An Orgasm a Day – The Juicy Path to Personal Growth

an orgasm a day
Written by Dr. Lauren Brim

If there is one thing I am passionate about, it is orgasm and I believe that an orgasm a day can change your life.

I discovered orgasm at a young age, and I’ve had a relationship with it ever since. It’s been with me when I was dating someone and when I was single, when I felt totally alive and when I didn’t feel well, when I was peaceful and content and when I was asking big questions about myself and the universe.

And throughout our long relationship, I’ve had time to discover a great deal about what many have found to be elusive. I’ve discovered that my orgasm isn’t just in my genitals, and most importantly, that it’s not only about pleasure – it’s about evolution. When orgasm is in my life, I don’t stay in one place. I don’t wake up day after day as the same person, in the same life, with the same problems. Even my orgasm doesn’t stay the same. We keep growing and transforming together, as mirror images of each other.

I also realized that the word ‘orgasm’ makes it sound like it is one concrete, definite experience when actually it is so expansive that it can cascade throughout one’s life simultaneously destroying and rebuilding their work, relationships, health and even their identity. An orgasm might climax over the course of seconds, minutes or hours, and can take place in the genitals, heart, nipples, mind, spine, or anywhere else, but the experience of orgasm is truly beyond time, transporting us to the new realities and perceptions, and new chapters in the story of our lives.

So I wanted to explore the words we use to describe orgasm. Who was she and why was she so powerful? What qualities did she possess to help us evolve, transform and progress in our lives? Why was orgasm so much more than pleasure? Because my sense was that hidden behind society’s focus on the biological process of orgasm was the secret to its power in the words used to define it. Here is what I discovered:

Greek orgasmos: “excitement, swelling” the most intense point during sexual excitement extremely pleasurable sensations to swell, be excited intense or unrestrained excitement, to be in heat, become ripe for.


To swell means to increase in size, to grow. It is actually the process of growth. When we are in orgasmic pleasure not only do our erogenous zones swell with blood, but we physically, emotionally and spiritually enter into the experience of growth. When we are growing we cannot stay the same size or the same person, and we cannot stay in the same belief systems, the same resentment, or in the same mental and physical plane. Growth not only indicates an increase in amount, but an increase in force; we become more powerful when we swell. We swell like the waves in the sea that rise up to meet the sky or the gradually rising elevation of the land.

Swelling is strong and expansive, like a series of long and unbroken waves that get louder and make themselves heard. Swelling is to fill up within ourselves, to fill with pride, being who we are in the world in a way that isn’t ashamed or apologetic. It is to be boldly assure of who we are and our position in the world and the deep pleasure that comes from being exactly who we are and loving it.



To become excited is to stir up emotions or feelings that were previously unfelt. It awakens, stirs to action, provokes and stirs up. We become animated, stimulated and alive. To become excited is to set in motion, where we can no longer remain in one place as excitement pushes every dormant and stagnant idea, impulse and desire forward to be examined. To raise an atom or molecule to an excited state means that it has absorbed energy from exposure to light, electricity, elevated temperature or a chemical reaction and it must now create it’s own reaction or give off an emission of light.

Becoming excited means that we have to engage, to share, and to connect and give off our light. Excited states are unstable, as they must give off the energy they have absorbed, so being excited makes us come outside of ourselves and birth something into the world, changing it forever.


To ripen means to mature, to grow up. It forces us to evolve and develop into who we truly are. It is the process of becoming the greatest expression of ourselves in the world; a version of ourselves that can nourish those around us to become their greatest selves. Ripening is the fulfillment of life itself in its journey from a seed, to maturation, to returning back to all that is. It is the climax of that journey, where one has the most to share with those around it.

To be ripe is to be full, completely mature, in one’s best condition, and advanced. It means to be ready for action, fit, prepared and ready to undergo something, to share. To have ripened is to have arrived at the highest point of development and excellence. To be you in the world; delicious, transforming and irresistible.

Now that sounds more like it!

So I rewrote the definition of orgasm for myself, to describe what happens in our minds, bodies and spirits during an orgasm of any shape, size or location:

Orgasm is a spectrum of pleasure where we swell, excite, and ripen in the purest expression of who we are.

Yes! Orgasm is the act of becoming who we are and the joy of that discovery. It is the surrendering and allowance of our biggest and highest self to come through our physical bodies. It catalyzes and moves everything we are into the world. An orgasm a day doesn’t have to be a genital experience, but can be any moment we come into contact with food, art, people and experiences that cause us to swell, excite and ripen in the connection, expressing who we are in the world and with the world.

What’s important is that we give orgasm the space and time it deserves to transform and bring pleasure to our lives.


Why you really need an orgasm a day

Having an orgasm a day is living your life in a way that who you are is free to expand, be heard, get turned on, share your light, feel your feelings, and ripen into who you are meant to be. For many it is the key to healing their bodies, maintaining their immune system, and regulating their emotions. Orgasm is important because we are important. Our orgasms need to be heard as do our voices. Orgasms need to be talked about as do our revelations. Orgasms deserve to be honored as do our bodies, lifes and loves.

I know that despite any fears that arise, I will continue to let orgasm in because I want what it brings to my life. Orgasm is the bridge between the physical and spiritual. It allows the mystical and the magical into my every day, physical universe. I can’t and don’t want to live without it. An orgasm a day can change your life, so what might two, or three or four do? Only you can find out! So start making time for it.

An orgasm a day will change your life because it changes who you are in that life. It lets the bigger version of you come through when you surrender to its power. Allowing orgasm into your life is allowing yourself, your real self, into the world. Let yourself in! And the deeper you uncover your orgasm, layer by gorgeous layer, you will discover, in that beautiful, hidden place, the beauty of who you are and the light you’ve come to the world to share.


About the author

Dr. Lauren Brim

Lauren Brim is an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, a Sexual Wellness Coach for women and author of The New Rules of Sex, a revolutionary 21st-century approach to sexuality, relationships, and love. Lauren has a deep compassion for human suffering and has worked in the healing arts for over a decade with clients all across the world.
She is passionate about helping others discover true and lasting mind-body health quickly without surgeries or supplements. She is also passionate about helping women discover their sexual wholeness, and the happiness and pleasure that come from eradicating sexual shame. Book a session, purchase her courses or book her for a speaking event at

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