Orgasmic Fertility – Conceive With Pleasure And Consciousness

Does having an orgasm affect your chances of conception? Interesting question. Linking fertility and orgasm is scientifically controversial. There is no one definitive answer. Obviously, you can get pregnant without the female orgasm. The better question is: Could female orgasm improve the chances of conception?

You have probably heard of the famous ‘suck up’ theory: when a woman has an orgasm her pelvis contracts naturally, which helps the sperm travel into the uterus. But it’s not just that, an embryo needs a blood supply to live. How do you get blood flow into the pelvis? Sex and Orgasm.

Another theory claims that the reason why women get pregnant more easily with a climax is because a woman feels blissed out after orgasm, which makes her lie down. This may help the sperm reach their destination more easily.

And of course, the more rational evolutionary biologists suggest that an orgasm makes a woman hornier, so she wants to have more sex, which also increases the possibility of conception.

But there is more to it on a deeper energetical and spiritual level, a level that works intentionally. Orgasm is raw feminine energy. The energy that nourishes another being. That invites live. Orgasm is an energy that can invite another being to grow inside your womb.

Conclusion: There are a lot of positives to suggest that orgasm can help us to conceive, so there is no reason not to orgasm.

About the author

Mariah Freya

Mariah Freya is a sex & orgasm coach, urban goddess and founder of She opens up the topic of sexuality in all its diversity through her videos, articles and online courses. Mariah has a powerful global mission: Liberating sexuality from below the belly button up, and helping the individual grow through pleasure into fulfilment.

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