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Yay! With this post I am officially launching my first podcast. I am super excited about getting started and taking OD to a next level!

In this first episode I am interviewing Elisa Klüver and Selina Jung, where we discuss Orgasmic Meditation (OM). A practice spreading from the OneTaste community. Where, you won’t believe it, you simply stroke your partner’s clitoris. As simple as that, but as Elisa and Selina claim, highly effective in making you feel more orgasmic (in all parts of life).

We all know about the powers of the clitoris and its sensitivity (if you haven’t read my clitoral orgasm post, do so now). But what happens if somebody strokes the clitoris very, very gently in a constant rhythm for 15 minutes …

Listen to this episode via Soundcloud (where you can also download it), or check out my Youtube version with a little intro video.

In this episode, we get into detail about:

  • What makes the Orgasmic Meditation practice unique.
  • Exactly how it works.
  • What long-term effects it has.
  • And of course what the bigger plan of Elisa and Selina is.

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Mariah Freya: Welcome to the Orgasmic Discourses podcast where it’s all about conscious sexuality and super-charged orgasms. My name is Mariah Freya.

Hey. I’m so excited you’re listening to this podcast. Great that you’re here. This is actually my first show, so I’m pretty nervous, and also really excited. I will be podcasting in the next monthsall about the juicy topics in our lives, and especially interviewing experts from the sex positives community, so stay tuned.

Today, I will be interviewing Selina Jung and Elisa Klüve. They’re both from the OneTaste community, teaching, here in Munich, orgasmic meditation. It’s really an interesting practice, so here it comes.

Welcome, Selina and Elisa. It’s really exciting to have you guys here.Awesome. Both of you are orgasmic meditation teachers and desire coaches. It’s really interesting because since 2004, Nicole Daedonecreated OneTaste, it became super famous, and I’d really like to know of you what is TurnOn for you.

Selina Jung: It’s this grin, that sparkling of the eyes, the red cheeks, flushing, the sweaty palms. That feeling when you feel uncomfortable, and your body’s just activated.

Mariah: Yeah, and for you, Elisa?

Elisa Klüver: All that, and also I feel, since practicing orgasmic meditation, I feel like situations that formerly I would have judged as negative or uncomfortable like anger, sadness, jealousy. All of those, I am now able to find the TurnOn in them and really just see how it’s a lot of energy in my body like this kind of fiery electricity running up and down, and a lot of energy to use, so that’s TurnOn also.

Mariah: Interesting. So where did you get your primary motivation from? When did all this start for you?

Elisa: I basically met a woman at a meet up and I wasn’t even that interested,but then I stayed in touch with her because she was like a literal neighbor. She lived like 5 minutes away from me in London which was a big deal. And then I went to a party that she hosted, and I got a sense of the people there who were mostly OMers, so all practicing. I got the sense of freedom and sexuality, and like flirting that was playful and not sleazy. Both genders really kind of being really feminine and really masculine in a beautiful way that was complementing each other and really blossoming in the intention of the other. I just felt really attractive all evening, which I wasn’t used to, and then I had the sense of I want some more of that power.

Mariah: Yeah, it seems the TurnOn community is now growing in every part of the world more and more. What makes this OM practice so unique?

Selina: The container of the practice. It’s very clear and precise. It’s always the same steps. It creates a container of trust. When I enter an OM, I know what’s going to happen on the outside, and I totally trust it because all the people I’ve OMed with so far held the container really properly and I know I can really open up and feel safe, and that makes it very unique for me.

Mariah: Beautiful. So what is that container? Just tell me what is it about?

Selina: It’s 12 steps. We ask for an OM in a certain way, and then we create a nest or something. A yoga mat and blanket and pillows and a cushion, and we just create this space for the OM and then we’d go through the steps. Like one important one is that the stroker, the person stroking, safe ports the strokee. That means that they tell them in advance what’s going to happen and that feels really good because that really relaxes us.

Mariah: Yeah, and also massaging the thighs.

Selina: Yeah. It’s grounding in the beginning and in the end, and then in between, a lot can happen but you know that you’ll be grounded in the end and it’s going to feel good somehow.

Mariah: And the method itself? What happens exactly?

