Learn from a Tantra Master – Meet Ma Ananda Sarita

A friend of ours said, “You have to meet this woman”… and you know how life sometimes beautifully falls into place.

Philipp and I met Tantra Master, Ma Ananda Sarita a few months ago and to say the least we are blown away by her presence and insight. We drank tea in a magical Balinese mansion in the middle of the Indonesian jungle and had divine goosebumps conversations.

Fast forward: today we would like you to meet Sarita, too.

She is sharing with us her mind-blowing personal story on how she was guided on to the path of enlightenment through Tantra. As a young teenager, Sarita left her hometown in California and went in search of the essence of life.

She hitchhiked her way throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and India. Pretty adventurous, right?!

Finally, Sarita ended up meeting Osho

One of the most powerful Tantra Masters in the world — in Mumbai (India) at the age of 17. She remained in his community for the next 26 years, receiving much personal guidance on the subject of meditation, Tantra, love, relationships, and spirituality.

Sarita spent decades, almost her entire life learning, researching, exploring, and experimenting. And what makes her even more unique so, she has been healing herself first before she started teaching.

Many teachers nowadays do the opposite; they teach before they have cleared any of their past trauma first.

Sarita truly speaks from her own experience.

She has been teaching Tantra since 1990. Later she moved to Europe in 1999 where she established a school devoted to Tantra and Healing Arts. But you can find her in various places around the world — teaching retreats, workshops, and facilitating teacher trainings.

Sarita’s programs are based on Osho’s approach but are also greatly inspired by Kashmiri Tantra, the Baul Mystics, and Gorakh. Her teachings are a living bridge between ancient and modern approaches, which is what makes her so unique and accessible to everyone.

We are truly honored to present to you our Masterclass with Sarita about merging Sexuality, Love & Spirituality.

Sarita loves guiding her students on the path of self-realization and awakening.

Her goal is to help them crack the shell they’re trapped in — as a result of cultural conditioning and past experiences. With a youthful energy, though she is in her 60’s (clearly she tapped into a Tantric fountain of youth), she is constantly traveling all around the world to spread her teachings.

Some of her well-known students are Layla Martin and our Beducated expert Sofia Sundari.

Back then, when we met Sarita in Bali, we knew that we wanted to support her, spreading her teachings also online and together to transform even more lovers. So we met again, this time in Munich, to shot one-of-a-kind Masterclass for you.

About the author

Mariah Freya

Mariah Freya is a sex & orgasm coach, urban goddess and founder of Beducated.com. She opens up the topic of sexuality in all its diversity through her videos, articles and online courses. Mariah has a powerful global mission: Liberating sexuality from below the belly button up, and helping the individual grow through pleasure into fulfilment.

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