10 Science-backed Reasons Why Masturbation Is Good for Health

Written by Emma Hewitt

So, masturbation. Easier done than said right? And this is especially true for women. Research suggests that 95% of men and 89% of women are getting down with themselves, yet there is still this perception that masturbation, or at least talking about it, is embarrassing or bad in some way, regardless of discussions around its health benefits. So, is masturbation good for health and why is there still such a taboo around the topic?

For some reason, there remains a large divide between men and women as to how normal their masturbation habits are. For men, a daily tug is indicative of being healthy and virile. For women, it’s embarrassing and still shrouded in taboo. But it shouldn’t be!

Don’t forget that the clitoris is the only organ designed purely for pleasure.

That little bean contains thousands of nerve endings and should really be every woman’s best friend. Plus, masturbation is healthy! And there are so many benefits of self-love for all genders.

Self Love Masturbation

Why the Self-love Stigma?

The question is why do so many people talk freely and openly about partnered sex and hide away from the topic of solo sex? It stems primarily from two historical misconceptions.

1. Masturbation is dangerously wasteful and will limit or rid you of your ability to procreate.
2. Masturbation is second tier sex. An activity for lonely people that can not get a partner.

Let’s start by saying that, in most cases, men do not have a finite allotment of sperm. They will keep producing and happily be swimming along regardless of how often you masturbate.

The idea that masturbation is second best sex is also untrue!

We should all love ourselves as the main event from time to time because masturbation feels amazing, inside and out!

Are There Any Real Side Effects of Masturbation?

In a word, no.

While extreme levels of over-masturbation can be unsafe due to physical damage to your delicate bits, the main issue that stems from masturbation is guilt and embarrassment. We tend to forget how powerful those emotions are and how much impact that can have on our lives, even leading to sexual dysfunction in some cases.

It is the guilt surrounding this topic that causes more damage than good to our sense of overall health and wellbeing. The more we embrace masturbation as a healthy part of our lives as sexual beings, the more we can talk about it, learn about it and reduce guilt and shame.

masturbation health benefits

Let’s Talk about the Benefits!

It’s time to talk loud and proud about the benefits of healthy masturbation, because if we don’t play with, experiment and enjoy our bodies then how the hell can we expect anyone else to?! So how is masturbation good for health? Let’s have a look!

#1 Masturbation Makes You Happier

Not only is masturbation extremely fun, like seriously fun, it also releases dopamine and oxytocin into your brain, making you feel happier! Touching yourself is kind of like your very own feel-good drug.

When you pleasure your genitals your brain releases these happy chemicals to relax your body and mind and put you in a better mood. When you reach orgasm, your brain releases even more of these chemicals and makes you feel even better. Time for some happy hormones!

#2 It’s the Safest Sex You Can Have!

Who said that sex had to include another person anyway? Sex with yourself is still sex! Plus, masturbation is the ultimate in safe sex. You can’t create a baby; you can’t catch any nasty diseases, and you don’t even need to wear a condom. Too easy! And the best bit, there is no awkward sneaking out in the morning after a one night stand with yourself.

Health benefits masturbation

#3 It Helps You Relax

Don’t let everyday stresses stop you from getting down with your fine self!

Masturbation can actually help to relieve some of that stress and make you feel more relaxed. Our brains love pleasure, just as much as our genitals, and when the brain identifies those pleasurable feelings it gives you a reward by lowering your stress levels.

Clearly, there is a little more science behind it but your brain is pretty much rewarding you for masturbating and I think that is pretty damn cool. So next time you feel overwhelmed, slow down, send your hands down south and relax!

#4 Get Those Extra Zzzzzzzzs

masturbation good for health

You know how after partnered sex, you tend to drift off to sleep without too much effort? Well, great news! The solo play works in the same way too. It all comes down to orgasm. When you orgasm your body releases a cocktail of hormones that improve your sleep patterns and help you get a great night’s sleep.

#5 Love Yourself More – in Every Sense of the Word

Low self-esteem is actually the cause of a lot of stress for humans.

