Regina Hall talks about Yoni Eggs on Conan

As one of our readers, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Yoni Egg.

This oh-so-famous crystal egg is getting more and more attention, and therefore keeps getting picked up by mainstream media.

We think that’s great! (Well, with certain caveats.)

After all it’s a life-changing practice for many women.

So it’s definitely beneficial and courageous that women like actress Regina Hall are talking about it in public, and therefore introducing a whole new audience to this formerly so secret and esoteric practice.

You go ladies!

If you haven’t seen Regina Hall’s interview on Conan, you should watch it (video is above).

As you can see there’s plenty of giggling involved when talking about VAGINAs on TV (come on Conan, also you entered this world coming out of one!).

This is the reason that the topic is only being covered superficially. Very superficially…

But that’s where we come in:

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