Oral Sex is Uncomfortable? Queening Chairs Got You Covered!

Queening Chair
Written by Kimberlee Meier

Get ready, ladies… Facesitting is on the comeback. And it’s even got a sassy new name – Queening. The best part? It comes with accessories. Enter, the Queening Chair.

It’s like having your very own facesitting throne that adds a lot of sass to your sex life.

Let’s dive into the history of queening, why it’s making a comeback and how you can get in on the action! Ok… Let’s get one Queen clear!

Although sitting on a Queening throne to get head is a new-age revolution, facesitting has been around since the 1800s. It became popular back then for “upper-class women” to get sexual gratification from men—and avoid getting pregnant at the same time.

Getting It Done in the 1800s

Women carried their love of facesitting into modern times, and it was even banned in the UK pornography industry in 2014 for “potentially harmful content” because some folks deemed it too crude.

Don’t worry, a #PornProtest on Twitter and outside the Houses of Parliament meant gals can still sit on their online thrones. But, the pieces must now be filmed outside of the UK (more info on this weird law here).

It’s unclear exactly when women decided they were sick of squatting and queening chairs were born. But one thing that is clear; it makes traditional facesitting soo much better, for both you and your partner.

Ways It Can Make Sex Sooo Much Sassier

Queening Chair Woman on Chair Reading Book and doing Split

We get it, you already have a vision of putting on a crown and getting head while sitting on a throne. Yep, a queening chair can give you that and a lot more.

Why Queening/Facesitting is the bomb. Here are a few reasons why Queening chairs are making facesitting great again:

It Makes Oral Comfortable, for Hours…

Look, facesitting is great. We all know that. But just when it’s getting good—it gets uncomfortable. That’s why Queening is so damn great, it’s literally sitting on a comfy chair; getting head.

You can use it in a classic oral sex scenario so your partner doesn’t get smothered, and it also gives them better access to you. And, because a queening chair is built to keep you both comfortable and relaxed, whoever is giving has easier access to your vagina/anus for a longer period of time.

If you’ve ever had a facesitting sesh ruined by sore muscles, leg cramp or your partner getting super uncomfortable, a queening chair might be right up your alley.

This means using a queening chair can eliminate some of the not-so-sexy parts of facesitting. Win-win.

More Focus on the Clit = Better Chance of Orgasm. Let’s Get Scientific for a Minute.

The chair takes away the physical pressure of traditional facesitting (like being tough on your pelvic floor muscles). By being relaxed like this, your labia minora becomes exposed, which allows the giver more access to your vagina (and anus) during oral sex. How does this help?

Last year, the biggest ever study of female orgasms was undertaken. It found only 18% of women can cum through penetrative sex. But, more than 36% can get there through clitoral stimulation.

Queening Chair Aroused Blonde Woman Touching Hair

Since the Queening chair is all about the focus on cunnilingus, it’s a no-brainer that using it can increase your chances of orgasms.

Better yet, because the chair allows you to relax physically, your mind will follow. Having a relaxed mind helps get rid of a lot of mental barriers that stop orgasms (like worrying about if you are going to orgasm at all).

This will allow you to focus solely on the sensation of your partner giving you head and give you a better chance of getting over the line.

It Can Make Things As Kinky As You Want Them to Be

Up until recently, Queening chairs were mainly known in the BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadism & masochism) space.

This is because the chair is a way to roleplay on a slave/owner scenario; the ‘owner’ sat on the chair, while her ‘slave’ gave her head until she said she had enough.

So if you want to mix it up and get kinky, a queening chair is a good way to bridge into the BDSM space.

If you want to dial the kink right up, some queening stools have a ‘lock-in’ feature. These are sometimes referred to as a “smother box”. It’s essentially a smaller version of a queening chair that locks the giver in with head clamps.

The box also comes with wrist restraints to make sure the giver doesn’t release themselves. Not for the faint-hearted, but super fun and sassy at the same time.

Where Can I Get One?

So, it’s clear you need a queening chair in your life.

Although the popularity of queening chairs is still on the rise, it’s still quite a niche market. However, there are online stores where you can purchase anything from a simple queening chair to a sassy smotherbox.

You can get simple queening chairs at over bondage boutique LoveHoney. This is a great option if you like the idea of being a queen but you aren’t 100% sure if it’s right for you just yet, as some of the other models can be expensive.

Fetish Furniture Factory offers some kinkier queening chairs and the chance to actually customize your own. So, if you’re in the market for something a bit different, or if you and your partner want to add your own personal touch—this is where to go.

If you loved the idea of the smotherbox, these are available from sellers on Etsy. These are still made by small, independent shops so the price tags are quite hefty, but the design and quality make up for it.

If you are looking for a more affordable way to get a queening chair, how about just building your own? Fetish Furniture Factory has published a guide on how to build your own throne!

Simple Queening Chair

queening chair
  • Reduce muscle strain and aching thighs
  • Give your film plot an unforgettable climax.
  • Experiment with a variety of positions to discover new and exciting angles for maximum shared pleasure
Learn more

Not Just a Chair, but a Game-changer

Having a queening chair can really be a game-changer if you love traditional facesitting.

The chair can open up the doors for more pleasure because it’s relaxing and gives the giver better access to you.

Don’t be deterred by the chair’s high price tag either. Retailers are already starting to make more affordable chairs because of the growing popularity of queening!

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Kimberlee Meier

Kimberlee is a freelance author who believes in an act of encouraging more people to tune in to their sexuality and also their soul, which will overall lead them to have a better lifestyle.

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