How I Became a Sex Coach and Made Orgasms My Business

become a sex coach
Written by Mariah Freya

Today, as a sex coach, I believe orgasms will change the world. And by orgasm, I don’t just mean the climax itself, but also the very orgasmic energy that carries us there. You can experience it during sex, during love-making with yourself, during a long embracing hug, while you eat a raw chocolate cake or at any other time during the day.

This energy is the creative muse to our soul. Helping us become extraordinary people.

I made orgasms my business to help people become better versions of themselves.

Why? Because I discovered that orgasms naturally help us evolve. They naturally push us out of our comfort zone, which we often fear to overstep. They remind us what magical, sensual, delicious beings we are. They make us connect with ourselves and with others, deeply. They harness joy, love, and abundance, flowing naturally up our spine, into our life. This energy makes us life-long sexy explorers – seekers of the truth. It fuels us with energy so that we are never too tired or too afraid to try and learn something new. It tells you what you want, what you desire. It shows you how to own your body fully, and how to take responsibility for your own needs. And it reminds you that you are all worth it (in case you’ve forgotten).

Orgasmic energy is our power house energy, and it’s there for a reason.

My mission as a sex coach is to liberate sexuality in all its delicious diversity. Helping the individual grow through pleasure into fulfillment.

This week is my 3rd anniversary (hurray!), and I reach several thousand people per day with my Blog. Can’t even express how grateful I am for walking this path of revolutionary liberation.

It’s about time I told the full story about how I became a sex coach and made orgasm my business:

I didn’t use to feel as sexy and powerful as I feel today.

More than 10 years ago I met a photographer, Andreas Pröve, who is wheelchair bound, at one of the photo shows he was presenting on his India trip. He went from Calcutta to Gangotri, the source of the Ganges, a distance of over 1000 km overland, with his hand-operated wheelchair. I was so impressed by his power because even though he seemed “fragile” from the outside, he still managed to travel all over the world. This motivated me to book a flight to India all by myself when I was 18 years old. This was when I discovered Yoga for the first time. Oh my, did I learn a lot, but there was one feeling that remained back then.

Back in Germany (my home) I continued to feel low. Kind of empty in my own house.

I had no enthusiasm whatsoever. Not much motivation to do anything with my life.

I felt low in my belief about who I was, judgemental about how I saw myself. I kept comparing myself with those real powerhouses (women who shone and felt powerful) and felt ugly and useless in comparison. I was simply negative and depressed.

Sexuality wise I would fake my orgasm. I would do it for him, not for me. I would do things for his pleasures, not for mine. I literally ignored my pleasure energy. I even didn’t know what I wanted, what my desires were and how in heaven I could fulfill them.

At the time I thought sex was boring and I believed I could easily live without it.

I could only come with my vibrator. I felt dependent. Dependent on an electronic device.

In short: I felt unempowered.

Next stop India (again) and what looking below the belly button did to me


A few years later I went back to India (because I intuitively knew there was something I had to learn). I had been studying Social Work, so I had the opportunity to work for half a year in a Women’s Empowerment NGO in Southern India where they gave micro-loans to women to start their own enterprises. I felt the first urge to do ‘something’ with my life. How was it possible that Indian women, who were so discriminated against by society, would have more confidence to start a business by themselves than me, who had all the possibilities simply by living in a western society?!

I lived in Auroville, a community space where one morning I met a girl from Austria who told me about a Tantra workshop in North India.

Somehow I felt a big urge to go there. I told my boyfriend who at that time was already traveling in that area. Plus he was reading a book about Tantra which clearly made him excited about it. I felt a bit scared, but we decided to go anyways. Didn’t have anything to lose.

entrance-pussy-orgasm-iconThis bold decision changed my life forever.

I learned many metaphysical things, about energy, Tantra, Yoga, and other spiritual game changers.

But one simple truth changed it all: Looking below the belly button. 

Simply Looking at my pussy. Acknowledging her. Wow!

Feeling my sexual being for the first time, feeling my pussy and learning to control it was for me a sudden empowerment of my sexuality and of womanhood.

The numbness within my pussy, which had developed over the years of simply not feeling and not looking beyond, was the number one reason why I felt sooo low in the first place.

