Ladies, This Is How to Suck a Dick Like a Sexy Vixen

How to Suck a Dick
Jenna Hall
Written by Jenna Hall

I still remember the first time I put a cock in my mouth. I was young, I was naive and I could have been sucking on a lollipop for all I cared. Oral sex is great until it’s not. Meaning, robotic or erratic oral play can make things go south real fast. And not in a good way.

Believe it or not, there is way more to sucking dick than meets the mouth.

The things is, sucking dick is an art form.

It goes way beyond just a little in and out of the mouth. The reality is, sucking dick takes time and patience to perfect.

So, you want to learn how to suck a dick like a pro?

Then read on to discover some mouthwatering dick sucking tips that will be sure to have your man toe-curled and screaming in ecstasy.

Cock Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

Whether you love to suck dick or not (we will get more into that later) a yummy tasting cock is everything. Like the taste? We sure hope so! You can thank his pheromones for that. In fact, studies show that when you smell these pheromones, your lover will instantly seem sexier in your mind.

cock cleanliness blowjob

Don’t love the taste? Things like STDs can lead to a bad smelling cock, but many foul smells are due to sexual hygiene.

If you want to learn the best ways to suck dick and actually enjoy doing it, talk to your partner about “freshening up” before your next dick sucking session.

Asking your man to clean his manhood can get awkward and may even offend him. If you don’t know how to approach the topic you can try and incorporate the following sexual hygiene techniques in a fun and sexy way:

Lure him into the shower or bath. Wash his cock with bubbles. Lather it up real good and start to stroke his member with a gentle handjob.

Use a steamy (not too hot!) washcloth. Prep his cock with a warm washcloth and a mix of organic essential oils to “prep his penis”. Have him lay down and gently cuddle his penis with the washcloth. Move up and down in slow movements.

You can also ask him to “prep” his own penis. He can clean it however he desires, but make sure you tell him you would like it all nice and tasty because you are sooo hungry.

Now that your man’s cock is fresh and so clean, it’s time to get to the good stuff.

Step One: Learn How to Love Sucking Dick

Don’t love sucking dick? Truly, it’s okay, but if you want your partner to enjoy your blowjobs you should too! If you can learn to love sucking dick it will make the experience so much more gratifying. Yes I know, it’s called a blow “job” but at the end of the day, sucking dick should not actually feel like a job. Love sucking dick? We love hearing that! Either way, you can always learn to love sucking dick even more.

To learn to love sucking your man’s dick, try to imagine his cock as something holy. You know, like a shrine or a king that needs praising.

You can also try warming yourself up simultaneously while playing with your clitoris.

Focus on your sensations and you can even try incorporating a dildo like this one while going to town on his penis.

Need more reasons to love sucking dick?

love sucking dick

Did you know that sucking dick actually has a number of health benefits? This is especially true if you swallow. Care for a little bit of Vitamin B12? You won’t believe the mind-blowing nutritional benefits of a blowjob.

In fact, researchers have found that 95% of sperm is a mix of compounds that are incredibly good for you. A single sample of sperm contains a mix of Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Lipids, Enzymes, and not to mention protein. I suppose there are other ways to get your daily dose of vitamins, but this way seems a bit more fun, no?

Step Two: Set a Suggestive Intention

Your man can have a wild oral orgasm only if he completely surrenders.

This means he has to know who is in charge.

You can start by setting a verbal intention before you go down on him. It can be something like, “I worship your cock” or, “I will do all the work, you just lay back and enjoy”.

Another seductive practice to incorporate into a blowjob is called cock worship. Cock worship is about bowing down to his penis. Show him how much you love him and his penis and that he is the most beautiful man on earth. Certain strokes can also intensify the art of cock worship. We will touch (literally) on those a later on.

Whatever intention you choose, make it clear that you are the giver and he is the receiver. This will relax him and assure him that you are there to give him everything he desires from the waist down.

Step Three: Master the Throat Orgasm

Ever heard of the throat orgasm?

While it may sound surreal the throat orgasm is indeed very accessible.

As mentioned before, if you can learn to honor both your partner’s pleasure and your own pleasure at the same time you will suck a dick like a magician.

While your partner’s cock is the ultimate prize, you don’t need a cock to get started. You can try practicing with a dildo to try and reach a throat orgasm.

Once you have some practice with the throat orgasm, you can move on to the real deal. To learn more about how to fire-up your throat and experience a mouth-watering orgasm check out this short video here:

Step Four: Start with Your Hands

No need to rush in for the goods. A good dick sucking session takes time and patience.

If you want to incorporate some awesome foreplay, you can try these exquisite Lingam Massage Strokes.

Lingam Massage is a beautiful form of cock worship. While the following techniques by themselves don’t make up the complete practice of cock worship, these strokes can be a great way to get your man nice and turned-on before actually putting his cock in your mouth. For a more in-depth look at Cock Worship, make sure you check out our article on How-To-Give an Out-of-this-world Lingam Massage.

