Mother & Lover – Why Motherhood Is the Hottest Thing on Earth

I imagine being a mother feels so powerful, so magical (I haven’t given birth yet, so I can only imagine it in my wildest dreams). But the fact is, every mother on this earth builds a beautiful human life inside her womb! Wow, so how hot is that?

Let’s just for a moment acknowledge the brilliance of the mother womb and human biology, and the very fact that this tiny little semen can penetrate the ovum. The fertilization has to happen at the very right moment, which then leads to a chain of reaction nurturing the semen into an infant. Once the child is born, the mother (and also the father, of course) take it from there.

A mother is biologically build to breastfeeds, nurture the child; she offers her service until the little one is strong enough to walk on this earth all by itself.

Motherhood is an act of service, sourced by unconditional love.

OMG, this is so sexy and so spiritual.
I know a few mothers in my friend’s circle who would confirm that their kids are the best thing that ever happened in their life’s. Their babies are their constant reminder to be present at the very moment. Their children become their gurus.

But, I also hear their challenges…

The biggest one of all is finding time for themselves. The heroinic service of unconditional raising and caring for another human being comes with the risk to lose yourself in the process. And this is especially true around intimacy towards themselves and their partner.

Many women project a certain lack of sexiness onto themselves after childbirth. As a mother, you give so much that you unlearn how to receive, to the point that you consider yourself unworthy of feeling pleasure. One of my clients even told me that the lover in her died when she became a mother.

Sure it’s not so easy to nourish intimacy with your partner once you are a mother. It requires some skillful planning. But I wonder why it is that the most powerful and sexy symbol is put down by many mothers themselves?!

In this podcast episode, I discover the hotness of motherhood with the wonderful Lauren White from Sexosophy. She is a Sexologist and is a hot mama of two.

In this episode, we go into detail about:

  • How things are suddenly different as a mother.
  • How to manage the day so that you can stay intimate with your partner.
  • What sexual changes we can go through before, during and after birth.
  • Why acknowledgment of the changes in your body is so crucial.
  • Hands on tips to stay connected with your sexual being as a hot mama.

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