Sluts Allowed: Meet the 4 Female Erotic Archetypes

Just if you are wondering: we are not talking (primarily) about striptease here. This show is about a conscious sexuality dance practice called Dancing Eros. The wonderful creatress Vanessa Florence gives us a deep insight into the 4 archetypes, that play a big role in the Dancing Eros practice. With sassy fun and laughter, we dive into the world of the maiden, the wild women, the priestess and the slut. Yep, sluts are allowed too!

In this episode, we go into detail about:

  • How About Vanessa’s story and manifestation of the Dancing Eros.
  • What’s its magic ingredient?
  • Why being around women and dancing together is so healing.
  • What are the 4 archetypes about and why can all women learn from them?
  • Why society doesn’t help us to express our inner women.
  • Some yummy down to earth tips that help to connect with those archetypes

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Mariah Freya: Welcome to the Orgasmic Discourses podcast where it’s all about conscious sexuality and supercharged orgasms. My name is Mariah Freya. Welcome everyone to this beautiful show today, I am Mariah Freya. Today I’m hosting a wonderful guest, Vanessa Florence. Welcome. Hi Vanessa, how are you doing?
Vanessa F.: Good, good. How are you?
Mariah Freya: I’m wonderful. You’re right now calling from Melbourne, is that right?
Vanessa F.: Yes, Melbourne, Australia. I’m very sunburned.
Mariah Freya: Beautiful, beautiful. It’s so great to have this technology and just connecting from totally different places. I’m right now in Munich in Germany and you’re totally on the other side of the globe. You feel totally close to me right now and that’s beautiful.
Vanessa F.: It’s amazing.
Mariah Freya: You are one of those really juicy, special women on the earth I believe.
Vanessa F.: Thank you, that’s nice.
Mariah Freya: The last time I think we’ve met was probably in Melbourne, maybe on the dance floor of the 5Rhythms or something like that.
Vanessa F.: There as well.
Mariah Freya: Yes, that was I think the very beginning where we’ve met in Thailand.
Vanessa F.: Yes.
Mariah Freya: You were my neighbor, I heard you sometimes.
Vanessa F.: Yes, those very close bungalows that don’t leave much to the imagination.
Mariah Freya: Exactly. Since then, since I met I followed you on Facebook a lot which has been a really amazing journey to follow you because you’ve been sharing so many beautiful facets in your life with everyone out there. The respond of people was huge be I think you’re such an authentic person, being very transparent and being very outwards and really sharing what’s going on inside of you. Right now you changed that, so now you have a page, right?
Vanessa F.: Yes, I mean I’m still definitely going to be sharing just as vulnerably on my page and on my website, I don’t think that’s ever going to change really. I guess it’s more about moving that into really more of a professional sense I suppose rather than just a friend page. For me, my journey is what I use to teach. I couldn’t not share what’s really going on because that’s how I walk my talk.
Mariah Freya: Exactly. The best coaches are who are actually living what they’re coaching.
Vanessa F.: Yes.
Mariah Freya: You are actually the creator of Dancing Eros which we’ll talk about more in detail in a second. Initially, I think you started off with the Sex Camp which is today called the Celebrating Sexuality Festival.
Vanessa F.: Yes.
Mariah Freya: You are also a speaker, a visionary, doing loads of loads of things. Right now I think or in the last year you were very much focusing on the Dancing Eros.
Vanessa F.: Yes, Dancing Eros is definitely my baby right now that I’m putting lots of energy into. It’s amazing.
Mariah Freya: Tell us a little bit more about it.
Vanessa F.: Dancing Eros is a conscious erotic dance practice for women. At the moment it’s a six-week journey that women take into the sexuality, and their sensuality, and their femininity. They do this through really dance, on the medium of erotic dance and exploring the different expressions of their sexuality through these erotic archetypes. At the moment we’ve also had a Wild Woman weekend as Wild Woman is one of the archetypes, and I kind of see in the future they’ll eventually be like retreats for the different archetypes and going really deeply into each one.

At the moment it’s a six-week course that a few hundred women have gone through now. I’m training teachers to teach it and the vision is to have thousands of Dancing Eros teachers all over the world. For it to really be something that all women know about, that all women know about these archetypes within themselves, that they come to practice this erotic dance to connect to the femininity. It’s just normal, everyone is doing it. Your mom’s doing it, your sister’s doing it, your auntie’s doing it. It’s just like yoga, you go to Dancing Eros. It’s very cool.

