How Conscious Sex Can Boost Your Career (But Not in the Way You May Think)

Let’s talk about how Conscious Sex can boost your career, but not in the way you may think :-). Sleeping with your boss or seducing a corporate mogul to invest in your business idea is, well… kinda old-school.

Sure, sex is one of the most powerful forms of energy we have, and it is often used to seduce and manipulate other people in order to get our own way.

But focusing on an external objective is not the smartest way to use our sexual energy. We may end up discovering we did get what we wanted, but not what we needed (just like that Coldplay song suggests).

The true power of sexual energy

Sexual energy is actually linked to our very core, our soul, and our emotions, so its true power manifests when we look inside to see what conscious sex can do for our general well-being.

What you’ll discover in the video I prepared for you this week is that by using sex to connect consciously with our body and our true needs, we become empowered to bring out the best version of ourselves.

As you can probably imagine, that is a hundred times better than simply recurring to seduction as a cheap trick to gain a material (and external) benefit, which won’t really change at all how we feel inside.

If we really want our career to grow into the kind of success that is meaningful, and makes us feel both realized and excited about the life we lead, then we can’t keep professional growth separated from personal growth.

Your Personal Life and Your Career Are Connected

Our personal life is connected to our career

Perhaps you believe that your career and your personal life are two entirely different things. That’s a normal thing to expect since we were raised to believe that financial success is an absolute priority and that it comes separated from other aspects of our life.

The truth is, though, there are many psychological studies that show us how the positive or negative things that happen at home can have a deep effect on our career (or business) as well. And it’s just the same when you look at how your experiences at work affect your personal space.

When you come home loaded with stress, you carry into your personal life that cranky mood you were experiencing at work. This has a direct impact on your health, as your blood pressure can be altered, and you may even experience physical discomfort in the form of a headache.

But the true negative impact comes with the consequences of that feeling of tension and disconnection from your body (it’s no coincidence, after all, that headaches are the number 1 excuse for turning your back on sex).

Breaking the negativity circle

This is something I know from my personal experience. When I am stuck, unmotivated and feeling depleted from my work, I tend to feel that same way when I get home in the evening, which leaves my partner and I frustrated with Netflix without the chill.

This creates a vicious circle. Stress at work leads to a negative atmosphere at home, which leads to a tense and distant mood between you and your partner.

And of course, this relationship stress will strike back at your work, deepening your perception of all the problems or drawbacks you experience there.

A Good Relationship Helps to Improve Your Career As Well

That’s why it’s so important to have a fulfilling and uplifting relation with your personal space, which includes your home, your partner, and you. Having time for each other, and especially for your own pleasure, has a clear-headed resetting effect, that will make you feel happier and calmer when you’re not at work.

The more you get to relax and enjoy yourself, the more you’ll be able to load yourself with sexy and positive energy. And this will also translate into confidence and fulfillment at your workspace.

Watch the video!

You can probably tell by now that conscious sex involves connecting in a positive way to several different aspects of your life. That’s why being aligned with your sex drive, and really enjoying your connection to yourself and to your partner, will also have a huge and positive impact in all the goals you achieve for your career.

I shot this video for you exploring how conscious sex can boost your business and your career, and how you can channel awakened sexual energies into your work for a more turned on experience. I hope you enjoy it!

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Mariah Freya

Mariah Freya

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