How to Find the Right Yoni Massage Parlor

yoni massage parlor
Written by Mariah Freya

You downloaded my eBook on Yoni massage and realized somewhere along the way studying the contents that you don’t actually have anyone doing you the favor? In case you don’t have the book yet, scroll down and sign up for my newsletter to get it! And you would still like to experience a professional non-sleazy Tantric Yoni massage in beautiful surroundings with a person you feel comfortable with? Or you would like to learn Yoni massage from a professional, so you can then give one to your lover?

Finding the right place to receive or learn Tantric massage is easier said than done. Especially if you live way out in the country, where you’ll probably have a hard time even to find a standard erotic massage (nothing wrong with erotic massage, it just doesn’t have the same purpose).

Anyways, let’s focus on the 5 most important qualifying questions you should ask that will distinguish a good Yoni massage parlor from a bad one. Guys, those parlors very often offer Lingam massage too.

1.   Is the person giving the massage a professional?

You typed “Yoni Massage” or “Tantra Massage” and your (closest) “city” into Google? You found a few websites that offer these kinds of massage? Great, you are one step closer. Call them or send an e-mail and ask for their professional background. Where did they learn this kind of massage? There is no official license for Tantric Yoni massage as it’s still a niche. But you can ask them if they have any other therapeutic qualifications for performing treatments on the body. Like any therapeutic license, a qualification in physiotherapy, a certificate to work as a masseuse, or graduation from a course in healing and energy techniques. Any credentials that would back up the credibility of the person you are trusting to handle your body with professional care and intuition, and provide you with a space for healing. If the answer is ‘yes’, then you are one step closer to having found the right Yoni massage parlor.

2.   What’s their philosophy?

So this is where you can sort the wheat from the chaff. Is their service focused on pure erotic pleasure with a happy ending? Or are they sincerely interested in providing a space for outer and inner spiritual healing? Most massage parlors would be specific in the way they advertised. They would focus on the erotic aspect if all they wanted was for you to have pure erotic pleasure as a result of the massage. Whereas Tantric Yoni massages/Lingam massage parlors are focused on the evolution of the person. Developing awareness of your body. Learning to feel sexual energies and for sure an opportunity for healing any traumas or sexual blockages that arise within the process.

3.   Does the person giving the massage regularly follow spiritual practices or have a spiritual lifestyle?

This one is tricky as it’s a bit weird to ask and you cannot really prove it. But someone who has a strong and sincere dedication to spiritual practice would have much more knowledge about energy, than someone who doesn’t. From regular meditation to a yoga or qigong practice, anything that would show that the person giving the Tantric Yoni massage is familiar with this stuff. Do they have knowledge of the traditional Tantric system? Where did they study it? You will actually find many out there lacking this qualification. But it’s good to ask anyway in case you live in a big city and have a lot of places to choose from.

 4.   Is it a person you can trust?

This is the most important one. Ok, let’s say ideally you have one parlor in mind already. Schedule an appointment to meet the masseuse and inform yourself about the process only. If they don’t offer informational appointments, you are at the wrong address. This is important: you want to qualify the person as someone you can actually trust, and decide whether you would be able to ‘let go’ in their presence. When I received my first Yoni massage I chose a person who was not only famous in this field but one that I could connect to the most easily. A lot of stuff can come up and you just want to have a person involved who you trust and who can hold the space for you.

5.   How much does it cost?

Of course, this really depends on where you are. A Yoni massage in Thailand will be much, much cheaper than a Tantric massage in NYC. In the West, it varies between $100-$250. Of course, it doesn’t mean the cheaper one is worse than the more expensive one. Just feel into their vibe – often you pay extra for a classy interior, beautiful surroundings and high-quality oils.

Make sure to evaluate the 5 points I mentioned above. In the end, it’s really about feeling into the vibe and meeting the person who will give you the massage. Best, of course, is always a referral. But if you don’t have one, apply those 5 qualifying questions for a foolproof Yoni massage parlor search. Happy finding!

Or simply do it the DIY way

Find someone you fully trust. This person can be your lover, a friend or someone you feel close to. Watch my new Yoni Massage video online course together and voilà, practice.

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