Beautiful Cervix, I See You!

Mariah Freya
Written by Mariah Freya

Me and my cervix. We were never so close until I had the opportunity to see her fully in her rawest beauty. This article is about the relationship between a woman and her cervix.

I used to be afraid of deep, intense penetration. Almost as if I had to protect that most vulnerable place within my pussy – my cervix. I always associated it as a weak spot of mine, as something clumsy and moody. The opposite of powerful.

I knew that my cervix was sort of the seasoned keeper. Changing with my menstruation and producing all kinds of weird mucus. I would say my relationship with her wasn’t existent at that time; I found her rather repellent. I wasn’t even at the point yet to acknowledge the outsides of my pussy, so how could it have been possible to connect with what lies even deeper within?

As a matter of fact, I just knew that spot hurt so I hated her. I hated her for giving me this unexplainable pain and sorrow.

Your Cervix, Your Heart

Technically speaking it’s the lower part of the uterus; it’s around 2-3 cm long and has a cylindrical shape. The side of the cervix that bulges into the vagina is also where the sperm must travel through to fertilize the egg cells.

The cervix is a mystery of its own. She lies within. Deep within the center of the vulva “entrance of life”. Taoist reflexology describes the cervix as the heart point in a woman. Some women associate pain and have the need to cry; some women don’t feel anything; some women feel joy and have the need to laugh. Whatever lies in our heart, it wants to express itself (or not).

Maybe I was personally not ready to open my heart. Too scared of letting go of control and showing my most vulnerable pain. However, transforming my pain into pleasure was not an option.

It Is Only With the Heart That One Can See Rightly

When I discovered Yoni Massages my relationship towards my cervix changed from the inside out. The skillful Tantrika, who gave me the massage, reminded me of this spot. She showed it to me by feeling it. Yes, it was still painful. But I finally had an opportunity to look at this pain. The acknowledgment was key for me here. I realized that my cervix didn’t want me to suffer, she wanted me to listen. Listen to what she had to say.

Beautiful Cervix, I See You

But what changed it all was when a few years ago I was at my gynecologist for my standard checks, and he asked me out of the blue if I would like to have a look at my cervix. I was amazed by his question but agreed to the proposal. So he gave me a mirror and wow, there it was. My Cervix! For the first time in my life, I saw my cervix. I got tears in my eyes, realizing how soft, vulnerable but at the same time powerful she was.

After this session, I came out a new woman.

I don’t know how to put this into the right words. I just knew that I was connected with my cervix’s message and with her presence.

After years of exploring my sexuality, I can say that I am so grateful for those 2 events, where I finally established a relationship. Where I could finally understand what was going on in my body. And the best of all was for me to know I had nothing to be afraid of. Penetration became easier and easier and I started to want it. This paved the way for amazing experiences with my cervix. Powerful orgasmic states that took me to places I can’t even describe.

Look at your Cervix and See for Yourself

I am sending out a Big Message to every woman and cervix owner in this world.

Take the chance next time you visit your gynaecologist.

Bring your own mirror and use this transformative opportunity to look at her full beauty. Or get yourself your own speculum from Amazon and follow the instructions here. There is even a Project called “Beautiful Cervix” where women from around the world share their cervix images.

One of my readers sent me her own experience:

Actually one of the things you talked about in your podcast was seeing your own cervix…this is something I’ve always wanted to do, and call it fate but the day after listening to your conversation I was booked in to my local sexual health clinic for a routine check… so I grabbed the opportunity, as I don’t have a speculum and I knew they would be using one, and I think you need one of those to see deep into the back of the vagina, am I right? Anyway I also took a mirror and they were really helpful and let me look…it was AMAZING!

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