Lingam Shiatsu Stroke:

Start from the root of the shaft. Gently press the penis with your thumbs and index fingers, and then release. Move up about a centimeter and repeat the technique. Do this again until you’ve worked your way up the entire length of the receiver’s penis.

Lingam Skiing Stroke:

You can supercharge the pleasure your partner feels with this next move. Hold the sides of the Lingam with both of your hands and “ski” with your thumbs by alternating up and down from the root of the penis all the way to the tip.

woman going down on man

Lingam Screwdriver Stroke:

This stroke can provide the receiver with some interesting sensations. Surround the lingam with both hands and twist them in opposite directions. Keep a firm grip, but don’t squeeze too hard here.

Lingam Frenulum Stroke:

Now, change up the tempo of the massage by slowing down and moving into a meditative moment. Circle the tip of your thumb and index finger in both directions around the frenulum of the penis, which is located just underneath the head

Lingam Cross Prayer Stroke:

Worship your lover by holding your hands with crossed fingers like you would in a gesture of prayer, and surround the penis between them. Then, you can open the thumbs and slide them along each side of the Lingam up and down at varying speeds.

Step Five: End with Your Mouth

Most likely the strokes mentioned above will have him frothing, begging you to fill your mouth with his cock.

This is the perfect time to begin integrating the following dick sucking tips to take his blowjob to the next level

Suck a dick like a pro

Butterfly kisses:

Give light kisses from the scrotum up his shaft and all over his mushroom tip. Descend down from the tip, continuing with feather-like kisses until you reach his scrotum again.

Lavish Licking:

Along with butterfly kisses you can also incorporate your tongue and some nibbles.

Kiss, nibble and lick starting where the balls meet the testicles. Move on to the shaft, up to the tip and back down again.

Suck the Frenulum:

For many men, their most sensitive spot is their frenulum, this is where his shaft meets his mushroom tip.

Now is the time you can suck his tip like a lollipop! Use suction to suck and smack your lips together. Put his entire tip into your mouth and suck mindfully and fully. Stop, when he has had too much.

cock confidence

Suck his Shaft:

Use the same amount of suction you used for his frenulum and continue down his shaft. Suck sensually, slowly and rhythmically. Pucker your lips as you move down, suck and curl your lips on the way back up.

Swallow his Balls:

Or see if you can. Depending on the size of your man’s testicles, you may be able to get one or both in your mouth. Play with some suction, but watch out for teeth!

Spit on his Tip:

This is a particularly fetish way that may or may not get your man going. Spitting saliva on your man’s tip can help to get it wet as well as show them who’s boss. You. If your man likes a more dominant roleplay to get him going, spitting could work.

Penis to Cheek:

When his cock fills your mouth, manoeuvre it to either fleshy side of your cheek. This will create an illusion that he’s further inside your mouth.

Give Him a Hand:

Sucking a dick well doesn’t always mean exclusive sucking. Feel free to add a hand or two during the process or incorporate any of the above-mentioned Strokes to make give your mouth a rest and make the blowjob that much more enjoyable.

Deep Throat:

Check your gag reflex. With some practice, deep throating can be incredibly satisfying for your man.

Start by entering his penis slowly, gently moving it towards your Ulva (the fleshy part that hangs down from the back of your mouth). If you start to gag, back off and try again. This particular technique will take some time to get used to your own gag reflex.

Use a Little Teeth:

A little teeth can be erotic – a lot can be painful. So use caution when trying this technique.

use teeth when sucking dick

Fill his cock in your mouth as much as you can covering the top and bottom teeth with your lips. Remove your lips to uncover your teeth and graze lightly up and down his shaft.

Step Five: Change Things Up

Eventually, I learned to lick a dick differently than a lollipop.

In other words, I realized that if I incorporate new moves into my dick sucking routine, I could keep my man’s cock hard as a rock.

So, to add diversity while giving your man a blow job by integrating a few of the mouth techniques I listed above. Pair it with some sensuous Penis Strokes and it will turn a boring old blowjob into a super juicy session of cunnilingus in a matter of minutes.

Keep in mind that while surprise is important when giving a blow job, consistency in stroking and sucking may lead to his final blow.

Also, always make sure to keep his balls in the playing field. They need love too. The lesson is – change things up but do it with integrity.

Step Six: Have Cock Confidence

There is no point in lying. Mastering the art of sucking dick doesn’t happen overnight.

But, even if you don’t feel like a cock-sucking master yet, your confidence is key to giving a seriously awesome night of lip service.


My advice? Be yourself.

If you don’t feel completely confident, you can try to “fake it until you make it”. That is, put his cock in your mouth and suck like you mean it.

Furthermore, make sure you always communicate with your partner. Sucking dick is not one-sided. Make sure you get his opinion on things (his likes and dislikes) as this will also help your dick-sucking confidence.

When all said and done, practice makes perfect. When it comes to mastering dick sucking, treat your man to as many blow jobs as he likes.

