The Beducated Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Holiday Gift Guide
Written by Beducated Magazine

Ho ho ho! It’s that time of the year again and we at Beducated are making things extra spicy by putting together a sexy little gift guide to help you choose the perfect gift for your special one(s).

Don’t gift another pair of socks or a boring book this year – we have gathered 10 sexy things to add to your wish list for Santa.

Believe us when we say, there are plenty of gifts that will make your partner’s body all hot and toasty. Side note: gifting things to yourself is also highly encouraged.

A Sensual Massage Course

Are you the kind of person who appreciates experiences more than things? Then this Tantric Massage online course maybe everything you have been looking for. It is a perfect gift if you want to spoil yourself and your lover. It will unveil all the secrets to master the techniques of a tantric penis and vagina massage.

A Well-Thought Gift Set

This holiday season, you can spoil yourself or your lover with a naughty gift set that has everything you need for a special night. We really liked this one from Hanx; it includes a lube, cruelty-free condoms made in Germany and an amazing smelling massage candle together with a silk eye mask. Who’s ready to play?

A Treasure Trove for The Special One in Your Life

If you want your gift set to be a bit kinkier, we suggest you check this one from Kamasutra. It comes with great packaging that includes 6 Kamasutra position play cards (which is always a good idea to spice things up), a satin blindfold tie that gives you the fifty shades vibes and our personal favorite: a kissable body powder with a feather tickle.

A Kissable Gourmet Massage Oil Set

Some products just make foreplay so much better. This is one of them. Apply this in your intimate area and enjoy kissing + licking safely. They are designed to give you warming sensations which magnifies your sensations. Hmmm yeah!

An Online Course for OMG Feelings

Would you like to learn more about the female pleasure zones and how to activate them solo or with a partner to experience those unforgettable OMG feelings? You can do that from the comfort of your bedroom! Our best-selling Female Orgasm course can be an amazing gift for those who are always curious to learn more.

A Little Something for Your Ears

Do you love podcasts and audiobooks? Or your partner? Then you should check out Femtasy! They have the largest selection of short erotic audio for women and couples – to make loving yourself even more intense. (Both in German and in English)

An Elegant Toy that Will Make the G-Spot Happy (very, very Happy!)

Who does not want to go on a wild ride of orgasm waves and reach higher levels of orgasmic bliss? With a pearl toy like this, it is possible. It is a great sex toy for activating your G-spot, squirt & have cervical orgasms on top.

A Men’s Toy for Couples or Solo Pleasure

Are you one of those people who like multi-functional stuff? Then this one is perfect for you!

Check out this vibrating stroker from Fun Factory that works like a Swiss knife. During intercourse, it can turn your penis into a vibrator which will give amazing sensations to your partner and if you want to use it solo, it has a great focused sensation feature. Yum!

A (literally) Must-Have Support  in Bed

Probably you did not think this was coming. Who buys a pillow as a gift, right? But actually you should consider getting this one from Dame. It is comfy yet structurally firm, allowing you to try all the sex positions you had in mind. Remember those Kamasutra position cards we mentioned above? Time to try them all 🙂

A Little Something for Curious Couples

For many women, deep penetration can be uncomfortable sometimes. We read it online, hear it from our friends or maybe experience it ourselves, painful sex affects millions of couples. But it does not have to be that way!

Check out this wearable from Ohnut that allows couples to explore comfortable penetration during sex. You can stack those soft rings onto a penetrating partner which will act as a buffer.

Time to enjoy sex without the fear of pain and bring more confidence and security into your bedroom!

We wish you a sexy holiday season full of pleasure and fun in your bedroom!

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