Kamasutra Guide: The Ancient Manual for Better Sex (Including Positions)

kamasutra guide
Written by Emma Hewitt

The Kamasutra was invented by a monk to spice up the sex lives of Indian citizens. Over time, it started to reach into Western societies too and is now available across the world.

It is a guide to better sex with a plethora of sex positions.

There are varying levels of difficulty so you better start stretching those limbs while reading! Kamasutra sex remains relevant in today’s society as a guiding text for those looking to reconnect with their partner. Whether you want to challenge yourself to a new position every day for a week or learn something new and exciting, the Kamasutra can help.

What Is the Kamasutra?

kamasutra guide

The Kamasutra is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text written by the monk Vātsyāyana, that can be traced back to 400 BCE. Yes, ancient sex time! In 1883 it was translated into English by Sir Richard Burton and became synonymous with sexual positions in the Western world.

Now, many consider the Kamasutra to be the standard work of human sexual behavior. You can check out the translated version of the text. Although the popularity of the text in the west is based on its ideas about sex, only 20% of the Kamasutra is actually practical advice on that topic.

The Kamasutra is a guide to living a virtuous and gracious life through the connection of family, love, pleasure, and spirituality.

Is the Kamasutra Guide for Men Only?

While the Kamasutra is written from the perspective of a male, it is actually a surprisingly female friendly text. Wendy Doniger refers to the text as strikingly modern in its attitude toward sexual orientation and women’s sexual freedom.

In fact, the author Vātsyāyana argues that women should also learn the contents of the text and educate themselves.

He recommends pleasuring the woman first and ensuring her needs are met. Amen!

There are actually a lot of ways that the Kamasutra is seen as being female friendly, you can read them all here.

Love Tantra? Then You Will Love the Kamasutra Too

Lovers of Tantra will likely find that there is a lot to learn and enjoy from the Kamasutra too. It’s important to remember that Tantra and Kamasutra are two different concepts. But, there are some elements of tantric sex that could be incorporated into your playtime. when you are practicing positions from the Kamasutra.

Inexperienced in Tantra?

You can get the low down on the tantric practice by checking out the Beducated guide to Tantra. Or, if you want to fast track your tantric practice, check out the most important principle of Tantra. While Tantra and Kamasutra both refer to sexual activities,

Kamasutra is not a tantric text and does not touch upon any of the sexual rites.

Yet, one thing that I take away from tantric practice is the importance of being present in the moment. That is what the Kamasutra is about too. What better way to prolong and enjoy your sexual experience than by trying out a bunch of different sex positions from this kamasutra guide?!

Don’t Forget Foreplay! The Kamasutra Doesn’t

While the many positions of the Kamasutra are the reason for its popularity, it also stresses the importance of foreplay. So ladies, let’s take a collective sigh of relief because we all know that foreplay is essential to get ready.

The Kamasutra talks about kissing as an important part of sexual intimacy.

It even tells you how to perform different kinds of kisses. In the Kamasutra, you will find explanations of kissing techniques to ignite a sexual response in your partner by sucking on their finger. There are also kisses to deepen your connection during passionate sex and even kisses to distract your lover!

The knowledge of erogenous zones might help you with this one. You can have a look at the few of my favorite kissing techniques here:

#1 The Contact Kiss

This is the perfect kiss to get things started. The Contact kiss is the first kiss when you are both so worked up that you can’t hold off physical contact any longer. This is a light kiss, that just brushes the lips. It is short, sweet and very intense.

#2 The Finger Kiss

The Finger Kiss is a seriously playful kiss that mimics oral sex. One person takes the fingers of the other and slowly kisses them before putting them into their mouth. From here, you can suck, lick and kiss the fingers and watch your partner go wild thinking about what you will be using that mouth for next.

#3 The Bent Kiss

This kiss is considered one of the most romantic kisses in the Kamasutra and is very romantically charged so is perfect for intense play sessions. The Bent Kiss is when one partner takes the chin of the other to lift their face upwards to kiss them directly on the lips. Whether you want to do a deep intense kiss or just a light lingering one is up to you.

While kissing is essential, we can all agree that touching and oral sex is a lot of fun too. Lucky for us, tantra has some advice for giving head and the Kamasutra has a whole section dedicated to positions for oral sex.

Now for the Fun Part – the Sex Positions!

You didn’t think I was going to write this without including any of the actual positions, did you? I have even gone one step further and picked out some of the positions that benefit the woman the most. Here is a rundown of some of my personal favorite positions that I think will blow your mind.

They certainly did for me, and my boyfriend wasn’t complaining either.

Face to Face Positions

For me, when I want to connect with my partner I go for a position that allows me to be face to face with him. That way we can look into each other’s eyes and focus on our breathing and our feelings of being present. There are my three favorites:

#1 The Grip Sex Position

The Grip is a simple position that doesn’t need too much effort or flexibility. It’s an altered take on the missionary position that makes it a bit more fun. The woman lies down on her back and the man goes between her legs on his hands and knees.

The female then wraps her legs tight around the male’s booty. She then lifts her own booty and hips up off the ground to bring her vagina up to his penis.

This move allows the woman to be in control of the depth of penetration.

It will give you a great butt workout if you clench it while you play.

#2 Afternoon Delight Sex Position

This position is the perfect option for lazy afternoons in bed, hence the name fits so well. For the Afternoon Delight position, the man lies on his side in a straight line, head perched in his hand. The woman lies across his body at a right angle. The woman is on her back with her knees up over his hips.

This position offers great eye contact and is comfortable for both partners.

It’s also an awesome option for when you want to slow things down and reconnect during a long sex session. You can both lie down and regain some energy.

#3 The Lotus Blossom Sex Position

The Lotus Blossom is one of my favorite sex positions. It offers great penetration and still lets the female be in charge of the depth.