Mariah Freya: That’s a great vision.
Vanessa F.: What’s really changed my life …
Mariah Freya: Yes, tell us more.
Vanessa F.: The reason I wanted it to spread to so many people is I see what a huge benefit it is to understand these energies within ourselves as women. I’ve been doing a lot of work on my feminine for about five plus years now, and often I find that sometimes we’re only getting one particular expression of our feminine which is more kind of this goddess, or this more like inward, gentle thing. Actually, there’s various different expressions that make up being a women and a sexual woman.

In society we’re really not fed the whole story. It’s been a huge journey for me and all the women who have gone through it in just uncovering parts of ourselves that we know are there but have maybe not fully accessed or experienced before.

Mariah Freya: Especially if you talk about the Wild Woman or also the Slut. I would love to talk about each archetype in a second. The Wild Woman is so like suppressed because there’s almost this fear I think in the world if the women becomes wild. If she is like putting out her tornadoes and her crazy energies, there is also distraction happening on various levels which might be definitely needed but people fear and it has been suppressed over thousands of centuries.
Vanessa F.: Yes, there’s a big history with the Wild Woman. I’m always reading this article recently that there is actually a bit of a research and it’s happening right now with the Wild Woman in mainstream culture. We’re kind of seeing a lot of images of these pretty yoga chicks, and they have war paint on their face, and it’s like Wild Woman is coming back but it’s still pretty. The Wild Woman really is about …
Mariah Freya: Of course, it’s still very nice and gentle.
Vanessa F.: This energy is about fully letting go of the nice so we’re not repressing any part of ourselves and we can be completely free because we accept being ugly and wild, and dirty, as well as being beautiful and held together and goddess-like, that all aspects are a part of being a whole embodied woman. I mean Wild Woman is huge for every woman when we first tap into it, it’s like shit, it’s shadow. It’s often being quite repressed inside of us so even on subtle levels it’s like …
Mariah Freya: Yes, definitely. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Now there’s this really strong energy there. Sometimes I think when we are angry or when things trigger us, we come really close to that expression. Often a part of us just swallows it down and just keeps it down because we know this is not appropriate, or it’s not accepted to be like this, or no one would be able to understand that we think what other people think about us so we don’t act in that manner. There’s a lot of energy actually lost because we don’t put it out there and cannot really channel it.
Vanessa F.: I definitely like to say with the Wild Woman, it’s like there’s no such thing as selective suppression. You can’t suppress one part of yourself and expect other parts of yourself to not also get suppressed at the same time. Often, the Wild Woman does bring up anger, or in those more intense darker emotions. I find that the more the wedges freely are able to access the energy, the less we actually get frustrated, or we get PMS, or we get stuff like that.

I really see the reason that PMS is so huge is because we’ve repressed it all month. We’ve repressed our true expression all month so then we just want to fucking kill someone by the end. If we just had spaces to just be letting it out all the time in a healthy way, then we wouldn’t actually be getting angry in a destructive, unhealthy way, we could just be able to be really kind of free with that expression, and it wouldn’t have to be … What’s the word when something … Stagnates, it stays in there. It becomes stagnant. It’s big, really, really big.

Mariah Freya: Just having an overview about the archetypes for everyone. There are four different type of archetypes that you’re working in the Dancing Eros. The first one … I don’t know if has an order, but the first one is the Maiden, and then there’s the Wild Woman that we just talked about, the Priestess, and the Slut. If we for example have a look at the Maiden which feels for me quite the opposite to the Wild Woman …
Vanessa F.: She is that, yes. She is totally opposite to the Wild Woman, you’re really right. We need them both, you know, we need them both. You can’t feel safe to be in the vulnerability and the softness of the Maiden if you don’t know and have an access to that primal kind of killer instinct that will protect you. Same with the Wild Woman, if you’re just only in your Wild Woman and you’re not able to drop into your softness of your heart and your sensitivity and gentle surrender, then your Wild Woman can just be like this fucking psycho bitch who doesn’t really give a fuck about anyone else but herself but not in a healthy way.
Mariah Freya: A warrior woman or something.
Vanessa F.: Yes. It’s kind of like she’s not really getting love. All of the archetypes really are like in a team, and all of them support each other in order to be fully expressed which is quite amazing.
Mariah Freya: The Priestess is more on that level where spirituality starts or where it kind of go more into your inner source. How can you understand the Priestess?
Vanessa F.: Well, I experienced the Priestess as women’s deep recognition of the sacredness of their bodies and of their sexuality. I actually see all the archetypes to be deeply sacred, but however, the Priestess is kind of the real conscious acknowledgement of that and the acknowledge that you are a goddess. Really on a deep level, not just a mind level of like, “Oh, I have my hippie skirt and my Mala, now I am a goddess.” No, you actually really, really, really feel yourself as the divine being.

