How Fitness and Body Mechanics Empower You as a Lover

Frankly, sex is not just about a penetrative rhythmical in out, in out movement and finishing off in the average time of 3-7 minutes.  Sex is so much more than that…

If we are physically fit though and know how to move our bodies in certain ways, we can turn our intimacy into a full body (orgasmic) experience.

This week’s podcast guest is the beautiful Alfred Kendrick, founder, and creator of FIT ARTS. He is a Hollywood-based personal trainer who attracts a variety of clients that include celebrities, super-models, performers, and athletes with his unique workout routines and programs that are specialized to individual body types.

I met him at the Awesomeness Fest and fell in love with him and his work right away!

He is a creator of the Sex to Impress Workout, a specific body workout to boost your endurance and confidence in the bedroom. This brings in a totally new level of sexual education and lover empowerment. Alfred is the perfect personal trainer for my Orgasmic Discourses show.

So tune in and enjoy!


In this episode, we go into detail about:

  • Alfred’s story & his experience
  • Why physical strength has empowering roots that matter in the bedroom.
  • And why it boosts your confidence.
  • What bodyparts we need during sex.
  • Ways of strenghthening the body.
  • Why an empowered body is one key factor to sexual happiness.

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Mariah Freya

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