10 Tasty Oral Sex Positions to Go Downtown in Style

oral sex positions
Written by Molly Lazarus

Oral is one of the most intimate and potentially enjoyable acts on the sexual menu.

Once thought to be a strictly frivolous form of indulgence, modern science hypothesizes that oral sex is actually rooted in our biology as an evolutionary aid. And, despite reports that oral sex has become more common in recent years, history tells us that lovers have been going downtown since the beginning of time.

Despite the prevalence of oral among sex fans, many have trouble either giving or receiving it due to insecurities or fears of inadequacy. It’s important to make sure you and your partner are as comfortable and connected as possible if you choose to partake of each other’s sweet tasty bits.

Taking the plunge can be well worth it.

Some millennial men even say they consider eating pussy to be a delightful form of personal empowerment.

Experimenting with different oral sex positions can enhance your experience and open up a new world of sensations, dynamics, and feelings within your relationship. Let’s take a look at 10 of the best oral sex positions out there and their delectable benefits.

1. The Laid-back Classic

Laid-Back Classic Oral Sex

Have your partner simply lie down on their back, fully relax, and enjoy the ride!

This reliable position is a favorite of many oral fans because it allows the receiver to focus on savoring every moment of the experience. It’s also great if you enjoy touching your tits while your partner works their magic.

If you’re the one receiving, experiment with placing a pillow under your booty to elevate your hips a bit and give your partner better access to your lower areas. You might try planting your feet on the bed or floor and moving your hips in motions that maximize the sensation.

2. Sweet 69 and All Its Variations

69 Oral Sex

Partners love 69 because it allows them to both give and receive simultaneously, which can be a huge turn-on. There are some people, however, who find 69ing to be distracting, making it difficult to climax.

If you’ve got some time and are keen, experiment with the 69 position and all its incredible variations. You can do it sideways, inverted, or even in bridge pose. How many ways can you work to get each other’s goodies in your mouth?

3. Doggystyle (Woof Woof!)

Doggy Style Oral Sex

To receive, get on your hands and knees and have your partner lick and suck from behind. This position gives your partner uninhibited access to every inch of your most intimate areas and may even allow them to multitask. They can grab or spank your ass, lick the entire length of your taint, or even toss your salad if anilingus is your thing.

Keep in mind, this is a vulnerable position, so ease into it slowly if you’re feeling shy.

4. Head off the Bed

Head Off the Bed Oral Sex

This is a hot oral sex position for receivers who love sucking cock.

Lie on your back on your bed with your head situated toward your partner. Allow your head to dangle off the edge of the bed and give your penis-wielding partner access to your mouth.

This position is ACE for deepthroaters who are down with skullfucking, or irrumatio, as the Romans once called it. It’s quite possible you experience a throat orgasm with this one. Make sure your partner is incredibly careful while thrusting into your mouth, as injuries can occur if things get too rough.

5. Facesitting, a.k.a ‘Queening’

Face Sitting Oral Sex

A powerful stance for vagina-wielding receivers. Have your partner lie flat on their back and squat with your pussy just above their mouth.

This dominant posture can be extra enjoyable for fetishists seeking kinky oral sex positions and allows the receiver to look down at their lover and indulge in the view. It’s also great for strengthening the thigh muscles!

Hey facesitting fans, look into the amazing works of my favorite Japanese artist Namio Harukawa during your coffee break for an eye feast!

6. Teabagging

Tea Bagging Oral Sex

A version of queening for all you penis and ball-havers.

Again, simply squat above your partner’s head and dangle your delights into their mouth.

This position is excellent if you like having your testicles and taint stimulated. Your partner can multitask by jerking you off simultaneously if desired.

7. The Recliner

Reclining Oral Sex

Phew! These positions are a real workout, right? Take a rest with this next one by reclining in a chair or on a sofa. Your partner can kneel between your legs and leisurely pleasure you. This position gives your partner an easier angle to work with, making neck pain less likely during extended sessions.

It also affords you a royal view of your partner while they get down to business.

8. The Wrap-around

Leg Wrap-Around Oral Sex

This can be accomplished in any position where the receiver is lying, sitting, or reclining. Wrap your legs around the back of your partner’s head while they give you yours.

You can leverage this position to pull their face snugly into your genitals and set the desired tempo.

9. A Leg Up, or Two!

Leg Up Oral Sex

Lie back or recline and grab one or both of your thighs, lifting them into the air. This position can help give your partner a bit of space to maneuver.

It also allows your pussy to open like a blossoming flower.

This can be one of the best oral sex positions for women, as some of us experience more sensitivity on one side of the body than the other. Use this posture to guide your partner toward the most pleasurable positioning for you.

10. Standing or Kneeling 69

Standing or Kneeling 69 Oral Sex

Okay, I know I mentioned 69 before, but I’m listing this separately because this variation is an entirely different ballgame. One partner stands or kneels while the other faces them upside-down, supported by their shoulders.

This acrobatic position requires a good deal of balance and muscular strength.

It’s also fairly unlikely to come in this position. Many people attempt this crazy oral sex position simply to be able to say that they did!

Above all else, do your best to relax and take any underlying pressure off you and your partner to make the most out of these oral sex positions. Don’t get caught up in worries about whether you climax or how long it takes.

Just dig in, connect, and savor your partner’s salacious buffet for the feast that it is.

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