You hold yourself and your standards of your life and your partners, and your sexual experiences and also just your experiences with this I am worth worship, I am really worth being worshiped, and I am worth having men and women around me who I can worship and can worship me. It’s really about you get the love that you think you deserve is something I really, really deeply believe, and I feel that the Priestess is about that on a core level.

If you believe deeply and embodied knowing that you are divine, then you’re only going to attract in or accept experiences into your field that are acknowledging that divinity. The Priestess is really big for women who have boundary issues or maybe attracting experiences that they don’t feel respecting them, these kinds of things. The Priestess is really big because it’s about like holding your energetic boundary, really holding yourself.

Mariah Freya: Do you work also with the tantric practice of transfiguration on that level? Because you just said like really feeling that you are the Priestess and that you’re not just from the outside looking like a Priestess but really being it.
Vanessa F.: Transfiguration is definitely a huge part of the Dancing Eros practice in itself, and we definitely go into it in the Priestess more deeply I suppose. A big part of Dancing Eros is about witnessing each other and women, witnessing each other expressing different parts of themselves which is kind of how we learn. Yes, transfiguration and seeing the beauty and the uniqueness in each woman’s expression.

It’s amazing because Dancing Eros is not about some choreographed move or us like, “Okay, then you move your hip like this. And then you put your butt out like that or you rub your boobs on the wall like this.” It’s actually about finding what feels really, really authentically good for you and your body to access that energy with yourself.

Mariah Freya: It’s time probably because everyone where they’re at right now probably …
Vanessa F.: Yes, definitely. It’s amazing to witness the different expressions in each woman and her uniqueness. It’s really quite amazing.
Mariah Freya: Beautiful. The last one is the Sluts.
Vanessa F.: Yes.
Mariah Freya: Quite the interesting one as well, quite the juicy one.
Vanessa F.: It’s definitely got a bit of charge to it, the Slut as well. As most women and men know, that word in itself is like, “Ugh”, it’s strong because it’s got a lot of …
Mariah Freya: It does a lot with our mind just reading it or saying it out loud.
Vanessa F.: Yes, it’s really big. For me, it’s about coming out of the slut being some degrading, disempowering thing that’s used against us and actually really reclaiming our playfulness, and our joy, and our exhibitionist, and this part of us that secretly does actually want to a stripper. It’s like every woman has this desire, many women, not every woman but many women I meet, they have this secret desire to perform and play and share their sexual energy.
Mariah Freya: Even being able to initiate, like being the initiate part.
Vanessa F.: Yes. This energy is about really reclaiming that for yourself. It’s not about what it looks like or what other people are saying about it whether they’re enjoying it or not enjoying it, it’s actually about you enjoying yourself. If you want to share it with someone else, great, but it’s actually about your pleasure and your play first. All of them have their own deep gifts, but the Slut definitely accesses a woman’s life force and vibrancy more than I’ve ever … It’s everyone, it’s like the room is just buzzing with joy because women are just almost like relieved so that they can finally like being dirty and play and do. It’s so natural actually, it’s so natural.
Mariah Freya: I actually see a big trend over here in Germany, but more in Austria where girls are going to pole dancing workshops. Definitely it has a touch of the stripper kind of side to it, but somehow it seems those workshops, they really try to be non-sexual on purpose, it’s really weird. Now you got something you can play with but then it turns into a totally different performance of gymnastics, or how flexible are you, or this kind of like performance which is not about sexiness but more about how good you are in something. Sadly enough, this trend is also not helping us to really express that Slut.


That’s why I think I really wanted to interview you because this is so special what you do. You don’t find this in many places in the world where you can express those archetypes which are very neglected by society and highly misunderstood as well. There needs to be education and really like gatherings where women are really thinking about it, and this is what you do which is wonderful.

