button you’ll find a hidden pleasure spot called the Gate of Origin. Those saucy acupressurists must spend hours of fun massaging this hidden gem since it’s believed to heighten a woman’s sexual awareness.

Firm, direct pressure here carries with it a similar sensation to being penetrated, so there’s huge potential here for a sexy, suggestive massage. If you want to get a lady’s motor running, or your own for that matter, be sure to add this pressure point to your repertoire!

#6 Then Explore the Mount of Venus

I love this sex massage pleasure spot, if only because the name is so glamorous. The Mount of Venus, or mons pubis, is that cute little mound just above the pussy, where the pubic hair grows. At the top of the Mount of Venus is an acupressure point used to treat vaginal dryness and genital pain, and to enhance libido in women.

In the world of tantric sex, it’s literally an on/off switch for your sex drive.

To find this point, gently press the three fingers into the soft muscle just above the pubic bone and hold for 30-60 seconds.

#7 Or Ride the Waves of the Sea of Vitality

This special spot is said to increase sexual vitality, so take note! On either side of the spine, about a hand’s width above the hips, are two pressure points dubbed the Sea of Vitality. This is a long-known acupressure point linked to sexual appetite, so be ready for a feast.

A daily massage here is believed to increase sex drive, or if you’re feeling particularly frisky, you can gently press these points during sex to release the flood and ride those waves…

#8 Finally, Worship the Sacrum

sex massage pressure points

If you want to impress your lovers, learn these sex massage pressure points located on the sacrum (the fancy Latin word for booty). Just under the lower back bones, you’ll find a super sensitive muscle. This is the magic spot you’re looking for.

Sometimes, pressure here can be almost painful, so check in with your partner.

Working this sensual massage pressure point is said to release blockages to the sex organs. It also increases the blood flow to the genitals and opens up the doors to stronger and longer orgasms. Anybody up for a back rub?

So, You Find These Sex Massage Pressure Points Helpful?

Next time you get your lover in the sheets, whip out some of these new moves to up your game and blow their mind. The first time my boyfriend surprised me with a sacrum massage, my image of him as a lover skyrocketed. If you know someone who wants to add some more talents to their bedroom skillset (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) share this list of sex massage pressure points with them. They’ll thank you for it!

If sexy massages are your thing, make sure to check our lingam massage and yoni massage teachings.

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