Deer Exercise: The Ultimate Guide to the Taoists’ Sexy Secret

deer exercise
Written by Emma Hewitt

Hands up if you include exercising your sexual organs as part of your fitness routine. Is your hand down? Don’t worry. You are not alone.

Most don’t exercise their sexual organs beyond masturbation or partnered sex.

Yet, our sexuality actually plays such a large part in our sense of well-being and health. It’s time to make our sexual energy a priority with the Deer Exercise.

What Is the Deer Exercise?

deer exercise

That is a great question because I know that the name sounds strange, and honestly pretty unsexy.

Deer Exercise is actually a hands-on technique used to expand our sexual pleasure.

It works to cultivate sexual joy, unleash the potential for full body orgasms and improve our life vitality. And the best bit is that it only takes a few minutes a day.

The Deer Exercise works by activating your sexual organs. It keeps the blood flow active and nourishes these organs along with your entire body. Increased blood flow to your sex organs means more arousal and a higher libido.

It also offers the ability to spread sexual pleasure through the rest of your body. It not only keeps you turned on sexually but can help to keep your mind switched on and feeling sharp too.

Where Did It Originate?

The Deer Exercise originated as part of ancient Chinese medicine.

Practitioners noticed that three animals, in particular, seemed to all live long lives in states of constant health. These animals were the turtle, the crane, and the deer. Deer, in particular, have a potent sexual and reproductive ability that lasts well beyond the span of most other animals.

Doctors adopted the behavior of the deer to create the Deer Exercise and this has become a key Tao practice in times of ancient sex.

But I Am Not a Tao Practitioner

That is totally fine! You don’t need to follow all the principles for the Tao Deer Exercise to have an impact on your sex life. Using one or two of the practices can make a big impact on your sex life. Here are a few practices from Tao and Tantra that can be applied to your weekly practice to improve your sexual health and sexual energy.

Who Can Do It?

Anyone can complete the Deer Exercise as there is a different version for women and men. It all comes down to your anatomy. So men, feel free to skip ahead because it’s ladies first round here.

Female Deer Exercise

female deer exercise

The female Deer Exercise will only take a few minutes and is really easy to complete. All you need to do is find a comfortable place that is nice and warm, and where you will not be disturbed. You can perform the exercise any time, so long as you are not on your period, sorry ladies. Now let’s take a look at some of the Deer Exercise benefits, as there are many!

Increasing Sexual Energy

The Deer exercise works to increase our sexual energy. It increases blood flow around the body providing heightened sensitivity and arousal.

But, it can also offer the potential for full body orgasms. Um… Yes, please!

This is due to the increased blood flow. It helps to spread pleasure throughout the rest of the body. Not only the genital region.

What Are the Other Benefits?

There are also benefits that will help you outside of the bedroom.

The exercise results in increased fertility and helps to ease period issues.

It also releases feel-good hormones into your body. The Deer Exercise releases the hormones DHEA and oxytocin into the bloodstream. These hormones help you to feel relaxed, happy and satisfied.

deer exercise for women

Deer Exercise for Women: How to?

Before we start, there are a few things you will need to do first to prepare your body for the exercise.

Start off by removing your clothes and jewelry. Then sit yourself down in a cross-legged or similar position. You need to be comfortable, but you also want to make sure that you have a straight back. Use a chair if you need to.

Now rub your hands together till they are warm and you can feel the energy generating from them. You can then add a feel-good oil into your hands to massage during the first part of the exercise.

Part #1 – Breast Massage

This part of the exercise is all about connecting with your breasts and heart. Start off by holding your breasts in your hands and breathe in and out. You should be able to feel the movement in your chest through your hands. Ensure that your fingertips are pointed toward your heart while you do this.

Now you can start to circulate your hands around the breasts to the heart center. Use your fingertips to guide you. Your hands should be moving in a circle down around the outside of the breasts and up through the center. Keep your hands and fingers in contact with the breasts but avoid the nipple as much as possible.