Vanessa F.: It’s actually unconscious. We don’t often even know that there’s any issue with sexuality, I mean some women really know that there’s an issue there if they can’t orgasm or things like that are going on. Sometimes we don’t even know that there’s just almost this subtle, impermeable shame in the fabric of our society even from simple things like, “Oh, you know, pull your top up” or, ” Your bra strap is showing” or, “Aw, she … How short is her skirt” and all these subtle things that we pick up and hear from a really young age. Then we’re just walking around with quite a lot of shame about really free, sexual expression and not having to have sex with 20, 50, 100 people, but just expressing that part of our energy.
Mariah Freya: Even if it’s just with one partner or with yourself even.
Vanessa F.: Yes, I mean I’m totally monogamous and I’m definitely a slut. It’s about that energy and how that energy makes me feel really good, and it makes my friends feel really good, it makes my partner really good. It’s like a feel good part of me. I’ve done a lot of work and this Dancing Eros has initiated me deeply into clearing a lot of my own stuff which I didn’t really even know was there until I was faced with it.

It’s subtle and quite insidiate shame. A woman who’s going to be a Dancing Eros teacher, she calls the Slut the shame detox because it literally detoxes any little tiny bits of shame off you or guilt we have about it out of your system. Just like going and dancing that energy and sharing it, it’s big, it’s really big.Mariah Freya:

Mariah Freya: Shame detox … Shame slut mean that right now.
Vanessa F.: What did you say?
Mariah Freya: I’m just saying it would be great to like, I don’t know … If a friend says, “Well, how do you look today? Come on, what’s this short skirt?” Then you say, “Hey, I’m on my shame detox right now, don’t shame slut me.”
Vanessa F.: Yes, totally. It’s really deep in us. I mean kids, like children are really, actually, naturally quite sexual in their energy in their play, they’re just curious and exploring what feels good. I really, really believe that if little girls were not being told, “That’s bad that you touched yourself” or all of these little things that we get told as we’re growing up, if we didn’t hear that, women would all be really, really empowered and naturally slutty. Men would be really happy about that too. It would be from this empowered sense. We’re in quite a weird place for that right now in society. I feel we can shift it.
Mariah Freya: I, for myself for example, I haven’t had a very strict education or my parents were quite open, I mean not sexual but very hippie like. No one actually told me that masturbation was something is really bad, or that having a short skirt is something slutty. No one told me that, but still I have it inside of me that shame. It’s so weird, I cannot think of any situation anyone told me and put their fingers on me and said, “Hey, how do you look today?” or something.


Still, even just living in a society which believes in that already is enough in order to poison yourself with that shame. It’s really sad because there are so much power in the Maiden, in the Wild Woman, in the Priestess and the Slut. If we’re not really connecting with those archetypes, we connect with the totally different energy which might not even be good for us or bring us in the right direction.

Vanessa F.: Yes, or one dimensional as well. It’s like we’re not getting all aspects of ourselves as sexual women. The media, what we’re actually portrayed from a media level is quite slutty really, what we’re seeing. It’s a very visual, ascetic, fabricated expression. Porn, and strip clubs and all of that, they’re really only giving us quite a superficial, one dimensional aspect. It’s still an aspect of women, but if that’s all that’s there and the women are not actually really connected to their bodies, a lot of them aren’t, some of them are, then we’re kind of getting educated without even knowing about who we are in most women.
Mariah Freya: What’s interesting as well, I read a study where they found out that women before men start to get bored in long-term relationships on a sexual level. They are actually the first ones who are not feeling the juice anymore or the spark in the sexuality with their partners. They said even after two or three years, women start to get bored. I wonder if they would integrate those archetypes more into their daily lives, maybe there is this more flexibility of bringing diversity into relationships and bringing different energies into it which is of course great for the men but also for herself. Just having this creativity going and no stagnation.
Vanessa F.: That’s 100%, definitely. Definitely, because you can cycle through the different parts of yourself and keep it interesting rather than … It is the one dimension that’s all we know, and then we’re like, “ugh, I’m over it.”
Mariah Freya: Exactly. Do you maybe have some quick down to earth tips on how to tap into those energies? Because not everyone right now can access the Dancing Eros unless they travel to australia, and probably right now it’s just in Melbourne happening, right?
Vanessa F.: It’s just in Melbourne right, however, I’m looking at next year that there’ll be an online course that you can do at home so then more women will be able to do it as well as all the teachers that are going to start teaching. I have a lot of women all over who really want to do it, and slowly slowly I’ll get the teachers, but you could really do it online in your own lounge room with a couple of friends easily. That’s happening so who have been listening you can come and check that out.
Mariah Freya: I will do it for sure.
Vanessa F.: In regards to practical tips …
Mariah Freya: Just if you have any, if not it’s fine.
Vanessa F.: Each one is very different so maybe I’ll give a practical tip for each archetype. Does that sound good?
Mariah Freya: Yes, that would be great.
Vanessa F.: The Maiden, I would practice doing breast massage, so really gentle and soft touch with yourself, like really, really coming into your heart and coming into your connection to your breast and your vagina. Often we’re not feeling our heart within it and feeling the gentleness within it. I would really recommend daily breast massage to access the Maiden and very soft, gently, loving touch with slow, soft, sensual music to kind of come in to this heart space and connect to that with your sexuality whether you’re masturbating or pleasuring, but to come into the heart and the softness.

