15 Items You Should Have on Your Sex Bucket List

sex bucket list
Written by Mariah Sweeten

What’s your sexy secret? Come on, we’ve all got something that we’ve had an itch to do since the first time you let someone cuddle up close and hold your hand as they lead you on the beginning of your sexual journey.

No matter how much sex you have, and we hope that you’re having a lot of it, there’s always something that we saw on TV or in porn that we’ve pushed to the back of our minds and labeled as “not for me” or “someday”.

I’m talking about that list of dirty deeds that you want to try on if only for a day. I’m talking about the nitty-gritty details of your sexy bucket list. Bucket lists aren’t just for the dying, take the time to breathe new life into your sex life with a few suggestions from our dirty sex bucket list.

Creating a dirty sex bucket list is important, especially if you grew up like me and were taught that sex is dirty, naughty and shameful. It’s time to spread your sexual wings and embrace the other side of your sexuality, while you’ve got the chance.

Remember, sex is as dirty as you’d like for it to be that day!

If you need a few juicy ideas about what to add to your ever-growing naughty bucket list, take a look at some of the stuff that we’ve compiled below.

#1 Send Nudes, Please

sex bucket list

Send your love some nude photos of you or better yet, class it up and arrange a boudoir photo shoot for them to hold onto for when you’re not around. If you grew up in the digital age, we want you to know that nudes aren’t as taboo as they used to be, so get dressed up and turn that smartphone camera towards the mirror, guilt-free!

#2 Pushed to the Edge

There’s nothing better than that feeling of riding out an intense orgasm that you earned because you held off for so long. Edging is one of those things that you’ve got to try before you die along with some other tantric techniques because the results can be well worth the wait.

#3 All the World’s a Stage

Shakespeare couldn’t have been more right and its best to listen to the greats- with a twist.

Exhibitionism is kinky, fun, and wild.

Try getting away with having sex in public. Besides the obvious fun that you’re going to be having, worrying about being heard or better yet, seen, will add an extra thrill to your fun. There’s no need to be shy when you’re trying to cross a few things off of your naughty sex bucket list.

#4 Anilingus

dirty sex bucket list

There are all kinds of fun nicknames for this one but when it comes down to it, we shouldn’t be afraid of our assholes. The pleasure that you and your partner(s) can enjoy from a properly done rim job is nothing to turn your nose up at.

#5 Play Ball

Some women haven’t explored that area, preferring to avoid it when they’re giving a blow job, as if they’re supposed to be afraid of it.

Don’t be shy, balls need a little love too!

You can cross ball play off of your bucket list once you dive in the next time that you’re down there.

#6 Bondage Is Sexy

If you’ve never tangled with the “B” in BDSM, now is a good time to strike this off of your sex bucket list. Use things like silk ties, handcuffs, etc, to tie your partner up, there’s something about being restrained that’s so freeing.

#7 What’s BDSM Without Some Crazy Pain?

sex bucket list for couples

You might have let your partner deliver a firm smack to your bottom but nipple clamps can really turn up the fun.  I know, I know, it can seem a little strange to volunteer to have metal clamped on some of your most sensitive bits, but it’s well worth the risk.

Your nipples are one of our most sensitive erogenous zones.

That’s why they’re so fun to suck! Nipple clamps can even come with a clamp that allows you to adjust the tightness or you can even purchase a nipple teaser that you can use all on your own if you’re not quite ready to suggest them to your partner.

#8 No Toys Are off Limits

Tease them with a taboo toy that you’ve secretly had on your sex bucket list for years.

For men: a prostate toy or a vibrating cock ring for male anal orgasm.

For women: a clit stimulator or go for the whole package with a remote control egg vibrator that you could even take into public for a little extra fun.

You can even make your own homemade dildos as a form of connecting activity and interesting foreplay.

#9 Time for Your Close Up

Make a movie. Prop up your phone or for a treat, a really good camera so that you won’t miss a section of the HD action when you watch it with your partner later.

#10 Next Up: Roleplay

sex bucket list ideas

TV has painted a funny picture of couples that role play but the reality of it is that you’ll feel a little silly at first but once you get used to pretending to be someone else, you’ll have a blast.

You can be whoever you want and pretend that your partner is someone you’ve fantasized about, too.  Are you a sexy barmaid? A disappointed teacher, a dance instructor? Your world is wide open.

#11 Feel the Sting

Embrace the “S” in BDSM with a good ole riding crop. Riding crops are a good place to start if you’ve never whipped your partner before – the tips will hurt less than a traditional whip but provide a strong enough sting to keep things hot.

#12 What’s a Naughty Bucket List Without Anal Toys?

Anal toys can give you much more intense orgasms while you have sex.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, opening yourself up to all the different kinds of anal toys can really take your sex to the next level.

This one could go well enough that you might even want to incorporate into your daily lovemaking. Bonus points: put a clean butt plug or glass dildo in the freezer for a bit for a thrill. **Be sure to read up on tips for this kind of play beforehand!

#13 Afraid of a Little Sexy Fun in the Shower?

sex bucket list ideas

Hit the showers and bring a couple of waterproof friends into the water with you. You can buy all kinds of toys that are designed to be used in water. Getting clean has never been dirtier. Shower sex is nothing like the movies, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it steamy!

#14 Threesomes

Invite a friend into the bedroom or make things even sexier by matching on Tinder with a stranger. It’ll be sexy to watch your partner explore a new body, with your help, of course.

#15 Flip the Script

Experiment with different genders. If you’re tackling this and not in a relationship, you could always explore your sexuality and go to bed with someone of the same sex that’s just looking for something casual. Or, let your partner sit in on the fun.

Either way, most humans are too complex to be completely limited to one gender and fooling around with someone of the same/opposite sex is definitely a big enough deviation to qualify for your sex bucket list.

What Are You Crossing First From Sex Bucket List?

Are you already tingling with excitement? Do you think that we’ve covered everything on this list? If you’re thinking of trying one or all of the things on this list, enjoy! Be sure to remember that just because this is a dirty bucket list, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a lot of our suggestions to your daily routine or check some other sex games you can play with a partner.

Dive into your naughty sex bucket list knowing that the only thing naughty about it is denying yourself a moment of increased pleasure! Feel free to share these tips with any of your friends that might be in urgent need of a sexual awakening.

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