You need to complete this circular motion 36 times total on this side. Then change the direction of your hand rotations and do another 36. The movement on this side moves down through the center and up around the outside of the breasts. Here is a full breast massage guide if you’re interested. If you like watching the exercise described above check out this great video by Mariah Freya.

Part #2 Holding Firm

The second part of the Deer Exercise for women is a pelvic contraction.

To complete this part, place your hands in your lap with your hands in fists, and the thumb inside the fist. Then tighten your vaginal muscles and hold this contraction for as long as you can. Ensure that you are breathing consistently throughout this process. It is easy to hold your breath so be aware of this.

The muscle that you want to contract here is the same one you squeeze when you want to stop urinating midstream. When you contract it, you should feel your pelvis lift. Once you have it, close your eyes, relax the other muscles of the body, breathe and hold this contraction in place.

When you can’t hold it anymore, release the vaginal muscles, keeping the eyes closed to focus on the effect of the exercise on your body.

Now you can relax your body and open your eyes because you are finished. The exercise is literally that easy. 36 repetitions of the breast massage in each direction, then holding firm for as long as you can and you are done for the day.

Male Deer Exercise

male deer exercise

Now for the men! The male Deer Exercise is a bit different but just as effective as the female version. Instead of a breast massage, males doing this exercise complete a pelvic massage.

Male Deer Exercise: It’s All about ‘jing’

The male Deer Exercise is a key part of Taoist practice. It is based on the concept of redirecting the male sexual energy, to be as fertile as possible.

This practice is part of Qigong, which means life energy cultivation.

This is a holistic system to promote health using breathing, movements, and meditations. The Deer Exercise is the Taoist practice to conserve the males jing. Jing refers to life force or reproductive essence. The idea is to redirect the energy of the orgasm without any ejaculation.

What Are the Other Benefits?

Like the female exercise, there are many benefits for the male from the practice of the Deer Exercise. There are the sexual health benefits of increased blood flow and flow of sperm through the body.

This also offers the potential for the male to achieve full body or multiple orgasms. You can also perform the Deer Exercise for penile fitness as it is connected to curing impotence and sexual dysfunction in males.

Deer Exercise for Men: How to?

deer exercise for men

You will need to prepare in the same way as the females do. Remove your clothing and any jewelry, sit cross-legged or in an upright position. Then rub your hands vigorously to make them warm. You also want to make sure your bladder is empty.

This exercise is best performed with an erection too.

A natural morning erection is best, but you can help out to get there if you need to.

Part #1 Pelvic Massage

The Deer Exercise for men starts with a pelvic massage. Cup your right hand around your testicles and hold them gently to warm the scrotum. Your thumb should be resting gently against the base of the penis shaft. Place your left hand over your dan’ tien with a flat palm.

This is the point about four finger widths below your navel, just above the shaft of your penis. Circle the palm of your hand around 81 times in this position. Be aware that this may tug your pubic hair a little if you have it, so be firm, but gentle so it doesn’t hurt.

Once this side is completed, switch hands and repeat the process another 81 times. Make sure that your palm circles also go in the opposite direction this time. You want to complete both clockwise and counterclockwise circles.

Part #2 Holding Firm

This part of the exercise is the same for the male as it is for the female.

Rest your fists in your lap and close your eyes to connect with your body.

When you are ready, contract your pelvic floor muscles and hold this for as long as you can. The muscle you are targeting here is the same one that you use to stop urination midstream. Your anus and stomach muscles need to remain relaxed. It will feel like you are lifting your perineum.

Hold this for as long as you can while maintaining your breathing. When you are ready, release the muscles and relax. Keep your eyes closed and feel the sensation throughout your whole body. That’s it! Easy right? Ok, ok. Since I gave the ladies a video to help out you guys can have an instructional video too.

How Often Do I Need to Practice It?

When you are first starting out, perform this exercise once every day until you start to feel the results.

Don’t practice the exercise when you are menstruating though.

Once you are happy, you can slow down to 2-3 times a week to maintain the body in this state of increased sexual life force.

And that’s it. Easy right? A simple exercise can make a huge difference to your sex life and the Deer Exercise is one of the greats. Remember to do it every day when you start out to see and feel the incredible results of the exercise.

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