Moonstone Yoni Egg: The Pearly Beauty for More Peace and Deeper Relationships

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Rosie Rees
Written by Rosie Rees

Welcome to the Moonstone Yoni Egg that will nurture you through the tough times by creating a calm and peaceful space in your energy.

To help with: difficult times and building intimacy

The stone is nurtured from Madagascar and can pave the way for a clearer emotional mind and open up a path to deeper love and romance.

Healing Properties & Benefits of Using the Moonstone Yoni Egg

The Egg’s Main Benefits Are…

  • To enhance and mirror feelings
  • It helps improve communication skills (and help you to freely speak thoughts that you’ve been holding back)
  • To encourage creativity
  • Helping to accelerate healing

Cool. Calm. Collected. That’s the aim of the Moonstone Yoni Egg.

If you consider buying a Moonstone Yoni Egg, this is the best one out there. Hands down. 

The egg’s main aim is to create a calm and peaceful space in your own energy space and allow you to open up a path to a clearer emotional mind.

Is It the Egg for You?

The Moonstone Egg is created from a Madagascan stone which can help you to deepen intimacy through calmness and peace. How exactly can that help you? Well, the egg helps you to release stress, anger, tension and fear while also opening up your heart chakra.

naked woman with Moonstone egg

The stone can also help you to build on your feminine energies and align with them with your heart chakra. By doing so, you can experience a wholeness and feminine energy that will help you to build intimacy in your personal relationships.

And that is the real aim of the game with the Moonstone Yoni Egg –  to establish a sacred relationship with yourself.

On a physical level, the Moonstone Yoni Egg can help you to treat kidney dysfunction and get a better blood circulation around your body. In fact, the stone is one of the more physical healers and can help a range of metabolic problems like diabetes and chronic fatigue.

How to Use Your Yoni Egg

Drilled or Un-drilled?

That’s the question.

A drilled Yoni Egg is an egg which has a hole in it to allow a string to be attached for easier removal whenever you want a break from your egg. A downside to drilling your egg is it does make it harder to clean it when it is removed because of the hole.

It’s up to you with what you are comfortable with, but whatever you choose just remember – it is impossible for your egg to get lost inside you! If your egg does get ‘stuck’, it’s important to remember to not panic.

Try squatting down in the shower, baring down, inserting a finger and gently pushing – you would be amazed at what your body can do to help you release the egg naturally. If all else fails, you can also try and scoop it out with a clean finger or go to the toilet for number 2.

How to Insert Your Egg Properly

Relax and breathe – it is important to feel fully relaxed before you insert your egg.

woman with Moonstone egg

When you feel ready, take the larger end of the egg to the entrance of the vagina and make some circles around the opening of your vagina. Slowly, insert your egg until it’s inside you and then let your muscles take over and do the rest.

The best stance while you are inserting your egg? Simply lie down or squat – this opens up your vaginal canal and will let you insert your egg easily.

Exercising Your Yoni

One of the best parts of using a Yoni Egg is the fact that is doubles as an exercise buddy for your vagina!

Another amazing part? You only need to do it for about 15-20 minutes a day for it to help you.

The easiest set of yoni exercises to do is – holding the muscles of your pelvic floor and counting to five. Relax and count to five. And repeat.

woman using Moonstone egg


Another exercise you can do if you wear your egg religiously is to gently tug the string of your egg and clamp up your muscles at the same time can create a tug of war for your yoni.

How to Clear & Cleanse Your Egg

Your Yoni Egg is super important to you and you should care for it in that way as well.

When you first get your egg, it is important to ‘cleanse’ it so it will become yours. The easiest way to do this is to pour warm water over the egg (not boiling hot!). You can also soak it in a hot bath of salt water, or some apple vinegar, for about 10 minutes to cleanse your egg. Once you’ve done this, wipe the egg clean with a cloth and, when you aren’t wearing it, keep it in a pouch to make sure it stays clean.

If you consider buying a Moonstone Yoni Egg, this is the best one out there. Hands down. 

If you have a drilled egg, make sure to remove any water that gets caught in the drilled hole of the egg by blowing in the hole. It’s important to clean your egg in between uses (a mild soap is fine to do this) and if you are using an egg with string, it needs to be changed each time as well.

When Can’t I Use a Yoni Egg?

It is really important that you don’t use your Moonstone Yoni Egg if you have an infection such as a urinary tract infection (UTI), thrush or during pregnancy.

woman with Moonstone egg

You should also pause your Yoni Egg practice during your period to give your body the space it needs to menstruate naturally.

Choose the Moonstone Yoni Egg If….

The Moonstone Yoni Egg is the right egg for you if you wanting to strip all of the noise out of your mind and start with a clean slate.

The egg’s main benefit will be to create a haven of peace and calm in your mind, and allow you to be clearer in your decisions and everyday life.

Not Sure If This Is the Right Egg for You?
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