Constantly worrying about every part of our bodies takes up a lot of space in some people’s minds and self-love is the perfect way to connect with your body in a positive way. It’s a time to worship your body, give it the attention that it deserves and feel a whole lot of pleasure.

The more we explore our bodies with solo touch, the more we can learn from them and understand what it is that we enjoy. It teaches us what turns us on, what we like and don’t like and exactly how to stimulate the body to get the response we want!

#6 Come Again…with or Without a Partner

You know how they say, the more sex you have, the more sex you want right? Well, it turns out that the same thing applies to orgasms too. The more experimental you are and the more ways you can get your body to respond to different ways of touching and stimulating your body the better.

If you can increase the ways that you can bring yourself to orgasm, then it will be easier to achieve this when you are in a partnered situation too.

Masturbation can help increase your ability to orgasm with a partner.

Yes, ladies, I’m talking to you here. If you struggle to orgasm with a partner, then it might be time to dedicate more time to get to know that vagina of yours.

masturbation is good for health

#7 An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

How often should a man masturbate? How often should a woman masturbate? There is no real answer to this question, but, a little birdy did tell me that an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away… Who am I to disagree with that?

While it might seem like it’s all fun and games, there are actually some serious health benefits to regular masturbation. It can prevent infections of the cervix by flushing out old bacteria from the uterus, and, it’s even associated with preventing prostate cancer in males by flushing out excess fluids. Is it good to ejaculate daily? Yes. Is it good to orgasm daily? Yes. Science proves it!

#8 Keep Things Tight. Every Orgasm Counts!

That’s because every time you masturbate it’s literally a workout for your sexual organs. Masturbation and orgasm help to strengthen the pelvic floor and stop the tissues from weakening as we age.

And this applies to both men and women, so use it or lose it!

As we orgasm our muscles tense up in the same way as they would during Kegel exercises. A workout and an orgasm in one? Yes, please!

#9 Ease those nasty cramps

I know it’s a touchy subject, but many women steer away from sex during their period but it is actually a time of high arousal for women and an orgasm is one of the best ways to ease menstrual cramps and relieve pain. So its win, win! You can do it with a partner or if you don’t want to play with someone else, you can just play with yourself.

If you are concerned about a bit of blood going anywhere, then just focus on the clitoris. That way, if your flow is on the heavier side, then you can still use a moon cup or tampon while you play, or you could jump in the shower of course. Otherwise, a towel laid out on the bed works well too.

#10 Most Importantly… It Feels Awesome!

masturbating is good for health

Yes, masturbation is good for health but let’s not forget the importance of doing things for ourselves that feel good! Treat yourself to an orgasm every now and then just for the sake of pleasure and indulging in some self-love.

Learn about your body, love your body and pleasure your body.

All those masturbation health benefits are just a bonus. So go on, make a commitment to yourself and experience more pleasure, more arousal and more orgasms without shame! Doing so will keep you connected to your body and help you truly understand your sexual response. Your genitals will thank you for it.

Although masturbation may be a private adventure, don’t forget to share this with your friends and remind them to love themselves too. All you need is love after all.

Need a hand with that? We may be able to help… with a Yoni Massage Course… What did you think I was talking about?

About the author

Emma Hewitt

Emma is a writer from Wellington, New Zealand that writes about the good things in life. Be it sex, relationships, sex toys, cats or glitter. She considers herself a pleasure activist promoting sex positivity through her writing. She also talks about it in person every chance she gets.

She has a Bachelor of Communications with majors in Journalism and Expressive Arts. Following university, she fell into an internship at Adulttoymegastore – New Zealand’s largest online retailer of adult toys. Here she fell in love with sex toys and sex education and stayed with the company for four years. She took on the role of Marketing & Content Executive where she learnt about, talked about and wrote about all things pleasure.

Now, she lives in sunny Barcelona and shares her knowledge of all things pleasurable as a freelance writer. Emma has also written for Axotca, Condomania and Lovestop and is (slowly) building a website with her beautiful boyfriend Jay to talk all things sex.

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