Elisa: I don’t know why OM works. I keep talking people who say that we actually don’t understand why it would work, we just experience that it does. It’s basically 15 minutes. It’s really, really light stroking in the upper left-hand quadrant of a woman’s clitoris, and the only goal is to feel. There’s this tiny spot which also wanders around,which is normal for all women, and when you hit that spot, you just feel deeply, deeply connected to this other person, and you feel the energy flow back and forth between the two of you. There’s some way where this undeniable connection really fills a hunger that we all have that we often didn’t even know we had. I find that I didn’t think OMing was going to give me what I wanted, but I saw the people having what I wanted so I was willing to try the thing that they did to have it.

Mariah: Of course. So this certain spark they talked about before. There’s something in this practice happening while you stroke on the women’s clitoris. I’m just wondering why the clitoris? Do you know anything about what’s the reason for it?

Selina: Yeah, to me, even though it might seem a bit clinical, because it’s in a very clean environment. You practice with the lights on, and it seems a bit clinical on the outside, but for me it’s the most sensual experience because it’s the spot on my body that has the most nerve endings. It’s just so much sensation on that spot. Just stroking that fills my longing for touch.

Mariah: Yeah, but sometimes when I touch my clitoris, probably that’s something different because masturbation is probably different from OMing, but you kind of get oversensitive on your clitoris? So that’s really interesting because what you do during an OM session, suddenly this sensitivity starts, and for me sometimes it starts hurting or things like that, but I just wondered does that happen too in an OM session or?

Selina: Yeah, it does sometimes, and I found it really interesting to notice that the way I masturbated before OMing had nothing to do with what OMing is. What we usually do when we masturbate is we use the pad of the finger and we use comparatively a lot of pressure and we kind of rub on the 6 o’clock spot on the clitoris if your belly button would be the 12 o’clock spot, and you just ran around like in a clock.

Elisa: OM is a much lighter and much, much shorter stroke that I would have never come up with on my own. I just wouldn’t have zoomed in on this tiny, tiny spot on my clit with light pressure, like that was not what I was going for in masturbation.

Mariah: It’s almost like tickling.

Elisa: Yeah, like you tickle at the sensation and depending on how sensitive the clit gets, you can vary the pressure, but it’s usually much less than you would use in masturbation or any kind of sexual interaction. Sometimes, you might even just literally stroke on top of a dollop of lube, so you might not even touch the clit itself, and still like the sensation like if your clit was to be that sensitive, but it would still have a shitload of sensation on both people.

Mariah: Interesting. Can you tell me how have your orgasms changed? Just give us some reflection on that.

Selina: So before I started OMing, I used to climax a lot. Just a couple of times in a row. Then I started OMing, and then it stopped for about a year. I hardly climaxed at all, and my range of all the feelings I could hold in my body, all the sensations I could hold in my body, just totally expanded, so I didn’t go over that easily. About a year later, it just came back and I started to go over again and it felt different. It didn’t feel like I was pulling for it or I was aiming towards it, but it just happened.

Mariah: Alright. So you still have these multiple orgasms, or more orgasms in a row, but it’s much more focused, or much more intuitive without you pushing it, right?

Selina: Yeah. I would even say it’s more random. Sometimes it just happens once or several times, and sometimes it doesn’t happen for a while, and I don’t miss it. It’s like I’m feeling so much, there’s so many peaks and they are a lot longer.

Mariah: Okay, and how about you?

Elisa: I didn’t used to climax during sex before OM, and I’m not used to doing that after OM either, but I do feel like I am a zillion more times able to really surrender and hand myself over to the sensation. I used to not even be able leave my head and feel this much before, and now it’s like Selina says. It feels like this incredible, like the softest or shortest strokes anywhere on my body, and every sex, will be different but they can be so sensational like I have this rolling wave of sensation go through my body and I don’t feel like I miss climax at all. Everything is so sensational. It’s more than when I do climax in OM sometimes after it feels a little bit numb, like this energy release, and lots of people experience and I don’t even want it this much. I might even ask you to not go there when I feel like I am approximating it.

Mariah: So for you it’s more about this expansion, and really feeling into the moment, and not having one point where it’s the peak and then it’s over,but more like the whole process of being in that flow and being in that sensation.

Elisa: Right, and that’s what we actually call orgasm. It’s the whole thing. Climax is just one little piece of it. The whole thing, all these signs of orgasm that you know from climax, the contractions of the muscles and the ejaculation, all of that happens in an OM, and I can experience it for 15 minutes now, but it’s not completely like climax. It’s involuntary. It just happens and occurs and feels good and it might feel more intense than climax felt before. It can last a lot longer.

