Omooni Is Now Beducated. Here’s Why.

“It’s the letter O, then the word MOON, and then the letter I” … “Ah wait, better let me write it down for you”

… was often the only way how we, and more important YOU, could spread the word about our work of bringing conscious sexuality into bedrooms around the planet.

And this is why we’ve got exciting news to share today:

Omooni is now Beducated!

Yes, we changed our name. And at the same time got ourselves a brand new look.

We’ve already shared the main reason for that: No one could remember the name Omooni at first, leave alone remember how to spell it.

We believe that our work is too important to have a tricky name that not many can remember or spell correctly. After all, our mission is to make conscious sexuality a global movement. And we want to make it accessible to everyone who’s keen on trying.

So we believe Beducated is the name that will support this mission. Are you with us?

This rebrand is a huge change.

But it’s also important to share what’s not going to change: We will continue to offer you high-quality conscious sexuality teachings. This means free articles and videos in our magazine, brand new masterclasses, as well as beautifully produced online courses.

By the way, if you are already enrolled in one of our online courses, you will, of course, be able to access everything as usual.

Watch the video above for more information and a personal message from our founders.

We have some exciting things planned for the next weeks and months – here’s what to expect:

  • A brand new Masterclass for this Valentine’s Day
  • We’re currently revamping our best selling Yoni Massage course. The new version will go waaaaay deeper and has over 30 brand new videos (and yes, this is going to be a free upgrade for everyone who’s already in)
  • We’ll be hiring and expanding our team. This includes positions for Beducators (ha!) who will work with us locally and full-time on new articles, videos and courses.
  • We’ll use our abandoned YouTube channel more, and produce fresh videos for you on an ongoing basis.
  • And of course, we have exciting new online courses in the pipeline.

We hope this evolution is going smoothly for you.

We’d be excited to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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