The Beducated Holiday Gift Guide 2018

christmas holiday gift guide
Written by Beducated Magazine

Have you been naughty or nice this year?

What about your partner? This holiday season we are making things extra spicy by putting together a sexy little gift guide to help you choose the perfect gift for that special person in your life. And no we are not talking about buying another pair of matching fleece pajama onesies for your lover. Believe us when we say, there are plenty of other gifts that will make your partner’s body all hot and toasty.
Which is exactly why we hope we can make your life a little easier by delivering you the most decadent holiday gift guide for lovers. Side note: gifting things to yourself is also highly encouraged.

Our Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas

Yoni Egg

Curious about all the buzz around Yoni Eggs? Well, you should be, as they could very well be the perfect gift for your female lover and her yoni. The Yoni egg is an egg-shaped cut crystal. It is a power tool for pussy mastery. If you want to give the gift of a lifetime, then tuck this sensual surprise gently and lovingly under her (personal) tree. She will thank you! Get it here.

Sensual Massage Oil

You can surprise your sweetie this holiday by dimming the lights on the Christmas tree, laying out some silky sheets and giving them an out-of-this-world massage. But don’t forget the massage oil. We love these oils that are infused with cold pressed aromatherapy scents like lavender and sweet almond. These oils will provide a sexy and soothing experience for both men, women and couples alike. [amazon link=”B01DS1PKBG” title=”Get it here.”/]

Prostate Stimulator

A fantastic gift for the naughty boy in your life looking to have his socks rocked off. This prostate stimulator vibrates a man’s most intimate parts, bringing prostate play to a whole new level. Hide this one under the Christmas tree well, and ask him to open it in “private” once your in-laws have left. Get it here.

Moon Pearl

Looking for the perfect gift for the wild woman in your life? If you have an exploratory female lover, who has been extra nice this year, then the Moon Pearl for deep internal orgasms is a gift to help her experience new levels of orgasmic bliss. Get it here.

Christmas Tickler

Feeling extra cuddly this holiday season? Sometimes a cuddle-sesh can turn into sensual foreplay, so why not introduce this super-fluffy feather tickler for enhanced arousal? It’s an ideal gift for your cuddly lover and great for a little bit of romantic teasing. Get it here.

Helmut Newton: Sumo Book

Speaking of books and bookworms – another sexy book is Helmut Newton SUMO, a sassy and bold tribute to the 20th century’s most influential photographer. Filled with erotically charged images of celebrities and risque fashion photography, this book will surely find its way onto the coffee table of the “one” on your list with the most impeccable taste. [amazon link=”3836517302″ title=”Get it here.” /]

Pleasure Wand

Want to give your lover the gift of better sex? The pleasure wand is a beautiful little gift to help your lover reach new levels of satisfaction. Just like the Yoni Egg, the pleasure wand is inserted into your partner’s most intimate folds, allowing her to take a joyride to one of the most divine orgasms of her life. Get it here.


This ultra sexy gift is appropriate for both single and men in a relationship. That’s because practice will always help one find more mojo in the bedroom. This fleshlight, which is perfectly molded to look and feel like an actual vagina, is perfect for stamina training, genital stimulation and can help to last longer in bed. And who in this world doesn’t yearn for that? Get it here.


If you need another reason to steal a kiss or two from your lover this season, why not try hanging a little mistletoe from every doorway in your home? A fun and flirty way to savor the holiday spirit, the mistletoe will have you and your partner tongue-tied in all the right ways. Simply a great addition to any holiday decor! [amazon link=”B002TGZKDK” title=”Get it here.” /]

Queening Chair

Care for a little BDSM introduction this holiday season? And no, we don’t mean putting on a Santa Claus outfit. A Queening Chair can be used to achieve comfortable oral sex positions or explore your favorite sub-and-dom roleplaying fantasy. It’s a super sexy gift for anyone who is looking to turn up the heat in the bedroom. Get it here.

Tantric Massage Online Course

If you are the kind of person who would rather gift experiences than things then this loaded online tantric course maybe everything you have been looking for. Whether you want to spoil yourself or your lover, this online course will unveil all the secrets to master the techniques of a tantric penis and vagina massage. And what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with a beautiful tantric massage? Get it here.

Heart Crop

Craving a little holiday spanking? This festive slender bondage with a heart-shaped tip brings spanking play to the next level. The heart crop is perfect for new doms just starting out and experimenting with BDSM. It will leave heart-shaped kisses on your lover’s behind. So, tell me – who’s been naughty this year? Get it here.

Massage Candle

I think we can all agree that the holidays are stressful. So why not bring a little peace and serenity with the sumptuous aroma of a scented massage candle. It’s a delightful way to nourish and warm the soft skin of your lover and a perfect gift for couples looking for delicious and sensual massage play. Get it here.

Bondage Tape

If you or your partner fancy a little bondage play to help stay sexy over the holidays, this fetish restraint tape is a great gift. The tape sticks to any body part you choose and can be reused over and over again. It’s a hot little gift that keeps on giving and giving… Get it here.

Urban Tantra Book

Shopping for a bookworm? There really is nothing like snuggling up around a fire on a cold winter day with a good book. And perhaps with a good book about Tantra? If the idea of Tantra elicits your wonder, or if you have somebody special in your life who would appreciate learning about its practice, the “Urban Tantra” Book is a good place to start. Ideal for modern sexual explorers, this book is great for anyone looking to understand and delve deeper into the scintillating world of Tantra. [amazon link=”0399579680″ title=”Get it here.” /]

Butt Plug

While the words butt plug may not seem like the most romantic holiday gift, we can assure you it will probably be the most creative – not to mention fun one! This butt plug is made from black obsidian (that Black Crystal Beauty!) and promises to provide ultimate pleasure around the prostate. Oh, and this gift doesn’t discriminate – it’s great for both women and men alike. Get it here.

We wish you a cozy and orgasmic holiday season!

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