Mariah: I find it interesting because how we as women look at orgasm is quite a masculine view, because for men, obviously, when they climax, they also ejaculate. It’s like this goal of letting the semen spread out, and then this comes automatically with an orgasm. So we as women might have adapted this view on our orgasms, too, maybe. So it’s interesting to look at that from a different perspective through this OMing practice, maybe we are able to reconnect to the original meaning of female orgasm which is maybe more expanded, sensual progress orgasm.

Elisa: Yeah, that’s definitely what OM is about. It’s kind of perfectly tailored to the woman’s body in a way, and to female orgasm, and as a result, men also get more of what they want. I think society really drives this image of sexuality where men want their women to climax and scream, and be all over the place, and women kind of feel like they should be performing in a wayif they don’t feel that way. OM is just kind of saying let’s take something out of this process and start to feel again.

Mariah: So it is a goalless practice, isn’t it?

Elisa: Yeah.

Mariah: Orgasmswithout a goal.

Selina: Yeah, and I want toadd something. It feels like it’s tailored to the female body, and what I experience is that it happens in men’s bodies too. When they practice for a while, maybe for a year or more, they start to experience the same kind of orgasm.

Mariah: That gives me goosebumps.

Elisa: Yeah. Me too, occasionally.

Mariah: That I find awesome, really interesting about this practice, that men actually are practicing this non-goal practice, which is actually not really amasculine practice. It seems to be a very feminine practice. The whole procedure, the container as you call it.

Elisa: To me it feels quite balanced because the container and the way we hold it feels quite masculine and when you stroke, you’re very present and get very clear.

Mariah: Which is a masculine aspect.

Elisa: Yeah, and it feels very balanced to me.

Mariah: Both of you are OM teachers and desirecoaches. You came back to Munich to make Munich a more orgasmic city, right?

Selina: Turned On City

Mariah: So, how is it for you to encourage people? What’s their reaction on the OM practice?

Elisa: Lots of questions like why OM would work the way it works. To me at least, that’s what I experience. When I tell them what they get it’s like, “yeahyeah yeah that’s all great we want that but why would OM deliver?”

Mariah: So why would it?

Elisa: Well like we said before, I’m not actually 100% sure why. There’s a lot of theory. I do know that it works on, or it’s been proven in studies, I believe, it does enhance a limbic part of your brain which is this part intuition and feeling is situated, as opposed to the vigilant center and the constant thinking developed. “What does my belly look like?” All this thinking, it’s in the different part of the brain, so OM gives the opportunity to surrender in to the container like we talked about before.

If you keep practicing regularly, it’s more easy to let go of the vigilant center, the thoughts that let you do something because you know exactly what’ll happen. It’s easier to turn it off which enables you to get into a state of orgasm, so in a way kind of enhancing the part of your brain where intuition and stuff are situated. I think makes sense that then as a result you get all these things like turn on and connection with people.

Selina: And actually, what happens each time you OM is a lot of oxytocins release.

Elisa: Right.

Selina: Both the strokee and the stroker.

Mariah: Right light of yummy love hormones for everybody here. So that actually means a lot of potential, also when it comes to meditation, because in Vipassana for example, you focus on spot on your body and that produces also what you just said turns on the limbic system right? And then you get into this more calm state of mind where your thoughts start to disappear. It’s sort of like a meditation on the clitoris, right?

Selina: Totally. For me, it’s the same like breathing meditation, but there’s a lot more sensation in the genitals, so it’s a lot easier to stay in your body.

Mariah: That’s really good because you need passion, and most people get really bored after some time because it’s not a very juicyspot they focus on.

Selina: And it’s hard to get bored in an OM.

Mariah: Yeah. So, where are you guys standing right now? What’s where you’re at rightwith this whole turn on thing?

Elisa: I feel like deciding to go to Munich to turn it on and really bring it something, it’s kind of my personal orgasmic journey going over from childhood to the teenage years stage. The first year that I practiced, I really just learned from a lot of teachers. I OMed a lot. I filled my body up with nutrients that are in OM that we usually miss in the society, and we talked about it. There’s talk in the OM community that as women we need to fill up with this orgasm because we’re usually deplete and I actually recently hit the stage when I knew what they meant because I felt like I was full. I was like,“this orgasm is coming out of my ears,” like I need to put it somewhere. I was going insane. I had received so much orgasm and teaching and all this sort of stuff and I felt like I wanted a worldly cause to pour it out on. It’s impossible to slow down again. I can’t go back to a normal life, and kind of like sulking in orgasm like it won’t feel goodso I need to channel it and put it out in the way. I want to do that just right now, just to bring it to people in Germany in particular, and Munich.

