No Time for Sex? 7 Ways to Make Time for Sex After Kids

Sex After Kids
Written by Beducated Magazine

We all know having kids is stressful. However, studies have shown that sex alleviates stress and tension, and enhances your intimacy. We think you know where we’re going with this…

Yes, have sex!

We get it, it’s hard to find the time and get in the mood with kids around. Still, know that making your love life a priority is very important. Your happiness and relationship satisfaction are on the line here.

So, here are a few suggestions on how you can have sex after kids.

1. Make Time Management Your Best Friend

Sex After Kids Making Time

You’ve heard this plenty of times, but we gotta say it again. Don’t just “find” the time for sex. Make it!

Schedule the time, put it in your calendar, and turn on an alarm if necessary. So what that having sex feels like an appointment––it’s a sexy appointment!

Once you have some time scheduled, the fun doesn’t wait till then! Tease one another until the moment comes.

How about sending a quick nude while you’re in the bathroom? Or shooting a saucy message about what you want to get up to later? Get the heart rate going and naughty thoughts racing. Just try not to rip each other’s clothes when the time comes.

2. You’re the One Making the Rules

Privacy is a big one when you are trying to have sex after kids. So, having a few rules in place will help you feel a little more secure when it’s time to turn up the heat.

A scheduled bedtime is a literal life savior for parents. It allows you to do the stuff you considered normal before having kids such as reading, choosing your own TV shows to watch, and… getting frisky!

If your kids love finding an excuse to sleep in your bed, try out the “back to bed” rule. They might be allowed to fall asleep next to you but once they do, you’ll carry them back to their beds.

Getting a lock for your bedroom door will allow you to have a safe haven for when you want to indulge in sexy play. If your kids are old enough, you can also introduce a policy that respects closed doors all around the house.

3. Enjoy Some Morning Fun

This might not be for tired parents, for whom sleep is sacred.

But if you have a normal sleeping schedule and it’s the weekend, a morning romp might be exactly what you need.

Set an alarm so you could wake up before the kids and dedicate your morning to some nourishing sensuality. Self-pleasure is a go, as well as mutual masturbation.

Feeling cuddly? Get your partner involved in a sexy spooning session. Cuddling can easily turn into humping, which can quickly escalate into some passionate play.

4. Squeeze in a Quickie!

Sex After Kids Go With Laundry

It’s all about making the best of your time. So don’t shy away from quickies!

If you need an excuse to disappear, say that you’re doing chores, having an important meeting, or taking a much needed afternoon nap. And once the door is locked, get down to it!

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Of course, vulva owners might find this a little more difficult to get into as they usually need more time to warm up. If that’s the case, arrange so that mommy could leave a little earlier and get warmed up on her own. Moms deserve longer afternoon naps, alright?

5. Make the Best Out of Your Bathroom Routines

Bathrooms are great. Why? Cause they have a lock and they allow you to mask any suspicious noise by turning on the shower.

So, once in a while, turn your shower routine into a sexy routine.

Allow things to get hot and steamy by rubbing shower gel onto your own body or your partner’s bodies. Saving water and minutes? Yes, please!

6. Working Out While Chilling Out

Pelvic floor exercises are a great way to strengthen the vulva and penis, and they result in stronger orgasms for when you do have some privacy.

Do them any time of day and in any scenario. Just squeeze and release.

They also enhance blood flow to the area, which means increased arousal and lubrication. This will come in handy whenever.

7. Not Everything Has to Be R-rated

Sex After Kids Strawberries

Sensual pleasure can be PG too, you know.

Get creative, and feed each other some delicious goods while in the kitchen. Enjoy an extra-long kissing session in the garden or the patio. Tantalize your senses with a mini back-rub using scented massage oil in the living room.

Cuddle, kiss, and give each other compliments.

Enjoy the little moments of sensuality throughout the day. That way waiting for the next moment alone will not be so annoying.


So, are you up for making time for sex after kids?

Just remember to have fun with it. Be creative and always talk about your needs.

If you openly communicate about what you want, you can work on making it happen. Even if it’s just in those few minutes you may be alone together.

Enjoy the process and the build-up, and we sincerely hope you get some pleasurable private time soon.

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