It’s also very intimate and one of the best for eye gazing practice.

To get in the Lotus Blossom position, the man sits on the floor with his legs crossed. The woman sits on his lap with her legs wrapped around his body. The woman then moves up and down along his shaft while hugging her arms around his neck. See what I mean about it being intimate?

Woman On Top Positions

Now, let’s talk about the Kamasutra positions that let the women be on top. These sex positions are so beneficial to women as they offer a great view of each other and great eye contact. Research suggests that having the woman on top is the most likely way to reach orgasm.

#4 The Rider Sex Position

The Rider requires a bit of leg strength from the female and is particularly fun for ladies that like to squat. To get in this position, the male lies on his back with his legs outstretched. The woman squats over the male’s penis with her knees bent low.

Now ladies, if you find this one too hard on the quad muscles, then get your partner to grab your hips and lift you up and down. That way you can share some of the weight. If you get the angle right, you can also achieve some serious g-spot orgasm with this one. Whoo!

#5 The Double Decker Sex Position

The Double Decker is another great position for when you want to slow things down. Or, you are both feeling like a position that requires a bit less energy.

To get into position, the man lies on his back with his legs together. The woman lies on top of him with her back to him and her knees bent. The woman uses her elbows and feet to perch her body up and arch her back so that her hips can be lowered down onto his penis. If you want to increase the connection, then the female can lower her body more so you have more skin on skin contact.

This is another awesome position for some g-spot action by the way!

#6 The Rocking Horse Sex Position

The Rocking Horse is quite like the Lotus Blossom position. It allows easier movement for both partners, and it also a bit more comfortable on the legs.

To get into the Rocking Horse position, the man sits with his legs crossed. He stretches his arms behind him to keep him balanced. The woman then sits astride him with her knees on the floor either side of his waist.

This position allows either partner to be in charge of the movement.

The woman can then rock back and forth like on a rocking horse. Or, the man can move his hips up and down, as his arms behind him allow him to do so.

Clitoral Stimulation Positions

Did you know that almost 75% of women require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm? That’s a huge amount of women that struggle to orgasm through penetration alone.

Luckily, the Kamasutra is here to help. These positions all result in direct stimulation of the clitoris during penetration for that famous clitoral orgasm. So hopefully, that will help you achieve orgasm.

#7 The Spring Sex Position

If it’s clitoral stimulation and penetration you want, then this is the position for you. It does need a bit of fitness on the man’s behalf though, so it may pay to find out if he is up for the challenge first.

To get in the Spring position, the woman lies down on her back with one leg outstretched and the other with the knee bent and the foot flat on the floor. She then grabs the bent ankle and holds it with her hand for stability. The male partner rests his body on hers, with the same leg out straight below him and the other bent up in a lunge position over her bent leg.

I know this sounds complicated but once you are in position it is actually pretty straightforward. And, the angle of your bodies will give direct stimulation to the clitoris with every thrust.

#8 London Bridge Sex Position

You guessed it! In this sex position, someone is going to be doing a bridge, and this time, it’s you.

To perform the London Bridge position, the woman is on her back with her hips hoisted in the air in a bridge position. The male then gets on his hands and knees between her legs, holding her hips up with one arm wrapped around her.

The tighter your bodies are together; the more stimulation.

Make sure you are careful in this one, as you may start to get a cramped back if you stay in the position too long.

#9 Depth Sex Position

Want a position that offers clitoral stimulation and deep penetration? Then the Depth position is the perfect one for you.

To get in this position, the woman lies on her front with her upper body lifted up on her elbows. The man then positions himself between her legs, also facing downwards, on his knees. He positions one of his legs forward with his knee on the ground and picks up her leg on the same side. He can then maneuver her leg as she likes it and grind himself against her clitoris.

G-spot Stimulation Positions

While a few maintain that the g-spot does not exist, those that have experienced a G-spot orgasm know how incredible stimulation of this area is. While it can be difficult to find for some, it is worth the effort to do.

G-spot stimulation can offer women some of the most intense orgasms of their lives.

#10 The Cradle Sex Position

This position gives a great view of the female and targets the G-spot. What’s not to like?!

To get into the Cradle position, the man sits down on his knees and the woman straddles him with her feet flat on the floor and her weight on his lap. She can lean back onto one arm and hold her other arm around his neck to stay in place. Both partners can then rock back and forward onto one another to target the g-spot.

#11 The Captain Sex Position

This position is my partners favorite and one that gets used very frequently in our bedroom.

To get in the Captain position the woman lies down on her back with her legs up in the air. The male sits right up against her booty on his knees. He then takes her ankles and spreads her legs open. This gives the male a lot of control, which is one of the reasons my partner likes it so much.

It also leaves the female hands free, so she can stimulate her clitoris.

#12 The Amazon Sex Position

For our last Kamasutra sex position, I want to treat you all to a position that includes a bit of everything.

The Amazon sex position is face to face and has the woman on top. It also targets the G-spot and leaves the woman a hand free so that she can stimulate her clitoris. Whew! There is a lot going on, but it’s worth the effort, trust me. You can check great article on Amazon sex position to get a better understanding.

To get into the Amazon position, the man lies on his back with his knees bent and legs spread wide. He can hold his ankles with his hands to make it more comfortable. The woman sits up on her knees between his legs and leans her body forward resting her hand on his chest. The movement is dependent on the woman for this one, so she can choose how deep or shallow she wants the thrusts to go.

As you can see, the Kamasutra sex is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. There are actually 64 positions in the original text so this is just a taste.

Did you enjoy this? Want to see more? You can [amazon link=”B00QJ9IHAG” title=”buy the Kamasutra book” /] and get more profound education.

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