Turn up Your Man’s Volume: Loud Male Orgasms

loud male orgasm
Written by Theresa Holland

You’re a woman with a smokin’ hot sex life, you’re getting busy on a regular basis, and you’ve got a man you just can’t get enough of. What’s not to love? Well, the thing with sex is…it can always get better. If you’re into vocal lovemaking with a thundering climax, you may be wondering how you can lead the way to a loud male orgasm.

Why Is Louder Better When It Comes to Male Orgasm?

loud male orgasm

A loud male orgasm has the potential to enhance sex for both parties. Men enjoy it when women are vocal in bed because engaging all senses, including our hearing, can intensify the experience. It’s no surprise that this goes both ways—women are jonesin’ for their men to have louder orgasms too.

With the right approach, you’ll be able to get him to roar like a lion during sex.

Vocalizing pleasure allows you to stay in the zone and enjoy the moment which means a loud male orgasm is mutually beneficial.

And if either of you needs more convincing, get this: Some sex counselors believe that couples who effectively communicate with each other about sex are generally happier and healthier. The thought of men having loud orgasms is starting so sound pretty hot, am I right?!

Where to Begin with a Loud Male Orgasm?

Boosting your man’s vocal expression during orgasm can be relatively simple and comes with a powerful payoff. Before you get started with leading your partner to a loud male orgasm, keep in mind that loud sex is often associated with women and some men may feel self-conscious about bellowing out their big O.

A loud male orgasm is achieved when he feels comfortable and safe.

It’s important to find a place to have sex where he can be as loud as he wants without anyone hearing. This may be in an empty home, on a remote camping trip, or in a hotel room where he may feel more comfortable being loud even if someone overhears.

Once you nail down your locale, nailing a loud male orgasm is just a few steps away.

How to Turn up the Volume with Your Boo’s Big O

loud male orgasm

1. Open up to your man about your fantasy of a loud male orgasm. If he knows you’re into it, he’ll be much more inclined to moan and groan for you. For a lot of guys, knowing what turns you on turns them on.

2. Find the right time and place where you can be as loud as you want. If you live with roommates or have neighbors close by, this may be tricky. The middle of the day might be your best bet. Figure out when you’ll have the most privacy and plan for some loud nooky!

3. Start out with dirty talk during foreplay. Vocalizing what you’re doing, what you want to do, and what you’re going to do is one of the best ways to heat things up.

4. As the pace (and your breathing) quickens, continue to talk dirty and incorporate some primal non-word sounds. “Oohs” and “aahs” go a long way.

5. Let your partner know when you think you’re gonna finish and request that he tell you when he’s coming as well.

6. To help your lover lose his mind and orgasm louder than ever, saying something as simple as “Fuck me harder” might do the trick. You may also try lingam massage which is known to enhance sexual sensitivity and pleasure or going down on him right before he comes.

7. Relish in your man’s loud orgasm and experience a better and stronger sexual connection than what you’re used to. Staying present in sex, losing control, being in the moment, and engaging your vocal cords will lead you both to elevated climax and a long-term bond.

Let a Roaring Male Orgasm Take You to New Heights

loud male orgasm

Loud male orgasms are cathartic. Raucous, carnal sex will vamp up your sexcapades and take you to a higher peak. Not only does a vocal ejaculation intensify climax, but it can also make both parties more comfortable during sex and bring you closer together.

A loud male orgasm is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom and open the doors to trying new things—no toys needed. Let’s amplify the O!

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Theresa is a freelance writer and author of the comedic lifestyle blog The Taboo Textbook. She likes telling jokes, taking photos, and writing snarky movie reviews on Instagram. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband.

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