Is Your Vagina Unhappy? Here Is the Best Cure I Know Of…

Written by Mariah Freya

Do you feel the inside of your vagina? (Guys, please forward this to all the ladies in your life) Do you feel your G-spot vibrating full of energy? And does your cervix pulsate full of joy too? Do you have regular vaginal orgasms that come in endless ecstatic waves and last as long as you want them to?

Yes? Awesome, then you don’t need to read further, keep those waves coming!

No, or not sure? Actually many many women don’t feel anything or very little inside their vagina. I didn’t in the past either.

Vaginal numbness is a worldwide phenomenon

I call it the unhappy vagina syndrome.

One of the biggest reasons that this vaginal numbness syndrome does exist is the cultural silence and fear around sexuality. This shaming silence has over the centuries turned vaginas numb.

And not just that, sexual traumatic experiences and underf*#edness have also led to an epidemic of vaginal sadness.

There is a cure…

Often women blame their partner or themselves for not being able to come. You might be familiar with this thought: Is there something wrong with me? Maybe I’m just not meant for that?

What if I told you that there is a practice that will help you to become a radiant orgasmic woman, all by yourself (without your lover and without a vibrator)? And that this practice will help you to make yourself come and feel your full erotic nature within. Yep, at any time.

Did you know that in the ancient Chinese tradition orgasmic women were highly valued?! If a woman wasn’t able to orgasm, she (and her lover) would do everything in their power to change that. Because they knew that this orgasmic energy contributes to the longevity, confidence, and happiness of a woman.

In those times a secret Taoist practice was developed that used to be only accessible to high empresses and queens, as they understood the power of working with sexual energy.

This secret is today being revealed to you…


I am so excited…allow the Yoni Yoga Course to enter this space.

During the last month I and my team have been supporting Sofia Sundari (a great friend and colleague of mine) to manifest this life-transforming Online Course with Jade Egg as a core practice.

This so called Jade Egg practice, also known as Yoni Egg practice, is so powerful. And at the same time so simple. It will transform your vagina into a powerhouse of a vagina, which will be the catalyst to enliven the feminine, outstanding and powerful woman that you are.

So Mariah, what is this Yoni Egg practice exactly, you might be asking?

You insert a crystal egg (traditionally real Jade) into your vagina, lovingly and with care, and do all kinds of fun things with it. From sleeping with it to having a dedicated Yoga-Yoni-Egg practice to just feeling it, to wearing it while you are on a date, to lifting weight with it. (Yoni means vagina – or the holy temple, in Sanskrit)

The last bit might sound a bit strange, but it actually makes sense. In order to make your vagina orgasmic, energetic and strong she needs weight in order to work out properly.

I see it as my sacred womb-connecting ritual:

yoni-yoga-hands-square-notextFirst I cleanse it and hold it on my heart and place a beautiful intention in it.

Then I string it, so I cannot lose it (which by the way you can’t anyways).

And then I lie down and gently, gently circle the egg in front of my entrance, waiting for my vagina to open her gate for the egg. Usually, she loves it.

And then while this crystal is inside of me I just feel. I move the egg up and down. I hug it with all my vagina’s love & strength. It’s like coming home.

As you might notice, I am so in love with this practice. I actually wear it and practice with it at least 3 times per week, and I can 100% confirm that it fuels my orgasmic energy from the inside (my vagina) out (into all parts of my life, not just my bedroom).

This empowering online course will not only make your vagina happy but it will also awaken the sacred erotic nature within in you.

You will be taken on an empowering journey:

  • Learn everything about the Yoni Egg practice
  • Learn magical secrets of your erotic nature
  • Heal past trauma that is stored in your vagina and holding you back sexually and in your life
  • Perform energetic purification of the Yoni
  • Overcome numbness of the vagina, shame and discomfort so you can enjoy pleasure deeply, alone and with a partner
  • Get to know and work on all the reflexology zones in the Yoni
  • Make your breasts more sensitive and beautiful
  • Learn how to have breast-gasms
  • Perform different variations of breast massage
  • Breathe from your ovaries and uterus
  • Get to know the anatomy of feminine arousal
  • Develop a profound relationship with your Yoni
  • Learn how to use the Yoni Egg for your orgasmic expansion
  • Dive deeper into your feminine core
  • Discover and connect with your own sacredness

Sofia and I’ve been shooting Yoni Yoga here in my Munich headquaters, creating an amazing course for you, so that you will be able to enliven your sexuality and embrace your Yoni fully .

I treat this course as if it was my own baby

Sofia is an amazing inspirational Tantra Teacher, leading magical women’s retreats around the world. She has spread the Yoni Egg practice to many many women before you and now it’s available to you too.

By joining Yoni Yoga you’ll get access to:

  • A 5-week journey (with access to all content from day 1)
  • Lifetime access
  • High-quality videos & many super empowering exercises
  • 5 Audio files practices, so that you can practice from anywhere.
  • Live Q&A calls with Sofia personally
  • A supportive community of woman (I’ll be in there too) to support you on your journey of becoming an alive, erotic woman.

I actually was inspired by her to implement this practice more in my life. And I am so grateful for this enlivening practice. I saw the orgasmic effects right away.

So, are you ready to overcome your unhappy vagina syndrome?

Yes? Then Yoni Yoga is for you. You’ll get empowering tools to unleash the erotic you, the powerful you, the orgasmic you, and to connect with the feminine and the sacred you.

Not sure yet? Take a deep breath, connect with your Yoni, ask her: Are you ready for change?

>>Find out all about it here.<<

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Mariah Freya

Mariah Freya is a sex & orgasm coach, urban goddess and founder of She opens up the topic of sexuality in all its diversity through her videos, articles and online courses. Mariah has a powerful global mission: Liberating sexuality from below the belly button up, and helping the individual grow through pleasure into fulfilment.

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