I just want to give you so many things but … I’m writing a book as well so I have so many things women can do to access their energies but I’ll just give one. That’s one for Maiden.

Mariah Freya: Lovely. I love it.
Vanessa F.: For Wild Woman, I would really recommend going to night job because she’s really about like a primal animal self, and our earth sex like our fuck energy it’s like the earth. Animals aren’t kind of feeling like, “Oh, I feel bad about like fucking this animal and like baring my teeth”, they’re just doing it, they’re primal. If you can go out with other women or even yourself to a secluded nature spot and just roll around in the earth.

Each practice I’m going to say is a sexual practice so if I can touch your body, and touch your vagina, and touch your arse, and fuck the earth, and like make sound and get into that real raw animal on the earth, that’s Wild Woman practice. Any woman can do it, you just go out. I’ve had women do it for homework and they’d go to just the public part, it’s amazing. It’s like people are walking past with their dog, it’s like, “Oh my gosh.”

Mariah Freya: What is that?
Vanessa F.: If we want the resurgence of this energy we have to grant ourselves permission to express it, we can’t just wait for someone else to say that’s okay. I’ve had women in my course, the cops are being called to their house because they were screaming so loud in their practice. If the cop comes you say, “Yeah, I was just like masturbating. It was really nice.” We have to do that, we have to be the ones to change the consciousness by our own practice. Wild Woman go onto earth and preferably with other women or yourself make sound and get sexual with the ground.
Mariah Freya: Wow, powerful.
Vanessa F.: Priestess, practice for priestess. Transfiguration with yourself in the mirror each day is really, really powerful. I’m not sure …
Mariah Freya: Just for everyone who doesn’t know transfiguration, it’s a tantric practice where you really transfigure. Trans means changing the form into something else, like believing that you are a priestess. It’s a mental process mainly, and of course you can help yourself with the outside clothing that it’s easier for you to transfigure yourself into this divine goddess-like priestess. Just that process, that mental process does something which is wonderful.
Vanessa F.: I see transfiguration as seeing the divine in yourself, like seeing yourself as a goddess. Often we don’t actually look in the mirror consciously, we just look and we fuss with our hair, and we judge ourselves, “Oh you know, I got a pimple today or whatever.” Actually standing in front of a full length mirror everyday and breathing into your belly and into your heart, and opening your body and just standing, and breathing, and looking at yourself and loving yourself, and feeling your queen power.

If you did that everyday you will walk in the world differently, you really will walk in the world holding that belief in yourself on a bodily level. Lots of others but doing really daily, looking at your full body and your face and really standing in a power position for yourself is going to help you develop an energetic boundary and strength within yourself. There are many others but we’ll stick with that.