By starting to feel her, by connecting with my pussy’s desires and knowledge, I had a shift of energy flow. Before the energy was locked and disconnected. Now it flows freely and openly.

When my energy shifted I started exploring myself, my sacred house. I started to masturbate consciously and masturbate spiritually. Threw my vibrator out the window. And truly connected with what my body needed.

My boyfriend and I decided to continue the journey. We moved to Thailand where we lived for several years in a Tantric community, exploring and studying this philosophy.

More and more doors opened for diving deeper and deeper into a turned on orgasmic life.


Giving birth to Orgasmic Discourses and peeling off the old me

The idea of starting a Blog came to me in Australia. The optimistic start-up vibe of Australia and my freshly unleashed orgasmic energy sparked the project.

So my Blog, Orgasmic Discourses was born.

Don’t think for a minute I didn’t have to fight with my greatest demons of fear and anxiety. Oh dear, but luckily my orgasmic muse was louder and my desire to study grew stronger and stronger. I attended workshop after workshop, course after course, retreat after retreat to deepen my knowledge.

When I created my website I changed my name to Mariah Freya. My official bureaucratic name is actually Mirjam Müller.

Why? In the beginning out of fear:

My mind went something like: “What if I want to get a normal job one day, nobody will employ me because they’ll find my world-class blowjob tips all over the web. Nobody will take me seriously. I’ve talked about the most vulnerable things one could imagine on my blog, things that are accessible to everyone.”

But something interesting happened instead, over time; growing more mature and empowered as an expert, I felt that I had actually become the new identity that I had created.

Later I realized that I had peeled off Mirjam Müller in my sexual empowerment process, and had become the sex coach Mariah.

Today I would not hesitate to use my bureaucratic name, I don’t care.

When I decided to change not only my family name but my first name too, I realized that I could fully let go of my old identity, merging into the new me, the new chosen me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not hiding behind Mariah Freya. Today, I am actually her!
And I am stepping up, showing myself. And not even hiding anymore behind another brand name.

Keep them words comin’

Writing was never something that was a natural talent for expressing myself. I am a self-taught writer. My orgasmic muse taught me.

I write every day (best in the morning). I do it in cafés, in my co-working space, at the moment at home on my kitchen table. I am trying to make love with the keyboard, unifying my orgasmic muse with the words I manifest. The best time for writing for me is just before my menstruation.

Check out Miranda Gray for her amazing book on the “Optimized Woman” if you are interested in using your menstruation to achieve success and fulfillment.

At first, I saw myself more as a writer than a sex coach. I decided to open orgasmic discourses on the web. This satisfied me on many levels.

My project grew bigger and bigger, I started my podcast, where I invited experts from around the globe to talk about orgasmic topics.

From a writer to a life and sex coach

My amazing readers & listeners, YOU, wanted more and more answers from me. My inbox literally exploded full of questions (and it still does, actually). I guess that’s the bliss and advantage of being a sex coach.

You projected me as an expert, as someone who could help and teach you. Also, this was a great transformation for me to acknowledge this position and accept it. I am so honored to carry this great responsibility, the sexual empowerment of others. I LOVE YOU ALL!

I became a certified Life Coach and combined my Tantric and Taoist knowledge into my contemporary teachings. So I started coaching, 2 years ago.


Today, I am Mariah Freya, a powerful and sensual woman.

I am feeling more. More orgasmic. In tune. I am experiencing more sensations. Orgasmic sensations! Riding high!!!

I finally discovered my bliss spots, those that turn the energy in my powerhouse on.

I feel empowered now. Connected with my inner powers.

And why am I writing you all this?

Because it is my greatest desire that YOU feel the same.

I became a sex coach because I couldn’t ignore the fact that our orgasmic energy is incredibly powerful, and it can even be completely life-changing. So I just had to share my experiences, my journey and the tools I have collected along my path, with the world.

This is why orgasms can change the world. It’s your creative muse guiding you towards the extraordinary YOU.

About the author

Mariah Freya

Mariah Freya is a sex & orgasm coach, urban goddess and founder of She opens up the topic of sexuality in all its diversity through her videos, articles and online courses. Mariah has a powerful global mission: Liberating sexuality from below the belly button up, and helping the individual grow through pleasure into fulfilment.

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