Mariah: So ready to spread the word and practice. Awesome. What about you, Selina?

Selina: When I decided to be an OM coach, I knew that this was going to be what I wanted to do professionally. Also, I knew that I’d do it for myself and that I just want this kind of community around myself. I experienced it in San Francisco and London, this community’s, it’s just like that’s the way we’re supposed to live together, like in connection. That’s what I want to create here, too, and all over the world. Now that we’ve finished the program, I feel ready.

Mariah: This leads me to my next question: where do you guys want to be in 5 years?

Elisa: I want Munich to be so full of people who practice orgasmic meditation that I feel completely certain that there’s always going to be a group holding it and just going to keep developing and keep getting more and more andmore. I want it to have grown so far that actually already know people who are growing and their orgasm can grow and lead it so I can go on to my next orgasmic venture.

Mariah: Nice.

Elisa: Yeah, so I don’t know where I’ll be, but it’ll be orgasmic.

Selina: Yeah, and what I envision is a lot of big communities popping up where people live together where they OM regularly cause that actually gives you the connection and the ability to hold a lot of sensation which you need when you’re around a lot of people. I see a lot of these communities popping up and I want to be part of the creation of that.

Mariah: Great. And if you had the last OM in your life, how would that be?

Elisa: On a yoga mat, legs spread, 15 minutes. I think it would probably be very high sensation.

Mariah: A lot of juiciness.

Elisa: I have experienced OMs that were constantly on the upper end of my range, so it feels like there’s always an end to the range of how much we can feel. If we go over that, then we’d check out or we laugh or we dissipate or we scream butsomehow we are notable to stay in the sensation.

Mariah: So there’s an emotional release?

Elisa: If you go over, but if you’re just at the end of the range without going overthe boundary, then you can slowly start to expand it. This might be one where I might be very much at the end of my range at the entire time,so it would be pretty much something like that. 15 minutes.

Selina: Might happen, yeah.So what OM does is you enter the OMwith a lot of emotions. Could be anger, or frustration, or whatever, and then something happens with it and somehow it turns into TurnOn and I guess.

Mariah: So it’s just alchemy?
Seluna Jung: Alchemy, yeah. You alchemize your emotions and I guess that could happen in this last OM. When you enter with a lot of fear and you just take all this potential energy of that emotion and just alchemize it into TurnOn.

Mariah: And to put pure bliss and joy.

Selina: Yeah.

Mariah: Great, and that exact sensation you both talk about during OM, if you would describe that as one adjective, one verb and one animal, how would that be? Mine for example: crazy, jumping giraffe.

Elisa: And what are we describing?

Mariah: The orgasmic OM sensation, right? If you would describe that with one adjective, one verb, and one animal. Just anything with what pops in your mind.

Elisa: Are you ready?

Selina: Almost.

Elisa: So, involuntarily. That’s actually an adverb.

Selina: Sparkling?

Elisa: No, I want to say flapping about. What’s the verb there? Like “zucken”in German. Stroking. I don’t know. Involuntarily jolting snake.

Mariah: Like a cunnilingussnake.

Elisa: Yeah, totally.

Selina: Thought of a dragon. Electric dragon, but what’s? Yeah.

Mariah: So electric is awesome, just add the verb. What does the dragon do?

Selina: It’s kind of flowing.

Mariah: I thought it was fire breathing.

Selina: Okay, electric fire breathing dragon. That’s it.

Mariah: Nice one. Great. This actually brings us to the end of the show. We all live in Munich, so we’re all going to make the city as dangerous sex city. No,I mean we’re all going to boost the sex here inthe city, I would say. It’s been a joy talking to you guys, and I’m really excited to hear more of you and what you have to offer.

Selina: Thank you.

Mariah: Welcome, and if anyone of my listeners would like to find you, how can they find you at the moment?

Elisa: We have a Facebook page that should be,because we’re turning on Munich, and then we do regular events in Munich that are called ‘TurnOn’ that you could find on as well. If you message us on either page, like through the Facebook page or through the meet up page, then we can set up Skype conversations, as well for people who live outside of Munich, so we could do OM trainings via Skype and coaching. That’s more available.

Mariah: Thank you, and also if you wanted to read more about orgasmic discourses, my blog, visit me under and also make sure to join my Facebook group at Orgasmic Discourses. Thank you! Bye!

Elisa: Bye!

Selina: Bye!

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