Love Yourself Before You Make Love to Others

All of us just want to be happy, right?!

Unfortunately, we tend to look for love and happiness on the outside. Hoping we’ll get it from others. Just as posting a selfie on Facebook can give us the confirmation that people like us, so can a Tinder date pump us full with love hormones for a night. But speaking frankly, is sex with our lover really going to make us happier, even if it’s good sex? Mostly we watch this happiness from the outside, fading away. And then we do the same thing all over again or look for it somewhere else.

But how can we get to a point where we feel loved and happy, sustainably, without the wearing off part?

I have invited a beautiful guest for this podcast episode, Gini Can Breathe. She has dedicated her work to happiness and to the question of what makes us truly happy. She is a catalyst on Youtube and Snapchat, spreading her message with her fun videos, flashmobs, and writings.

Gini shares almost every second of her life, through Snapchat. She gives people the opportunity to see her, every day. She believes in complete transparency. Those moments she shares are authentic and come from a place of surrendering self-love. Through exploring that place she is able to show her self.

This podcast is about nourishing self-love and self-pleasure and why it’s important to love ourselves before we make love to others (and why it’s important for your orgasms too).

In this episode, we go into detail about:

  • What’s Gini all about?
  • How can we love ourselves more every day?
  • Why is self-love important for our orgasms?
  • Why should we start with internal happiness?
  • Why is sex a lot like a meditation?
  • How can you surrender yourself into your body and be an authentic lover?
  • Why is taking responsibility for your own pleasures and happiness the key?

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About the author

Mariah Freya

Mariah Freya is a sex & orgasm coach, urban goddess and founder of She opens up the topic of sexuality in all its diversity through her videos, articles and online courses. Mariah has a powerful global mission: Liberating sexuality from below the belly button up, and helping the individual grow through pleasure into fulfilment.

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