Ayahuasca – Breaking Through Sexual Blockages with Shamanic Journeys

You’ve probably heard about Ayahuasca in the media or even through stories of friends who’ve done a shamanic journey in Peru. Or you may have experienced a journey yourself.

Ayahuasca isn’t a drug that’s spreading from the Amazon into the western esoteric community just for fun. Ayahuasca and sexuality have its common points. It’s a medicine; it can heal us physically, sexually, emotionally and spiritually; it can connect us with our higher consciousness or it can guide us and help us download certain knowledge.

I’ve been intrigued by this medicine for a while, so that’s why I invited Yazan Rah, a healer who has studied multiple spiritual disciplines and learned the sacred powers of Amazon plants, onto my show.

Join us in our powerful conversation on the healing effects of Ayahuasca and especially the possibilities of breaking through sexual blockages with shamanic journeys.

Open your mind and listen closely; there’s a good reason for it being called „the medicine for our times“.

In this episode, we go into detail about:

  • How did Yazan discover Ayahuasca?
  • What is Ayahuasca and what is it used for?
  • How does a shamanic journey work?
  • How does Ayahuasca help us to heal deep emotional wounds such as sexual abuse?
  • How does the Ayahuascan spirit help us to accept and forgive?
  • What are the requirements for participating in a shamanic journey?
  • How can we find good professional information?

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Mariah Freya

Mariah Freya is a sex & orgasm coach, urban goddess and founder of Beducated.com. She opens up the topic of sexuality in all its diversity through her videos, articles and online courses. Mariah has a powerful global mission: Liberating sexuality from below the belly button up, and helping the individual grow through pleasure into fulfilment.

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