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Written by Mariah Freya

Kegel Exercises for women were introduced for the first time in 1948 by the great Arnold Kegel. He has probably saved lots of women from trouble ever since. Including me…

When I started working out my vaginal muscles, I noticed the change very quickly. Not only was my vagina tighter, I could feel more sensations during lovemaking and my orgasms started to be incredibly intense.

Kegel Exercises are, in my humble opinion, a must do for almost every woman at any age, and for sure not only after pregnancy…

Do you want to boost your sex life?

  • Want to strengthen your pelvic floor?
  • Get rid of your post-birth incontinence and vaginal flabbiness?
  • Want to connect with your vagina and learn how to feel your magic spots (G-spot, A-spot…)?
  • Need help with reaching orgasms?
  • Or do you want to become a professional and make every man crazy with your vaginal muscles?

How can your wishes be fulfilled? The best way and the most efficient way to strengthen your PC muscle is with Kegel Exercises.

Kegel Exercises for women

How to do your Kegel Exercises?

The main thing is that you find the right muscle to squeeze.

The best way to find out where your PC muscle is exactly is while you are on the toilet peeing, simply stop the urine stream by squeezing the PC muscle. Try to fully stop your stream without leaking a single drop. Then relax and let it flow again, then squeeze again. Do this pee-exercise only in the beginning a few times until you understand where the muscle sits. Don’t squeeze your urine too often, because this can lead to a urinary tract infection.

After you have figured out where your PC muscle sits, do the following training-sets whenever you can. I have been doing it for 3 years now, every time I am waiting for something during the day. Waiting for the bus, for a friend, while I am cooking, after waking up in the morning, during sex, even as I am writing right now and whenever I can remember to do my Kegels.

Training-Set without the Jade Egg

This training set is designed for while you are on the run, during the day, wherever you are…


Squeeze and hold for 2 sec. and relax for 2 sec. and continue with holding and relaxing…do this for at least 5 minutes per day. I promise you this simple exercise will change your life. Make sure you don’t do them superficially, but as tightly as possible. Make sure you don’t squeeze your belly. All parts of your body should be relaxed – only the PC muscle is working. Most people also squeeze their anus while working on their PC. Try to separate the anus from the PC muscle – in the long run, this brings a great awareness down there.


Hold the muscle as tight as you can for around 10 sec. without letting the muscle lose its power and then build up. My record is 3 1/2 minutes. After some time you’ll lose the tightness but, then tighten up again as soon as you notice. And remember not to tighten any other part of your body, breath normally.

Training-Set with the Jade Egg

I can highly recommend the use of a jade egg. It’s a healing stone and gives great energy to our sweet pussies. Most of the time I do the exercises without the egg. But it’s a great tool for becoming a real professional and it empowers you to lift weight with your vagina. Another important point is that the Kegel Exercises will show their results much faster when you use an egg.

You can purchase an egg on Amazon. If you need to know more about eggs first, feel free to check my Yoni Egg guide.

Jade_Eggs_usually_come_in_3_different_sizesEgg Ritual

1. Breast massage

Apply some oil to your hands and give your breasts a lovely massage – you can circle around them, your right hand clockwise and your left hand anticlockwise. This will make you a little wet down there and in the long run, enlarge your breasts and make them more youthful. Stimulate your nipples, until you feel some arousal and the connection between your breasts and your vagina. Go ahead and learn how to perform a full breast massage.

2. Insert the Egg

Once you feel a bit wet and ready in your vagina, you can insert the egg, with the large side first. If you are afraid that the egg might get lost in your vagina, use some natural floss (without wax or menthol); every jade egg has a hole, to attach a string.

2. Horse Stance Alignment

Get into the basic Horse Stance position. This is the best position to exercise your muscles and also a powerful one.

3. Squeeze the Vaginal Entrance

Use the muscle groups responsible for closing the vaginal entrance. This will help you keep the egg in the vaginal canal. In the beginning this might be the first step you need to learn to keep the egg in your vaginal canal. Be patient because every muscle needs training. You can try to push the egg a little up and down once you feel confident.

4. Contract the Muscles in front of your Cervix

Now you can try to squeeze the muscles in front of the cervix (the entrance of the uterus); this way you are squeezing two areas at the same time, the entrance and the cervical area.

vaginal weight lifting5. Squeeze the Middle Section

Now, this is advanced, but it is our real goal. Squeeze the middle part in a way that the egg moves up and down. This exercise already requires a good grip and awareness in our vagina. Breathe in and out when moving. Rest once you begin to get tired – this is a magical moment, because your vagina will start building some sexual energy.

6.Weightlifting (Advanced)

You can simply weight lift with your vagina, by attaching a string on your jade egg and lifting a bottle of water or some other weight. The nice thing is that with the bottle of water you can simply modify the weight. Happy vagina stamina!

7.  Finally Acknowledge

You can visualize how strong and powerful your vagina is, and you can bring the energy that builds up into a beneficial intention. Simply imagine how all the energy runs into your heart filling it with lots of love and peace.

It’s enough to exercise your vagina five minutes a day, ladies, and in just one week you’ll be able to give yourself and your man unforgettable pleasure in bed,” says Tatiata Kozhevnikova, the Guinness World Record holder for vaginal weight lifting.

Tips for your Daily Squeeze

  • I have a reminder on my smart phone, which randomly gives me an alarm twice a day to squeeze.
  • My boyfriend built a squeeze program for movie subtitles, that works fantastically well. Download it here.
  • I also have some Post-its around my house to remind me while I am at home.
  • Start together with a friend – you can remind each other to squeeze or organize an egg-training meet-up.
  • Visit a workshop for egg training.
  • Travel to Thailand and watch a ping pong show. Thai ladies are masters when it comes to vaginal muscle tricks.

What’s your experience with Kegel Exercise or similar Pelvic Floor Exercises? Let me know….

Happy squeeze,

Mariah xx

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Pictures by: ~ggvic~, Flickr; Eric McGregor, Flickr; Wikimedia Commons.

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