Bloodstone Yoni Egg: The Warrior Stone to Balance Periods & Become Unstoppable

Naked woman with Bloodstone Yoni Egg
Written by Rosie Rees

Welcome to the Bloodstone Yoni Egg that will not only purify your blood flow and circulation but also give you courage amongst turmoil.

To help with: blood cleansing and revitalising friendships

The Bloodstone Yoni Egg is a stone which opens up doors for the user to receive intense healing and revitalize their friendships.

Healing Properties & Benefits of Using the Bloodstone Yoni Egg

The Egg’s Main Benefits Are…

  • To balance your energy during menstruation
  • It assists with excessive bleeding and cramping
  • It can help the grounding and moving of energies
  • To boost courage and friendships

Is It the Egg for You?

A stone for your inner-warrior.

The Bloodstone was historically worn by warriors going into battle, and it can bring a level of balance and peace to whoever is wearing it.

So, if it’s good enough for warriors, is it good enough for you? The real pull for women to the Bloodstone Yoni Egg is it’s overwhelming ability to help you during your menstruation times.

It is the main stone for women looking to level out their imbalanced periods and can help you to get hold of your emotions along with PMS or menopausal symptoms.

The Bloodstone Egg can help to stop excessive bleeding and cramping during your period.

Because of this, the egg is renowned for helping with serious issues such as anemia and also detoxifying your liver.

Bloodstone yoni egg (Indian jade egg)

To align with the obvious physical benefits, the Bloodstone Yoni Egg also allows you to harness energies in your womb that have not been addressed, which can help you to get more in touch with the intuitions of your Yoni.

By taking control of your energy fields, the Bloodstone Egg then builds on this positive movement by encouraging you to have patience with those around you and, in turn, can revitalise the friendships in your life.

Choose the Bloodstone Yoni Egg If…..

The Bloodstone Yoni Egg is definitely the right egg for you if you are wanting to focus on the improvement of your physical bodies such as blood circulations and the health of your menstruation.

Bloodstone yoni egg (Indian jade egg)

On an emotional level, if you are looking to improve your courage and friendships, the Bloodstone Yoni Egg would be a great choice for your yoni journey.

Not Sure If This Is the Right Egg for You?

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About the author

Rosie Rees

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