Menstrual Holidays For Everyone

Mariah Freya
Written by Mariah Freya

Ladies, it’s time. No more lies on this one. Let’s shout it out loud:
We need holidays when we have our menstruation!

Yes, I mean every single month, 12 times a year. I think we should take at least one or even two days off from work, from family, from our hectic daily lives in general – and be proud about it. Menstrual Holidays for Everyone.


In my opinion, it doesn’t mean that we are weaker then the opposite sex and I think it especially doesn’t give feminism a bad name. In the 1920s, Japan brought a law into force that allowed menstruating women to take days off work. Since then the so-called ‘Menstrual leave debate’ continues as to whether it is a medical necessity or a discriminatory measure.

So you ask yourself why we need holidays when we have our menstruation? Simply because we care about our bodies, about our health and what we need.

  • During menstruation the female body loses on average 30-40ml of blood , which has high amounts of calcium, magnesium, potassium and other important nutrients. There is a reason why we feel weak during periods.
  • 85% of all woman have experienced Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) including symptoms like cramps, diarrhea, bloating, depression etc (source) . Let’s face it – it’s no fun!
  • Many women use painkillers during menstruation to decrease the amount of pain so that they can function in daily life. However, the overuse of painkillers may have severe effects on their health, such as gastrointestinal problems ranging from stomach pain to ulcers, hemorrhage, and other severe and potentially deadly gastrointestinal complications. (source).


Grit Your Teeth And Accept

Menstrual Holidays

Let’s stop telling ourselves that we can function as usual, that there is no need to rest. No, ladies it’s time…

  • to rest.
  • to go inwards and meditate.
  • to get a hot water bottle.
  • to stay in bed.
  • to take a long relaxing bath.
  • to eat the right diet to help decrease PMS.
  • to have a special day consecrated to your feminine body.

The Efficient Femme

I called my boss a few days ago to tell him that I couldn’t come to work because my menstruation was giving me too much pain. I realized how guilty I felt – but I realized as well that there is no need to feel guilty about it. I think it’s a certain mentality we need to learn. Learning to accept our menstruation, the pain and the circumstances. That we are meant to have a day off!

In Western culture it has become a silent burden for us women to function like men, to be as strong and as efficient. We don’t want to think small and give up the manager position we struggled for for so many years. Of course not. How can we still take a day off when we have so many responsibilities? Well we can, by making it clear to everyone involved, and prepare for it.  Ever heard of the  menstrual cycle? You can figure out almost exactly when your menstruation will be. There are even great apps for the phone. Raise awareness by first becoming aware of your cycle and then spreading the word until it is a holiday by law. 😉

Lots of bloody Love,

Mariah Freya

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Mariah Freya

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