Need some more ideas on how to build cock confidence? Try these integrating the following visualizations into your dick sucking session:

Stay in charge.

In the end, it’s his cock in your mouth. If he has submitted to you, you are in charge now. Yes, of course, his needs matter too but, if you can visualize yourself as being the one in the “driver’s seat”, it may help you avoid feeling overly-vulnerable or detached.

Communicate with your lover.

Communicate, communicate, and then communicate some more! Cock confidence goes both ways. If your male partner assures you he will love you no matter what, dick sucking can be a whole lot more fun and with less pressure.

Practice on a sex toy.

Remember the throat orgasm? Why not practice the other strokes on a dildo as well? Or heck, a banana works too. While you definitely won’t get the same reaction from a plastic dildo or a banana as you will from a real cock, it certainly doesn’t hurt to do a test drive.

Have fun.

A penis is a fun gadget of mother nature. Seriously, take some pressure off yourself and let go. Look at your lover’s cock as a toy. Suck it, lick it, flick it, kiss it, yank it (not too hard) and just have fun. Once you take the pressure off yourself, your man will follow, and you are on your way to mastering the art form of sucking dick.

Step Six: Make Some Noise

Humming, moaning, and groaning can all lead to increased stimulation when giving a blowjob. Why not try all three at the same time? Is that even possible?

Just like adding a diversity of strokes and sucks helps to make a blowjob more satisfying, so does a variety of sounds.

suck a dick volume

Try alternating between deep humming to raspy moaning, and groaning. You will know you are doing it right if you feel a tickle in the back of your throat.

According to Catriona Boffard, a credited clinical sexologist,

“A deep moan that originates from the back of your throat will not only give him auditory confirmation that you’re also enjoying it, but it will create a certain sensation down his shaft too”.

Umm, sounds pretty glorious to me? And I am pretty certain you will make your man roar rowdy by adding a little more hum to your hummer.

Step Eight: When He’s about to Blow Go Slow

Your man’s penis is exceptionally sensitive especially when he’s about to blow.

So, if you feel that your man is about to reach the BIG O – go slow.

You can also decrease pressure and let your man surrender deeply into his orgasm.

Whether he wants to cum in your mouth, between your breasts or knees, you may want to communicate before the session begins. That is, where he wants to cum.

suck a penis

If however, you want to add an element of surprise, try this dick sucking technique:

As he is about to ejaculate, stop sucking and keep your mouth over his cock.

He may try to pull your head away, don’t let him. Your hot moist mouth is likely enough to maintain a sweet and steamy environment for him to experience a wild release of pleasure.

Keep in mind that after your man reaches orgasm, the head of the penis can be particularly sensitive. If you touch it or suction it too hard, it can be very uncomfortable.

After he orgasms, make sure you release the suction from your mouth gently. Move up from the penis with your lips only lightly grazing his shaft until his cock has completely left your mouth.

Step Nine: Look Up

Want to put the cherry on top of a blow job that is already proven to be out-of-this-world? Try looking up.

Making eye-contact while blowing your lovers cock is a great way to increase intimacy and stimulation.

By making direct eye-contact while sucking your partner off you’re actually telling him you’re in charge. This can help him to surrender even deeper into a puddle of ecstasy.

look up during blowjob

Try kissing the tip while you look up at him and give him your sexiest gaze.

If he’s not looking at you and simply moaning with pleasure, pay attention to his lusty groans and use them to guide your next move.

Feel free to hold the gaze as long as you can. If it feels awkward, try looking down again.

Let a few minutes past, and look up and try to lock eyes with him. While it can feel intimidating at first, it’s an exceptionally seductive way to tune into your partner’s desires.

Step Ten: To Spit or Swallow

To spit or swallow, that is the question.

The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer.

If you choose to spit, you are going to have to dispose of it somehow. Make sure you have a tissue nearby, or if you want, you can swish it around your mouth for a bit until you excuse yourself to the bathroom.

Also note, if you choose to spit, it is beneficial to have a conversation with your man as to why you are spitting.

Running to the bathroom or a trashcan after a blowjob can be awkward and offensive.

Swallowing, on the other hand, can be wildly romantic and sexy especially if you’re really into the guy.

In fact, studies show that semen can actually boost your mood. That’s because the biochemical composition of male semen and its nutritional value share similar substances to anti-depression medication.

deep throating

Whether you choose to spit or swallow is up to you. Either way, try to make the disposal of his semen as sexy as possible, this will help keep the mood smooth, hot and sensual.

A Dick Sucking Wizard

As you can see, sucking dick is more than just a little in and out.

It takes time, practice, poise and perhaps even a little submission to become a dick sucking wizard.

If you really want to suck a dick like the sexy vixen you are, you now have the skills. Now, it’s up to you to own them.

So go ahead – and give your man that blowjob he’s been waiting for – it’s time to suck your man’s penis like he’s never been sucked before.

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