Mariah Freya: Lovely. The Slut finally.
Vanessa F.: I’m more and more realizing that there is a huge power in spending time with other women. It’s like we can access these parts of ourselves by ourselves, but there is a huge, huge power in coming together with one to even 10 friends and dancing, and connecting, and eating, and getting into that feminine play. As a Slut homework, I would really suggest coming together with women with the intention to access that energy, put on slutty music like Christina Aguilera or things that are really in that …
Mariah Freya: Beyonce.
Vanessa F.: Yes, Beyonce. Wear sexy clothes and just dance with each other. That in itself, honestly, it’s so powerful. It’s something really simple but I feel often, if we’ve gone on this spiritual path or this conscious path where we don’t really have as much play like from a particularly sexual play with each other.
Mariah Freya: Often it’s very serious.
Vanessa F.: Yes, it’s like always sitting and fucking women circles all the time and sharing our feelings which is part of Dancing Eros and a part of being a woman. I would really encourage like just get together and dress up, and dance for each other. Even if you don’t want to do that with your friends, do it with yourself.
Mariah Freya: Exactly.
Vanessa F.: Mirror work is really powerful, so dance this energy for yourself in the mirror, seduce yourself, and play with it with yourself.
Mariah Freya: Actually I just had a women circle over here in my bedroom maybe one month ago. I got so inspired and I actually put on some Beyonce, and it was so great. Women were so amazed by just what happen in the moment when women start dropping their pussies, like suddenly you get into this hips movement. The energy was great, I’m pretty sure this is exactly what you’re talking about.
Vanessa F.: Yes, it’s so natural, it’s so natural.
Mariah Freya: Women can so easily access that, so easily, it’s just a matter of jumping into it and doing it.
Vanessa F.: I see Dancing Eros as … Yes, there is a journey there and there’s a learning there on a mental level, and you’d learn about different parts of yourself and there are powerful things that happen. It’s also not rocket science, and we’re basically creating a permission space for what we already have inside, so why not just start creating the permission for yourself by having women friend over and dancing together and seeing what comes out.
Mariah Freya: You don’t have to be a professional dancer to do it, that’s the beauty of it. There’s no way of that you need to be professional in something, it’s just intuitive knowledge and it’s just accessing it.
Vanessa F.: Yes. I mean if you know how to have sex then you know how to dance.
Mariah Freya: That’s sometimes already the problem.
Vanessa F.: True, but we all actually know intuitively how to have sex. It’s like there’s some desire in us that wants to move our hips or do something sexual. You’re right, you’re right for some of it, they might not be having sex.
Mariah Freya: I think that can be really, easily developed through that dance.
Vanessa F.: That’s what I find. They’ve really connected. When a woman starts accessing these parts of herself through dance, and suddenly she has more confidence and understanding of herself in the bedroom and other areas of her life as well. It’s really not just a sexual practice, it’s like we’re just using that medium to shine a light on everywhere really. Really, they’re so connected. I would just go for it and see what comes out and not wait for someone else to facilitate it for you. If you want it then set up your room, put on some sexy clothes, lingerie, whatever you feel sexy in, and dark lighting. Just go for it. Even if it feels stupid, just play, have fun.
Mariah Freya: Exactly, play until you make it. Even that process is already lovely. Thank you so much Vanessa for sharing those beauties with us and sharing treasures out of the Dancing Eros. I’m so looking forward to do this online course seriously. I didn’t have the chance to visit your courses because when I left Melbourne I think you just started. I just missed it unfortunately.

I’m pretty sure we’ll all hear more from you in the next years. You have a lot of plans, a lot of big visions which is great and which is important for this project. I can see that this is a huge potential project, and I really, really hope that it turns into a massive movement of reclaiming all those archetypes and creating that space you were talking about. Thank you so much for being part of in this show. Where can we find you and to read more about the Dancing Eros, and about you and your journey?Vanessa F.:

Vanessa F.: At the moment we’re booting a Dancing Eros website, but right now you can find out everything that’s happening that I’m creating including Dancing Eros at my website which is If you just subscribe there then I’ll send updates when Eros websites are open, everything else that’s happening.
Mariah Freya: Beautiful.
Vanessa F.: Yes.
Mariah Freya: I’m so excited. Juicing up other side of the globe, Australia?
Vanessa F.: Yes, totally.
Mariah Freya: I hope some energies will also come towards Europe or other countries, America maybe.
Vanessa F.: For sure. We’re going to have a teacher training for the course in Bali next year, maybe around September time. My intentions to have different people from over the world come to do it there and be the first, kind of ambassadors of it for different areas.
Mariah Freya: I will put all the links on my website so everyone who’s listening right now to the show, if you’re more interested in Vanessa and her work just visit my website, where you find all the show notes. Make sure to connect with her because she’s such a great writer as well. I think you have this provoking side in you which really provokes people to think about stuff and really get in touch with things without maybe shadows as well to really look and have this process of transformation.
Vanessa F.: Thank you.
Mariah Freya: Thanks so much Vanessa.
Vanessa F.: Thank you love, thank you. It was great, I enjoyed it.
Mariah Freya: Me too. Have a lovely day everyone, and hear soon from you.

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